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Real Estate Digital Marketing – 12 Tactics to Drive Leads

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Keeping up with the busy real estate market means real estate digital marketing can take the backseat. Up to 69% of realtors have a website, but many report their site is up to 5 years old.

If you’re not keeping up with digital marketing in the real estate business, you’re missing out on leads.

What is real estate digital marketing?

Real estate digital marketing refers to the strategic application of various online marketing techniques, specifically tailored for the property industry: this process leverages digital tools, such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, content marketing, and email campaigns in order to attract, engage, and convert potential homebuyers or tenants. The main goal is to increase online visibility, drive targeted traffic to a real estate website, and ultimately facilitate property sales or rentals. A proper strategy connects real estate professionals with their desired audience, fostering relationships and guiding consumers through their property journey.

To create a real estate marketing strategy, you need to optimize your website for conversions.

Once your user-friendly real estate website is up and running, you can generate targeted traffic toward it.  Read this guide to discover how to generate relevant traffic to your real estate website.

The main components of digital marketing in real estate:

To craft an impactful real estate digital marketing strategy, it’s essential to gain a firm grasp on the following key components. With these elements under your belt, you’ll be poised to navigate the digital marketing landscape with ease and confidence.

1. Web Design

In the modern day, it’s not enough to simply have a website. Your real estate website should have a dual focus on generating new leads and providing useful information. Modern real estate websites have SEO-optimized landing pages and form fills to collect leads. A good website is also optimized for mobile. While potential homebuyers scroll on their phones, they should have a responsive experience on your website. You wouldn’t want a slow loading speed to prevent them from providing contact information or signing up for an open house.

Creating an accessible and attractive website is a big undertaking. Hiring a real estate digital marketing agency can make it easier.

Contact us for assistance in redesigning your real estate website.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a universal method to reach homebuyers with an impressive ROI. After all, most people check their email every day. Real estate professionals have an element of control on their side when creating an email campaign. You can segment users based on their behavior. Passive buyers who gave you their contact information at an open house should get different emails than someone who told you they’re actively searching for a home.

Remember, an impactful email campaign is all about sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

A real estate agent has downloaded all the important social applications to boost his digital marketing

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an ideal avenue to reach your local real estate market. Reach users who are considering buying a house soon on platforms they visit frequently like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Create engaging posts to get people talking in your local market. Join local groups and network with other businesses to get your name out there as well.

Don’t forget to utilize the power of hashtags and location tags in your posts to attract a local audience. Moreover, regularly interacting with your followers, responding to their queries, and acknowledging their comments can help build a loyal community around your brand.

4. Video Marketing

The popularity of apps like TikTok illustrates how much consumers adore watching videos. Video marketing using apps like TikTok or your own proprietary video content supplement your real estate digital marketing strategy well.

Creativity with storytelling is rewarded with video. Use video content to explain common pitfalls new homebuyers face. Video marketing can also be used to create interactive property tours to share on your social media platforms as well.

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5. Content Marketing

You likely already know that content is king in the real estate business. Enticing information and property images help get eyes on your business. Get to know your target audience and what content they like to see. Show images of properties but also post intriguing infographics about the current real estate market. Informative, entertaining, and promotional content all make for an engaging content marketing strategy.

A holistic real estate digital marketing strategy requires content marketing. If you need assistance auditing your current strategy, contact Mediaboom.

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How can you boost the results of your digital marketing strategy?

Once you’ve nailed down the main components of your real estate digital marketing strategy, it’s time to fit in some specifics. Use these strategies to improve your overall strategy.

6. Specific landing page

An optimized website supports digital marketing efforts, but specific landing pages bring your site to the next level. Specific landing pages are excellent conversion tools for your digital marketing strategy.

You may create a digital Facebook ad that entices people to click with the CTA “learn more” about a property. The ad then links directly to a specific property landing page that gives the user something to do. The page might briefly explain where your real estate office services are with the form submission. Your potential customer has expressed interest, and now the form fill entices them to contact you and convert.

Creating detailed real estate landing pages takes practice. If you need to hire a real estate digital marketing agency, contact us.

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7. Pay-per-click advertising

In the digital marketing sphere, the technique of pay per click advertising, where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, is commonly identified as search engine marketing… As your potential customers type their inquiries into a search engine like Google, your digital ad can appear at the top of search results. If they choose to click to learn more, you only pay per click. Search engine marketing is a method to generate awareness and consideration of your real estate business among a targeted audience. Boost traffic to your website through clicks. Bid on relevant real estate keywords to instantly generate leads from homebuyers looking for answers to their inquiries.

8. Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a method of creating targeted digital advertisements for your target real estate audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more feature their advertisements as sponsored posts on users’ newsfeeds. Use targeting like “recently got married” to find users in your area who may be looking to buy a home soon. Create engaging advertisements with high-quality images and videos of properties to generate traffic to specific landing pages on your website.

9. SEO Strategy

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines. Establishing a robust search engine optimization strategy helps you build authority among potential homebuyers in your area. By creating relevant backlinks and optimizing your website for high-traffic real estate keywords, you help build a reputation for your real estate agency.

Creating authority on search engines takes time and expertise. Our real estate digital marketing agency can help you rank higher on search engines.

Contact us for a specialized real estate SEO strategy.

Zillow shows how to write articles for a real estate blog to supercharge your digital marketing

10. Blog post

Blog posts are long-form answers to users’ queries to improve SEO. You can blog on your website to help build your brand as an authority on questions related to your brand. You might start a blog on local happenings in the real estate market where you sell. As potential customers make weekend plans in their desired neighborhood, they notice your blog posts and see you as a possible realtor to sell them their dream home.

For instance, consider the successful strategy employed by Sotheby’s International Realty, a renowned luxury real estate brand. They maintain a comprehensive blog called “Luxury Real Estate and Lifestyle,” which features information about luxury properties worldwide, real estate market trends, and lifestyle articles about art, design, and travel. This engaging content positions them as a trusted authority in the luxury real estate market and keeps potential clients coming back for more, increasing the chances of converting them into buyers.

11. Create a virtual tour

In our digital age, photos don’t always cut it for customers. Offering a virtual tour allows potential homebuyers to view properties on their own time. Use software to create 3D tours of your properties on your website. Customers can visualize the space and make an informed decision to come to see the property in person.

For example, the luxury real estate company Coldwell Banker Global Luxury provides comprehensive 3D virtual tours of their premium properties. This innovative approach not only lets potential buyers explore homes at their convenience but also adds an immersive element, which often leads to more in-person visits and successful transactions.

12. Implement a live chat

If you ever wished you could clone yourself to always answer your customers’ questions, live chat comes close. Implement a chatbot marketing strategy on your website to answer customers’ questions around the clock. Program the chatbot to answer predefined questions and retain information customers give them. This lead generation tool allows you to always maintain availability and gain access to important customer feedback and contact information.

Mediaboom shows how to use a live chat on your site, also valid for real estate

What are the main KPI to monitor in digital marketing for real estate?

Creating a real estate digital marketing strategy is the first step. As the data comes in, it’s critical to monitor the analytics of your campaigns. Analyze the following key performance indicators to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Cost per click (CPC)

The Cost-per-click metric reveals the actual cost of each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. It is critical to create a lead bidding strategy because it allows you to set a maximum CPC price. Monitoring your CPC is critical for cutting marketing costs. By comparing it to your conversion rates, you can ensure that your marketing budget is being spent wisely, optimizing returns without paying too much per click.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate is a simple calculation of the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of impressions it received. Depending on the platform you’re using, you should research the typical benchmarks that real estate advertisements receive. This ratio helps you determine if your ads are compelling people to click once they see your advertisement. Remember, the higher your CTR, the more engaging your ad is. So, keep an eye on it and tweak it as you go along.

Cost per action (CPA)

Cost per action is a calculation of your marketing costs divided by the number of actions you’ve received. This ratio determines your cost per action. Why should you care? CPA helps you determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth. It all comes down to price. Are you spending a lot of money and only getting a trickle of conversions? Then you should reconsider your strategy.

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