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Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, a premiere medical spa in Orange County, partnered with Mediaboom to improve their website, including top-notch SEO and content marketing.



“We have worked with Mediaboom for our website design, SEO, and other marketing materials for about a year now, and it was the best business decision we have made....

Each team member we have had the pleasure to work with has been enthusiastic, fast at communicating, and eager to help. Particularly Frank, Dakota, and Matt always explain each step of the processes in detail with us and consistently answer our questions clearly. Patients, friends, and family love our website and rave about the aesthetic that Mediaboom’s team put together for us. We trust their team entirely and we will continue to work with them in the future. Thank you Mediaboom! You are the gold standard in your field with both your work and your customer service.”

Nadir Qazi

Nadir Qazi

Medical Director


As a leading Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency, our versatile suite of services gives you limitless options to showcase your brand in unique ways.


How do we use storytelling to translate the singular, offline experience of your brand into the digital medium.

  • Web Design & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Digital Installations
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Targeted advertising campaigns that leave a lasting impression on your audience and deliver spectacular results.

  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Media Buying
  • Ad Management
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Results oriented marketing to put your brand in its best light for maximum ROI and increase engagement.

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Management
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Creating your brand’s story through words, images, and motion to strengthen brand relationships.

  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Video Production
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Plastic Surgery Marketing Services Designed to Generate High Value Patients

As an experienced Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency, MediaBoom has helped many clinics stand out amongst the crowd. Whether your brand needs to tell a better story, or you need targeted advertising to reach your ideal client, we can deliver spectacular results.

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Enhance Your Digital Presence

The medspa industry is growing fast and that means an increase in competition. If you are searching for ways to make your MedSpa stand out from others and increase the number of patients you are seeing, you’ll need a MedSpa marketing agency to develop a robust marketing strategy. MediaBoom has strategies that will drive results.

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Unique Marketing Strategies Perfect for Plastic Surgeon Growth

MediaBOOM doesn’t used cookie cutter marketing strategies. We customize each approach perfectly for the industry our client is in. Your clinic will see your clientele funnel fill up with quality prospects.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

As a plastic surgeon, do not forget that there are other clinics out there offering the same service as you. Therefore, only a successful plastic surgery marketing campaign can help you reach out to your target audience. Also, this is your surest option to eventually make your website visitors customers.

Over time, only a few industries are as competitive as the plastic surgery industry in the healthcare world. Additionally, this growth happened rather quickly.

In 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced a rise in plastic surgical procedures. According to them, the plastic surgery market now takes the shape of a more commonplace. This is clear with the 2% increase in how often the procedure took place between 2016 and 2017.

Furthermore, the need for a solid plastic surgery marketing campaign comes into the picture as well. Approximately 85% of clients search for these services on the internet. Therefore, it becomes clear that plastic surgeons must employ resourceful marketing techniques to harness the potential of the market.

Is your plastic surgery marketing up to speed?

Do you want to skyrocket your plastic surgery business? The best way to do that is to work with an experienced plastic surgery marketing agency. MediaBOOM is a leader in the industry and specializes in plastic surgeon marketing. Do you need a boost in your marketing? Contact us Today!

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Plastic Surgery Marketing – Stats You Should Know

Your Plastic Surgery Website Needs to Load Quickly

The first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time. (Portent, 2019)

Plastic Surgeons Must Invest Time in SEO

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge, 2019)

Content Marketing is a Must

Nearly 40% of marketers say content marketing is a very important part of their overall marketing strategy. (HubSpot, 2020)

Create Video Content of Your Surgery Offerings and Cosmetic Results

80% of video marketers claim that video has directly increased sales. (Wyzowl, 2020)

Have Your Clients and Potential Clients Join an Email List

Email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. (Campaign Monitor, 2019)

Social Media is an Important Investment for a Plastic Surgeon

47% of marketers say their social media budgets will increase in 2021. (Criteo, 2021)

Landing Pages Help Convert Clients

Companies that have over 40 landing pages typically generate 12x more leads than ones with 1 to 5 landing pages. (Hubspot, 2017)

Ready to Take Your Plastic Surgery Marketing to the Next Level?

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6 Underused Tips for Plastic Surgery Marketing

Unfortunately, there is not an “easy” button that you can click to magically bring more clients through your door. However, you CAN convert ad clicks into leads and video views into consultations. There are 6 ways to help you achieve this goal:

1. Have Clients Promote Your Practice

Promoting your plastic surgery practice does not have to be a costly endeavor. Sometimes word of mouth, especially when the experience is exceptional, can have a larger return on investment than traditional or social media advertising.

You can always ask clients to leave a review after their visit, however, that might come off as phishing for compliments. If you want your clients to promote your practice without any hassle, consider trying out one of these options:

  • Implement referral programs.
  • Connect with them on social media.
  • Have them sign up for newsletters.

If you shift a little more of your focus to a positive customer experience, you are likely going to see an uptick in retention and also an increase in first-time clients.

2. Target High-Value Clients

In the world of plastic surgery marketing, knowing your target audience is key. When it comes to plastic surgery, it is likely that your clients either have a little bit of disposable income, or they have been dreaming about augmenting their bodies for quite a while.

You can tailor your marketing plan to fit a certain demographic based on the services you offer and the need for those services within your target audience, but you have to be aware of how to successfully market to each generation.

Likewise, when trying to appeal to a wealthier clientele, keep these things in mind:

  • Prove you are an expert in your field.
  • Be willing to spend a little more money to attract quality clients.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee.

3. Ease Common Consumer Fears

Chances are that first-time clients might be a little apprehensive when it comes to plastic surgery. However, you can try to ease their fears and build trust before they walk through the door with your marketing strategy.

Offer free Photoshop consultation.

When a potential client sees that you are offering a free Photoshop consultation, it might help to lower their guard and make them more inclined to trust you. Sometimes, clients are just looking around to see what options they have, and while other practices might charge for a consultation, you can set yourself above the competition and help guide the client to choose you for their surgery.

Show similar client testimonials.

There is almost nothing more appealing than seeing the results you are wanting for yourself displayed successfully on somebody else. By having side-by-side comparisons or even a short video of a previous clients’ experience and results, you are assuring the potential client that they can trust you when they want to go under the knife.

4. Have a High-Converting Website

Your website is going to be one of the most useful tools in your plastic surgery marketing plan because it will speak volumes for your practice without you have to physically speak to a client. You can create several calls to action to help guide clients in their search for trusted information.

Ask for emails.

There are a couple of ways you can go about asking for emails. You can have the client subscribe to a client newsletter for updates, or you can have them submit any questions they might have via the email form so that you can respond to their questions/comments/concerns.

Have a strong call to action.

A strong call to action motivates your audience to take the desired action, increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals. It creates a sense of urgency and helps guide your audience toward a specific outcome.

Write helpful blog posts for strong SEO.

Check out this article on how to maximize search engine optimization by utilizing branded and non-branded words. Your blog posts can be picked up in search results and displayed at the top of the results if you choose your words wisely.

5. Build Native Paid Media Campaigns

Scrolling through social platforms and being inundated with ads is something that has become normal in this digital age. But what happens when you create a campaign that feels more organic? Not only does it build trust, but it also shows clients you care about the content they are consuming every day.

Ads should feel like a real post, not an ad.

Do not overdo it, if you are trying too hard, clients will likely keep scrolling past your ad. If you create content that is short, to the point, recognizable, and relevant, they are likely to stop and give it a second look.

Keep your retargeting ads fresh.

When it is time to refresh your campaign, make sure your ads stay consistent with your brand and in tune with the current trends.

6. Be Consistent With Your Branding

Your brand is the backbone of your plastic surgery practice marketing strategy. Try starting with a brand guide that answers these questions:

What is your mission statement? 

What are you offering and where do you want your brand to go?

Who is your target audience?

What have you discovered when creating your customer avatar?

What type of personality does your brand have? 

What 3-5 adjectives describe the brand?

What colors and fonts will you use? 

Will you be bold or classic?

What is your logo? 

How will people recognize it is your practice when scrolling through the internet?

Why Work With Us?

We’re a full-service agency because it is important to us that your customers have a seamless experience with your brand. Our services include everything from concept to production to analysis; from branding and identity, to websites, digital marketing, design, and content creation.

Since our founding in 2002, we’ve sworn to be uncompromising in our dedication to quality and attention to detail. We’re perfectly satisfied being a boutique agency that takes the time to delight our specialty brand customers. We share our clients’ dedication to their products and services and are committed to using our skills to showcase them in their best light.

Frank Depino

Frank Depino


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Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency FAQ

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Plastic surgery marketing helps to draw in new customers by boosting awareness for their plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery services. In the last few years, plastic surgery marketing has evolved into internet marketing almost completely. Presently, most people seek the services of plastic surgeons to improve or correct a vast array of cosmetic problems.

​ ​ ​

You may think your practice can get by with simple word-of-mouth marketing. While you can be okay this way, you will never thrive! Your competitors will be busy engaging consumers on social media, generating leads with engaging landing pages, and getting consistent traffic to their website with SEO and Paid Media.

​ ​ ​

MediaBoom can generate fantastic results through several marketing channels. We generate new customers from digital, advertising, marketing, and content channels. Your business strengths and weaknesses will determine the route we decide to take to get more customers to your clinic.

​ ​ ​

It depends! What are your objectives, channels, and duration goals? We can help hash these out in a free consultation. While it can be a costly endeavor, MediaBOOM is experienced in delivering high ROI digital marketing services. All your costs will be more than worth it!

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Let’s discuss how we can help your brand get results.


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