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Luxury Travel Website Design – 31 Impressive Examples

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

The world of luxury travel is constantly evolving, and so do the websites for the leading brands in this industry. As more and more companies shift towards having a strong digital presence, their websites must reflect the luxury services and experiences that their clients have come to expect.

We’ve compiled a list of the top websites in the luxury travel world that showcase brilliant design, imagery, video, clean user experiences and much more.

Here are 15 of best luxury travel website designs:

1. David Copperfield’s: Musha Cay

Paradise awaits at the Islands of Copperfield Bay in Musha Cay, another site the Mediaboom team designed. The site design immediately wins you over with short videos of the islands in a rotating carousel.

The website delivers a single-scroll experience so while you can click the navigation bar, you can also learn about the vacation destination simply by scrolling. Full-sized background images greet you on each page to act as a preview of the top-notch vacation experience that could be just around the corner! 

Click here for our Islands of Copperfield Bay case study

2. Seven on Shelter Island

A Mediaboom-designed site and at the top of our luxury travel website design list, Seven on Shelter Island is a bed and breakfast in New York. The website exemplifies the quaint atmosphere and charm of this B&B with enticing images of the resort grounds and amenities.

The traveling navigation bar includes a “Reserve Now” CTA, while the clean white and blue color scheme is airy, fresh, and wholly inviting. When you more deeply explore the navigation bar, the “Reserve Now” CTA reappears, which is a smart design touch.

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3. Nap Luxury Guesthouse

Neutral color tones are reflected in this luxury travel website.

Nap Luxury Guesthouse’s website feels simple and elegant. Their neutral color tones are not only carried through the website design but through most of their photography as well matching their guesthouses’ interior design. A nice touch on their homepage is an interactive slideshow where you can click through the different services they offer and see more of the interior of their spaces.

4. Sailing Collective

Sailing Collective's website features a full-screen image on the welcome screen.

Sailing Collective’s website keeps it simple with a full screen image on the welcome screen and a compact navigation that expands when you click “Menu”. Another nice touch is their section for upcoming journeys that has simple calls-to-action and are separated by specific photography related to each trip.

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5. UVE

UVE's luxury travel website is designed with stunning photography.

UVE’s luxury travel website design uses stunning photography and has the option to watch a video on their welcome screen that helps paint a picture of their location without being overwhelming. Their use of simple animations helps the website feel interactive and intriguing.

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6. Knai Bang Chatt

Knai Bang Chatt's website features an impressive video and elegant typography.

Knai Bang Chatt’s website oozes luxury with an impressive video, elegant typography, and sophisticated imagery. A lovely touch to the welcome screen is the weather element to the bottom right that shows the temperature and forecast there at the current moment. Another strong feature are the use of testimonials on their homepage that help add credibility to their resort.

7. Sensai Lana’i

Hawaii's Sensai Lana'i resort features a unique luxury travel website design with sparse navigation menus.

Hawaii’s Sensai Lana’I resort goes sparse on the navigation menus, which is quite a unique feature in a luxury travel website design. You can learn more about the brand’s retreats, and the brand’s history or look for availabilities. As you scroll down past the full-screen videos, you can explore more elements of the site like information on retreats. This enables smart booking decisions.

8. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride's website captures the essence of the town with a stunning landscape photo.

Telluride’s website helps paint the picture for them with a stunning landscape photo on the home screen. The visitor also has the option in the navigation to switch the season to summer, so you can see the town in both seasons. Another nice touch is their section for booking that you can find right on the home screen, making it easier for the visitor to make a reservation and encouraging them to do so at the same time.

9. LHW

LHW's website entices visitors with a rotating carousel of luxurious travel images on the homepage.

LHW lures you right in on its homepage with a rotating carousel of luxurious travel images, from stunning views like those in the image above to gorgeous, relaxing vistas that will make you want to pack up your bags right away.

To further incentivize you, the navigation options like “Find a Hotel,” “Get Inspired,” or “Offers” make it exceptionally easy to plan your getaway. You can even search for available rooms at the top of the page.

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10. Y.CO

Y.CO's - Luxury Travel website

Y.CO’s website makes it easy to get where you need to go. Their use of an organized grid for quick links helps the visitor find what they are looking for and also helps intrigue them to dig further into their website. Another cool touch is on their page for destinations that is not only categorized by each getaway but also offers an interactive map at the bottom to show where everything is located and what is available.

11. Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina's website showcases their property with stunning photography.

Casa Angelina’s website is sophisticated with use of simple animations, white space and stunning photography. The most important thing is showcasing your property and Casa Angelina does it right by putting a focus in providing strong imagery of their resort. Another nice touch is having their navigation fixated to the right as you scroll along with a “Book Now” button that’s always easy accessible to the visitor.

12. Relais Toscana

Relais Tuscana's luxury travel website design uses vivid photography to showcase the Tuscany vacation.

Another strong example of luxury travel website design is Relais Tuscana, which relays the traveling experience in Tuscany in such a way that you almost feel like you’re there already. The website uses vibrant, vivid photos of the Tuscany vacationing experience to whet your appetite. When you decide to book a stay, the traveling navigation bar with the “Book Online” link (complete with a bell icon) is waiting right there.

13. Turtle Island

Fiji's Turtle Island resort highlights its distinction as the top resort of 2022 by Conde Nast Traveler.

Fiji’s Turtle Island resort immediately seeks to inspire trust in the website visitor by mentioning the resort received the distinction of being called the top resort in 2022 by Conde Nast Traveler. Further, the navigation bar at the top features a reviews section so you can begin reading up. The proximity of that menu option to the “Book Now” CTA button is quite smart, as you can jump from one to another.

14. Turneffe Island Resort

Turneffe's luxury travel website design features a montage video and immersive layout with full-screen imagery.

Turneffe’s luxury travel website design pulls you right in with a montage video and an immersive layout. The video helps illustrate some of their best features along with full screen imagery that helps you dive into the island’s environment. If you want to stand out from your competition, Turneffe’s website is the perfect inspiration.

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15. Villa Feltrinelli

The luxury travel website design of Villa Feltrinelli features an interactive and unique layout with a storytelling style.

Villa Feltrinelli’s luxury travel website design stands out from their competition with an interactive web design and story telling style layout. It starts off like a book with just welcome screen to start and when you click “Discover” it expands the website into a horizontal scroll design, telling a story of the villa with short blurbs and beautiful photography. If you’re looking for a different way to draw in visitors and immerse them into your website, this is the way to go.

16. Baglioni Hotels

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts' high-end travel site boasts an easy-to-use interface.

As masters of high-end travel sites, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts in Italy has an especially easy-to-use website worth spotlighting here. The top navigation bar–which features options like a journey configurator, Italian dining, and a contrasting “Book Now” CTA button–travels with you as you scroll through rich travel photos, mouthwatering images of meals, and dreamy shots of available suites. The bottom of the page makes it easy to connect, as you can sign up for Baglioni’s newsletter or check out their socials.

17. Carrier

Luxury travel website design - Carrier

Carrier’s website is sleek and modern with their use of whitespace and simple photography. Their website is easy to navigate with a bold navigation that also has quick links to get in touch with them and to search their website.

18. Dharma Group

Dharma Group, a top luxury travel website, showcases its "lifestyle and charm" through a full-sized carousel.

As one of the best luxury travel websites, Dharma Group deservedly earns a spot on this list. Typifying the “lifestyle and charm” it proclaims on its homepage, the full-sized rotating carousel of hotel images allows you to step into the world of Dharma before you book.

Promising the “best rate guaranteed,” you can book your accommodations right on the homepage. The booking option also appears as you scroll down, giving you another opportunity to lock in your spot and exceptional rate.

19. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Bulgari's luxury travel website features a clean and simple design with easy navigation.

Bulgari’s luxury travel website design is clean with simple navigation to start. Their welcome screen shows each of their locations that changes the image on the links hover to match the right hotel. They also offer the option to watch a video that helps showcase what their hotels & resorts have to offer.

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20. Quellenhof

Quellenhof's luxury travel website design impresses with 360-degree views of Italian vacation destinations.

Luxury travel website design doesn’t get much better than Quellenhof, a luxury resort near Italy’s Lake Garda. To provide the five-star experience the hotel promises, its website offers 360-degree views of Italian vacation destinations. The traveling navigation bar at the bottom of the page is for booking inquiries. That it stays with you means it’s easy to request information about suites and rooms when you see something on the site that inspires you to take action.

21. Nira Alpina

Nira Alpina's website features immersive video and stunning photography.

Nira Alpina’s website offers a extraordinary look into the mountain retreat with an immersive video, stunning photography and simple explanations of their resort so the visitor can fully understand who they are and what they have to offer. With strong calls-to-action that are found throughout the site, the user is encouraged to dive deeper into the website and also offers easy ways to get something booked with them.

22. Spice Island Beach Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort's travel website design features captivating full-screen video.

Exemplifying the best travel website design, Spice Island Beach Resort pulls you in with romantic, alluring full-screen video clips showcasing what life on the islands is truly like. The resort’s phone number is well above the fold, as is the CTA button for reservations for those who are ready to book a stay. Those who still need more convincing can dig into the meaty dropdown menu showcasing a gallery, accommodations, resort inclusions, and more.

23. Emerald Maldives

The website's use of social proof through awards and recognition.

The Maldives doesn’t have to incentivize you to take a vacation there, but the Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa website does a fantastic job of doing so anyway. Establishing trust immediately, the website features its recently received rewards from such major travel resources as Tripadvisor and We also quite appreciate the “Become a Friend” link at the top of the navigation, which allows you to become an exclusive member of the resort club and details all the benefits.

24. Salinas Maragogi

The use of bold colors and playful graphics can really enhance the user experience and make the website memorable.

A vacation should be fun, whimsical, and exotic. Salinas Maragogi, an all-inclusive resort in Brazil, brings all the wonder of vacationing in another country to life with its website design. The colors are the first thing that will pull you in, what with the bright yellows and oranges the website uses so effectively. As you navigate from option to option, a small orange squiggle follows you and highlights the option you selected. Fun uses of tropical graphics also prove that a luxury travel website design doesn’t have to be quite so serious all the time.

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25. Calabash Cove Resort & Spa

The website design is well-thought-out and makes great use of reviews and CTAs to attract potential guests.

Serving the St. Lucia area, Calabash Cove Resort & Spa invites you to escape with its well-designed website. The resort understands how people are motivated by reviews, which is why it proudly displays its current rating right on its homepage. The distinct yellow “Check Rates & Availability” CTA button is well-placed and attracts the eye right to it. The navigation bar travels with you, including the smaller dark gray navigation bar that invites you to learn more about the resort’s travel agents and booking policy.

26. The Brando

The website features a bright and fun design that reflects the brand and island resort's personality.

The Brando’s website is bright and fun just like their brand and island resort. By putting a focus into their imagery, the user is instantly impressed with their resort and can get an understanding of the experience on the island. Another nice touch is their social media sidebar that provides link to all their social media platforms, another way to gain more lead generation and new visitors.

27. One&Only Reethi Rah

The luxury resort in Maldives offers a user-friendly website design that allows visitors to easily navigate through various options.

This Maldives resort makes it simple to step into the lap of luxury and stay there for as long as your vacation lasts. The navigation bar is built right into the homepage, as when you hover over options like “Newsletter” or “Resorts,” a white navigation bar appears. The previously white “Book Now” CTA button instantly becomes black with white text, which is a smart design move!

28. Ventana Big Sur

The video loops to showcase the different aspects of the location.

A smart element of luxury travel website design is a full-screen video showcasing your travel destination, something that Ventana Big Sur utilizes. The short, looping video showcases the whimsical, romantic nature of this part of California, including the fine dining, gorgeous outdoor exploration, and resort amenities available to you if you reserve a room. The full-screen photos of the suites and amenities match the vibe of the homepage.

29. Ikos Oceania

The website provides information about Ikos Oceania's concept, inclusions, and current offers.

Vacationing in Greece has never been so easy as with Ikos Oceania. It has among the best travel website designs with large, bright aerial photography of the resort and surrounding area, animated website elements as you scroll, and traveling navigation. You can learn more about Ikos Oceania’s concept, what’s included with your stay, and what offers the hotel currently has available. The “Book Now” button above the fold is perfectly placed, while the social channels at the bottom let you better explore the resort’s branding.

30. COCOS Hotel Antigua Resort

The use of color is particularly striking, with the brand's robin's egg blue making appearances throughout the site.

The imaginative website design of COCOS in Antigua is another travel website example worth emulating. We love the recurring use of color. The robin’s egg blue seen in COCOS’ logo makes subtle but smart appearances across the entire website, from the chat button hue to the CTA buttons, text links, and the bar for checking hotel availability. The dark brown–the secondary hue in the brand logo–is used more subtly.

31. Pitch Luxury Tents

The website design of Pitch sets it apart from more traditional luxury travel websites.

Pitch’s website does it a little different than more traditional luxury websites. Their use of illustrations help give their brand more personality while helping them stand out from the competition. Having the illustrations also helps create a story with informative graphics and a simple step by step overview of their process and products.

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A Luxury Website of Your Own

Now that you’ve seen the top luxury travel website designs, it’s time to consider creating one for your brand. Your clientele expects luxury, and you must deliver that experience from the moment they first see your website to moment they leave after their vacation. To learn more about how to update your digital presence, including your website design, digital marketing, and advertising, contact Mediaboom today.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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