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20 Successful Examples for Hotel Website Design

By: Frank DePino | September 28, 2023

Hotel website design is a crucial piece of any luxury hotel marketing strategy. Consider the fact that up to 60% of people are searching for hotel bookings on their mobile devices. In today’s digital landscape, a responsive hotel website isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Effective hotel website design communicates the brand’s value in a digestible format. Both technical and artistic elements are necessary to create a functional and engaging website. By employing several core web design elements like images, video, and copy, hotel web design can showcase its image. Simple navigation, mobile optimization, and technical SEO help users gather the data they need to easily book a room with your hotel.

But what does the perfect hotel website design look like for your hotel? Ensure you’ve included crucial elements to make your hotel website shine.

Essential Elements for Crafting an Exceptional Hotel Website Design

You’ll know outstanding hotel website dgesign when you see it. But that doesn’t mean every hotel website will look alike. A truly exceptional hotel website appeals to its target audience by emphasizing its unique value proposition. However, there are several essential elements that make a hotel website stand out from the competition.

Engaging Copy and Media

Hotels that employ straightforward and persuasive copy will motivate guests to act. describe your hotel’s vibe with colorful text. you’ll see the conversions roll in. Couple copy with quality imagery and video showcasing the hotel and you have the beginnings of engaging hotel website design.

Clear Navigation

Pretty images and videos can’t be the only thing on your website. Simple navigation is paramount to your hotel website design. Key information such as reservations, amenities, and events should be easy to find.

Strategic White Space

You want to include gorgeous images and call-to-action buttons but don’t let your site get cluttered. White space can strategically be used to guide viewers’ eyes to important content.

Contact Information

An integral pillar of hotel website design is clear contact information. Guests need quick and easy ways to contact you! Besides including your address, phone number, and email, live chat, texting, and chatbots should be integral parts of your hotel website design.

Technical SEO

 Don’t let any technical SEO issues prevent your website from being indexed properly. Ensure that your web pages load quickly by compressing images. Optimize your copy to improve visibility on search engines.


Everyone should be able to access your website. To make your website accessible, ensure you’ve set up navigation requirements for people with limited vision, hearing, or other accessibility requirements. One example is describing all images for people using a screen reader.

Responsive Design

 Up to 79% of people say they’re more likely to revisit a website on mobile if it’s easy to use. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for all devices. A mobile-friendly interface requires more responsive elements while navigating on a smaller screen.

Streamlined Checkout Process

 Make checking out simple. Ensure that all booking buttons are working properly. Streamline the room-booking process to complete in a few simple steps. Remove all barriers that could prevent you from getting reservations.

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The best 20 Hotel Website design

Knowing what elements to include within your hotel website design is one thing. Look through these hotel website design elements for inspiration.

1. Nel cuore del Salento


The home page of Nel cuore del Salento shows the interior of rooms

The moment prospective guests arrive on the Nel course del Salento website, they’re greeted by a relaxing and luxurious scene of their future hotel room. Immediately after scrolling, users are encouraged to book a stay within their desired date range.

Using modernity and top-quality imagery, Nel course del Salento paints a picture of luxury at their hotel. This sleek design persuades users to naturally arrive at their call to action. Hotels that can achieve this design look don’t have to worry about wordy copy to encourage users to act.

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2. Pupp


Pupp's website design shows a luxury car

Hotel goers are greeted with an immersive luxury video the moment they arrive on Pupp’s website. A couple drives their luxurious car right to the front door of a Pupp grand hotel. Immediately, hotel guests are shown how beautiful the hotel is through their masterful use of video storytelling.

Pupp also makes it impossible to miss how to contact them. Those interested in making a reservation have several prominent options to choose from. Pupp also utilizes chatbot marketing. The virtual assistant Franziska can help answer more complex questions and gather leads for Pupp’s CRM.

3. Basecamp Hotel


The home page of Basecamp Hotel shows the rooms and the balcony

Basecamp embraces its nature-loving unique value proposition with a trail-themed website. Much like traversing a winding trail, Basecamp provides clear markers for navigation. Right away, viewers can access their rooms, the area, specials, and more. The imagery included also paints a cozy, exploratory vibe for travelers.

Accessibility is also apparent in this hotel’s website design. The bottom right icon opens an array of accessibility options. Users can stop blinking, change the contrast, adjust the font, and much more.

4. Hotel Odisej


Hotel Odisej uses attractive web design

Hotel Odisej oozes class and elegance with its gorgeous hotel website design. Website visitors are greeted by a scenic photo of the hotel and its surrounding waters. Only available by passenger or car ferry, their website does an excellent job showing how scenic the hotel’s views are by a simple photo.

This website also does a great job using strategic white space. Users must scroll down to learn more about the website and find photos of rooms. The navigation journey feels purposeful instead of cluttered based on their responsive web design.

5. W15


The home page of W15 shows a predominant green color and an elegant design

W15 captures travelers right away with its dynamic hotel website design. Users are greeted with a slideshow of eye-catching video clips. We see happy guests having memorable experiences while staying at a lavish hotel.

In addition to engaging videos, the website uses luxury copywriting tactics to create its brand image. Each of the videos on the homepage contains a clever tagline. Plus, the “our story” section paints a clear picture of what hotelgoers can expect during their stay.

 If you’re struggling to write copy for your luxury hotel websites, contact Mediaboom for a web design consultation.

6. Moudira Hotel


The home page of Moudira Hotel shows some beautiful mud pots

Al Moudira Hotel sets the stage for their website like a movie. Elements appear on the screen dramatically as users scroll to learn more. Web visitors are likely struck by the unique imagery and distinct navigation of the site.

That’s why Al Moudira’s hotel website design does branding well. The “Our Story” section is the first menu item for users looking to learn more. Hotel goers will see that unique architecture is a major selling point for this luxury hotel.

7. Hotel d’Angleterre


L'hotel d'angleterre shows its luxury property in the design of its website

Boasting a lakeside view with elegant music and cuisine, Hotel d’Angleterre paints a luxurious picture with a view of their hotel. As users scroll, they find user-generated content from Instagram. Happy guests share visually appealing photos of themselves enjoying their stay. Social media for hotels can take notes from Hotel d’Angleterre’s strategy.

 No matter why users navigate to Hotel d’Angleterre’s website, they have numerous calls to action to choose from. From calling to modifying an existing booking, this website provides easy access to conversion actions.

8. Romeo Collection


The home page of Romeo Collection  shows swimming pool and sunset

Prospective hotel guests looking for a unique experience don’t have to look further than the Romeo Collection. Immediately, users are told to “embrace avant-garde” through scrolling text on their landing page. We’re also greeted with imagery of their luxurious hotels.

This brand embraces a degree of mystery with its hotel website design. Hotel guests expect a distinct experience at a Romeo hotel, but they still don’t know what exactly that will entail. Their brand cultivates curiosity while providing clear calls to action to book a room.

9. Refinery Hotel


The Refinery Hotel uses a very minimal web design, which recalls elegance

Refinery Hotel paints a simplistic picture of luxury on its landing page’s hotel website design. We see a video of a woman staying in a modern hotel. The call to action is the focus of the website, encouraging users to book a room tonight. By including tonight’s rate, Refinery Hotel uses real-time data to create a sense of urgency with their call to action.

 The streamlined checkout process makes it easier to book a hotel with Refinery Hotels as opposed to its competitors.

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10. Auberge Resorts


The Auberge Resorts website design shows the interior of its seaside rooms

Auberge Resorts takes website visitors on an instant tour of their gorgeous rooms. With lakeside views and cozy furniture, prospective hotelgoers don’t have to question what their room may look like.

The pop-up also highlights Auberge Resorts’ unique selling point. Although it is a luxury hotel, they want users to know they’re kid-friendly. This pop-up is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction among families looking for a luxury hotel.

Mediaboom can help you flesh out what your unique selling point is and discover strategies to include it in your hotel marketing plan. 

11. Hotel Tyrol


Hotel Tyrol uses a very simple website design, with strong colours

Hotel Tyrol invites guests to become a part of the family. The hotel website design focuses on storytelling, with strategic red space guiding the eyes to scroll and learn more. Hotel Tyrol wants to share hospitality with guests, and this is apparent through its hotel web design.

If you choose not to go along the ride of their story, a clearly labeled “book” button is located at the top of the landing page.

12. Amus


The amus website has adopted a very elegant and unique hotel design

Amus Chalets wants guests to immerse themselves in nature. Hotel guests can expect scenic views with cozy interiors based on the slideshow they’re greeted with. However, The website also uses a lot of simplistic strategic white space. The blank space is both strategic and consistent with their mission to encourage hotelgoers to retreat into nature.

13.  Badrutt’s Palace


Badrutt's Palace uses an eye-catching design that compares the summer and winter seasons

The split landing page for Badrutt’s Palace makes its unique selling point crystal clear to hotel guests. No matter if it’s winter or spring, Badrutt’s Place has much to offer year-round! Web visitors get to choose their own adventure when navigating to their website. Badrutt’s Palace’s hotel website design makes for a unique user experience curated to what time of year they’d like to book their stay.

14. Swiss Deluxe Hotel


The home page of Swiss Deluxe Hotel shows simple text

When first arriving on the Swiss Deluxe Hotel’s website, users may be a bit confused. The seemingly simple landing page explodes into scrolling options of hotels with desirable scenery. Users can click on Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa for luxury or Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois if they want a view of the water.

Offering curated options like this allows for excellent personalized advertising and email marketing opportunities. Based on what selection users make, Swiss Deluxe Hotel can serve curated retargeting ads to hotel goers who aren’t quite ready to book yet.

15. Burgenstock Collection


Burgenstock Collection uses a very elegant website design

Hotel guests don’t have to try to picture their stay at Burgenstock Collection. Their engaging luxury videos do the job for them! Web visitors are greeted with scenic views and sightseeing when navigating onto their website.

Burgenstock Collection kicks destination marketing up a notch by offering information on personalized offers and activities. Users can choose Lake Lucerne for spa time, family time, sports, and much more.

Curating your hotel to specific interests takes additional steps. If you’re in need of a hotel website design company to refine your strategy, contact Mediaboom.

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16. Oasis Grace Bay


The Oasis Grace Bay website was created by focusing communication on the concept of luxury

When hotel guests navigate to Oasis Grace Bay’s website, they’ll instantly feel luxurious from this landing page. But as we can see, Oasis makes it abundantly clear that this is an affordable luxury with their web copy. Upon scrolling further, families will learn there are options for children with private beach areas.

 It’s clear that Oasis Grace Bay wants to rank for “affordable luxury.” By including this phrase naturally throughout their landing page, they help improve their on-page SEO rank for this term.

17. Silena


The home page of Silena shows exterior of hotel

Silena isn’t your average luxury hotel. As their copy tells users, Silena was created to soothe the soul and take refuge from the busyness of everyday life. Hotel guests also learn more about Southeast Asian culture and traditions during their stay.

 The uniqueness and dedication to relaxation in the web copy appeal to customer loyalty. Silena shows in their web design that they’re committed to providing an unforgettable experience. They don’t have to use point systems to get users to come back again and again to rejuvenate themselves. 

18. Souki Lodges & Spa


The home page of Souki Lodges & Spa uses a hover element to display the welcome text

Souki Lodges & Spa is committed to providing an immersive experience in nature. Their web copy is simple and straight to the point. Yet, it’s paired with professional videos. You can even watch an entire film with footage of their lodges!

Despite all the videos on the webpage, its responsive design is impressive. As users scroll to see more information about the lodges, images, and videos of their space load immediately. The immersive nature of hotel website design allows users to picture themselves there without any lagging.

19. Casa Angelina


Casa Angelina has set a beautiful image as the background on its hotel website

Casa Angelina isn’t shy about their branding techniques. Users are greeted with a luxurious image from the start that communicates exclusiveness on a private beach. The copy even invites users to “start the experience” by scrolling down!

It’s clear that Casa Angelina knows their target audience well. They create their luxury digital experience with strong imagery and persuasive web copy motivating users to book.

20. Colours of Oblu Maldives


The home page of Colours of Oblu Maldives shows hotel exterior

Colors of Oblu promises a vivid and unique vacation spot at one of their resorts. Guests have the choice between four separate Maldivian resorts to choose from. A prominent navigation bar allows them to pick the resort and experience that best suits their personality.

Above all else, Colours of Oblu’s hotel website design prioritizes easy bookings. The pop-up on the right side of the screen allows visitors to pick a resort, and vacation dates, and apply a discount code in one easy spot.

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