How to Target Facebook Ads for Cosmetic Clinics

Facebook offers powerful tool for local cosmetic surgeons to engage with prospective clients. If you’ve just started, navigating Facebook Ads may be confusing for you.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how you can utilize Facebook Ads to enthrall more people to sign up for your local cosmetic clinic.

Why you Need Targeted Facebook Ads for your Cosmetic Clinic

Facebook Ads are an excellent way for Cosmetic Surgeons to narrow down their target audience. With Facebook’s wide variety of tools, businesses of all kinds can benefit from integrating Facebook advertising into their marketing strategy. You should define exactly who your target audience is, set a budget that fits your needs, and make a compelling advertisement. Keep reading to learn how!

targeted facebook ads

Types of Facebook Ads to Use

Facebook ads are paid messages you and your business can send to users.

These ads are the perfect way to remind customers of your products and increase the likelihood of a customer returning to your website.

Let’s discuss the different types of ads you should check when kick-starting your Facebook ads journey:

Image Ads

Image ads are an excellent first choice for marketers looking to increase on-site traffic. A straightforward ad, image ads is a great way to start experimenting and testing Facebook Ads.

Here is a bonus tip for you: your ad format and content should look similar to what you post on your landing page.

At the same time, your call-to-action can be ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Learn More.’ If your website boasts products/services that are downloadable, consider adding a ‘Download’ CTA.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads refer to eye-catching and enrapturing ads comprising multiple vibrant images and videos.

Let’s discuss what a good carousel ad consists of:

  • A picture of you and a patient
  • A picture of the service you’re providing, i.e., a visual explaining the procedure
  • The benefit of the service you’re providing, i.e., the before and after of a service

The second way you can utilize carousel ads is by ensuring each picture boasts the same headline, website URL, description, and CTA.

Last but not least, try utilizing the Card section when formatting your Ad. You can choose ‘Automatically show the best performing cards first’ and untick the manual option of adding a card.’

It is a great way to increase the engagement rate by making your profile look more attractive.    

facebook business manger for cosmetic clinics

Video Ads

Third comes Video ads, another incredible way to introduce your visitors to services and procedures that cannot be shown through images.

Video ads are a fantastic marketing tool; however, it’s best not to overuse them.

It is because mapping out a video and recording it can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Instead, utilize video ads to give yourself and your visitors a break from carousel and image ads.

A good idea is crafting an enthralling video ad per month.

However, if you believe yourself a pro at making videos that are confident and charismatic, you can prepare them more often.

No need to invest too much time; enjoy creating authentic and exciting video ads.

target local audience

Targeting Local

Targeting is an integral part of executing your marketing strategy since it helps you match with potential leads.

If you fail to target the right way, chances are, you’ll miss out on potential clients.

The first thing you could think of as a business or marketer is, ‘where do I find my target audience?’

Targeting, otherwise known as audience selection, is present in the Ad Set alongside budget and schedule. Here you’ll notice three different types of audiences; save, custom, and Lookalike audience.

Saved Audience

A saved audience is the audience formed based on interests, demographics, and locations.

These three options provide you access to a variety of different combinations to choose from. A good idea is to start by picking the following characteristics:

Location: 5-10 miles from your local clinic

Demographics: 25-35 Female- they are typically more interested in cosmetic surgeries than male

Interest: Leave it blank

cosmetic clinic demographics

You may craft additional ad sets to target different age groups. It’s also a great way to test which age group is most interested in your cosmetic surgery services.

As for the last section, it’s best to leave the interest-based box empty since it narrows your audience base too much.

Once you gather enough data from Pixel, you may begin to narrow down your audience too much. In turn, you may end up excluding potential clients.

Custom Audience

Your custom audience refers to an audience created on existing analytics and data. Facebook allows you to access various options, including Customer File, Website Traffic, App Activity, and Engagement on Facebook.

The best part about Custom Audience is that it helps in retargeting.

For instance, if you locate Website Traffic, you’ll learn who and when is clicking on your landing page.

In this way, you can target people who are interested in your offers and services. In turn, you can increase the likelihood of them making an appointment.

Here’s a bonus tip to remember when retargeting; only focus on clients who visited your website in the past seven days.

If you go further back, it’s likely your efforts will be of no use.

custom audience cosmetic clinics

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is not critical for local businesses; however, you may test it out if it catches your eye.

They are the audience based on people who resemble your databases. It could be various things, including fan pages, people who engaged with your Facebook post, or someone who actively sought out your page.

An excellent example of this is planning to create a Lookalike Audience with your customer email address.

Facebook then automatically looks for people that resemble the ones on your email list.

Make sure your lookalike audience does not exceed 1 to 2%. Otherwise, it will be too broad and, in turn, ineffective.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Steps to Creating a Successful Ad

Creating a Facebook ad can be a somewhat challenging task. Here we discuss the top easiest ways of creating a successful ad:

Choosing Ad Types Based on Your Goal

Firstly, set your goals.

What is the intent of your Facebook ads?

Maybe you want to drive organic traffic from Facebook to your landing page, or you wish to expedite your brand awareness.

Either way, once you find out your goals, you can select the perfect ad types.

Defining Your Target Audience

Facebook boasts a comparatively better success rate than other digital marketing platforms. It is because it allows you to enjoy targeted ads.

Make sure you define your target audience before posting ads.

target audience cosmetic clinics

Campaign Objectives

Facebook allows you to choose between the following objectives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Messages
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Reach
  • Engagement

According to your goals, you may select a campaign objective.

Budgeting and Scheduling

Create a budget according to how much you can spend on target Facebook ads for cosmetic clinics.

Next, consider creating a schedule to set when the ads should start and end.

Creating the Ad

The last step of Facebook Ads marketing for cosmetic and beauty clinics is creating the ad. Make sure these are captivating and inspire viewers to take action.

creative facebook advertising

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads

Captivate the right audience by keeping the best marketing practices in your mind:


Here are certain things you should do to curate effective Facebook ads:

Include Tempting Offers

Here’s the thing; you’re not just making an ad; you’re making an offer.

And not just any offer, but an offer so tempting that your viewers will have no choice but to click quickly.

If your offer is bland and boring, the audience will move past it.  

Write a Compelling ad Copy

The offer isn’t the only thing that matters.

In fact, what’s more important is how you craft your request to captivate readers.

Here’s a simple guide to hooking your viewers via your ad:

  • Attention- Learn to grab the attention of your audience by focusing on their challenges, pain points or by calling out to your audience
  • Interest- Capture your audience’s curiosity by describing an enticing offer
  • Desire- Provide your readers with a willingness to take action instantly
  • Action- Help your audience make an action by adding a CTA
how to target facebook ads for cosmetic clinics

Read Facebook’s Guidelines

Every marketing platform has its own set of rules and regulations. To make sure you can enjoy utilizing Facebook’s SEO tools to the maximum, consider reading the website’s specific guidelines. 

Have a Dedicated Landing Page

A dedicated landing page for your campaign is one of the best ways to get people to click through your website. Facebook typically assesses the link you add to your page to make sure it matches your post’s content, so make sure yours reflects your website.

Keep Things Short and Simple

When it comes to creating compelling Facebook ads, the rule is simple; keep it short and sweet.

For instance, an image, your business logo, and a short paragraph is the best way to improve click-through rates by exciting viewers.  

Add a Call-to-Action

If you want to encourage first-time viewers to click on your website, it’s a good idea to include a compelling call-to-action at the end.

A good idea is to tell your clients the benefits of clicking on the CTA button.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.


Let’s take a closer look at things you should avoid doing:

Forget Your Goals

The first and foremost step of marketing and advertising is defining your goals.

You must understand why you’re carrying out a particular procedure to ensure you feel motivated and inspired.

It’s the same for Facebook advertising.

Once you keep your goals at the forefront, it’ll be easier to select the proper ad formats to captivate pages, boost engagement, drive organic traffic, and increase newsletter signs up.

cosmetic photography

Use Generic Photos

If Facebook decides your image comprises false promises about the results your offered treatment can provide, it will reject your ad.

Make sure you post attention-grabbing but not clickbait-y ads.

Use Before and After Images

Facebook boasts stringent policies that require users to avoid using before and after images to promote personal health services/products.

Use Too Much Text

Facebook typically rejects an ad that includes more than 20% text. Although the rule has been lifted, it’s best to utilize less text to ensure you can expand your outreach across the globe.

Set it and Forget it

One pro of utilizing Facebook is the in-depth analytics it provides.

It’s best to track your insights daily, which helps you better understand what your audience does and doesn’t like.

Moreover, by keeping an eye on your analytics, you can quickly troubleshoot any problem that appears.

facebook analytics cosmetic clinincs

To Sum it Up

Facebook Ads remain a hot topic and an excellent way for Cosmetic Surgeons to narrow down their target audience.

With Facebook’s wide variety of helpful marketing tools and easy navigation, businesses of all kinds can benefit from integrating Facebook advertising into their marketing strategy.

No matter if you’re launching your business with a small budget or if you’re a multinational organization, Facebook’s real-time insights and test ads allow you to connect with your ideal audience.

Learn to split test ads within a campaign to ensure you connect with a diverse client base.

These tips and techniques can help improve your cost per lead

Therefore expanding your business and revenue.

If you’re unable to captivate an organic audience, it means you need the help of expert digital marketers. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the solution for you, us! At Mediaboom, we assess your long-term goals and understand why you wish to target Facebook ads for your cosmetic clinic. Next, we’ll curate a killer marketing strategy to help you foster a deep connection with your ideal clients.

Paid Advertising for Private Equity Firms – Reasons You Must Try It

Are you a private equity firm looking for the most effective digital marketing and advertising strategies?

Or maybe you are wondering if paid advertising is the right solution for your business.

Either way, you are in the right place, as this post will give you a comprehensive insight into how paid advertisement solutions can help your private equity firm.

How can private equity firms utilize paid advertising?

Most private equity firms have focused their marketing efforts on conventional strategies such as printed marketing material, public relations, and a simple website. However, private equity firms can use paid advertising to drive more website traffic, increase brand awareness, and convert website visitors into clients.

private equity paid traffic

Why Paid Advertising

Paid advertisement allows you to find the platforms where your target audience dwells.

The next step is to put your business in the spotlight by showcasing the ads in the right places. Moreover, the paid advertisement also allows your private equity firm to work within your budget and still achieve desirable results.

You will be surprised that paid advertising for private equity firms does not require a considerable budget for quality lead generation.

This is because building a quality brand image of your company and finding the next clients is not about volume but value.

So let us dive right in and find out how paid advertising can help your private equity firm generate measurable leads.

3 Reasons You Need Paid Advertising for Private Equity Firms

As a modern-day private equity firm, you cannot simply rely on relationships and referrals.

Businesses are moving towards digital advertisement because it offers powerful tools to provide an added advantage to your ad campaigns.

If you do not take this leap, you are prone to losing a competitive edge in the market. Let us look at why paid advertising is a must for private equity firms.

1.      Driving More Website Traffic

Paid advertising improves your lead generation by driving constant traffic to your website.

This allows your business to showcase the products and services on the right platforms without sounding too salesy.

This helps you improve your brand’s visibility and targets only potential consumers looking for specific products and services you offer.

Paid advertisement is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost quality and consistent new traffic to your website.

The more potential consumers landing on your website, the better your lead generation rate will be.

This will result in giving you more opportunities to convert these leads into consumers and generate more sales.

2.      Increasing Brand Awareness

Is your equity firm struggling with establishing the right marketing campaign?

Well, worry no more because paid advertising is one of the most straightforward means to deploy a marketing campaign for your business.

The core purpose of any advertisement campaign is to attract a new audience, turn them into consumers, and build a more profound, long-lasting relationship with them.

Therefore, all you have to do is conduct some research into where to find your audience and then promote your private equity firm according to your prospects’ needs.

increase private equity brand awareness

There is no point in advertising on every platform and expect to gain an audience.

This can work; however, it is going to cost you a lot of time, energy, effort, and most of all, MONEY. In comparison, paid advertising for private equity firms will allow you to shoot the arrow right on the bulls-eye.

This strategy will also help you increase your brand awareness by reaching clients that are already interested in services similar to yours.

All you need to do is connect with the consumer’s demands and offer them quality products and services.

The above-mentioned visibility factor will allow your private equity firm to create a brand image with little to no time and effort.

Most importantly, you will be putting the money where your mouth is to help your business rise to prominence amongst the competition.

3.      Converting Website Users to Clients

Paid advertising for a private equity firm can help generate qualified leads and boost sales for your business. The goal is to help you entice the right prospects, direct them to your website, and complete the desired call-to-action (CTA).

The math is quite simple; the more interested prospects click on the paid advertisement and land on your web page, the better are the chances for you to convert them into consumers.

However, you will also need additional digital marketing tactics to make this possible.

These include search engine optimization (SEO) by using the right content and message.

This will help your paid advertising appear amongst the top results whenever a user searches in your locale.

Once you deploy this strategy, you will start seeing the results within the first couple of months. Using Google Paid Ads, you can see results as early as within the first seven days of using paid advertising.

However, the key is to know exactly which platforms work best for your private equity firm’s advertising campaign.

Therefore, it is best to invest wisely in select paid ad services on various platforms and see which ones generate the most leads for your business.

This will help you explore various platforms without wasting a lot of finances.

That said, whichever platform you use, the good news is that they are all relatively cheaper than traditional marketing advertisements.

5 Types of Paid Advertising

You can run paid advertising for private equity firms on some of the world’s most popular platforms. These platforms allow you to use their pay-per-click (PPC) price plan. This way, you only pay when a user clicks on the ads.

Moreover, it also allows you to stay within your budget limits as you can set how much you are willing to spend on each ad campaign.

So let us look at various ways you can use paid advertisement for private equity firms.

1.      Google Search Ads

Google search ads have always played a significant role in the promotion of any business, and can play a large role in private equity paid advertising as well.

You can bid on keywords and phrases related to the services  that your private equity firm offers – and show up on the first page of Google immediately.

You can drive users to a highly optimized landing page that will convert users.

2.      Google Display Ads

Google Display ads are another service by Google to help you promote your private equity firm business to the target audience.

By displaying your ads to people when browsing online, checking their Gmail inboxes, watching YouTube videos, or using their mobile apps and devices.

Did you know that Google Display Network gives you access to 90 percent of the Internet users on a global scale?

This means giving your advertisement campaign a stage to reach millions of potential consumers via news pages, websites, and other Google partnered services.

private equity remarketing

3.      Remarketing

Remarketing can help paid advertising to connect with qualified leads.

This digital marketing strategy allows you to engage with the target audience who has previously shown interest in your products and services but never completed the transaction.

Remarketing allows you to contact online consumers who previously interacted with your private equity firm via your mobile app or website as well.

The primary goal of this strategy is to display your ads to these already interested clients without sounding salesy.

If your timing is right, some of them might turn into clients this time over.

Some of the benefits of remarketing include:

  • It will improve your brand recall, i.e., keeping your private equity firm fresh in the minds of the potential consumers.
  • As previously interested consumers return to your website, it will improve your conversion rates
  • It improves the relevancy of your paid advertisement campaign. This happens by retargeting the audience that already knows your private equity firm and the products and services you offer.
  • You do not have to invest a lot of time and money into remarketing paid advertising.

Email marketing is one of the most well-known modes of remarketing.

This does not refer to some random spam emails but contacting previously interested consumers because they signed up for your newsletters or promotions.

Because these clients gave you permission to contact them, it is a great way to boost your sales and build consumer relationships.

You can use paid email campaigns to send out emails to your subscribers.

4.      Video Ads

You can use videos as paid advertising for private equity firms.

It would allow you to engage with the target audience and strike an emotional chord with them. There are several types of video paid as that can help you achieve this goal.

For example, you can use informational videos and educational tutorials on how-to-do things.

Video ads are getting increasingly popular because they avoid the blatant form of traditional advertising and do not sound too salesy. 

However, you have to ensure that you produce well-thought high-quality content while using the right platforms. YouTube is one of the most ideal platforms to run paid advertising for private equity firms.

YouTube plays your paid ads before the video starts and even as interval ads during the videos.

This allows you to connect with potential clients in a memorable and unique fashion without being a nuisance.

There is a lot you can do with paid video advertisements, such as:

  • Deliver a personal message
  • Share your private equity firm’s expertise with the target audience
  • Record yourself explaining how your products and services can enhance the lifestyle of your clients. Etc.

5.      Social Media Ads

Did you know that social media allows you to use their paid ads service to showcase your brand and boost sales?

Social media ads, also known as social media targeting, serve private equity firms as the best social networks to promote their products and services.

The best part is that you can align your paid advertising based on user demographics.

This means you can opt to display your ads to a certain type of target audience based on their age, location, profession, interests, etc.

Social media ads are one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. 28 percent of the consumers using social media ads as the primary source to find new products and services. As a private equity firm, you can use this to increase your conversion rate with the lowest acquisition cost.

All of the world’s major social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat, allow private equity firms to use paid ad services.

You can either use an organic form of advertisement where all consumers can see the paid advertising for private equity firms.

On the other hand, you can target specific clients based on demographics that you wish to showcase your business.

We Can Help

If you are a private equity firm struggling with lead generation, you can seek assistance from experts.

Mediaboom has been helping private equity firms in developing and deploying the best-paid advertisement campaigns. Our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies can help build the most cost-effective paid advertisement for private equity firms while boosting their conversion rate and sales immediately.

Local SEO Optimization – 7 Ways For Your Business To Rank Higher

Google search queries that end with the phrase “near me” are on the rise. Between 2018-2019 Google’s Consumers Insight division found a 900% increase in searches that ended with the words “near me”.

Improving your local SEO optimization and ranking involves different techniques than your standard SEO strategies. Use these seven tips for local SEO optimization ranking and statistics.

Here are the 7 steps to improve your local SEO optimization.

  1. Make sure you have a high functioning and optimized website
  2. Conduct local specific keyword research
  3. Claim your Google Business listing
  4. Make sure your website is equipped for mobile searches
  5. Build your reputation through online reviews
  6. Create & execute a social media strategy
  7. Optimize for Google Voice Search

locally optimized website design

Make sure you have a high functioning and optimized website

Just because you are focusing on improving your standing in local search results, this doesn’t mean you should neglect classic SEO tips for website optimization. Make sure you have already taken the following steps to boost your local SEO optimization:

  • Conduct keyword research so you know what keywords to target
  • Sprinkle your keywords throughout your site
  • Make sure your content contains headers to help search engines process that content (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Optimize your title tags, alt tags, meta tags, and URL slugs
  • Ensure your website has the fastest load speed possible to avoid an increase in your bounce rate
  • Have a solid content strategy
  • Improve your off-page SEO and backlinks

These steps are a must for any SEO strategy, local or otherwise. Other things to consider are how easy your site is to navigate and if the design is user-friendly. If you are using a template for your site, test it to make sure it flows and that virtually anyone could click around and find what they are looking for.

From a local SEO optimization perspective, take these steps as well:

  • Include local-specific keywords
  • Use your homepage to clearly detail where you are located and your address
  • When optimizing metadata, make sure the pages include the city in which you are located
  • Make sure every single service and product has its own individual page

local keyword optimization

Conduct local specific keyword research

Keyword research is critical in SEO.

These words are what help give your web pages authority with web crawlers. You will want to include keywords that help you rank in national/global searches as well. But you will also want to include keywords that are specific to your local area, as those will help your growth in local searches.

This can be a challenge sometimes as data is harder to find. You will want to include the primary keywords from your previous set of research. To put a local spin on it, you will add your location to the keyword.

For example, if you are a coffee shop in Sag Harbor, New York you will want to sprinkle phrases like “coffee shop in Sag Harbor” (and other variations of this) in your postings. Some geographic areas can be small. If you are looking to appeal and be found by a larger area, just expand your keywords to include other larger areas that are close to you.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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If there isn’t a lot of data for your area, (especially if it is small), use Google to show you what people search for.

If you are a plumbing company, check things like:

  • “Plumbers in Ann Arbor”
  • “Ann Arbor plumbers”

Also, take note of what else auto-populates in the search bar. If you put in ” plumbers in” into your search bar, look at what else it says. Those terms or localities are other things you should consider targeting as local keywords.

Another pro tip is to see what your competitors are doing and what they rank for.

You can either try to go directly at your competitors or look for words and phrases they overlooked to increase your local SEO optimization.

To continue with the plumbing examples from above, you can try to outrank your fellow plumbers on the keywords “plumbers in Ann Arbor”. Or you could look for something they skipped, like “clogged drains Ann Arbor”. This is a way to pick off customers by ranking for another set of keywords.

If you need help doing any kind of keyword research, Google has excellent tools you can use. So will sites like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and many other companies. Several of these will be free or low-cost options for you to use.

Claim your Google Business listing for the best local SEO optimization results

Reflect on what you have seen on your computer/phone screen when you conduct a Google search. That information to the side of your screen (or the top if on mobile) will be a Google Business listing. It should look like this:

claim google my business listing

To get this treatment from Google, you have to 1) rank high for local SEO optimization and 2) have a Google Business listing. Without one, your business will not be visible to those searching on the internet for the services or goods your offer.

The best part about these listings is that they are free and easy to set up.

Take the needed steps to claim and set up your listing. You will sign in via the Google My Business page and create a Google account for your business. You will claim the page for your company and input all applicable information. Pay attention to the detail on this step, as this is the information the public will see when you show up in a local search.

This is also the information that will show up for your business in Google Maps. Make sure everything is correct and appears how you want it to. You will want your address, website, and contact info contained in your listing, at the very least.

mobile optimized websites

Make sure your site is equipped for mobile searches

Mobile devices have come a long way. The search capabilities are now just as good as our computers. This improvement is evident in the volume of searches that happen on mobile devices. Almost 60% of all searches happen on mobile devices. Some industries have an even higher percentage than that. The restaurant industry can see as much as 72% of its search traffic from mobile devices.

Think With Google estimates that 76% of mobile searches turn into a same day purchase.

If your website is not set to handle mobile searches and traffic, you are forfeiting a large volume of business and prospective business.

Here are some ways to make your website more conducive to mobile visitors:

  • Make crucial things clickable, like your email address and your phone number
  • Avoid popups or anything that could slow down page load speed
  • Don’t block JavaScript, HTML, or CSS
  • Use responsive design
  • Reduce the number of redirects
  • Optimize any images on your pages

online reviews for business

Build your reputation through online reviews

In today’s information age, people want to know who they are doing business with before they get involved. Customers are more informed than at any other time. One way that customers find more information on your company and your product is through online reviews.

Companies that sell products can benefit by allowing consumers to leave reviews on the company website about the products. These reviews help consumers make decisions about what to purchase and it shows the company isn’t scared of feedback from their customers. This type of transparency encourages trust in a company and this will help build your online reputation.

Another way to build your online reputation is through sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. For many businesses, these reviews appear on the first page of search results for their business. Even if this isn’t the case, many potential customers will open their apps and search for a business on the fly.

For some industries like restaurants, reviews on platforms like this can make or break you getting spur-of-the-moment business. Decisions on where to dine are made based on these reviews.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Here are some ways that you can use these reviews to your advantage and maximize your local SEO optimization:

  • Encourage people to leave you a review. While no one wants feedback that is less than five stars, feedback that is less than stellar is a chance to learn and improve your customer’s experience. There may be clues in there for training opportunities, product improvements, etc.
  • Respond to every review left for you on these sites. Engaging with your customers shows them that you care what they say. This also looks good to prospective customers.
  • Link to these reviews on your company website. Future customers can be leery of testimonials that appear on company websites. These are often solicited from people who will only give positive feedback, so you can’t get a true picture of the business. Including social links on your website to sites like Yelp showcases reviews that are more authentic and will give customers a more accurate view of your company.

Make sure you are included in online business directories

Some customers want to look in one place for information, get what they want, and be done. They neither have the time nor the patience to read through multiple pages of search results. To make things easier, online directories like Angie’s List have jumped in to fill this need. These online directories are categorized into groups like plumbers, roofers, babysitters, etc.

This makes it very easy for someone to find what they are looking for and to see their reviews on this site. Most of the time businesses featured on these sites pay to be there, but also undergo some level of scrutiny. Customers trust these sites and expect quality providers. If you join these directories, customers will see you as quality as well.

rank in online business directories

Create & execute a social media strategy

Social media may not seem like it would go hand in hand with SEO, but it does. Your social media accounts are another thing that will pull up in Google search results for your business. The more things that pull up in search results for you, the more credibility your business will have. Chances are you also included some of your keywords in your posts. Those words will also help push your pages closer to the top of the search results. 

Optimize For Google Voice Search

Voice search is increasing in popularity. Estimates show that in 2020, 50% of searches will be done by voice or search assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. People like these because of the ease of hands-free searching. If a person is using voice search from their phone, search results will show on their screen just like a traditional search.

But if they are getting the results through a search assistant, only the first couple of results are given to the user. If you don’t rank high enough in Google, a person using voice search won’t even see your business in their results.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you continue to rank high in voice search queries:

  • Use conversational keywords and phrases on your website. Voice searches will be done the way people speak.
  • Include the HTML code schema markups to give you an additional advantage with Google.
  • Consider adding FAQ pages to help search engines find your content.
  • Include XML sitemaps on your website.
conversational keyword phrases

Final Thoughts

There are countless strategies out there for a business to improve its SEO rankings. However, many of those strategies overlook techniques to boost their local SEO rankings. That is a mistake as searches ending in the phrase “near me” are on the rise. Local SEO optimization techniques help you capitalize on this search traffic. If you incorporate these strategies into your overall SEO strategy, you should have no problem rising to the top of Google in both standard and local searches.

SEO for Private Equity Firms – Increase Traffic and Search Visibility

Are you an owner or marketer of a private equity firm and struggling with generating website traffic and search visibility? Well, you are not alone, and SEO for private equity firms is the perfect solution.

Generating new leads and sealing the deal is a cutthroat affair for private equity firms. The competition is fierce, and you must adapt to cutting-edge tactics to give your company a fighting chance. Therefore, SEO should be one of the top priorities of your marketing strategy.

What SEO tactics should private equity firms utilize?

SEO for private equity firms is a useful strategy to improve a firms digital presence. SEO utilizes on-site and off-site SEO tactics like keyword optimization and Google My Business, respectively. Private equity firms that utilize content marketing and optimize for local and national SEO will also see an increase in traffic and search visibility.

81 percent of people search for their desired product and service online. SEO is the only solution if you want your equity firm to appear amongst those search engine results. People nowadays turn towards Google to find and learn about new investment opportunities, and appearing amongst the top Google searches can increase your chances of growing exponentially.

Let’s dive in.

on-site seo for Private Equity

On-Site SEO for Private Equity Firms

An on-site SEO is a process that allows you to create a search-engine-friendly website. This strategy will enable you to focus on the optimization of various elements of your business website. This helps increase your website’s ranking amongst the search engine’s results and work as a catalyst to attract more valuable traffic.

That said, when you apply on-site SEO to your website, it requires you to optimize available content pertaining to every component found on your web pages.

Relevancy is probably an essential element of on-site SEO strategy to help you determine how relevant your website content is. For this, you have to know what the users’ search queries are when they look for private equity firms. 

So, let us look at some of the significant elements of on-site SEO optimization.

A.      Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is all about keyword research.

This on-site SEO strategy enables you to research, analyze and select the best and most trending keywords related to private equity firms. Doing so will help you target the right audience and drive qualified organic traffic to your firm’s official website.

That said, keyword optimization is not one-time but an on-going process.

The trends of search and priority of keywords used by the users keep on changing unpredictably. Therefore, in order to stay amongst the highest-ranking private equity firms on Google, you must keep track of the latest and trending keywords at all times.

The keyword optimization as SEO for private equity firms will be updating the content of your web pages using specific keywords. You will also need to create new pages by using “un-assigned keywords” within the text, and sometimes in videos and images too.

Launching a keyword-rich section on your websites, such as an educational portal or blog, can help a lot. Simply focus on the relevance of your textual elements to users’ search queries when it comes to the content on each page.

optimize your keywords for your private equity website

B.      Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt tags & more

Your title page is the first thing a user notices as soon as they find your website in their search results. This title will play a critical role in determining whether or not the user is going to click on your private equity firm’s website.

So, do not underestimate the power of title optimization when it comes to driving new traffic to your website. Make sure that your title tag is a detailed one and tells your audience exactly who you are and what they can expect from you.

You can use catch phrases relevant to private equity firms such as “Helping You Invest In Your Future” or “5 Investment Opportunities To Grow Your Wealth In 2021,” etc. Be creative and make sure to include as many keywords as possible; however, be logical instead of stuffing a title with keywords just for the sake of it.

Google will look for a keyword in your webpage’s title to help rank it. However, the user is going to look for the keyword to ensure that your page will answer their query. Title optimization, Meta description, and alt tags of your web pages are among the most effective on-site SEO techniques helping private equity firms improve their search engine rankings.

Remember, the better your ranking, the more traffic you will attract, which in turn will result in increased chances of sales conversion.

sitemap for private equity firms

C.      Sitemap Creation

Your sitemap is actually a blueprint of your company’s website. Your sitemap will assist search engines in navigating, finding, and indexing the content of your entire website. Moreover, it will also tell a search engine which of your website’s pages is more critical.

If you make any changes to the website, the sitemap will quickly inform the search engine about these changes. The better your website planning is, the easier it is for the search engine to browse through it and rank it higher for its user-friendliness.

To put it in a nutshell, your sitemap enhances your private equity firm’s website ranking in search engine results. If you wish to apply an effective SEO for private equity firms, then informed and organized sitemap creation can help.

The higher your search engine rankings are, the more visible your website will be to an exponential number of online users.

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D.     Properly Developed Website/Structure

Ensuring to incorporate a responsive design to your website means impeccable customer experience. Your target audience will be using various devices to access your website. Therefore, it is crucial for you to create a positive experience across all platforms, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

In order to nail the on-site SEO for private equity firms, you will have to create a website with a responsive design. You must also invest in a website with proper structure with well-defined pages, sections, and call-to-actions (CTAs).

A properly structured website will create a positive user experience as it will be easy to navigate. So, a good structure and the flexibility of your site to adapt to fit any device are the combinations you have to master.

Off-Site SEO for Private Equity Firms

An off-site SEO is also known as Off-page SEO, which refers to any marketing strategies out of your private equity firm’s website. The off-site SEO impacts the overall ranking amongst Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

A.      Google My Business

Google My Business offers your private equity firm the opportunity to list your company’s location on Google-associated platforms such as Google Maps, local search results, and other partnered websites.

This way, your company will be able to display important business information, including name, address, contact information, website URL, opening and closing times.

Whenever a local user searches for a private equity firm, Google will display your listing dedicated to your business with all the above-mentioned details. You can claim and optimize your free profile on Google My Business.

Moreover, you can upload relevant videos about your products and services.

B.      Business Listing

Apart from Google My Business, you can use other local and national business listing platforms to promote and showcase your private equity firms. These business listings can help increase the visibility of your private equity firm in your locale.

Not only can you provide essential information about your firm, but you also include reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers. Think of these business listings as the digital version of yellow pages. However, you can also engage with your existing and target audience and answer their queries and concerns in real-time.

Some of the best business listings to help with off-site SEO are:

  • Bing Places
  • Foursquare
  • Yellow Pages
  • HotFrog
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelp
reviews private equity firms

C.      Reviews

Positive customer reviews can help build a stronger brand image amongst other search engine results. Whenever search engines such as Google prefers websites with multiple recent and positive reviews. It enables you to establish an authentic image of your private equity firm amongst the competition.

Did you know that 48 percent of customers visit a company website once they have read positive reviews from your existing clientele? This will help you boost more traffic to your website, increasing your chances to generate potential leads and convert them into sales.

Content Marketing for SEO

Your on-site SEO for private equity firms is one of the critical components to make it a success. Your content helps you attract the correct type of audience to your firm’s website, with higher chances for them to complete the desired CTAs.

You will not be able to get the most out of your SEO strategy unless you invest in content marketing.

Your content can range in various forms, such as web pages, e-books, tutorials, vlogs, blogs, etc. Moreover, you can publish multiple trending topics related to the private equity sector.

When you create the content, always do in-depth research to who your audience is and what type of information they are searching for online.

Thin content is not going to cut it anymore! If you wish to drive organic and relevant traffic to your website to generate leads, you must invest in creative content marketing offering value-added service to your clients.

local seo marketing

National vs. Local SEO

National SEO refers to a digital marketing strategy to target a broader audience for growth on a national or international level. On the other hand, the local SEO focuses on a limited or specific region to attract local customers.

The most significant difference between national and local SEO is the use of keywords. If your business offers services on a national level, a national SEO for private equity firms is the answer.

For this, you can use generic keywords as they are big enough to cover a wider audience and their needs irrespective of the locations.

So, whenever your customers search for a private equity firm online from anywhere in the country, your company’s name will appear amongst the top searches. This will give your business a bigger platform to attract a nationwide audience.

On the other hand, if you are a private equity firm offering services to a specific location, you must focus on local SEO optimization of your website and content. The localized keywords allow you to attract customers searching for products and services similar to what you offer.

Customers prefer to do business with someone local. Depending upon your needs, you can choose your precise keywords such as incorporating location, name of the city, state, and other landmarks or neighborhood to your advantage.

For example, you can use keyword phrases such as “Private equity firm in (your state’s name) or “investment company in (name of your city), etc. You can use similar keywords with specific products’ or services’ names.

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All you need is to be a little bit creative to formulate as many variations of keywords to use with your location. You can also use Google’s analytical tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, to find out the latest trending keywords to enhance your local SEO strategy.

Using such tools will also help you find the right localized keywords. Therefore, whenever someone searches for these trending keywords on Google, the search engine will return the name of your private equity firm based on the GPS location of the online searcher’s device or phone.

Moreover, your local SEO will allow Google to include private equity firms in its local searches for any search related to your sector. This way, any search related to your niche will increase local customers’ chances of learning about your services in the area.


If you are a private equity firm struggling to generate leads online, you certainly need some professional assistance. For this, you must contact MediaBoom, an industry-leading company with expertise in SEO for private equity firms.

Our solutions and strategic approach will help increase your company’s visibility to boost your sales conversion rate.

Marketing Strategy in Real Estate Development – Edge out the Competition

Are you a real estate developer struggling to design a marketing strategy? Or maybe you are a new business looking for a marketing strategy to get your brand’s name out there. 

Either way, you do not want to miss this article. Continue to read and learn about some of the best marketing strategies that can help boost your real estate development business.

Marketing Strategy in Real Estate Development

Real Estate Developers can greatly benefit from a comprehensive marketing strategy. A strong marketing plan will help build a real estate developers portfolio of clients through better social proof, website traffic, and more. This can be done using tactics like local SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

So, how can a real estate development company use the online world to showcase their services and properties better? Well, continue to read and learn how the below-mentioned digital marketing strategies can help your business evolve and gain a competitive edge over other players in your niche.

real estate development marketing plan

Reasons You Need A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Although there are myriads of reasons why digital marketing can help real estate developers, here are seven of the most important ones.

A. Build Your Portfolio of Clients

Having a healthy company portfolio is vital to your business’s success. The quality of clients on your consumers’ list can help you establish a name in the market that resonates with credibility and impeccable customer experience. 

Therefore, building a portfolio of satisfied clients will help you project an impeccable image in the market. Consumers pay more attention to who your existing clients are and if you have a track record to prove your expertise.

B. Social Proof

Did you know 93 percent of the consumers buy after reading the business’s feedback by their existing clientele?

Therefore, it is crucial in this day and age to build social proof to support your digital marketing strategies in real estate development. For this, you can use various online resources to gather reviews and, ideally, the positive ones.

This will help you entice potential users by showcasing your credibility and commitment without sounding salesy at all. Let your existing clientele do the marketing for you and be the free-of-cost brand ambassadors for your business.

Make sure to set up your social media pages and keep them up to date for your followers to know what your company is up to. This will enable your followers to interact with new and existing clients via sharing and commenting on your posts.

target audience reach

C. Reach Your Target Audience

Try to explore various channels to reach your target audience. You will be surprised to know that 85 percent of consumers love to shop online for products and services. This means you will have to look for potential clients in the market places they shop at.

Digital marketing strategies can help you narrow down the options and choose online platforms that are most suitable for real estate development.

Other aspects of targeting your audience also include demographics such as your geographical location, the type of services you offer, and the needs of your local population.

D. Convert Website Users into Clients

Surely there are other conventional ways to create leads, such as buying a list of potential clients. However, one of the best marketing strategies for real estate development is to find warm leads.

These leads are the prospects you meet through networking and build and nurture relationships with them.

Once you connect with a prospect, continue to stay in touch with them. This will help ensure the company’s image and reiterate your services to stay on top of your audience’s mind.

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E. Target New Customers

Whether you are a self-employed real estate developer or a full-scale enterprise, targeting new customers is the primary source of revenue. For this, you will require organic marketing strategies such as a business website, social media platforms, and paid advertising.

You can offer new promotions and discounts to your new and existing clients. Ask your satisfied clients to ask for referrals.

For this, you can try reconnecting with old clients or stay in touch with them. You can even offer complementary services to your consumers such as educational material, recent updates, free tutorials and other downloadable stuff.

F. Website Traffic

Real estate developers must showcase their projects in order to raise future capital. You can do this by showcasing your past and ongoing projects on your official website.

You must offer extensive insight into your accomplishment as real estate developers and leave a call-to-action (CTA) such as “invest now” or “complete our contact form” on your posts and content.

For this, you must design an optimized website that can offer comprehensive value to the clients. Use your business website as a platform to tell your brand’s journey, your mission, your vision and how you started.

Use your website as a showcasing opportunity to build trust within your niche.

Your company’s website can be your portal to share content. These include blogs, upcoming events and webinars, client’s testimonials, YouTube videos, and other updates and trends from the market.

For example, why not create a flyover video of your ongoing real estate development projects via drone and post it on the website. Your unique content will help increase your website traffic, boosting lead generation and sales conversion rate.

G. Optimize Site for Better SEO

Having a good SEO is vital for the optimization of your business website. This digital marketing helps you attract organic traffic and boost your conversion rate. You can even optimize your blogs, vlogs, images etc., to rank higher in the search engine’s results.

Various analytics tools can gauge your client’s behavior on the website and optimize the content and design accordingly.

seo optimized website

Types of Marketing Strategies in Real Estate Development

Here are six major marketing strategies you can use to boost your real estate development business.

A. Your Website Drives the Marketing

Your company’s website is the first point of contact between you and the clients and works as a platform for them to explore your services. Therefore, you have to invest in a decent website.

If your website does not offer a user-friendly experience, the visitor landing on the web pages will bounce off to another competitor. You have to create a website that meets the expectations of your target audience in terms of aesthetic beauty, ease of use and value.

Remember, having a well-planned website can help boost your sales.

In the modern world, a website is the epicenter of marketing strategies for the real estate development sector. This can branch out to other digital channels to promote your business, such as social media, content, email, and paid-per-click (PPC) advertisement. 

All these channels can contain a link sending clients back to your website to complete required call-to-actions and become potential leads.

Do not make the classic mistake of ignoring your website because an old website design depicts you as careless and shady.

Prioritize your website marketing if you wish to gain an edge over your competitors. If you are not a tech-savvy organization, then taking help from a digital marketing service provider might be of great help.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of how you can build a website, just ensure that it works as a platform to combine all your other digital marketing strategies. Think of different strategies as hooks so potential leads can land on your web pages and invest in your ongoing and upcoming real estate projects.

data driven website

B. SEO & Local SEO

All strategies like social media paid advertising, and a great looking website can generate leads for real estate developers. However, the major source for potential leads to land on your website is search engine results.

Whenever a customer types search queries for real estate developers in their desired location, the search engine shows them the top-ranking results.

Have you ever wondered how these businesses make it to the top of Google’s or any other search engine results?

Well, the primary reason is pretty straightforward. These businesses make sure that each and every aspect of their website’s content is search engine optimized or SEO-based. SEO can help boost traffic to your website by 20 times than a PPC campaign.

Moreover, SEO is the only digital marketing channel that continues to pay a dividend for a long time. You can optimize your content once and reap its benefits without spending an extra penny.

Content using trending phrases and keywords in the real estate development industry can help you appear amongst the top search results for many months to come.

You can even optimize your website and content for local SEO. This means you can target a local audience based on their location. For example, you are a real estate developer in Los Angeles. You can use key phrases such as “Real estate development in Los Angeles” or “local real estate developer in Los Angeles”, etc.

Whenever a local user in L.A searches for a real estate developer, Google or other search engines will display your business amongst the top search results.

For this, you will require the help of an expert SEO optimization service provider.

email marketing digital channel

C. Email Marketing

Email marketing is usually the most cost-efficient digital marketing channel.

Sometimes, it may cost you almost nothing to promote your real estate development business. You can create personalized messages and content for prospects and existing clients.

Not only that, you can even use email as a means to collect reviews, testimonials and conduct surveys in your local market.

Email is an exceptional channel for remarketing to your old clients or consumers you previously showed interest in investing but did not go ahead.

You can even create a customized contact list and send out newsletters to the clients and target audience. This will help you generate leads and stay on top of their minds next time they are looking to invest in real estate.

Sharing promotions and offers via email marketing can help generate website traffic. You can leave enticing call-to-action for the clients to visit your official website. The more traffic you receive, the better chances you have to convert them into sales.

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D. Video Marketing

You can grow revenue via using video marketing strategies for real estate development. Did you know video marketing can boost your revenues 49 percent faster than any other marketing channel?

Not only that, it is a great way to influence your consumers’ buying decisions by offering entertaining content they want. Moreover, websites with video content tend to rank higher amongst search engine results.

The higher your search engine ranking, the more website traffic you are going to get. This means more lead generation with increased potential to convert them into investors.

E. Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to brag about your real estate development projects in several ways on various platforms. For example, you can create website content in the forms of blogs, videos and testimonials about your ongoing projects.

On the other hand, you can use social media platforms to create posts and engage with your target audience. The better SEO optimized your content is, the higher your website ranking would be.

In short, the content will drive traffic to your website, whether it is from social media, search engines, or any other referral channels.

Without content, there is no value offered to the clients. To improve your company’s reputation and build long-lasting consumer relations, you must invest in creative and entertaining content as part of your digital marketing strategy.

social media marketing

F. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can help promote your real estate development business with little to no cost. Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, users love to spend more and more time on their social media platforms.

As a business, you have to figure out which platform is the most popular with your ideal clients. You can use platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc., to promote your investment opportunities.

Social media marketing even allows you to target clients based on demographics such as age, gender, profession, location, interests, income etc. You can set up free business pages on social media networks and go live for free to engage with your audience and answer their questions and concerns.

Moreover, you can even use paid advertisement service on almost all major social networks for lead generation.

Final Thoughts

If you are shopping for effective marketing strategies for real estate development, MediaBoom can help you. We are industry leaders offering cutting-edge marketing solutions to the real estate development sector.

Our team will not only design a strategy but offer you ongoing support to boost your lead generation and conversion rate.

Luxury Real Estate Website Design – 15 Inspiring Examples

Designing a beatiful website instantly affects the perception of your customers. A consumer will treat a beautiful website differently by extending more trust, and a higher likelihood of positive perception. Here is our list of best luxury real estate website designs.

1. Glenwood

Glendwood Website

Visit Website ›

Glenwood’s website is extremely sleek. It has beautiful, slow animations that add to its luxurious feel. Their content is all about values. Why their real estate is the way it is, and who they strive to be as a community. This creates an exclusivity factor that leaves you wanting to be apart of such a driven community.

2. Park Lane

Park lane Website

Visit Website ›

Park Lane uses matte photos and a significant amount of whitespace to create a crisp looking site that feels luxurious. Combine that with photos of customers “living the life,” and you create a website that creates envy. Finally, this website provides users with a very smooth user experience.

3. Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower Website

Visit Website ›

The Millennium Tower website focuses not on information, but transformation. They focus on the lifestyle you could attain if you lived at their estate. Browsing their website, you know the vibe and the experience you are going to feel when you walk through their doors.

4. Verso

Verso Website

Visit Website ›

Verso pulls off charming and luxurious at the same time. It has a soft color scheme that is warm enough to be inviting, but still thoughtful. It is extremely easy to navigate, and keeps it simple throughout.

5. Villa Lion View

Villa Lion Vew Website

Visit Website ›

The Villa Lion View hero video that’s above the fold sells itself. You can see all of the luxurious amenities as it wastes no time showing each of them. As you scroll down, you can also quickly browse the different rooms types and nearby attractions with the smooth accordion drop downs.

6. April Group

April Group Website

Visit Website ›

April Group looks to attract forward thinking investors with its tech-inspired typography sleek design. They also show off past projects right away to prove they have been successful.

7. GFI Partners

GFI Partners Website

Visit Website ›

GFI Partners emphasizes how you can be successful with real estate investment if you use their services by showing how many people they have helped have great investments. They do this with plenty of case studies and smiling faces.

8. Buclines

Buclines Website

Visit Website ›

Black is the color of luxury, and Buclines uses it beautifully. Every photo and concept art they have includes dark accents that coincide perfectly. Finally, the luxurious typography brings it all together.

9. Lifespan

Lifespan Website

Visit Website ›

SHVO has a great black and white main color scheme, and accents it with gold (a top notch luxury color) and by colorizing parts of their black and white photos. It makes you feel like you will be investing in exclusive properties.

10. 277 5th

277 5th Website

Visit Website ›

The first thing that hits you is 277 5th’s bold typography. By contrasting this with a lot of whitespace, this websites exudes uniqueness. Also, with a video of the architect on the front page, you can feel the significance and livelihood in the design of the condos.

11. The Waterfront

The Waterfront Website

Visit Website ›

The Waterfront uses unique animations that promote a vibrant, harmonious lifestyle. It promotes luxury apartments with beautiful photos and concept imagery.

12. Williams & Williams

Williams Website

Visit Website ›

You know you are shopping exclusive properties when you browse Williams & Williams’s website. The amazing photography, properties, and black & gold color scheme combine for a great luxury website.

13. Sally Forster Jones

Sally Forester Jones Website

Visit Website ›

Sally Forster Jones promotes sophistication with an amazing above the fold video. They have bold typography that really stands out and guarantees a luxury experience.

14. Hurlingham Drive

Hurlingham Drive Website

Visit Website ›

Hurlingham Drive is a classical website that shows off a classic-old style. They do this by matching their estates classical style with classical serif typography, and bold, widescreen photography.

15. James Weekley

James Weekly Website

Visit Website ›

James Weekley’s realtor site welcomes visitors with amazing, eye-catching imagery. This website focuses on finding the home of your dreams, and exceeds with its dreamy vibe.

Medical Spa Business Plan – Why You Need One

Are you an entrepreneur looking for guidance on a medical spa business plan? Maybe you have already begun the startup process but wonder what a business plan is and why you really need one?

If you are nodding in affirmation to any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you are in the right place.

As an entrepreneur starting a new medical spa venture, you often wonder if you need a business plan and its components to focus on. The answer to the first question is “yes,” you will need a medical spa business plan as an integral part of the entire process.

Why do you need a medical spa business plan?

A business plan will allow you to draft an extensive list of research you must conduct on your new business. You will also get to identify various compulsory asks you must focus on and complete. In reality, it can take a while for you to write a business plan. You will need an exponential amount of data to come up with the forecast, predictions, and expectations for your new medical spa business.

For more resources on starting and running your medspa, view our list of related articles:

digital marketing for your business

According to a study, a startup business with a formally written business plan has a 16 percent more chance to achieve viability than those without one.

So, in order to succeed in the medical spa business, you must simply plan each and every step carefully. You will have to define each process in extreme detail while setting your priorities and allocating resources and finances.

Do not rely on your memory when it comes to business planning; you must document even the minute details about your new business operations. There are too many variables for you to know them by heart all the time. Most importantly, forgetting or mixing up your numbers while pitching your idea to a lender or investor is the last thing you want.

Thanks to a business plan, you can rectify any disadvantages associated with your medical spa business before they even happen. Therefore, do not try to run without a well-thought out strategy, as it will help you save yourself from many potential financial debacles.

So, without further ado, let dive right in.

Why You Need a Business Plan

A business plan is going to be a birds-eye view of your entire medical spa departments and operations. That said, here are five of the reasons why writing a business plan should be the steppingstone of your new medical spa business.

●        Help You Make Your Case

Are you an entrepreneur thinking about applying for a business loan or apply for a business grant? In that case, a business plan can help pitch your idea to the investors or approach a business partner for support.

Your business plan will have precise details with facts and numbers that will demonstrate the true potential of your medical spa to potential investors. When it comes to business, a business plan is probably the most common practice to provide investors or lenders information about your proposed startup. 

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●        Make Informed Decisions

As your business plan states all the facts and numerical data, you will be able to see everything in black and white. This will help you eliminate any gray areas in your business model and empower you to make better decisions based on the facts and figures present in front of you.

●        Manage Your Expectations

Every start-up business is always enthusiastic and optimistic about it’s success. However, many make the classic mistake of overestimating their potential. This is where a business plan will help your medical spa project to keep a reality check on every aspect of your business.

A business plan will identify any gaps in the earlier stage of your startup and give you a chance to fix them before opening your doors. You can even put your business plan through various in-house trials and make changes as you find out what makes it stronger and more viable.

You may face initial set-backs by going back to the drawing board, but once you have a well-planned medical spa business plan, your chances of success becomes promising.

make data driven decisions

●        Brainstorm

A business plan can help you brainstorm with your team to come up with new ideas and explore various approaches to make your medical spa business a success. An effective business plan is flexible and dynamic in nature, to help you apply fresh or sometimes out-of-the-box solutions.

For example, you can re-imagine the digital marketing strategy for your medical spa and create a blueprint that is unique to your business only. If you nail it, this medical spa business plan can provide you a competitive edge over other competitors.

●        Create an Extensive Roadmap

Your business plan is a document that can help you outline your entire action plan. This includes actionable steps, categorization of different completion phases, next steps, and future business activities.

You can even mention the optional potential possibilities for future addition as well as create contingency plans for a backup. Think of it as a live map of your entire medical spa operations with the ability to adapt as you proceed.

So, if you are looking to build a successful medical spa business, a well-structured business plan is a must-have.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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What’s in a Medical Spa Business Plan

Typically, a business plan refers to primary operations and aspects of any business.

The medical spa requires more extensive and precise pre-startup planning. For that, you will have to familiarize yourself with the compulsory components of a business plan pertaining to the medical spa niche.

A.      Executive Summary

This refers to a short section within your business plan document summarizing your entire business plan. This way, a reader can instantly get acquainted with the overall concept of your medical spa business operations without reading the whole document.

The executive summary usually contains the following information

  • The vision of your medical spa business
  • The Mission statement
  • The concept of the project
  • Proposed market place
  • Market strategy etc.
provide expectations for your businesses profitabiltiy

B.      Finances

As a medical spa owner, you must include Pro-forma financial statements in your business plan. These refer to all financial information pertaining to the future prediction of your spa’s profitability.

However, you will have to maintain a practical approach when stating future revenue projects. For that, you will have to conduct thorough research with realistic facts and numbers.

This is important because, at the end of the day, all a lender would be interested in is whether your business plan is profitable or not. Here are the financial statements that you will need to add to your business plan.

  • Income statement – these statements will state your gross sales as well as any business-related expenses. You must produce these statements on a monthly basis to identify the flaws and tweak the overall business strategy.
  • Balance sheet – this section shows a detailed view of your medical spa’s assets and liabilities. A lender will look at this balance sheet to gauge the financial stability of your business since its inception.
  • Cash flow statement – this statement demonstrates what sort of monetary fund your medical spa needs for a specific time period. It will let you know if you will be able to meet your financial obligations, such as paying the bills. Additionally, you will also find out the amount of cash you need to continue your future operations. A cash-flow statement exclusively deals with your actual cash transactions only.
  • Annual Projections – You will have to include your annual projections of revenue for each year. However, be thorough in your research and derivation of the projection numbers. Do not try to overestimate your projections because a lender knows when the profitability is too good to be true.

C.      Staffing/Payroll

Your workforce is probably one of the most significant and on-going expenses within your medical spa business plan.

Therefore, you must include an extensive section with details about your staffing strategy and projected payroll expenses.

These include each staff member’s salary, commissions, bonuses, recruitment cost, projected income taxes for each employee, workers’ compensation insurance, other benefits expenses, FICA, etc.

medspa business plan

D.     Office Space

You will have to pick up a facility to start your medical spa.

For this, you will have to include a detailed vision of your office space/spa facility in a business plan. These details will consist of the square footage of the facility, equipment you will install, number of rooms, categorization of different areas for spa operation.

Whether you own a building or thinking about renting a facility, the cost of running a place will be your most considerable expense.

Therefore, you will have to consider all costs pertaining to office space, such as utility bills, equipment installation, technicians’ expenses, repair, maintenance, etc. All of this must have a dedicated section in your medical spa business plan.

●        Advertising/Marketing

Advertisement and marketing cover all aspects of your marketing strategy to promote your medical spa business. You must pay due diligence to your advertising costs as they can spike really quickly. The elements of this section of a business plan include the cost of conventional as well digital marketing cost such as

medspa advertising

E.      Equipment and Supplies

In order to run a flawless medical spa, you will need supplies and equipment. This is a critical but challenging component of a business plan, and you have to keep a check on what you need and what is simply draining your finances.

F.       Inventory Costs

As a medical spa business, you will most likely be offering esthetic beauty products to the customers as well. However, you will have to choose professional products you will be using along with the costs. This product categorization and related operating expenses will become a part of your business plan because they will be a part of the business’s expenses.

G.      Wastage

You will have to consider leakage and wastage of materials and products. Wastage is part and parcel of every business; however, you can only contain the extent of wastage by training the staff.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Resources to Help Set Everything Up

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about setting up a medical spa service of your own, there are several resources to help you get started. Let us have a brief look into each of them.

A.      Free Resources

Here are three of the best free resources to help you start your medical spa business.

●        Small Business Administration (SBA)

You can create a business plan for your medical spa via Small Business Administration (SBA)’s website. SBA is mainly a US government agency providing on-going support to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

●        Score

It is a business plan page allowing free resources to small businesses with online podcasts and workshops.

●        Lightspeed Resources

Lightspeed is a vital resources page dedicated to offering new and existing small business owners free advice and tools.

find the right resources for your business

B.      Paid Resources

As you know, a business plan can do a lot for your medical spa businesses. Most importantly, an adequate business plan can help you bag an investor. You will be able to draft the direction you wish the business to take and how you can meet its financial needs.

However, finding the right resources to create a business plan can be quite a cumbersome task. Luckily, you do not have to do everything from scratch or do it alone. You can now use paid business planning software that can help you set up a professional draft via pre-set templates and guidance.

Here are some of the best choices for a business plan. So let us look at them.

  • LivePlan
  • BizPlanBuilder – this is one of the most user-friendly options out there.
  • Business Sorter – is best for internals
  • Wise Business Plans – for professional services
  • PlanGuru – is an impeccable choice for financial forecasting
  • – you will get the most features with this one when it comes to business plan
  • EnLoop – if you are a startup looking for the cheapest paid tool for business planning, this is the perfect candidate.


Whether you are a seasoned businessman or a budding entrepreneur, business planning can be a challenging affair for all. If you are struggling with the ideas of how to start, seek professional assistance from industry experts in business planning such as MediaBoom. Not only are they going to help you understand each and every aspect of your new spa venture, but they work to come up with a customized plan to increase your chances of growth.

Private Equity Firm Lead Generation – 8 Tips Your Firm Must Utilize

Lead generation is an important tool for any business.

No one can count on new clients and traffic just finding their business. This is even more true for businesses in the financial sector. Private equity firms aren’t like brick & mortar stores. Individuals can’t find these firms the same way they would a store to shop in. To grab more clients, you have to go find them and bring them to your office (real or virtual).

Incorporate these eight tips to increase your private equity firm lead generation abilities.

  1. Market To Your Existing Clients
  2. Invest In Your Website And Incorporate AI Techniques
  3. Improve Your SEO Rankings
  4. Increase The Number Of Customer Review You Have
  5. Focus On Creating Engaging Content
  6. Use Email Marketing And Social Media To Stay Connecting To Your Clients
  7. Drive Additional Traffic Through Paid Advertising
  8. Once You Get Your Leads Keep Them Engaged

pe firm marketing

1. Market To Your Existing Clients

This is always the easiest place to start for any business.

Unless you are starting from scratch, you already have customers who know you and believe in your abilities to deliver results. Since these individuals already have a favorable view of you and your company, start with these individuals to find new leads. Some customers will offer these new leads voluntarily. Others will be more likely to participate in a referral program with incentives for them.

Try as many routes that are viable for your business model.

Studies show that 65% of business can be generated from referrals. Not having a program to generate leads via this marketing method is leaving an entire pool of future clients untapped.

2. Invest In Your Website And Incorporate AI Techniques

The saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

In business, your website is how you make that great first impression. If a visitor is searching the web for a private equity firm and finds your site, the condition of your website can make or break the chance for an initial conversation.

You want to make sure your website doesn’t send them away before you get a chance to show them why you are the best firm for the job.

pe firm advertising

To keep visitors on your site longer, use the strategies:

  • Make sure your web pages load quickly. Anything over two seconds is considered a slow-loading web page.
  • Keep your content relevant. If the information on your page is outdated, you don’t appear to be a trustworthy source of information.
  • Ensure that any content on your page is also accurate.
  • Use a professional designer to make your site visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Have your contact information easy to find on your site. Consider having a contact button easily accessible from any page on your site.

Check out these 10 impressive private equity firm website designs.

The techniques shared above are great at keeping visitors on your site initially. But what if a visitor has questions about your products and services once they are on your site?

If you designed your site well, you will have calls-to-action on every page. This is great at furthering a future conversation, but not having an immediate option for an answer could cost you a potential customer. This is where AI comes into play. Artificial intelligence is an important tool to use for private equity firm lead generation.

Companies are using it on their websites to help visitors get the answers they want at the moment.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

One of the most popular AI website tools is the use of live chat or chatbots.

Staffing live chat on your website just isn’t feasible because of the expense. However, technology has made amazing strides, and AI-powered chatbots can staff your website around the clock. These bots can answer questions in addition to collecting visitor information and generating leads for your business.

Another AI tool is exit intent pop-up screens.

These appear when it is thought that the viewer is trying to leave the page. The goal of these is typically to keep the viewer on your webpage longer. However, they can also be a useful tool for lead generation.

These pop-ups can be designed to do anything, including collecting visitor information for future follow up.

3. Improve Your Local SEO Ranking By Using Google My Business Tools

Google searches that include the term on the rise “near me” are skyrocketing. For searches that include the term “near me now”, there has been an increase of 150%. Other variations of “near me” terms have seen the same growth. The way to appear in these search results is to rank high for local SEO keywords.

The way to rank high for local searches is by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Listing.

private equity seo

Google My Business is a free service that Google offers companies.

Your listing includes all pertinent information about your business including your hours, website, and contact information. Top performing companies in a search result will have their listing shown.

If you have not claimed and optimized your listing, you are passing on potential customers.

Claiming your listing is quite easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

While focusing on a national SEO strategy is critical, that won’t help you with local rankings. To stand out in local searches, the biggest step you can take is to include local keywords into your website and other content.

The bulk of searchers don’t go past the first page of results.

Searchers who use voice-controlled devices (Alexa, Google Assistant) only hear top-ranking choices. If you don’t implement a local SEO strategy that includes an optimized Google listing, potential clients will not find you.

Another way to improve your local SEO is to be included in local directories. Look for opportunities to be listed in places like your local Chamber of Commerce or online directories like Angie’s List. These directories will give your increased visibility and improve your local SEO results.

pe firm seo

4. Increase The Number Of Customer Reviews You Have

Reviews are critical for gaining the trust of a potential customer.

Savvy companies also know how much customers have come to rely on these sites and use this to their advantage. While customer testimonials on websites are great, some customers greet those with suspicion. Of course, all the reviews on your website are great! You control what is shown on your website. A business has no control over what goes up on Google or Yelp.

To make sure you get the positive feedback that you deserve, encourage and reward customers who leave you reviews on these sites.

lead gen for private equity

You want to drive as much positive feedback as you can.

Not all reviews will be positive. Use any feedback that is less than five stars as a chance to train your team. Make sure to also respond to all feedback that you get, even comments that are far from stellar.

This is either a chance for you to try and improve the customer’s experience or it’s a chance to correct the narrative.

5. Focus On Creating Engaging Content

While visitors come to a website to learn more about a company’s products and services, you want to encourage repeat traffic as well.

The way to do that is by creating engaging content.

You have to create things that hook your visitors and leave them wanting more. Remember, content is more than just the written word. It can include photos, videos, and social media as well.

Some tips for engaging content are as follows:

  • Tell a story
  • Make your audience think
  • Use visuals when appropriate
  • Always be original
  • Relay accurate information
  • Make sure your content is relevant

email advertising for financial services

6. Use Email Marketing And Social Media To Stay Connecting To Your Clients

Email and social media are some of the easiest ways to stay connected to current customers. Social media is free to use and email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing tools to use. Email marketing also has one of the highest ROIs of all marketing tools. Email can generate as high a $42 in revenue for every $1 spent by a company.

Both of the tools are great for private equity firm lead generation as well.

A company can use social listening tools to search for people talking about private equity firms, or even your specific company. Social listening will allow them to get involved and help you hone your messaging. A company can also use email marketing to follow up with prospects or engage current customers.

Putting a signup box on your webpage or sharing a link on social media is an easy way to generate those sign-ups and leads.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

7. Drive Additional Traffic Through Paid Advertising

Any private equity firm lead generation campaign must include paid advertising.

With so many tools on the internet, many companies are reluctant to pay for additional forms of marketing.

The thought process is that the investment in SEO and the use of free social media platforms should be enough to drive traffic to your business. This thought process isn’t entirely wrong; however, it most certainly isn’t entirely right either. Traffic that finds your business via free channels is organic and it should be celebrated. However, a business can not survive on organic traffic alone.

To maximize the full value of the internet, you need to invest in paid advertising on the web.

private equity lead gen.

The beauty of advertising online is that paid ads are very budget-friendly. Some companies operate on a paid-per-click model while others charge a rate based on how many viewers will have your ad appear in their feeds. Here are some other important things to know about paid online advertising:

  • Google search ads are ads that appear based on what terms a person is searching for. For example, if a person is searching for private equity firms, firms that have purchased Google search ads related to that keyword will show on the results page. These ads are charged based on how many users click on your ads.
  • Display ads are typically banner ads that appear on Google, YouTube, or other platforms like Gmail. These ads are seen by 90% of internet users and appear on the screen while the user is on their device on that platform. All of these ads will be clickable and lead to landing pages or websites for the company that designed & paid for the spot.
  • Social media ads on networks like Facebook and Instagram are targeted based on data these companies have on their users. Your ads are then placed into the feeds of users who match the criteria you set for your ad. Cost is based on how many users had your ad in their newsfeeds.

8. Once You Get Your Leads Keep Them Engaged

To get more clients and leads, you have put in considerable time, effort, and money.

The last thing you want to do is for these leads to lose interest. You have to make sure you keep them engaged with you and your company. Create an outreach campaign that will keep your leads engaged with your business. Also, make sure you follow up with your leads regularly. You will want to see if their needs have changed, how you can help them with those changes, and if there is anything else you can do for them.

Nurturing leads once you get them plays into so many parts of your overall marketing strategy, including referrals and reviews.

pr firm leads

Final Thoughts on Private Equity Firm Lead Generation

There are a multitude of strategies you can implement in order to increase your private equity firm lead generation.

This is how you will grow your business and ensure your future success and stability. You will want to use a combination of paid and organic techniques to drive that traffic to your website. You will also want to make sure your website welcomes visitors by being easy to use and being visually appealing. To keep visitors coming back for more, you will create and showcase interesting content on your webpage and social media channels. 

To learn more about digital marketing strategies that your private equity firm can use, contact Mediaboom.

How to Get Local Customers – 9 Proven Strategies

Businesses need to keep customers coming to them if they want to survive and grow. The right customers can turn into loyal brand enthusiasts who keep coming back for more. They can also help spread the word about your business and the great services or products it offers.

It’s especially important to get local customers, especially if you live in a tight-knit community. If you need to attract more customers in your area, there are clear and proven strategies for how to get local customers.

Tips For How To Get Local Customers:

  • Have a great local SEO strategy
  • Utilize social media
  • Start a YouTube channel and post local content
  • Do paid advertising
  • Plan events
  • Plan an email marketing strategy
  • Establish partnerships with other local organizations
  • Get involved with your community
  • Seek feedback

In this article, we’re going over each of these steps and how they’ll help you gain more customers in your area.

optimize your local SEO

Have a Great Local SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an enormous role in brand awareness and local customer acquisition for businesses. SEO, in a nutshell, is the process of updating a website to make it more valuable to web visitors and, therefore, making it show up higher on search results. Local SEO is very similar, as you optimize your website for local search.

One pillar in your local SEO strategy to establish right away if you don’t have it already is your Google My Business page. Google My Business is a great tool businesses can use to manage their Google presence. Google is the most used search engine on the internet, so the better you rank on it for local searches, the more likely people will find your business.

Key things you must have on your Google My Business page include:

  • Your business’ name
  • Business hours
  • Business phone number
  • Photos of your business
  • Customer reviews
  • Special events or offers for your business

When done right, your Google My Business page can drive traffic to your website and get more people in your area to see your business.

Google My Business drives customers to your website

Another important thing to know about how to get local customers is that getting positive reviews can be a complete game-changer for your business. One study shows that 79% of people trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends. Positive reviews of your business provide social proof that your business is worth checking out.

Ways to get positive reviews on your website include:

  • Sending an email asking customers to leave a review (just don’t bombard email inboxes with this request).
  • Encourage employees who have direct contact with customers to mention leaving a review
  • Offer an incentive, such as a discount or free gift, in exchange for people leaving reviews

The more reviews you get, the more likely your business will be validated through social proof. You should also engage with these reviews. Leave a comment on the good ones, and if there are negative ones, issue a response to handle the situation.

Another valuable tool to utilize to get local customers is setting up business listings online. Setting business listings up will help people find your business easier since you’ll list out your business’ name, phone number, and other contact information.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Utilize Social Media

Another great thing to know about how to get local customers is that using social media can increase your brand’s reach. It’s estimated that more than 3.6 billion people across the world are using social media, and that number is expected to rise as time goes on. The more you use social media, the more likely you’ll gain a following and build a community of brand loyalists online.

The key to building a great social following of local customers is to post valuable and engaging content. You can post about local events or sales you have going on, tips from your industry that local people can use to make their lives easier, and post engaging local content that gets people talking.

Social media accounts to consider setting up include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok

Once you have your accounts set up, come up with a social media content strategy. Decide what you’re going to post, when you’ll post it, and what type of content it will be (video, article, infographic, etc.) Once you get that narrowed down, you can start executing your strategy and tracking its results.

Post video content for local marketing

Start a YouTube Channel and Post Local Content

Another tactic to consider when coming up with a plan for how to get local customers is starting a YouTube channel. YouTube is a channel many businesses can find success on, as there are roughly 2.3 billion users on the video platform. You can create local content via video, put it on YouTube, and optimize it for local viewing. You can also share this video content on social media.

There’s a huge benefit to creating video content. Statistics show that video is the top source of information for a whopping 66% of people and that 93% of businesses gain new customers thanks to branded video content. Video is a key form of content that can drive incredible growth if done right.

paid advertising digital stategies

Do Paid Advertising

A key thing to do when figuring out how to get local customers is to research paid advertising. While organic growth through SEO and content efforts is an important strategy to execute, it can take a bit for your efforts to pay off through conversions. If you want a faster local customer acquisition strategy, you can do paid advertising. You can do online paid advertising through search ads, display ads, and social ads.

Search ads are ads that are displayed on the top of a search page. For instance, if you search “kitchen remodel”, you’ll likely see an ad at the top for a kitchen remodeling company. They paid to be in the first slot of the first page of a search engine result that targets a specific keyword. In fact, statistics show that traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising. When done right, online advertising can get you many new local customers.

You can also look into investing in display ads. Display ads are ads that show up on websites, ads, and videos that remind people to check out your services. This is a great retargeting strategy for local customers who left your website without taking action. You can set up display ads on websites and platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Another area of paid online advertising to explore is social ads. Social ads are advertisements you run on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They’re meant to retarget people who didn’t buy from your website or attract new customers. The key is to figure out who you want to target and which social platform your advertisements would convert the most people from.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Plan Events

When figuring out how to get local customers, something that can come in handy is planning events. Events are a fun way to bring the community together and generate new leads. You can plan an event that centers around your business and what it offers. Examples include:

  • A remodeling company hosting a home repair workshop
  • A restaurant coordinating a cooking competition among local residents
  • A boutique putting on a local fashion show

Events are great for numerous reasons. For starters, events are fun and get people talking, which helps boost brand awareness. The right event can also draw in a ton of people, and many of them may be local residents you can market to. If the event is large enough, you could even sell sponsorship packages to other businesses. The right event target to the right people can increase brand awareness and help you acquire new local customers.

Marketing strategy being created for new website.

Plan an Email Marketing Strategy

Another key thing to know about how to get local customers is that the right email marketing strategy can yield incredible results. Email marketing is a great channel to optimize for numerous reasons. It’s an owned channel, which means you control the messages you send to prospects. You also get direct access to your prospects through their inbox, which increases their chances of seeing your message. Instead of scrolling past a message on social media, people will see your message via email.

Since email is such a powerful tool that has direct access to existing customers and prospects, you have to use it wisely. Constantly sending emails to people that aren’t relevant to them or that they don’t want can lead to people unsubscribing from your email list and/or marking your email as spam, which can hurt your email deliverability. That’s why you should have an email marketing strategy based on segmentation so that you get the right message to the right people.

become partners with other local businesses

Establish Partnerships With Other Local Organizations

Another thing to consider when figuring out how to get local customers is to establish partnerships with other local businesses and organizations. You can reach out to complementary businesses in town and work on establishing relationships that benefit all involved. For instance, if you own a pet store, you can reach out to a local vet’s office and see if you can leave your business cards at the desk. Or, you could arrange an event together or plan a contest.

Establishing partnerships can be beneficial for numerous reasons. The biggest perk is that it can send a lot of new local prospects your way in a complimentary way. You and your partners’ customers share similar interests that you all can cater to, but you aren’t in direct competition with them. This means there can be a non-threatening free flow of local traffic between businesses.

Get Involved In Your Community

One of the best ways to get more local customers is to get involved in your community. The more your business has a positive brand presence in town, the more likely people will be willing to do business with you. Show you care about the community you do business in.

One way to get involved is to organize a volunteer day for your business. You and your employees can work together to help your community when it truly needs it. Another way is to sponsor a youth athletic team. You can help a team play their season and also get your brand out in the community. It’s a win-win for all involved.

stay involved in your community

Seek Feedback

While goal tracking and data analysis are essential for your local customer acquisition strategy, something else you should do is seek feedback from your customers. Ask them what they like about your business, what they would change, and how you can make your business better.

You can do this through physical and/or online surveys. The more feedback you get, the better you can make your business and attract more local customers.

There are many ways you can get local customers for your business. It’s important to find the strategy that works best for your business. Make sure the strategy stays on budget, meets or exceeds your goals, and is sustainable. See what works for your business and capitalize on it to achieve growth.

MedSpa SEO – A Complete Guide

Do you want to show up for the term “botox in Dallas”, or “acne treatments for men”? If the answer is yes, then committing to the creation of a comprehensive medspa SEO plan is what you need to do.

To ensure your business shows some visibility online and appears in results on the relevant, targeted terms, you need to have a strong SEO.

The stronger your SEO strategies are, the higher the chances to land on top of the search result. Most internet searchers wouldn’t even go to the second page to find the needed service/product. According to Moz, the search engines’ first page garners 71%-92% traffic clicks while only 6% reaches the second page.

Why do medspa need to utilize SEO?

Like any other business, your Medspa also requires successful search engine marketing strategies to reach the top in search engine results. Adding the right keywords to your content, optimizing your website and improving your link profile can be huge factors in driving more traffic to your website – and ultimately acquiring new patients.

Your customers check multiple review sites such as Yelp, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and other sources. But being a business owner, or to say Medspa owner, you’re already overwhelmed with the day- to-day running of the business. Therefore, wearing a technical hat and becoming a marketer for your own business could be highly challenging. Your business requires the same amount of SEO as any other business to stay ahead in the competition. Here, we discuss various aspects of SEO marketing that can boost online traffic for your Medical Spa.

medspa seo

Key Points To Remember

  • Better SEO means a quick loading website. If your website keeps timing out and takes too long to load, clients may get frustrated and seek services from a competitor’s website. To ensure a fast loading website, reduce, relocate, or eradicate banner ads, videos, and additional clutter.
  • Writing content to yield maximum SEO results is an enticing thought; however, the downside is that your content may not sound natural or readable. Instead, work on increasing your article’s readability while using natural SEO.
  • Another incredible idea is to encourage industry-experts and well-renowned bloggers to link back your website.
  • Utilize programs like Google Analytics to assess on-site and blog post SEO. As a result of this, you can find out what SEO practices drive the best results.        
  • Make sure you curate an attention-grabbing, enticing, and value-driven Meta description.
  • Using the right keywords, alt text, and images is necessary to ensure SEO is effective. For this reason, you’ll need to conduct in-depth analytical research.
  • Incorporate keywords and images within unique and high-quality content to stand out from your competition. 
medspa advertising

On-Page SEO for Medspas

On-page SEO refers to optimizing individual web pages to improve search engine results ranking and drive organic traffic towards your website. Moreover, on-page SEO entails optimizing the content and HTML source code of a page:

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research is the first step and the most crucial element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To optimize your website’s content, you must utilize top keyword research tools to pinpoint the best keywords, identify user intent, and determine your content marketing strategy.

With the help of fantastic keyword research tools like SEMRush, you can shortlist the best Medspa keywords. Such devices provide you access to a comprehensive list of keywords alongside cost per click data, keyword search trends, volume, and so much more!

In turn, pinpointing the right keywords and incorporating them in your web content and blogs help you gain traffic.

Technical Medspa SEO – Title Tags, Meta Description, Alt Tags

Page titles refer to the name of each page or post of your website. These may not be visible on your website’s page; however, they are visible to search engines.

Since you have control over title tags, you must optimize them to make your titles. In turn, your website is sure to stand out against competitor’s websites.

At the same time, meta descriptions/page descriptions are another necessary HTML attribute. These provide a summary of your page or post’s content. Optimizing meta descriptions helps ensure better ranking on the search engine results page. However, chances are Google will manipulate them according to specified terms.    

medspa website sitemap

Sitemap Creation

Sitemaps are an excellent way for websites to communicate with different search engines. One great benefit of sitemaps is that it links search engines with any new changes made to the site as soon as they occur. 

In addition to this, with the help of sitemap links, business owners won’t have to rely on external links as much. Instead, the sitemap link will help drive an incredible amount of visitors to your site. Plus, these help business owners fix problems with poor internal linking.

Well-Developed Website Structure

A well-developed website is necessary to thrive in the medspa market. Business owners often face two significant issues: poor or no mobile-friendly usability and a lack of SSL installations. 

Nowadays, most people utilize their smartphones for local searches. Moreover, in July, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher. Therefore, boasting a mobile-friendly website is an easy and effective way to improve ranking. 

One other problem is non-secure websites. If your website opens with the label of ‘non-secure, consumers are less likely to click onto the website. In this way, your business will notice less traffic.

mobile-friendly medspa website

Off-Site SEO for Medical Spa 

On the flip side, off-site SEO refers to any action you may take to expedite your website’s search engine results ranking. Linking is the heart of off-site SEO, and it’s also the perfect way to gain more exposure and expand your audience.

Here we talk about the various benefits of off-site medspa.

Google My Business 

If your brand lacks a Google My Business listing, it’s best to craft one instantly. With the help of this, prospective consumers can easily spot your medical spa business on Google Maps and in Google Local 3-pack.  

One of the top benefits of Google My Business is that consumers can leave reviews. Since Google considers the amount and quality of the customer feedback, these play an essential role in improving your ranking. 

Another way to expedite your brand’s visibility is to publish posts on Google My Business. Users can publish up to 1,500 words, while 200 to 400 is the typical length. Generally, your post will expire after seven days. Therefore make sure you curate a strategy that allows you to post every seven days.


One of the most popular local apps, Yelp, can bring more traffic if you rank higher on the website. Yelp ranks businesses based on positive reviews and close proximity. For this reason, business owners should encourage consumers to provide reviews. 

Since it is against their policy to ask consumers for reviews, it’s best to prompt consumers to leave responses. You may offer discounts and ask people to check-in to your business to gain an increasing number of reviews and, in turn, increase sales. 

medspa reviews


Review plays a crucial role in improving your medspa SEO strategies and Google rankings; therefore,your business needs to define its review strategy. Moreover, Reviews let new consumers gain firsthand knowledge about your business. It means your old customers will be sharing their experience, good or bad, with the community.

Apart from expediting your local ranking, reviews help improve conversion rates as well.Therefore, you require online reviews; however, these are not easy to garner. You may use various software to get those reviews listed on your website. These will also help you display or boast your customer’s feedback 


To gain quick traffic, you need to advertise in a way that generates instant clicks. You can do so through PPC. Making use of top keywords is the best way to drive traffic to your website. It opens new and all gateways to increase sales as PPC ads are displayed on the first page.

 While some keywords like ‘laser hair removal’ and ‘botox’ are comparatively more costly and expensive, local keywords like ‘Botox in Florida’ cost less. So, spend time researching keywords specific to your business and location. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

National vs. Local Medspa SEO 

Through local search engine optimization, marketers utilize avenues to expedite your visibility to potential customers on the lookout for services such as yours. But these prospective consumers are looking for service providers in a particular area, your area.

While local SEO keywords include integrating specific states, time zones, cities, and areas, national SEO keywords include broader terms. 

Typically big corporations and leading, multinational businesses utilize national SEO. Therefore local Medspa businesses won’t benefit from this. Instead, they should consider using local SEO tactics to ensure potential clients can easily find them. Here are a couple of benefits of local SEO:

  • Define your target audience and easily captivate them   
  • Be found on the first page by prospective customers and increase on-site traffic
  • Compete with bigger companies as a higher number of clients book appointments 
  • Grow and expand your outreach
  • Notice higher levels of conversion and diversify your customer base
seo for medspa

Content Marketing for Medical Spas 

Search Engine Optimization and content go hand in hand.

Effective medspa SEO strategies greatly rely on stellar quality content. Moreover, the foundation of both content marketing strategy and search engine optimization is in-depth keyword research.   

It means that when talking about medspas, content marketing is critical. You need to curate reliable and enticing content for consumers. Through value-driven content, medspas can boast their expertise and knowledge in the field of work. In this way, you can gain credibility and nurture a diverse range of consumers.

An excellent way to go around this is by requesting industry leaders and top bloggers to write guest posts on your website. They will likely share that post on their website and among their networks. It will drive more relevant and targeted traffic to your website as guest posting can help you reach a bigger and diverse audience.

At the same time, you should consider writing guest posts on other reputable blogs. That way, you can improve your brand’s credibility while enrapturing your target audience. Here, your website is bound to notice an increase in organic traffic.   

medspa website

Top-tier SEO Services: Websites that Drive Organic Traffic 

We curate Medical Spa websites and conduct in-depth search engine optimization research to help boost your traffic. All our marketing practices are data and ROI driven. 

We understand that captivating your ideal consumer is a challenging task. There are a plethora of critical components that keep your website running smoothly. You need to maintain and modify your website with the growth of your business. On top of that, you have to craft high-quality and enticing content.

But the thing is that investing in quality medspa SEO is worthwhile and will help you craft the perfect SEO and overall marketing strategy:  

To Sum it Up 

On the flip side, investing in high-quality medspa SEO services can have a substantial impact on your business. At Mediaboom, we are dedicated to helping you and your business expand and diversify. We utilize practical and relevant SEO practices to meet your unique business goals.  

Med Spa Marketing Agency – What They Offer and Why You Need One

Owning a med spa is incredibly rewarding, but it can also take up a lot of your time. Between booking appointments, hiring and training new employees, and exploring new services, you may not have the time needed to plan your marketing efforts. Luckily, you can hire a marketing agency to help you share your brand with the world.

But what exactly is a med spa marketing agency, and how can it help your business? In this article, we’ll dive into:

  • What a med spa marketing agency is
  • What can it do for you
  • Why you need to use one
  • How an agency can help you convert website visitors into customers
  • What tactics a marketing agency can utilize to help your business grow
Content marketing for spas

What Is It?

A med spa marketing agency is an agency that helps med spas spread brand awareness, gain leads, and get more patients through their doors. Marketing professionals within this agency will utilize the latest marketing techniques to best position your med spa to reach your target audience and gain the greatest return on investment.

What Can a Med Spa Marketing Agency Do For You?

  • Jumpstart your marketing efforts
  • Manage your marketing channels
  • Optimize your marketing strategy for maximum efficiency
  • Research channels and strategies that get you the best results
medspa marketing

Why You Need To Use a Med Spa Marketing Agency

So now that you know what a marketing agency can do, the next question is, “Why do I need to use one?” Here are a few important reasons why using a marketing agency can make a positive change for your med spa business and bottom line.

An Agency Helps You Develop a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is essential for any business that wants to grow. There’s a lot that goes into creating a marketing strategy. It takes a lot of time to plan the budget, do the market research, craft the strategies, and collect the data. Do you have the time to do that and run a med spa?

If the answer is “no”, then hiring an agency is a smart move.

A marketing agency will set up your marketing channels, advise which channels to focus your efforts on, and track the data to see what’s working and what isn’t. Data is extremely important for marketing efforts since it paints a clear picture of how your strategies are performing.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Statistics show that more than 75% of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns are directly influencing revenue, which is essential to justify your marketing strategy and budget.

A marketing agency will also help you track your goals and use tools to help you reach those goals.

For instance, if your goal is to increase your organic traffic by 15% each quarter, the agency will use Google Analytics and/or other website tracking tools to record how much organic traffic your website is getting. They have professionals who are experienced with these tools to collect this data, interpret it, and recommend how to optimize your marketing strategy to meet (or exceed) your goals.

An Agency Helps You Connect With New Audiences

Another way a marketing agency can help transform your digital presence is by helping you connect with new audiences. It can cost up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one, so you want to make sure the new people you’re connecting with are interested in your med spa services.

There are multiple channels a marketing agency can utilize to help you connect with new audiences. One of these channels is social media. Social media is crucial for your med spa’s brand awareness and customer acquisition strategy. Plus, utilizing social media can help you build a supportive community of brand enthusiasts who like, comment on, and share your content.

An agency can help you manage the following social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat

They will also help you create the content that gets the most engagement for each social media channel. The professionals who work there will advise which med spa content will work best on each channel. The content that works on Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, both in terms of the content itself and its format.

medspa advertising

If you work with an agency, they’ll help you plan the kind of content you need for each channel, from what to include to how to present it.

That leaves you with time to focus on running other aspects of your med spa business.

Another way an agency can help your med spa connect with new customers is through paid advertising techniques. When done right, paid advertising can lead to incredible growth for your med spa. Statistics show that brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads and that paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent – a 200% return on investment (ROI).

Paid advertising can be incredibly effective when done right, but it takes money to make money. If you don’t do paid advertising correctly, you could waste a lot of money and burn a hole in your bottom line. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, hire professionals to help you best optimize your paid advertising strategy to increase conversions.

A med spa marketing agency can also help you grow your organic presence by helping with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. An agency will have professionals who can optimize your site for better SEO and get it to rank higher on search results. These technical aspects include:

  • Making sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Increasing your site speed
  • Identifying and fixing crawl errors
  • Doing a content audit for keyword cannibalization
  • Researching and enabling AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

These technical aspects are important, but the content aspect is equally important. An agency will help you create an effective content strategy that boosts your authority and gets you to rank for important keywords in your industry.

rank for important med spa keywords

Google’s mission is to give people the best and most accurate information possible that answers the query that was searched, so if you provide good content that provides solutions, you’ll have a good chance of ranking well and increasing your visibility online.

An agency will also help with your local SEO strategy, which is crucial for a business that has a physical location (like a med spa does). Local SEO is a type of SEO strategy that helps optimize your site for your location. For instance, if someone searches “med spa near me” and your page comes up, it’s because your page is optimized for local SEO. Ways to boost your local SEO include:

  • Creating and maintaining a Google My Business account
  • Asking customers to leave reviews & responding to reviews that are left
  • Researching and ranking for local keywords
  • Having an “About Us” page that’s specific to your area
  • Maintain accurate hours and other important company information

The more you focus on your local SEO efforts, the more likely people will find your med spa. A med spa marketing agency can help you plan your local SEO strategy and maintain it well enough to have you rank for crucial keywords.

An Agency Helps You Convert Prospective Clients to Paying Customers

A marketing agency can also help you convert prospective clients into paying customers. The marketing professionals at this agency can help you achieve this goal by doing the following.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Utilizing Website Conversion Tactics

Your website is an essential tool for your med spa business. Statistics show that 85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. If your website’s first impression is bad, then the visitor will likely have a negative first impression of your business. That’s why it’s important to have a well-designed website that provides a great user experience.

One way to convert website visitors into viable leads is through opt-in offers. Opt-in offers are a form of lead generation where someone exchanges their email address for something of value. Example of opt-in offers include:

  • Email newsletters
  • A pop-up that offers 15% off a specific med spa service if someone signs up for your email list
  • A white page that outlines the benefits of med spa services or other beneficial industry-leading research
make your website mobile optimized

These opt-ins can help generate new leads and grow your email marketing lists, which can help boost your email marketing efforts. The more leads you have, the more opportunities you have to turn them into customers. An agency can help you create these opt-in offers and manage your email marketing strategy to get the best ROI.

Another way an agency can help convert website visitors into leads is by installing exit intent popups on your site. Exit intent popups are used to keep people who are about to leave a specific page from exiting that page.

An example of this is someone visiting your services page and staying on there for a few minutes, and right as they’re about to leave without taking action, a popup offering 20% off their first med spa service at your establishment comes up in hopes that they click on it and take action.

An agency can set these pop ups up and monitor their effectiveness at converting website visitors into leads.

Other website conversion tactics an agency can help with include:

  • Setting up and monitoring automated chatbots
  • Creating a funnel for a webinar or other lead generator
  • Making powerful CTAs that make web visitors take action
video dominates the content marketing space

Assisting With Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential for any business that wants to grow their brand organically and increase brand awareness. Statistics show that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, which proves how important it is to a successful marketing strategy. Some aspects of content marketing include:

  • Buyer persona identification
  • Identifying where someone is in the buyer’s journey
  • Figuring out what content will help solve their problems
  • SEO/keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Content promotion

Content marketing is essential, but it’s also time consuming. A marketing agency can help you plan and execute your content marketing strategy so you can spend more time running your med spa successfully.

Creating Video Content

Video continues to dominate the content marketing space since it’s the preferred medium for content consumption. A med spa marketing agency can help you plan your video content, create it, and distribute it across the appropriate channels. They may film footage of the med spa itself, the services it provides, and interview employees and customers. They’ll then use the footage to put together the best video content that aligns with your brand and attracts customers.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Building an Online Reputation

Your online reputation is essential for the success of your business, and an agency can help you build and manage your online reputation. The professionals you work with can help you plan tactics to get more customer reviews and testimonials, which add legitimacy to your med spa business. They’ll also help manage and respond to Google My Business reviews, Yelp reviews, and other reviews posted on websites.

Reputation management is crucial to a business’ survival, and hiring an agency can help you build and manage your business’ reputation effectively.

At the end of the day, hiring a med spa marketing agency will help you take your business to the next level. The agency will help you plan a marketing strategy that meets or exceeds your goals. The agency will also stay on top of marketing trends to help your med spa business grow effectively. You’ve worked hard to build your med spa business. Now, let marketing professionals take the reins and display your brand to the world.