Luxury Hotel Website Design – 15 Stunning Examples

Luxury Hotel Website Design


Great luxury hotel website design can be a remarkably powerful tool to establish your brand. For the luxury hotel business, in particular, a great website offers you the opportunity to present both the atmosphere and services that you are providing to your target audience, luxury travelers.

An excellent website plays a vital role in the ability of a hotel to entice and land the most motivated guests. Luxury travelers are generally growing increasingly tech-savvy since they spend a significant amount of their time researching on hotels and ultimately completing their bookings individually from their laptops and mobile devices. As such, for a luxury hotel to stand out and successfully convert their website visitors to potential clients, they must present expertly designed websites that captivate and engage the users.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of 15 examples of luxury hotel website design that successfully transmit an elite level of class, superiority, and class to target luxury travelers.

  1. Adriatic Luxury Hotels
  2. Gramercy Park Hotel
  3. Badrutt’s Palace
  4. Casangelina
  5. 7132 Hotel
  6. Resplendent Ceylon
  7. Particulier Montmartre
  8. Le Mirabeau
  9. Samsara Ubud
  10. El Moderme Hotel
  11. Knaibang Chatt Hotel
  12. 11 Mirrors Hotel
  13. Europejski Hotel
  14. Design Hotel
  15. Uve Langhe Hotel


Prominent Calls-to-Action

Adriatic Luxury Hotel Website

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The Adriatic Luxury hotel has everything virtually to showcase both the entourage and beauty of the magnificent city as well as its stunning seaside settings. Their website stands out from the crowd with its simplicity and tons of unique features. The sites home page features a series of expertly shot video sequences that transmit the unique experience of staying here.

The site’s look and feel exudes the premium experience of all the hotels listed in their diverse portfolio. The tasteful utilization of a unique homepage video in addition to background music instantly captures the attention of the user and effectively sets the tone. Elaborate attention to every detail in its layout and design exudes a highly polished feel. What’s more, the site uses vibrant visuals throughout simultaneously accentuating the hotels’ interiors opulence.

The website also features a prominent call to action button cited ‘Book Now’ and opens up a transparent overlay which makes the selection of the dates of Arrival as well as Departure from a calendar a breeze! It’s easy to use booking engine subsequently displays information precisely and clearly; and when it comes to room details, they are expertly relayed with a stunning sliding image gallery.

Finally, this conveniently responsive site boasts some prominent mobile user experience provisions including swiping galleries, fast load times, not to mention a site-wide distinct ‘Book Your Stay’ button located at the bottom of each page.

In essence, this website effectively makes Dubrovnik city a rather desirable destination worth the visit.


Experiential Design

Gramercy Park Hotel Luxury Website

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Being among the most prominent luxury hotels across the globe, this iconic hotel utilizes its website to highlight a touch of luxury and sophistication. The Gramercy Hotel does this by employing various dark hues such as deep crimson and black establishing a sensation that is not only elite and stylish.

Moreover, it embodies a brief reservation booking into its unique photo slideshow, ensuring that visitors ultimately check for availability instantly. This way, the brand can exude confidence with the knowledge that it has successfully attracted their target market and that these individuals will feel highly motivated to book right away.


Organized Website Structure

Luxury Hotel Design for Badrutts Website

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The Badrutt’s Palace Switzerland website, which has won several web design accolades this year, is among the most excellent examples of how to successfully portray a luxury service online. It summarizes the premium features, assures the users of the superior service from the first glimpse, and remains true to tradition.

This website features a wide array of remarkable features that enhance its sense of opulence, including:

  • A magnificent homepage: Upon landing on the website, users are presented a high quality video loop. Interestingly, this loop continues playing even as the animated menu subsequently shifts it to the screen’s side- a rare showcase of premium service to a potential client!
  • Events feed: The homepage features an event feed that you see after you scroll down the remarkable introductory screen and which outlines the current ongoings at this hotel. This, combined with the overall website’s luxury resemblance, is a fantastic way to entice potential VIP clients.
  • Dedicated support pages: The website covers every aspect of a stay here on a separate web page such as skiing, winter and summer activities, or spa. In particular, the unique history page successfully reflects the establishment’s long-standing legacy complemented by a classic video background. In fact, there is a page dedicated to the current weather which not only features a typical thermometer, but it also features a live webcam stream that outlines the picturesque settings of the hotel in real-time!

This website portrays the remarkable attention to detail that signifies a top-class luxury service.


Minimalist UI Design

Casa Angelina Hotel Website Design

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Located on the Amalfi Coastal cliffs, Hotel Casangelina is among the best cliff hotels across the globe. Generally, besides its luxurious appeal and fantastic services, it also features a rather remarkable website.

The hotel’s website comprises white with grey and black fonts. It uses Parallax images and hamburger menu. As a first, it uses stunning videos and pictures to captivate your imagination and entice you to consider staying at the exotic Mediterranean destination ultimately.

Featuring a distinctly minimalist UI design, the unique fusion of the fonts and pictures in the site’s scrolling section boost the overall web browsing immersion. Its fantastic blend of user experience and UI design. Moreover, it incorporates background music as well as vibrant hotel panorama videos which enhance the overall visual reality allowing users to feel the hotel’s elegance from its superior web design.

5. 7132 HOTEL

Stunning Imagery and Navigation

Hotel Web Design for Luxury Hotel 7132

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The 7132 hotel, which is situated within the Swiss Alps, also stands out as a fantastic example of how to make a luxury hotel website design look priceless without the use of overly intricate animations and dramatic special effects. Virtually everything on it is concise or rather minimalist, although expertly done with a captivating luxurious touch so convincing that no user would ever resist the temptation of ultimately checking in.

With the minimalist approach, the site boasts several unique features including:

  • Stunning images: Although it uses no videos, the site’s effectively makes up for this by featuring top-class expertly captured and polished image gallery. A mere look at their slide reel’s first screen is more than sufficient to get the feeling that this hotel is among the most elite picks in the business.
  • Sleek menu animation: It has an almost instant and elegant effect that can only be compared to that of flipping a magazine page.

Finally, since it is a hotel established around the magnificent thermal water site, this luxurious establishment tells a story of how the source was discovered and its exclusive accommodation to all the needs of any willing individual utilizing the distinct history timeline. Users can see the subsequent evolution of the stunning Alpine thermal baths’ infrastructure and area over the past few decades.

As the saying goes, there is a touch of beauty in simplicity. However, if this hotel’s website is anything to go by, simplicity too has a sense of extravagance and all it takes to realize this is a slight authentic touch and taste to align the proper elements in the correct spots ideally.


Video Integration

Hotel Website Design for Luxury Hotel Resplendent

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The award-winning web design allied to the luxurious Resplendent Ceylon is an exceptional outline of brilliant hotel web design. It opens you to a stunning homepage which introduces you to a silent, but a high-resolution video that expertly displays aerial footage of luxury accommodation, seashores, tropical landscape, and luxury breakfast in preparation.

Alternatively, though, users can subsequently click on the ‘watch full video’ button once they land on this page, effectively opening them up to a more comprehensive description of the initial background video.

There are various menu breadcrumbs right above the video as mentioned earlier image outlining more details on the tented lodge, special offers, and Ceylon tea trails and much more. Users can consequently scroll down the site’s homepage for a simplified map of the region in addition to refined cartoon images of every attraction and sight of the famous tea island.

Furthermore, while scrolling down the webpage, you will find a fixed component that allows you to choose the rooms and resorts you prefer, in addition to selecting the check-in dates as well as entering the promo codes.

Finally, on clicking the ‘Reserve button,’ you will be directed to a simple fill-in form to enter your email and name that clearly outlines the prices inclusive of the tax and net before you enter your credit card information. What is perhaps the most exciting thing is how quick it is to reserve rooms here!

In essence, this web design is a fantastic illustration of how to expertly merge great usability with stunning design.


Animation and Storytelling Integration

Hotel Particulier Homepage Website Design

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Waiting for a website to load primarily due to numerous audiovisual effects can be frustrating and tedious but not if it comes with a unique provision to keep your eyes busy and your imagination fully engaged!

At Hotel Particular Montmartre, they correctly understand this as demonstrated by their uniquely built website that features a unique splash screen outlining a Palladian structure as the page loads. This is to confirm that the site is indeed operational and gives you an idea of what to expect.

The website’s homepage comprises large fonts that fill the screen’s center while echoing the brutalist design not to mention the unfilled text that instantly draws your attention to the images below. In essence, this web design is purposed to captivate you.

Still, at the homepage, you can spot a language and CTA button that is typically a carousel that showcases their luxury rooms. You can use radio buttons to switch between the various pages to locate the room you prefer.

On scrolling down this page, you will see fantastic storytelling in motion, offering information about the hotel, bar, not to mention the different suites available together with photos of where they are located in Paris.

Aside from this luxury hotel website design being appealing, it also remarkably organizes the hierarchy of its details in a manner that lets you view the vital information first, although if necessary, you can enjoy a visually-enriching tour for further convincing.


Imagery and Interactive Cursor

High End Website Design Le Mirabeau

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The distinct website design of the Le Mirabeau hotel also makes it to this list courtesy of its incredible and fascinating homepage graphics. This site comprises two merged photos which subsequently switch in a stunning panorama fashion ranging from the city’s overview within the valley down to the establishment’s façade. Typically, how the transition occurs makes it seem as though the city’s outline is reflected in a pond just outside the luxury restaurant. Truthfully, this is a fantastic audiovisual design.

The hotel’s website design also effectively uses a distinct interactive cursor comprising a spotlight that follows it around the screen, that appears like a torch shining its light on the frontage during the night ( in the image it is nighttime) while in the landscape image, it is ripples on water.

Further down, the web page uses carousel images to outline the different packages available such as their gourmet restaurant and spa, not to mention the rooms. Also, the site’s main navigation features an exclusive menu button that remains fixed while you scroll and directs you to a simple catalog of every service they are offering together with contact information, for anyone searching for less fancy and fast data.


Unique Typographic Elements

Samsara Ubud Luxury Website

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The Samsara Ubud resort features a simple, yet dazzling luxury hotel website design. The resort’s website utilizes a massive aerial photo of the resort, with a tropical forest surrounding it and subsequently inviting users to scroll down and read ‘The Story ultimately’!

What’s more, they proceed to showcase their services and products by comprehensively discussing the luxury hotel, providing details about the various villas available not to mention enticing you with a creative yet straightforward copy. The website establishes variation in their overall scrolling experience through changing every paragraph background using a white font against a typical black background and vice versa.

In fact, besides the paragraph background, the CTA and fixed menu buttons also change from white to black, although it depends on the color. This luxury resort web design perfectly demonstrates how to entice users using both visual and copy design successfully.


Video and Animation Integration

Luxury Website Design for El Moderne Hotel

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The El Môderne hotel is a true embodiment of exclusive hotel web design style which every luxury property can take a note from. While it features a wide array of remarkable website features, several distinct factors set it apart from the rest of its competitors.

To start with, it features a stunning homepage.

Once you land on the website, you come across a high quality video loop. This video loop continues playing as the animated menu shifts it down to the screen’s side. In essence, this is a rich-looking and neat solution to captivate the users.

Furthermore, the website includes a high quality map. Typically, guests are from outside the local vicinity and have not spent a substantial amount of time in or around the hotel. As such, hotel websites need to feature the best maps possible, and the El Môderne hotel does a fantastic job at this.


Simplicity and Convenience

Luxury Web Design for Knai Bang Chatt Hotel

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The Knaibang Chatt is a remarkably designed coastal resort that features various plush rooms, world-class cuisine, and a stunning infinity pool that overlooks the Thailand Gulf, among many other provisions. They treat their clients with a unique blend of personalized services and privacy, effectively allowing them to discover the magnificence of Cambodia as well as its warm populace.

Besides its stunning service package, this hotel is also a prominent establishment due to its exceptional website design. The website comprises a simple design and remarkably unique fonts that instantly captivate the user. With their quality fonts, they effectively influence how the users perceive the information as well as the quality of service to expect. What’s more, this unique font means that you remain glued to the screen to find out more about the options on offer.

Furthermore, the hotel’s website comprises a full-screen video about the hotel, which is a significantly informative and convenient way to pass a message to the clients. Typically, what this means is that you need not scroll the webpage from the top down to the bottom to acquire the information you need. You can simply watch everything you need from the video.

Principally, the hotel has focused on simplicity and convenience to highlight their uniqueness.


Simple, yet Sophisticated Design

Luxury Hotel Web Design

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Take pleasure in the numerous aspects of modern Ukraine at the stunning 11 Mirrors, the first of its kind in Kiev. This design hotel is situated in the dynamic core of the capital just a few steps from the distinct National Opera House.

The 11 Mirror design hotel showcases its distinct reflective surfaces like panoramic windows and mirrored decorations throughout their website through 11 stories as well as 50 luxurious suites and rooms. Their elegant website design minimalist approach is a distinct reflection of modern Ukraine: simple and sophisticated, without needing heavy embellishment.

Moreover, the website features an immersive video that expertly depicts the feel and looks of this Ukraine hotel. Typically, users are offered the most exceptional rate guarantee in comparison to other third party websites courtesy of their visually attractive and smart web design.

Finally, just like the best hotel websites in the business with high-resolution images, they also include animated, detailed photos of the establishment’s property as well as the amenities offered.


Storytelling and Unique User Experience

Europejski Hotel Website Design

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If you are visiting Krakow, the Europejski Hotel is a fantastic option that offers a romantic setting alongside numerous useful amenities designed to improve your stay.

They have a fantastic website design that starts with a homepage that features a full-screen video, which is both informative and convenient since you need not scroll down to view the information you need. And better yet, the load speed is conveniently fast with minimal load times.

The websites menu features their amenities stacked neatly and presented in high quality imagery that instantly captures your attention and entices you to learn more. Once you click through these respective pages, you will be greeted with properly organized information complemented with dynamic imagery of the various provisions on offer.


Navigation and Website Structure

Design Hotels Homepage

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Just as the name suggests, Design Hotels features a website that relishes in great design. Design Hotels effectively presents an assortment of over 300 independent hotels dispersed across more than 50 nations.

True to its name, the Design Hotel’s website outlines a responsive and custom web design that ideally stands out from the standard cookie-cutter hotel websites. With such an array of chains sharing lackluster, uninspired website templates, the Design Hotels website comprises a stunning, unique feel and look while still managing to maintain its distinct global branding.

Additionally, the high-resolution images of the Design Hotel website showcase the establishment’s unique aesthetic and amenities, offering an inspiring and informative user experience.

Truth be told, it is no wonder the hotel has such a high number of positive reviews online.


Simplistic and Minimalist Design

Uve Langhe Hotel Webite Design

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As one of the finest global luxury establishments, this hotel is famous not just for its remarkable service package but also for the vineyards that continuously feature in UNESCO.

Nevertheless, what is perhaps their most significant perk is their rather minimalist web design. The site features translucent and minimalist buttons precisely in their wine and dines section and breakfast sections that entice the user to want to learn more about the offers.

Finally, like with most of the luxury hotels outlined, their website also includes a video that describes the various essential elements and information about the hotel as well as the amenities and services on offer. This subsequently eliminates the need to scroll down the entire web page to get the details one is looking for.

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