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10 Ways of Mastering the Art of Real Estate Ads

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

In a turbulent housing market, real estate ads are more important than ever. Despite the headlines about home sales, 5.95 million homes were sold last year in the United States.

You can bet the most successful realtors have an advertising strategy.

Realtors must compete in a crowded housing market with eye-catching and unique ads.

What are real estate ads?

Real estate ads are promotional content that aims to market real estate enterprises, agents, agencies, or particular properties. These advertisements are crafted to attract potential homebuyers and are distributed across diverse platforms like social media, search engines, videos, and print media. Through the skillful utilization of text, visuals, and videos, real estate advertisements endeavor to generate curiosity and involvement from individuals in search of real estate services or properties.

So how do real estate ads fit into your overall business strategy? Read more to learn how to get eyes on your properties.

What is real estate advertising?

Real estate advertising is the process of promoting your real estate services and products to your target audience. It may seem obvious that real estate advertising gets the word out there. But a carefully planned advertising strategy can be a consistent lead-generating resource. A strategic advertising plan is necessary to attract homebuyers and move them down the funnel to convert.

One of the biggest goals for real estate advertising is awareness. Real estate companies can generate awareness by establishing their brand. Real estate branding is the process of establishing yourself as a unique player in the real estate space. By using the same color scheme, logo, and slogan, your ads communicate your brand. Your real estate company’s vision is shared within your ads’ consistent branding. These recognizable images grab your target audience’s attention. In turn, they create consideration for your brand.

Another major goal is conversions. Your ad campaigns should inspire homebuyers to act. People who have shown interest in your ads should be segmented into potential leads. They’ll be shown ads relative to their interests. Conversion ads inspire potential homebuyers to perform a desired action. Conversions may be capturing contact information or getting people to open houses.

As potential homebuyers make a big purchasing decision, real estate ads help draw attention to their options. Real estate advertising holds the potential to generate awareness, cultivate consideration, and inspire action.

The marketing agency's copywriter is preparing several copy to promote her client's properties

How do you write a good real estate ad?

Ad copy makes all the difference between a good and bad real estate ad. Writing good real estate ad copy comes down to descriptions. People who are looking for a new home want to know about the property’s features first. However, you won’t grab their attention by listing bullet points about a property. Follow these steps to capture attention and drive action to create catchy real estate ads.

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Write a captivating headline

In a sea of real estate listings, yours needs to capture the reader’s attention. It’s easiest to start by writing out the description of the property. Once you’re done, review the unique value proposition of this property. Is it a recent build? Is it located by the beach? Pinpoint the most enticing features of the property to grab your reader’s attention right away.

Another important factor is keyword research. You may want to work with your SEO team on this one. Do some research on what keywords your target audience is using in their search terms. If your ideal customer is looking for “Cape Cod Bungalows,” you should incorporate these keyword phrases into your headline. Grab their attention by using the same terms they’re looking for. Using the same keywords as your customer makes it more likely your ads will show up on Google.

Describe the property

Property descriptions are the bread and butter of your catchy real estate ads. People really want to know how old the property is, how many bedrooms it has, and where it’s located. Take time to extract these details. The more descriptive and informative, the better. Include the year of any major renovations. Tell readers where the schools are located. Paint a picture of exactly what kind of beautiful home it is.

How you choose to tell the story of your property is up to you. We typically think of property descriptions as text-based. But images and videos are popular mediums for real estate advertising.  Buyers appreciate creativity and imagery. Include vibrant and well-lit photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms, interior and exterior. Consider creating a video touring the property.

Create a call-to-action

Once you’ve grabbed the reader’s attention and described the property, your ad campaigns should motivate them to act. Give a clear call-to-action such as, “Call us about this property today!” If there’s an upcoming open house, give information on what time to attend. As an advertiser, you want to create a sense of urgency when making this call to action.

What are the most popular types of real estate advertising?

Popular types of real estate ads include both traditional and digital mediums. Traditionally, real estate advertising was print ads in magazines or newspapers. You might also think of property listings in the classified section. Now, digital real estate advertising includes text ads, image ads, and video ads.

There are plenty of digital advertising platforms that provide flexibility and reach for real estate advertisers.

Which platform is best for real estate ads?

If there was a one-size-fits-all platform for realtors, real estate advertising would be easy. In reality, a combination of platforms makes the best real estate ad strategy. A great advertising strategy uses a mixture of the following platforms:

  • Facebook and Instagram build brand awareness through vibrant images.
  • Video ad platforms like YouTube grab and keep people’s attention.
  • Google Ads is an excellent tool for generating leads.
  •  Local newspapers and magazines are great mediums for print advertising.

In this next section, we’ll explore examples of real estate ads that used these platforms to their advantage to create an effective holistic ad strategy.

Facebook Library shows some copy examples of real estate agents promoting their properties

10 Examples of Catchy and creative real estate ads

If you’re looking for excellent real estate example ads, look no further. See these 10 examples of creative real estate ads for inspiration.

Real estate Facebook ads


The combination of both text and images makes Facebook an ideal platform for real estate advertising. Take for example this post from, an Irish real estate company. With an eye-catching headline, makes an enticing statement in the headline of their Facebook real estate ads. The company also uses a carousel ad format so users can scroll through attractive property photos within the platform. Interested homebuyers can learn more about the properties with an easy click to their website. decided to use real estate ads with a Facebook carousel showing all the apartments for sale


2. Brown Harris Stevens

Due to Meta’s dual ownership of both Facebook and Instagram, your real estate ads have the potential to reach both platforms. See for example this real estate ad from Instagram featured on Facebook. Potential homebuyers instantly see a gorgeous home thanks to the bright image provided. The description grabs their attention. Finally, the ad provides the number of bedrooms, baths, the address, and a link to the Instagram profile.

Brown Harris Stevens has created great real estate ads on Facebook to promote his apartments

Source: Brown Harris Stevens

Google Ads for Real Estate

3. Corcoran

When using Google Ads, it’s integral to craft your ad copy effectively. Homebuyers turn to Google when they’re looking for answers to their problem. When you rank for keywords that searchers are looking for, you’re ad shows. It’s no wonder that paid search ads on Google are incredible lead-generating tools for real estate.

In Chicago’s tight housing market, home buyers need options fast. Corcoran Urban Real Estate immediately tells searchers what types of properties they have available. There is a clear call to action to make an appointment. Even better, they use structured snippets to help users navigate important pages right from the real estate ad.

Corcoran has enhanced its listing with Google for real estate with extensions and callouts

Source: Corcoran Urban Real Estate

4. BARNES New York

In this ad, Barnes New York packed critical information and an enticing hook with their Google real estate ad. This is an exceptional ad because the initial text speaks to where users are at in the home buying process. Barnes New York establishes themselves as experts in the field. By providing hours and directions to their home office, potential homebuyers know exactly where to find them.

Real estate ads- Barnes created a text ad on Google to capture user search intent

Source: Barnes New York

Video and YouTube Real Estate Ads

5. Baird & Warner

Video real estate ads serve as a dynamic and preferred advertising medium for many companies. Consider the fact that video ads receive up to 403% more inquiries than ads without video. Producing video ads is a necessity in our current digital ecosystem! This YouTube ad is a branding medium for a local realtor Baird & Warner. They show their logo and communicate their values to prospective buyers. Baird & Warner establishes themselves as realtors who care about how families grow and thrive in their homes.

Source: Baird & Warner

6. Boffo Real Estate

Not every video ad should be a branding ad, though. YouTube ads also provide a great conversion avenue. Boffo Real Estate’s property listing video ad walks viewers through each room in a listing. Viewers can see an entire staged property from the comfort of their own homes! The video ends with the realtor’s information. Potential customers can easily make the call to see the property in real life.

Source: Boffo Real Estate

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Luxury Real Estate Ads

7. James Edition

Luxury real estate ads speak to a different type of target audience. People who are looking for multimillion dollar homes are looking for unique home features compared to the general market. It’s your job to portray a high-end product with both images and text in your luxury real estate ads. This ad from James Edition, a luxury real estate marketplace, positions itself as a leader in luxury real estate. Busy potential buyers can tell from this ad right away that James Edition is their one-stop shop in luxury real estate. This Facebook ad also uses video to entice viewers with multiple properties at once.

James edition has created captivating videos to advertise its luxury properties

Source: James Edition

8. Keller Williams Luxury

Because those interested in luxury real estate are a particular target audience, it’s important to tailor your messaging. The luxury home may be a person’s summer home. Or they might be making a big out-of-state move to live in a coveted area. This ad from Keller Williams Luxury shows a realtor who knows their target audience well. A summary of the gorgeous Florida property is provided first and foremost. The realtor provides their information as well as a testimonial. The testimonial shows how effective the realtor is with luxury buyers.

The real estate agent is promoting luxury properties by showing photos of the locations

Source: Keller Williams Luxury

Print real estate ads

9. Zillow

In a world of digital advertising galore, print advertising can fall to the wayside. But up to 82% of people actually trust print advertising over digital ads. A combination of both print and digital advertising ensures you’re reaching the right people. Take this simple but effective print real estate ad from a Zillow agent.

Bright exterior and interior shots are included in the top half of the advertisement. Readers can learn more about the property in a longer synopsis. Due to text limitations, some digital advertising formats can’t provide that level of detail. Finally, they’re given information about the address, the price, and the agent to easily contact them.

A real estate agent has printed a flayer containing all the information about the property

Source: Zillow


Despite what some people may think, print ads aren’t dead. This example from shows that print advertising doubters need to think outside the box! This creative real estate ad grabs the attention in a unique way. Onlookers are directed to try Neighbors are now also aware that this home will be up for sale. After seeing an ad like this, there’s no doubt that the open house will be full. While an ad like this would take some permission and materials to pull off, it’s effective.

Realtor has created an eye catching real estate advertisement by writing directly on the property!


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