Luxury Hotel Website Design

Luxury Hotel Website Design – 65 Examples You Shouldn’t Miss

By: Frank DePino | April 18, 2024

Is there a better way to capture audience attention than through luxury hotel website design?

Your first impression is crucial, as users form opinions within milliseconds.

To keep them engaged, your luxury hotel website design must be characterized by a blend of aesthetic elegance and user-centric functionality, showcasing the property’s premier amenities and services through high-quality visuals and engaging content.

Keep reading in order to discover further insights with our curated list of 65 examples:

1. Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay 

Stunning Graphics

Luxury Hotel Website Design - Musha Cay a Luxury Hotel Web Design example made by Mediaboom

Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay offer a luxury private escape in the gorgeous Caribbean. Everything about the landscape is picture-perfect. And with the exclusivity of this hotel, you can enjoy your own personal slice of paradise.

Scrolling through the Musha Cay website will undoubtedly whet your vacation appetite. Full-screen photos of stunning seascapes and lavish villas decorate the website. As do dining and entertainment options to further entice you.

Browsing through the navigation options is easy to do and quite delightful. Each navigation option expands on the previews of the Musha Cay offerings presented on the homepage. 

The simplicity of the site design overall–with the use of white backgrounds and open space when necessary. It allows the smooth copy and beautiful island images to shine. 

2. Seven on Shelter Island

Excellent CTAs

Seven On Shelter Island - Luxury website design created by Mediaboom

New York elegance is picturesque, upscale, and classic at a luxury hotel such as Seven on Shelter Island. The website embodies these elements exceptionally well so that your next vacation destination is evident.

The stripped-back design elements on this luxury hotel website include:

  • the use of white space
  • clean images of the resort to pique your curiosity
  • simple navigation via a drop-down menu denoted by three horizontal lines.

The navigation bar travels with you as you scroll through any of the pages on the website. It is including a descriptive and rich story of the hotel, amenities, and available rooms. At the top of the traveler’s navigation bar is a CTA button that says “Book Now”. It makes booking a breeze.

3. The Sea Pines Resort

The responsive website of the Sea Pines Resort featuring their elegant places

Hilton Head is already one of the most esteemed travel destinations on the planet, achieving $3 billion in revenue in 2024. Although the competition is especially steep here, The Sea Pines Resort does an excellent job of standing out from the competition with its boutique lodging digital interface design.

First, it declares itself “The No. 1 Luxury Hotel on Hilton Head Island,” a tagline designed to inspire consumer trust. The resort, which is known for its golfing, has a CTA button for checking the tee times beside another colorful button for scheduling your stay.

As you continue scrolling, you can also schedule your arrival and departure dates, exploring the vacation rentals available under this property.

The simple white background allows large-scale, high-res images of the resort on the homepage to stand out. As you click onto other pages to look into the resort’s amenities, the images on those pages remain uncluttered, again thanks to the white background.

4. Adriatic Luxury Hotels

Prominent Calls-to-Action

This website shows a collection of luxury hotels and resorts located in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Adriatic Luxury hotel has everything virtually to showcase

  • the entourage and beauty of the magnificent city…
  • its stunning seaside settings.

Their website stands out from the crowd with its simplicity and tons of unique features. The site’s home page features a series of expertly shot video sequences that transmit the unique experience of staying here.

The site’s look and feel exude the premium experience of all the hotels listed in their diverse portfolio. The unique homepage video in addition to background music instantly captures the attention of the user. It effectively sets the tone. Elaborate attention to every detail in its layout and design exudes a highly polished feel.

In essence, this website effectively makes Dubrovnik city a rather desirable destination worth the visit.

5. Can Ferrereta

Elegant and responsive website design of the Can Ferrereta

The beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain is another major travel destination, with the Can Ferrereta resort standing out for its boutique hotel website design.

Since this is such a gorgeous, dreamlike place for a vacation, the site wisely showcases inviting imagery right on its homepage, with plenty more awaiting you as you click from page to page.

You can learn all about the hotel’s 17th-century history and the available rooms for lodging simply by scrolling through the homepage. Clicking any links on the traveling navigation bar takes you to the accompanying area on the homepage to learn more.

This is another site that keeps its web design clean with a white background.

6. Gramercy Park Hotel

Experiential Design

The Gramercy Hotel uses dark colors on its website and features a unique photo slideshow for attracting its target audience.

The Gramercy Park Hotel’s luxury hotel website design captivates with a rich tapestry of dark, sumptuous colors, including deep crimson and black, conveying an atmosphere of exclusive opulence.

The site integrates a smooth booking experience alongside a striking photo slideshow that highlights the hotel’s unique interior design, from its ornate, flower-adorned chandelier to the vibrant artwork adorning its walls.

This design strategy effortlessly marries functionality with the hotel’s confident branding, appealing directly to its sophisticated audience.

7. Badrutt’s Palace

Organized Website Structure

The Badrutt's Palace is using a luxury website design to gain the attention of the users.

The Badrutt’s Palace Switzerland website is among the most excellent examples of how to successfully portray a luxury service online. It summarizes the premium features and assures the users of the superior service from the first glimpse. And it remains true to tradition.

This website features a wide array of remarkable features that enhance its sense of opulence. The homepage features an event feed that you see after you scroll down the remarkable introductory screen.

This website portrays the remarkable attention to detail that signifies a top-class luxury service.

8. Palazzo Manfredi

The website of Palazzo Manfredi highlights the famous Rome Colosseum.

A five-star boutique hotel like the Palazzo Manfredi markets itself expertly with its sophisticated boutique resort website layout. A CTA to book is part of the traveling navigation, and the color of the button becomes solid as you scroll so you can’t miss it.

The animated elements when clicking the navigation menu are used sparingly to improve the user experience without going overboard. The navigation menu is nice and tidy, with links about the resort’s location, history, events, suites, and dining.

The site also combines the gold hue of the Palazzo Manfredi logo with white and gray color-blocked elements.

9. Casangelina

Minimalist UI Design

Hotel Casangelina, a luxurious cliff hotel on the Amalfi Coast, features a remarkable website with a minimalist design.

Located on the Amalfi Coastal cliffs, Hotel Casangelina is among the best cliff hotels across the globe. Generally, besides its luxurious appeal and fantastic services, it also features a rather remarkable website.

The hotel’s website comprises white with grey and black fonts and uses Parallax images and a hamburger menu. As a first, it uses stunning videos and pictures to entice you to stay at the exotic Mediterranean destination ultimately. It features

  • A distinctly minimalist UI design
  • A unique fusion of the fonts and pictures.

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10. 7132 HOTEL

Stunning Imagery and Navigation

The 7132 hotel's luxury website design is minimalist, with a dark theme.

The 7132 hotel in the Swiss Alps is an example of a luxury hotel website design that looks amazing without using complicated animations or special effects. Virtually everything on it is concise or rather minimalist, although expertly done with a captivating luxurious touch.

With the minimalist approach, the site boasts several unique features including:

  • Stunning images
  • Sleek menu animation

11. Resplendent Ceylon

Video Integration

The Ceylon's website design combines usability and stunning visuals with a high resolution video.

The award-winning web design allied to the luxurious Resplendent Ceylon is an exceptional outline of brilliant hotel web design. It opens you to a stunning homepage that introduces you to a silent, but a high-resolution video:

This web design is a fantastic illustration of how to expertly merge great usability with stunning design. It allows you to choose the rooms and resorts you prefer, as well as select the check-in dates. The prices on the form include tax and net before you enter your credit card information.

12. Heritage Le Telfair

Mobile screenshot showcasing Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort homepage, featuring aerial view of the resort with CTA button 'Book Now' against lush greenery and water bodies.

Mobile-friendly website design is a critical UX element, as almost everyone uses their phones to find new businesses these days.

That’s why the Heritage Le Telfair website deserves its kudos for being so mobile-optimized. The Mauritius resort uses a video carousel showcasing incredible golf courses, meditation retreats, and fine dining, giving mobile users the full experience.

The navigation menu, denoted by three vertical lines, lets you explore the villas and hotels, dining experience, and golfing. You can also view a gallery and review current offers.

The Heritage Le Telfair website has three CTAs beneath its navigation menu. One is for booking your hotel and flight, the other is for requesting a quote, and the third is for those ready to book now.

13. Particulier Montmartre

Animation and Storytelling Integration

A luxury hotel website with unique visual elements can be engaging with large fonts.

Waiting for a website to load primarily due to numerous audiovisual effects can be frustrating and tedious but not if it comes with a unique provision to keep your eyes busy and your imagination fully engaged!

The website’s homepage is designed to captivate you with large fonts that fill the screen’s center, echoing the brutalist design, and unfilled text that draws your attention to the images below.

The hotel’s website is well-designed and easy to navigate, with a language selection and CTA button at the homepage. You can scroll down to see photos and information about the different rooms and suites available, as well as the hotel’s location in Paris. Or, you can take a visually-enriching tour of the hotel for more convincing.

14. Hounds Tooth Inn

Aesthetic website of the Hounds Tooth Inn featuring their luxury hotel and excellent food.

The Hounds Tooth Inn wears its status as a small luxury hotel proudly, as it’s stamped right on its homepage. Beyond that is a full-sized video carousel of unbridled wilderness, vivid sunsets, and sumptuous dining experiences.

This site has a more stripped-back design compared to the others explored so far. Its homepage is brief, and the navigation menu is more curtailed still, although not in a bad way. That menu travels with you as you scroll and features a bold “Book Now!” button above the fold.

This is the first site so far that doesn’t rely exclusively on white as a background color. Instead, the Hounds Tooth Inn favors ivory and pale baby blue.

15. Keswick Hall

The responsive website of the Keswick Hall highlights luxury hotel with large outdoor pool

Experience the best of Virginia at Keswick Hall, a Charlottesville boutique hotel with exemplary website design. The site immediately establishes itself as regal and high-luxury with its stately photos and founding label of 1912.

You can continue scrolling to learn more about the resort or click the three-lined navigation menu to the left. That opens a vivid blue navigation bar with options like “Stay,” “Dine,” and “Gather,” with smaller menu options beneath each subhead (so to speak).

The teal blue of the site matches the Keswick Hall logo, which is a fox with its head turned back and its tail pointed outward. At the bottom of the homepage is a contacts bar in beige for subscribing to the newsletter, connecting, and following on social media.

16. Le Mirabeau

Imagery and Interactive Cursor

Le Mirabeau's website has a stunning homepage graphic with two merged photos panning around.

The website for the Le Mirabeau hotel is also included on this list, due to its amazing homepage graphics. The site has two merged photos that switch in a panorama fashion, from a city overview to the hotel’s front. The transition makes it look like the city’s outline is reflected in a pond outside the restaurant. This is a great audiovisual design.

The hotel’s website design also effectively uses a distinct interactive cursor comprising a spotlight that follows it around the screen.

That appears like a torch shining its light on the frontage during the night ( in the image it is nighttime) while in the landscape image, it is ripples on water.

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Unique Typographic Elements

The Samsara Ubud resort website showcases services and products in an eye-catching white font on a black background.

The Samsara Ubud resort features a simple, yet dazzling luxury hotel website design. The resort’s website utilizes a massive aerial photo of the resort, with a tropical forest surrounding it and subsequently inviting users to scroll down and read ‘The Story ultimately’!

What’s more, they continue to showcase their services and products by exhaustively describing the various villas available. Not to mention enticing you with a white font against a traditional black background and vice versa.

In fact, besides the paragraph background, the CTA and fixed menu buttons also change from white to black, although it depends on the color. This luxury resort web design perfectly demonstrates how to entice users using both visual and copy design successfully.

18. The Longfellow

The website of the Longfellow highlights scenery of the sea

Discover the “timeless, rugged charm and the natural splendor of Maine” at The Longfellow, a boutique hotel that prioritizes rejuvenation, rest, and joy. Like many of the best boutique hotel web design examples, this one greets visitors to a vibrant homepage image of beautiful Portland and the resort grounds.

As you continue scrolling, you’ll see earthy colors used for the rest of the site design, including a creamy ivory background and dark green for the navigation bar. That bar has lots of whitespace, with only four options: “Hotel,” “Portland,” “Our Story,” and “Reservations,” although the latter is a separate CTA button.

Each menu has dropdown options, such as a city guide if you select “Portland” or an FAQs page for “Our Story.”

19. Villa di Piazzano

The elegant villa with an outdoor pool and relaxing atmosphere featured on the Villa di Piazzano website.

Establishing credibility with its five-star rating and Small Luxury Hotel tag, Villa di Piazzano in gorgeous Cortona is another of the best boutique hotel website design examples to inspire you.

The evocative copy, which states that visiting the resort is “like traveling back in time and reliving for a few days in an ancient noble home,” captures your imagination. As you continue your scrolling journey, you can explore the suites and rooms and learn about the amazing side of Italian hospitality.

The navigation menu atop the page moves with you as you scroll and features options to dig deeper into the hotel’s special offers, dining options, rooms and suites, and loyalty program. You can also email or call the resort using this menu.

20. La Valise

Friendly website of the La Valise featuring the Idyllic DayDreaming Ashore

Another excellent way to establish social proof is seen on the La Valise resort website. This Tulum, Mexico boutique hotel mentions which travel publications have featured it, with such major names as Conde Nast Traveler and Harper’s Bazaar listed.

La Valise’s website features artistic illustrations of its resort areas interspersed with real photos for vivid imagery that grabs your attention.


Video and Animation Integration

El Môderne hotel showcases exceptional web design with a stunning homepage that includes a high-quality video loop and an animated menu that shifts to the side.

The El Môderne hotel is a true embodiment of exclusive hotel web design style which every luxury property can take a note from. While it features a wide array of remarkable website features, several distinct factors set it apart from the rest of its competitors.

To start with, it features a stunning homepage.

Once you land on the website, you come across a high quality video loop. This video loop continues playing as the animated menu shifts it down to the screen’s side. In essence, this is a rich-looking and neat solution to captivate the users.

In addition, the website features a high-quality map.


Simplicity and Convenience

Knaibang Chatt resort offers luxurious rooms, cuisine and an infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

The Knaibang Chatt is a remarkably designed coastal resort that features various plush rooms, world-class cuisine, and a stunning infinity pool that overlooks the Thailand Gulf, among many other provisions. They treat their clients with a unique blend of personalized services and privacy, effectively allowing them to discover the magnificence of Cambodia as well as its warm populace.

Besides its stunning service package, this hotel is also a prominent establishment due to its exceptional website design. The website comprises a simple design and remarkably unique fonts that instantly captivate the user. With their quality fonts, they effectively influence how the users perceive the information as well as the quality of service to expect. What’s more, this unique font means that you remain glued to the screen to find out more about the options on offer.

Furthermore, the hotel’s website comprises a full-screen video about the hotel, which is a significantly informative and convenient way to pass a message to the clients. Typically, what this means is that you need not scroll the webpage from the top down to the bottom to acquire the information you need. You can simply watch everything you need from the video.

Principally, the hotel has focused on simplicity and convenience to highlight their uniqueness.

23. 11 Mirrors Hotel

Simple, yet Sophisticated Design

The 11 Mirrors luxury hotel in Kiev showcases modern Ukraine through its reflective surfaces, elegant website design, and immersive video.

Take pleasure in the numerous aspects of modern Ukraine at the stunning 11 Mirrors, the first of its kind in Kiev. This design hotel is situated in the dynamic core of the capital just a few steps from the distinct National Opera House.

The 11 Mirror design hotel showcases its distinct reflective surfaces like panoramic windows and mirrored decorations throughout their website through 11 stories as well as 50 luxurious suites and rooms. Their elegant website design minimalist approach is a distinct reflection of modern Ukraine: simple and sophisticated, without needing heavy embellishment.

Moreover, the website features an immersive video that expertly depicts the feel and looks of this Ukraine hotel. Typically, users are offered the most exceptional rate guarantee in comparison to other third party websites courtesy of their visually attractive and smart web design.

Finally, just like the best hotel websites in the business with high-resolution images, they also include animated, detailed photos of the establishment’s property as well as the amenities offered.

24. Gecko Hotel & Beach Club

Friendly and responsive website of the Gecko Hotel & Beach Club

The Gecko Hotel & Beach Club website unpacks its services and amenities one at a time as you scroll. You can also use the site’s handy navigation menu to learn more about its features and services, from wellness to the beach club and restaurant.

This hotel website example keeps it simple, using a white background with black text and teal elements that match the Gecko logo.

25. The Marlton Hotel

Elegant website of the Marlton Hotel with luxury room highlights

Luxury is only a click away at The Marlton Hotel, a premier example to emulate. The navigation isn’t a menu, per se. Instead, there’s a large black bar atop the homepage with the resort’s name in the center and clickable menus on either side.

This UX-friendly layout keeps the focus on the high-quality, rich imagery, which showcases the charming rooms and inviting restaurant. A “Book Now” CTA button sticks with you as you scroll, so once you see something you like, you can easily schedule your stay.  

26. 137 Pillars House

Elegant house and place located on the 137 Pillars House

Although 137 Pillars House is a Thailand resort, it features several language options for more inclusivity, including English. Discover evocative content with room descriptions that will make you want to book ASAP.

Its layout uses lots of photos to embody the 137 Pillars House experience against a white background for a polished and clean website layout.


Storytelling and Unique User Experience

The Europejski Hotel in Krakow offers a romantic setting and useful amenities.

If you are visiting Krakow, the Europejski Hotel is a fantastic option that offers a romantic setting alongside numerous useful amenities designed to improve your stay.

They have a fantastic website design that starts with a homepage that features a full-screen video, which is both informative and convenient since you need not scroll down to view the information you need. And better yet, the load speed is conveniently fast with minimal load times.

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Navigation and Website Structure

Design Hotels showcases over 300 independent hotels in 50+ countries with a unique, responsive website design that sets it apart. It receives many positive reviews.

Just as the name suggests, Design Hotels features a website that relishes in great design. Design Hotels effectively presents an assortment of over 300 independent hotels dispersed across more than 50 nations.

True to its name, the Design Hotel’s website outlines a responsive and custom web design that ideally stands out from the standard cookie-cutter hotel websites. With such an array of chains sharing lackluster, uninspired website templates, the Design Hotels website comprises a stunning, unique feel and look while still managing to maintain its distinct global branding.

Truth be told, it is no wonder the hotel has such a high number of positive reviews online.


Simplistic and Minimalist Design

This luxury hotel is known for its excellent service and UNESCO vineyards. Its minimalist website design has translucent buttons that attract users.

As one of the finest global luxury establishments, this hotel is famous not just for its remarkable service package but also for the vineyards that continuously feature in UNESCO.

Nevertheless, what is perhaps their most significant perk is their rather minimalist web design. The site features translucent and minimalist buttons precisely in their wine and dines section and breakfast sections that entice the user to want to learn more about the offers.

30. LeCrans

The luxurious design of LeCran's website evokes the warmth and curiosity of mountain vacations

Evoking the warmth, coziness, and curiosity of a mountain vacation, the LeCrans website is another fantastic example of luxury hotel website design. 

A navigation bar at the top of the site with a “Book Now” CTA button and menu dropdowns stays with you as you scroll through a mesmerizing carousel. It is made of full-screen photos and videos of the LeCrans grounds. 

The otherwise clean design of the website prevents the visual elements from being too overwhelming. 

31. Borgo Santandrea

Borgo Santandrea in Amalfi offers a browsing experience with scrolling videos on its homepage and an eye-catching menu.

“The infinite blue” awaits you at Amalfi’s Borgo Santandrea, an Italian luxury hotel. 

The homepage greets you with a serene and inviting vista of the endless sea, framed by the gentle silhouettes of olive branches. This tranquil scene sets the tone for an exclusive Italian retreat.

Effortless navigation and scrolling videos provide a sneak peek into the sumptuous experiences the hotel offers, from its elegant exteriors to its sun-drenched terraces, promising a stay of unparalleled luxury and tranquility.

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32. Xigera Safari Lodge 

Botswana's Xigera Safari Lodge is a luxury hotel.

Botswana’s Xigera Safari Lodge is not your average luxury hotel, and that’s showcased in every element on their website. 

The traveling navigation bar with a search function is designed with the user experience in mind. Each page features a border showcasing some of the incredible wildlife you can witness in this part of Africa. 

33. A77 Suites

Aesthetic website of the A77 Suites featuring their elegant rooms

Another strong example of luxury boutique hotel web development is courtesy of Greece’s A77 Suites, which declares itself “iconic, meaningful, and timeless.” It’s hard to disagree with those adjectives considering this site embodies Athens gorgeousness and luxury so well.

The innovative design for boutique hotel platforms uses a sidebar for navigation with two horizontal lines instead of the standard three vertical lines.

The navigation menu expands when you click it, with one beige section and a smaller one in white. The beige navigation menu is all your standard hotel information, while the white menu is for contacting the resort.

34. The Peninsula

The Peninsula website with their services and availability

Situated in major travel mecca Tokyo, The Peninsula is a five-star hotel that combines modern and traditional Japanese elements. You can see them on display in the large-scale images celebrating life at the hotel, from the resplendent lobby to the beautiful rooms.

Explore deeper by using the top navigation menu, then click the “Reserve” CTA button when ready to schedule your stay.

35. Wildflower Farms

The responsive website of the Wildflower Farms highlights their stay, experience and dine services.

Explore user-friendly boutique hotel homepage design courtesy of Wildflower Farms, a Hudson Valley resort with a rustic yet classy design. You can get a feel for the ambiance of the resort by watching its video carousel on the homepage, then click “Stay,” “Experiences,” or “Dine.”

The navigation menu uses oversized text, but if you want to learn even more, you can always click the standard navigation menu on the upper left above the Wildflower Farms logo.

We’re not finished yet! Check out Mediaboom’s top 50 luxury hotel website design examples to further get those creative gears turning.

36. Deer Path Inn

The Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois is another example of top-notch luxury hotel website design.

The Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois is another example of top-notch luxury hotel website design.

Stripped back and simple, the site features a beige and white color scheme that’s also displayed in the hotel’s logo. A traveling navigation bar with a beige “Check Availability” CTA button and the hotel’s phone number make getting in touch very easy. 

37. The Provincial Hotel 

The ProvinciProvincial Hotel's website features a cohesive design with blue branding and clear elements.

The dazzling shades of blue that the Provincial Hotel have made part of their branding come through loud and clear on their website. That gives every elements cohesion as you scroll through, including copy, images, and the navigation.

38. Triumph Hotels

Triumph Hotels' elegant website design features a dark color scheme, traveling navigation bar, and simple navigation.

Triumph Hotels needs nothing more than a welcoming photo of the New York City skyline on its homepage to attract attention. The clean, stately design of the rest of the site is also appropriate for such a sophisticated hotel.

The elements of luxury hotel website design that we like here are:

  • a dark color scheme,
  • a traveling navigation bar,
  • and simple navigation across the entirety of the site.

39. Napa Valley Lodge

The Napa Valley website uses a website design that appeals to luxury.

The Napa Valley Lodge website brings all the beauty, luxury, and fun of an experience in wine country straight to your browser. 

A full-screen carousel of videos acts as a tantalizing preview of your stay.

40. Hotel Particulier 

The Hotel Particulier Paris website displays its rich history and beautiful architecture through old and current photos.

The rich history of the Hotel Particulier in Paris is on full display on its website. You can glimpse old photos and current shots of the beautiful architecture. The option to change between English and French website language opens up the hotel’s audience further.

Although it’s at the bottom of the page, we like the playful way the hotel displays its socials, stating “keep in touch,” and linking to Particulier’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

41. Vesper Hotel Noordwijk

Vesper hotel's elegant boutique atmosphere and clean design with half-screen videos and simple navigation make it stand out.

The elegant boutique atmosphere of the Vesper hotel in the Netherlands makes this site a winner on our list of luxury hotel website design examples.

The clean, upscale design features:

  • a scrolling half-screen videos of the beautiful area,
  • a basic but effective navigation menu,
  • CTAs above the fold for checking hotel availability. 

A pulsing arrow pointing at the availability info encourages you to see what the rates are!  

52. Aris Hotel

Aris Hotel's Greek essence is evident on its website, enticing visitors with videos and images.

Crete’s magnificent Aris Hotel has that Greek flavor and entices you with it from the moment you land on the site. From a full-screen carousel of videos showcasing Greek life to panoramic images and graphics that display the same, the hotel wants visitors to book a stay.

Aris Hotel is all about getting back to nature, and a simple website color scheme ties into that goal quite well. 

43. Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Austria is using a lavishly designed website to try to attract a high-ticket clientele.

The Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Austria is proud of its five-star rating, which is why it’s right at the top of the website underneath the name. 

This site design has a lot of clean white space so that you can focus undistractedly on the collection of hotel images. Contact information on the side of the site make it easy to send an email, call the hotel, or book a stay.

44. Tourists

Tourists hotel in Massachusetts exemplifies luxury hotel website design with warm images and informative copy.

The aptly-named Tourists hotel in Massachusetts certainly belongs on this list of luxury hotel website design examples. 

The rustic, woodsy feel of this hotel is brought right to your smartphone or computer screen through warm images and crisp, informative copy. All the hotel’s contact info is above the fold, including Tourists’ socials. 

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45. Mahekal Beach Resort

Mahekal Beach Resort website features CTA buttons, "Rewards" and "Book Now," that move as you scroll. The site showcases lush photos on every page.

Playa del Carmen’s Mahekal Beach Resort has enticing CTA buttons above the fold, such as one that reads “Rewards” and another that says “Book Now.” Both buttons travel as you scroll or click from page to page on the site.

Every page on the resort’s website is full of lush photos to make the hotel experience come alive. 

46. Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island's website displays beach pictures and life-size videos of seascapes with a roving navigation bar.

How does a trip to the Florida Keys sound? Little Palm Island makes a vacay hard to resist with large beachside images, full-sized videos of seascapes, and a traveling navigation bar. 

That navigation bar includes a “Book Now” CTA button as well as a contact link to call the hotel. You can also browse the gallery to see yet more images of the splendid resort.

47. Bungalows

Bungalows is a luxury hotel in the Florida Keys with a wellness-focused brand message, featuring an upscale website design.

Another Florida Keys luxury hotel website design example is Bungalows. 

Despite the proximity between Little Palm Island and Bungalows, the two hotels approach website design differently. Bungalows features full-sized images in the background with copy over top. 

The Bungalows site has a more expansive navigation bar as well. Plus, their brand message is more about wellness than hedonism. 

48. Esperanza Resort

Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos has straightforward navigation menus, enabling users to learn about the hotel through scrolling.

The Los Cabos hotel Esperanza Resort has three simple navigation menus on its homepage, Stay, Experience, and Offers. A top-left dropdown menu allows you to explore the site more deeply, but you can also learn all about the hotel simply by scrolling from the top of the homepage to the bottom. 

49. Palace Merano 

The design of the Palace Merano website focuses on conveying the message of well-being.

Italy’s incredible Palace Merano is another luxury hotel website design that’s wholly about wellness. That message is exemplified everywhere, from scrolling videos showing spas and massage treatments to descriptions of detoxes and other wellness services.

Besides the branding, we also like the UI-focused drop-down navigation menu. 

50. 18 Micron Str

The unconventional 18 Micron Str hotel in Athens showcases its unique design with visual images.

The 18 Micron Str hotel was once a warehouse, so it’s anything but conventional. That’s why this Athens hotel went with such a visual showcase of images of the hotel’s unique architecture and design flourishes.

The traveling navigation bar includes a “Book Now” CTA button for easily travel planning. The site is also togglable in a variety of languages for inclusivity. 

51. Patagonia

The Patagonia luxury hotel in Chile has stunning homepage photos and an useful navigation menu.

A Chilean luxury hotel, Patagonia is home to some truly breathtaking sights, all of which you can witness as photos on the homepage of the website. At the top of the fold is a CTA button for booking a stay as well as email and search buttons. 

52. The Cambrian

The Cambrian hotel in Switzerland has a red and white color scheme with a carousel of images.

The spa-hotel The Cambrian in Switzerland uses an eye-catching red and white color scheme across its site. Interlaid with a carousel of lovely hotel images, the bright red elements certainly stand out. 

We also quite like how you can check the hotel’s availability right at the top of the page well above the fold. This availability checker travels with you as you scroll like a navigation bar would. 

53. Zoku

Zoku is a European home/office hotel with a clean, modern website with great reviews.

Zoku is a home/office luxury hotel in Europe. Browsing through the website is about inspiring trust and arousing curiosity. 

The hotel discloses reviews from such major news sources as Newsweek and CNN. The bright white background with red CTA buttons is clean and modern.

54. Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts website features videos and a traveling navigation bar."

This website relies on a carousel of videos showing snorkeling, palm-surrounded islands, and gorgeous greenery. The navigation bar travels with you as you browse the Aman Resorts website.

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55. Oetker Collection

Oetker Collection's website features stunning videos to showcase their hotels.

To exemplify the beauty of their masterpiece hotels, luxury hotel Oetker Collection favors a carousel of astounding videos on its website. 

The gentle color scheme of white and light sea green is a great choice. Pastels represent rejuvenation, calmness, and renewal. 

56. St. Regis 

St. Regis website showcases five-star luxury, featuring ornate logo and stunning images of Maldives waters.

St. Regis shows what five-star luxury is all about on its website. From the ornate logo displayed prominently above the fold to images of crystalline Maldives waters, the elements harmonize perfectly to trigger more reservations.  

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57. Aira Hotel

Feel at home

Elegant Premier Suite at Aira Hotel featuring a cozy king-sized bed, living area, and modern amenities for a luxurious stay

Immediately, the Aira Hotel pulls you in and gives you a glimpse into the first-class experience of life at its hotel via a large-scale video of guests checking in. You can feel the anticipation building as the guests enter their gorgeous room with floor-to-ceiling windows, fitness facilities, a pool, and plush amenities. 

The website’s navigation menu is straightforward and enjoyable to use, and the language menu lets you adjust settings seamlessly. The top navigation menu–complete with a contrasting Book Now call to action (CTA) button in yellow against a green background–travels with you as you scroll. 

58. La Mamounia

The magic of Marrakech 

Opulent lobby of La Mamounia Marrakech with intricate architecture and luxurious decor welcoming guests.

The five-star luxury hotel La Mamounia sets up for success with a mobile-optimized website that closely mirrors its desktop edition. Full-sized videos showcase the luxe life of this fine hotel as well as the surroundings of gorgeous Marrakech.

The menu is jam-packed with options, from learning about the hotel’s events, restaurants, rooms, spa services, and experiences. However, the navigation menu remains neat with headings and subheads to divide everything. 

Experience the best of travel website design with this five-star roundup. You also shouldn’t miss Mediaboom’s list of the top 20 hotel website designs

59. Hotel Neptun

At one with the sea 

Two guests enjoying a leisurely walk on a serene beach boardwalk at Hotel Neptun, promoting a restful vacation experience with coastal views.

With a name like Hotel Neptun, you would expect this Rostock-based hotel to dedicate its design to seafaring, and you would be correct. All the imagery is tied to the ocean, from the full-scale carousel images on the homepage to the copy that pops up while loading pages (“forming the beach,” etc.).

Also excellent is the search function embedded on the traveling navigation menu. The minimal use of colors and the color-blocking technique lend the Hotel Neptun site a seamlessness from page to page. 

What else is required for hotel website development? Mediaboom shares its promising insights.

60. Burgenstock Resort

Mobile friendliness at its finest

Breathtaking aerial view of Burgenstock Resort nestled in the Swiss Alps, inviting guests to start a luxurious mountain retreat

Prepare for a fantastic experience browsing the Burgenstock Resort website via phone. Despite that this site has interactive menus and full-screen videos, the mobile experience feels just like visiting the desktop site, but more convenient. 

Another area where the hotel’s website design deserves kudos is in condensing what is otherwise a large menu to keep navigability and the user experience top priorities. 

You can even view a live webcam to see the surrounding area by the hotel in real time!

61. Hotelrutei

With a focus on history

Traditional Japanese hot spring bath at Hotelrutei, showcasing the hotel's heritage and offering a relaxing experience.

Hotelrutei makes it no secret that it has a 170-year history, as it’s a critical part of its luxury hotel website design. Potential guests can make room and meal reservations in a single click, with above-the-fold CTA buttons neatly tucked into the upper right corners. 

The Japanese hotel is the cream of the crop among luxury hotel websites for its evocative imagery and how easy it is to navigate. It’s overall a great website to emulate and will certainly cultivate your wanderlust, just like these travel website design examples.

62. Badrutt’s Palace

Two sides, all luxury

Winter and summer vacation offerings at Badrutt's Palace with picturesque views of St. Moritz.

The St. Moritz, Switzerland resort Badrutt’s Palace is among the best luxury hotel website designs for expertly summarizing the dichotomy of seasons in Switzerland. The resort is as excellent to visit in the winter as it is in the summer, and with CTA buttons for both experiences, you can customize your vacation to your needs and interests. 

After selecting a winter or summer experience, you can then explore the dining, activities, and wellness services available for your chosen season. CTA links atop the page for booking now and joining the Leaders Club are attention-grabbing. 

63. Baur Au Lac

Make it feel like home

A tranquil garden view from a Baur au Lac hotel room, highlighting the peaceful and private ambiance for guests.

Another luxury hotel website design example that plays up its longstanding history is Baur Au Lac in Zurich. Originally opening in 1844, the hotel’s homepage copy mentions its long legacy of 175+ years and its premium location in the center of Zurich.

Its site is a single-scroll experience, allowing you to see all the options and pages by scrolling. Contact and booking links atop the traveling navigation bar are smart additions.

64. Monastik Suites

Previewing life in China

A guest at Monastik Suites admiring the Athenian skyline, blending contemporary living with historic views.

High-quality images invite you to experience living in Athina, China via Monastik. The numbered menu includes options like Suites, Philosophy, and Downtown Athina, where you can learn more about the incredible activities, shopping, and dining experiences that surround the hotel. 

As you venture across the site, a Call Us link and Book Now CTA remain at the top. These design elements keep the hotel’s lead gen flowing.

65. Altitude Jakarta

Interactive navigation

Fine dining setup at Altitude Jakarta featuring Yugen Shabu & Sukiyaki with premium beef in an intimate evening atmosphere.

The boutique hotel Altitude in Jakarta has a website with design elements that call on you to experience the rich textiles and posh atmosphere of the hotel for yourself. It’s embodied in the larger-than-life homepage imagery and dark color scheme.

The site also features interactive navigation elements, such as a drop-down menu that blooms across the page and a circle pointer as your cursor crisscrosses the page. 

Fundamental Elements of a Luxury Hotel Website Design

Those were certainly inspiring website design examples. Next, it’s time to build your own. Here are the elements it needs. 

Size and Scale

The first disparity is the size and scale. Boutique hotels are usually smaller, with 100 rooms max. Luxury hotels, oppositely, can have hundreds to thousands of rooms per building, and may be part of a national or international chain. The size of boutique hotels lends them a more exclusive feel, like an undiscovered gem. Staying in one feels like a true retreat.

Elegant Interface

Design elements should complement your brand. A boutique hotel’s website design should look elegant from the homepage to the landing pages. 

Large-scale imagery of life at the hotel, luxury-minded copy, and colors that evoke a posh lifestyle (like browns, tans, golds, and black), will create the desired look your site needs. 

High-Quality Imagery

Your luxury site also benefits from high-quality imagery, including videos and images. Full-sized carousels were recurring across the examples from the last section. 

If you add media to your site, the images and videos should be high-res and edited well to create a seamless flow. That can encourage potential guests to stay on the site longer. 

Easy Reservation Process

The faster and more efficient it is for potential guests to check out, the likelier they are to do it. Place CTA buttons for booking above the fold. Use contrasting colors opposite the main color scheme for your luxury site to help the buttons stand out even more.

The copy for the CTA buttons should be simple and straightforward. Explain what will happen if a potential customer clicks a button. For example, “Book Now” tells a visitor that clicking the link will take them to a booking page. 

Seamless User Experience

The user experience is paramount to successful luxury hotel website design. Many elements of a hotel’s website design can improve UX, including finessing your CTAs, improving your website loading speed, limiting the number of pages on the site, using mobile optimization, and creating a functional, easy-to-use navigation menu.

On the note of site speed, it should be ultra-fast, like two seconds or fewer. However, most websites load in around eight seconds. If yours takes longer than that, especially on mobile, you will lose that website visitor. 

Concise and Persuasive Copywriting 

Luxury hotel website design is a marriage between visual and written elements. Your copy should weave your story across paragraphs like stitching together a tapestry. Use emotive, bold imagery to captivate the reader’s attention and imagination. 

Rely on headings to break up text, which shouldn’t be in large blocks. Images and bullet points can also divide copy. Proofread the copy before it goes live, letting a second set of eyes review it so it’s free of typos and grammar mistakes. 

Learn more about storytelling as part of destination marketing, then check out our guide to storytelling for hotels.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization 

With more than half of a website’s traffic emanating from mobile devices in 2024, a non-optimized website will lose tens of thousands if not millions of potential guests. 

A mobile-optimized site should replicate the seamless browsing experience a user gets on desktop but on mobile. Test your site design before it goes live, improving elements that need more optimization. 

Target Market

The target market of boutique and luxury hotels also vary. The latter targets a larger audience since it has the space for more accommodation, whereas the former has a smaller and more specific market. This goes back to a boutique hotel’s ability to personalize and diversify its services and style, making them a popular stay for those who believe that lodging is as important a part of the vacation experience as itinerary.

Hotel Website Design Best Practices

Building your boutique website design requires abiding by these rules.

Captivating Visual Identity

Boutique lodging digital interface design must have a distinct visual identity that brings in visitors and keeps them scrolling and reading for long enough to book. As the examples earlier showcased, a boutique hotel can build its visual identity through large-scale image and video carousels.

The visuals should showcase the resplendence of the hotel grounds, the beauty of the interior, and the wonder of the lodging experience, from dining to spa services and golf.

Seamless User Experience

Up to 88 percent of internet users are unlikely to come back to your website if it delivers a poor user experience. Responsive design for boutique hotel owners is one example of what you should focus on; here are some more UX areas to prioritize:

  • Well-placed CTA links and buttons
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Tailored boutique hotel site architecture, including visual architecture
  • Mobile optimization
  • Consistency across the entire site
  • Design simplicity

Compelling Content Strategy

Visual storytelling for boutique hotel sales isn’t the only way to weave your narrative into your website design. You can also use emotive copy that draws people in, crafting experiences dedicated to relaxation, adventure, and fun depending on the crux of your brand.

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Integration of Booking Engine and Reservation Management

The best boutique hotel website design allows clients to book right from your website. Perhaps you have a booking engine on your homepage or a reservation management system above the fold. These elements must be integrated seamlessly into your site design to encourage more bookings.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Boutique hotels may only target a limited audience but cannot ignore search engine optimization. So, which SEO elements does your site require? Here’s a rundown.

  • Internal linking
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile optimization
  • Fast loading speed
  • Alt text for images
  • Meta descriptions
  • Webpage titles
  • Backlinking
  • URL structure
  • Schema markup
  • Image optimization
  • Local SEO

Embracing Technology and Innovation

The hospitality industry never sleeps, so innovative design for boutique hotel platforms requires tracking industry and technology changes and deciding when and how to integrate them into your website layout. If you don’t, you give your competitors a chance to usurp your spot.

Why Website Design is Crucial for Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotel website design can drive the following results:

Take a look at Mediaboom’s roundup of luxury travel website design examples for more sites in which to cherry-pick ideas.

The Grand Hotel website with responsive and latest features design

Current 2024 Design Trends and Future Trends in Luxury and Boutique Hotel Websites

What does the future of boutique hotel web design hold? Here are some noteworthy trends to keep on your radar.

1. Minimalism

The luxury boutique hotel web development examples showcased earlier widely utilized minimalist designs that allow visual elements like photos to stand out. White backgrounds were standard, as were refined hues such as ivory and beige.

2. Harnessing Immersive Visuals

Visuals are a must when branding and marketing your hotel, but not just stock photos of people enjoying themselves. The trend is immersive visuals, which aren’t limited to only photos. Videos are an excellent way to grab attention and drive visitors through the site.

Luxury hotel with large outdoor pool

3. Storytelling for Brand Narrative

Visual storytelling for boutique hotel sales connects people with your story. You can expect more fact retention, between 60 and 70 percent, versus only five to 10 percent when your information is presented solely as stats.

Your story is also what makes your boutique hotel unique, which is another reason to utilize this element to the fullest.

4. Prioritizing the User-Friendly Experience

User-friendly boutique hotel homepage design continues to remain a top priority for hospitality brands trying to make a name for themselves. Without focusing on UX, your site has little chance of connecting with potential customers, as they will leave and likely won’t return.

Future Trends

Beyond those established luxury boutique hotel web development trends, the following are also on the rise:

  • Immersive technologies such as virtual reality tours, which give people a lifelike experience of a stay at your boutique hotel before they book.
  • Sustainability and eco-friendly design that meets the green demand, especially in the travel industry as a whole.
  • AI and personalization to craft more tailored guest experiences, elevating the tailored approach boutique hotels are known for.
  • Voice search optimization, the next digital frontier in search, which requires prioritizing more conversational keywords.


1. What makes a luxury hotel website design stand out?

Luxury hotel website design should stand out through its use of high-quality visuals, intuitive navigation, and exclusive content that reflects the unique brand and experience the hotel offers. It’s not just about looking premium but also providing a seamless, user-friendly experience that showcases the hotel’s amenities, accommodations, and unique selling propositions. Elegant typography, a sophisticated color palette, and immersive video or virtual tours can also elevate the user’s experience.

2. How important are visuals in luxury hotel website design?

Visuals are extremely important in luxury hotel website design. High-resolution images and videos that showcase the hotel’s rooms, facilities, and surroundings play a crucial role in capturing the attention of potential guests. They help convey the quality and ambiance of the hotel, aiding visitors in imagining themselves enjoying the luxury experience. Interactive elements like 360-degree views and virtual tours can further enhance engagement and interest.

3. What should be considered for user experience (UX) in luxury hotel website design?

For UX, luxury hotel websites should focus on simplicity, ease of navigation, and speed. The booking process should be straightforward and secure, with clear calls to action (CTAs). Websites should be mobile-responsive, considering many users book travel through mobile devices. Personalization, such as recommended packages or rooms based on user behavior, can also improve the UX by making visitors feel uniquely valued.

4. How can a luxury hotel website design reflect brand identity?

A luxury hotel’s website design should reflect its brand identity through consistent use of logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery that align with the hotel’s positioning and personality. The tone of the content, the style of the visuals, and even the layout can convey the brand’s values and the type of experiences guests can expect. Storytelling elements that share the history, mission, or unique aspects of the hotel can also reinforce brand identity.

5. What are the best practices for optimizing a luxury hotel website for search engines (SEO)?

SEO best practices for luxury hotel websites involve using relevant keywords throughout content, optimizing meta tags (title, description), and ensuring fast loading times. Quality, original content like travel tips or destination guides boosts search rankings. Technical SEO, such as mobile responsiveness and secure browsing (HTTPS), is crucial. Building backlinks from reputable travel sites enhances authority and visibility in search results. Implementing these principles in website design can attract and convert high-value clients, ensuring a memorable first impression and seamless booking experience.

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Luxury hotel website design elements must be easy to navigate and focused on the user experience. Your website should have calls to action, high-quality images, and strong copy that inspires guests to act. 

These elements will improve hotel search engine optimization rankings, increase lead gen, reduce website bounce rates, and boost conversions and sales.

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