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Travel Website Design – 18 Examples to Fuel Client’s Wanderlust

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Travel website design is a must, with more than 71 percent of businesses having a website in 2023 and even more expected to join the web in 2024. However, any thrown-together online presence won’t do it. You must follow website design best practices to retain traffic and convert leads.

How do you create the perfect travel site design?

The best travel website design should be visually appealing, using eye-catching elements to attract the attention of potential customers. The design should embrace simplicity, with smart use of white space. The site should be responsive, mobile-optimized, and navigable to enhance the user experience, with a call to action above the fold.

The following 15 examples of website design across the travel industry showcase the above attributes especially well. Let them inspire your own designs moving forward.

Our Travel Website Case Studies

Before delving into the wider world of travel agency website designs, let’s first showcase some of the exceptional works that Mediaboom has accomplished in collaboration with its esteemed partners in this sector.”

1. Musha Cay

Exceptional travel website powered by Mediaboom

Nirvana is only steps away from Musha Cay on Copperfield Bay. The luxury resort sought Mediaboom’s services to create immersion and increase vacation bookings. Mediaboom provided search engine optimization, animation, website development, and website design services.

The custom animations on its website feature crystal-clear sands, a white beach umbrella perched on a sand bar, beach chairs for two, and blue lapping ocean on either side. The clear, white-clouded sky overhead completes this picture of paradise. 

2. Aspen Luxury Concierge

The Aspen Luxury Concierge website, created by Mediaboom

The Colorado concierge firm Aspen Luxury Concierge perfectly encapsulates the Aspen lifestyle, bringing it to property owners and travelers who want a taste of the extraordinary.

ALC chose Mediaboom to improve its marketing and travel website design. Through a combination of a branded newsletter, paid Google ads, content marketing, SEO, and website design, ALC experienced major results.

The site’s conversions increased by almost 55 percent, and the average open rates of its emails jumped by 50 percent. ALC also attracted over 118 percent more new organic users to its improved website. 

3. Luxo Italia

Luxo Italia's luxury travel website was designed by Mediaboom

Luxo Italia has some of the best web design. Mediaboom’s work with this luxury travel agency strove to establish Luxo Italia as the ultimate personalized travel resource for those seeking vacations to Italy.

Mediaboom provided strategizing, copywriting, and SEO optimization services. The copywriting, published across its website, used specific keywords to improve the travel agency’s authority. Between Mediaboom’s SEO and marketing efforts, Luxo Italia’s reputation rose.

Email outreach and content marketing were other important parts of the equation, expanding this multi-channel marketing campaign.

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The Best Travel Website Design Examples

4. Nelson Travel

Nelson Travel Home Page with an eye catching hero image and user-friendly navigation bar.

Nelson Travel specializes in holiday experiences that are a step above the ordinary. Full-screen homepage videos showcase the wild safaris and frozen tundras you can explore while taking a vacation with them, whetting your appetite.

The navigation has a creative copy, using the What, Where, and When menus. For example, under What, you can choose a specialized vacation destination. The Where section features all the Nelson Travel destinations, while the When provides creative travel ideas by month.

The Enquire CTA button uses the same color and font as the rest of the site layout, but its placement in the upper right corner makes it stand out.

5. Antaeus Travel Group

Antaeus Travel website with a clean design, clickable floating bubbles, and an eye-catching slogan.

For more than 30 years, Antaeus Travel Group has provided multinational travel management and assistance. Its wide-reaching services include leisure, marine, corporate, and offshore travel.

Its website takes a simplistic approach to spotlighting its many services, with a black background and large copy that reads, “On Board. On Time. Anytime. Worldwide.” There are also clickable floating bubbles for each of its niches.

The navigation menu is two horizontal lines in the center of the homepage, which takes you to about, career, synopsis platform, contact, and social links. Despite the more complex and innovative website layout, it loads quickly and is mobile-optimized

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6. Priceline

Priceline site as an example of one of the best travel industry website providing a superior user experience.

Priceline is a site that needs no introduction. We’re featuring it here not because of it’s popularity, but because it’s one of the best travel website design examples around.

The design elements are kept exceptionally simple and sparse, using white space well. The navigation at the top makes it simple to search for specific travel functions, such as experiences, cruises, flights, cars, hotels, or travel bundles.

Booking a trip couldn’t be simpler. You can navigate on the homepage between the above services, inputting your travel and check-in/check-out dates and the number of passengers you’ll be with.

7. Trip

Trip site home page layout with full-page backgrounds and an effective call to action.

Everything about the website experience generates excitement, from its full-page backgrounds of exotic travel locales to its bright uses of colors. Trip establishes trust in its services from the onset, using terms like “secure payment” and “support in approximately 30 seconds.”

You don’t have to click any pages to navigate to travel, hotel, and rental experiences – just scroll. Each section shows you three options, such as three major hotels, accompanied by images. Then, besides those options, there is a CTA to learn more about travel destinations or rooms.

8. Viator

Viator five-star travel agency website design with auto-scrolling carousel to attract potential customers.

Like Priceline, Viator is another travel website with a reputation that precedes itself. Part of that has to do with its five-star website design. Viator’s site lures you in with an auto-scrolling carousel of travel images showing all the fabulous places you could be visiting when you use their service.

Viator builds social proof by mentioning how it has more than 140,000 4.3-star reviews from Trustpilot and offers services like free cancelations after booking and reserve now, pay later flexible service.

This site is an excellent example of how white space can benefit a website design. The simple white background allows the images of dream vacations to pop up, inspiring more clicks.

9. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio website home page as an example of well designed website for the travel industry.

Rome2Rio is a great example of travel website design. This service lets you browse attractions, landmarks, and locales to help you plan your travel route.

The homepage uses colorful graphics in hues like purple, teal, and orange to showcase how many bus routes, train lines, ferries, and flight paths it can connect you to. These bright, vibrant elements stand out even more against the white background.

The Rome2Rio website doesn’t have any navigation to speak of on the desktop or mobile version. You simply scroll to find the information and resources you’re looking for, then start scheduling your trip logistics.

10. L.A. Family Travel

L.A. Family Travel home page website with its tagline and visually appealing video carousel.

With its tagline of “Adventures for Real Families” and video carousel of kids and adults on ziplining and snowboarding adventures, L.A. Family Travel creates a family-centric vibe on its website in a matter of seconds.

The site accelerates social trust by mentioning all the publications and outlets that have featured it, from The New York Times to Parents and Forbes.

The website design is minimal, with a white background and a blue social bar. The dropdown menus let you learn more about L.A. Family Travel’s services or plan family adventures, romantic vacations, and trips for moms.

Clicking “Travel Tips” takes you to the site’s blog, which is full of family-centric content.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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11. Niarra Travel

Niarra Travel homepage with its simple navigation menu and interactive design elements on a green background.

Niarra Travel has one of the best travel websites design for its interactive elements. On its dark green homepage, you have the option to watch an explainer video on Niarra’s services or scroll down to learn more about this London-based travel company that hosts Kenyan, Costa Rican, and South African travel experiences.

In its efforts to approach travel differently, Niarra also approached travel website design differently, and with stunningly good effects. The navigation menu is kept purposely simple, and the Inquire button remains atop the fold no matter which option you select on the page.   


BRU&BRU well-designed website homepage with a full-size video carousel featuring exciting adventures.

Discover the difference of the “exclusive travel designer” BRU&BRU through its sleek, well-designed website. Greeting you when you visit the homepage is a full-size video carousel featuring adventures by sea and by land available through this travel agency.

Its Travel Stories option regales you with photos and firsthand accounts of experiences at some of the most renowned destinations around the world. CTA buttons that read “I Want to Go” in contrasting orange make it easy to click and begin planning your next getaway.

13. Cubania Travel

Cubania travel website showing an effective tagline with travel tips to inspire adventurous customers.

Cubania invites you to experience your next vacation “the Cuban way.” Those words greet you loud and clear on the site’s homepage, with the word “Cuban” in large font and bright red. Behind the copy is a scrolling video of people kayaking, sightseeing, cycling, and experiencing Cuba’s vibrant culture.

All the information you could be curious about as you plan your trip is available under the “Need to Know” section, while its “Stories” section takes you straight to insider information and travel tips. 

14. Mr and Mrs Smith

An exclusive travel agency website home page with a simple sign up form for a perfect user experience.

Join the club at Mr and Mrs Smith, a luxury and boutique hotel travel club. The site personifies luxury around every corner, from the cursive brand logo to the upscale imagery. If you’re not yet a member of the club but contemplating becoming so, the club’s phone number is well above the fold.

The Join the Club link is also right at the top, making it simple to sign up when you’re ready. The mobile version features membership benefits as you scroll, which are designed to further entice you. This site is also impressive for its loading speed, which is lightning-fast on mobile and desktop.

15. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing website design showing a user-friendly Login form visitors have to sign up to become members.

Connect with travelers with the same passions and routes as you on Couchsurfing, a resource for expanding your travels and friends’ list. You can explore many aspects of the site as a visitor, but Couchsurfing requires a membership, like Mr and Mrs Smith.

You can review Couchsurfing’s safety policy, tips, and FAQ before joining. Couchsurfing also has its community values and stories available for perusing.

The site design is clean and inviting, using bright colors like blue and orange and implementing white space effectively.

16. Trivago

Simple and well-designed Trivago travel website design, with search bar and visually appealing featured hotel.

Comparing hotel prices is a difficult business, which is what Trivago is for. You can search for homes, apartments, and hotels, finding the most affordable deals from across the internet.

The Trivago web-browsing experience is kept intentionally simple, proving that travel website design doesn’t always have all the bells and whistles. The site has plenty of white space to facilitate easier searching.

The use of images is very purposeful and is designed to whet your travel appetite. You can see photos of glimmering cities, cool hotel pools, refreshing mountainsides, and dream-like beachside views. 

17. Sawday’s

Sawday’s home page with a top navigation menu and search navigation bar for a great user experience.

The UK travel resource Sawday’s exists to cultivate travel experiences that “bring together people and places of spirit and character for meaningful experiences.” Furthering this goal is a well-designed, easily navigable website.

The top navigation bar, which travels with you as you scroll, features an About page, places to stay, trip-planning resources, and Inspiration and Stories options. You can also use the homepage to search for locations and add travel dates and guests.

Sawday’s uses a muted but modern color scheme with dark gray, pale teal, and beige across its website.

18. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor as an example of the best travel website design with lots of features and a clean layout for a great UX.

Travel planning is made easy with TripAdvisor. Its website lets you launch a travel search above the fold, browsing vacation rentals, restaurants, activities, hotels, and or a bit of everything. The bright, minty green color of the TripAdvisor logo–the classic owl–recurs in the Search button.

Otherwise, you’ll see a purposeful lack of color on the site. The white background allows mouthwatering photos of food and breathtaking images of cityscapes and rural travel locales to stand out. This is a classic travel website design tactic that works remarkably well.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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