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Industrial Marketing – 10 Strategies to Boost Your Business

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Industrial marketing has been a fixture in the business world for decades. As with nearly every aspect of business, its implementation and execution have evolved significantly over time to satisfy the current conditions of the marketplace. 

In order to maximize the benefits of industrial marketing, it is critical to devise and deploy a thoughtfully constructed industrial marketing strategy. There are several key components that constitute a well-rounded approach to marketing for industrial companies, all of which complement each other and serve to bolster efficacy. 

In that vein, it is imperative to appropriately examine the essence of industrial marketing, its benefits, and its various elements. Read on to learn all you need to know about industrial marketing! 

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What is Industrial Marketing? 

Industrial marketing is the practice of marketing goods and services from one business to another. As such, the term industrial marketing has become commonly referred to as “business-to-business marketing” or, simply, B2B. For all intents and purposes, the aforementioned terms are interchangeable and will be used as such moving forward. 

When speaking of industrial marketing, it is necessary to clearly define what constitutes the industrial market. According to the globally renowned Monash Business School, the industrial market can be defined as – 

“The industrial market (also called the producer market or business market) is the set of all individuals and organizations that acquire goods and services that enter into the production of other products or services that are sold, rented, or supplied to others. The major types of industries making up the industrial market (business market) are agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; mining; manufacturing; construction and transportation; communication and public utilities; banking, finance, and insurance; and services.” 

As is made clear by the above, the industrial market itself is vast and includes numerous industries which play substantial roles in the everyday lives of millions of people. Consequently, the industrial market is highly competitive and the need to separate your business from your competitors is paramount. To accomplish this crucial objective, it is absolutely necessary to utilize a comprehensive industrial marketing campaign. 

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5 Major Benefits of Industrial Marketing 

Industrial marketing provides clear, tangible benefits that all drive continued success.

1. Capture new customers

The very purpose of marketing – in any capacity – is to increase public awareness of your business. Doing so results in other individuals and businesses soliciting your services. Indeed, customers are the lifeblood of any business and the capture and retention of customers are vital to sustained success.

2. Increased Revenue

This benefit of industrial marketing is the natural (and desirable!) result of capturing new customers. The formula is rather elementary: new customers = increased revenue. Revenue growth is a fundamental goal of any business and permits appreciable expansion, both internally and externally. 

3. Separation from your competitors

In such a crowded marketplace, continued success demands that you stand out amongst your competitors. B2B marketing stands as a surefire way to achieve this goal, as it creates and perpetuates brand identity, ethos, and alignment. 

4. Faster, smarter maneuverability

Many factors drive an ever-evolving marketplace, which is beyond the scope of this article. Nonetheless, the fact remains that your business must remain “swift on its feet”, and sufficiently adapt to changes within the marketplace. Incorporating a malleable marketing strategy fulfills these needs and allows for quick, responsive alterations that ensure continued relevancy. 

5. Global awareness

Business in the 21st century is no longer provincial. Industries are now connected on a global scale, with transactions happening between different nations all over the world. Your business, therefore, needs an international presence to attract new customers. There is simply no better way to fulfill this necessity than through a proper industrial marketing campaign. 

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Industrial Marketing vs. Consumer Marketing 

While both industrial marketing and consumer marketing (also known as B2C) seek to promote a business through public awareness, there are several key differentiators that separate the two enterprises. We’ll discuss a few of these below. 

Types of Relationships

B2B marketing is centered around building personal relationships. The process is heavily focused on lead generation, which requires a personal touch and a significant degree of communication between the business and the customer. Within this communication-driven process, there is ample opportunity to highlight and reinforce your business’s core beliefs and ethics, as well as bolster your brand identity. Doing so effectively will foster perpetuated loyalty within your customer base. 

Comparatively, B2C is more focused on swift transactional relationships. The goal of B2C marketing is to drive customers to the company website and make the purchasing process as quick and painless as possible. There is significantly less personal interaction between business and customer as, again, the goal is less on relationship building and more on the swiftness of the transaction. This is not to say B2C is void of any and all personal touch, but it is certainly less than what exists in its B2B counterpart. 

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Reaching an Intended Demographic 

When operating with industrial marketing, a primary objective is finding the appropriate niche. B2B marketing targets a rather narrow scope of potential clients, and the resulting marketing strategies need to reflect this reality. Part and parcel of properly targeting your niche is the careful evaluation of analytics, which will help inform where to best allocate marketing resources.  

B2C marketing, on the other hand, seeks to capture a much broader audience. The ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible, and the marketing strategies deployed are far more diverse in construction. B2C’s funnel is quite broad and intentionally so; again, B2C is less concerned about a “personal touch”, and more about the total number of clients. In other words, quantity over quality is king for B2C. 

Construction of Advertising 

When deploying advertising in the realm of industrial marketing, the language and tactics used are heavily focused on the technical, purposeful aspects of the proposed item. The intention is to clearly and precisely inform a potential buyer of the uses of the product and what can be accomplished as a result of its purchase. In other words, the advertising isn’t supposed to be pretty – it’s supposed to be informative.

Comparatively, B2C advertising is engineered in a fashion to elicit an emotional response from the consumer. Companies operating in the B2C domain are seeking to leverage a buyer’s emotions into a purchase. Thus, B2C ads can be playful, sentimental, humorous, exciting, and so forth. For B2C, the more emotive a response to a product, the better. 

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10 Essential Industrial Marketing Strategies 

1. Beautiful Website Design 

Your website is often the first point of contact between your business and a potential client. As such, your website’s design needs to be flawless. It should be easy to navigate, visually appealing, offer pertinent and helpful information, and contain strategically placed CTAs (calls to action). 

Check out this awesome article on B2B website examples. All of the highlighted websites are showcases of successful website design and should offer a good dose of inspiration. 

2. Curated Landing Pages and Product Pages 

Landing and product pages are fundamental to generating new business. The former is essential to capturing new leads, while the latter is key in accurately portraying your current inventory. Both pages need to be carefully organized, current, and properly managed. 

In order to ensure that you’re engaging in a properly executed strategy to maximize results, be sure to dive into this insightful piece on landing pages. Conversion is the name of the game, and you’ll find plenty of tips to help you move forward in a meaningful way. 

3. Insightful Corporate Blog

A well-managed and regularly updated corporate blog is a vital component of your marketing strategy. Blogging offers numerous benefits: 

  • It’s an ideal method of indicating your industry knowledge and expertise. 
  • Allows heightened interaction between the company and the consumer. 
  • Puts a face to the company thereby adding a personal touch. 

Additionally, blogging is a rather straightforward and cost-effective marketing strategy. The copy itself is often performed in-house, and publication is as simple as uploading it onto your website. As such, blogging is a no-brainer!

4. Efficacious Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A thorough SEO campaign is absolutely critical. Consider this – 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. This fact alone underscores the necessity for SEO and its place in your broader industrial marketing efforts. 

Knowing the importance of proper SEO, it is highly recommended you allocate sufficient resources to this vital endeavor. Consider hiring an SEO expert to guide you through this process and boost your success. For more information, read through this in-depth piece on SEO experts and learn all you need to know about why they’re so beneficial. 

5. Powerful Digital Advertising 

It is no secret that in today’s technology-driven world, customers are engaging with businesses through digital means with ever-increasing popularity. In fact, Pew Research states that 70% of Americans use at least one form of social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, are common portals through which customers discover and interact with businesses. Accordingly, establishing an impactful presence on these platforms will aid significantly in your ability to capture new qualified leads and drive increased revenue. 

B2B digital advertising requires a thoughtful approach. In that vein, be sure to read through this essential guide on digital advertising and learn how it can benefit you and your business. 

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6. Meaningful Email Marketing 

There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the best uses of your time and efforts for generating new leads. It is highly cost-effective, simple in execution, and is an excellent method of reaching a plethora of people in one fell swoop. 

Furthermore, B2B email marketing offers a valuable way to maintain engagement with existing customers. Clients desire – and deserve – to feel appreciated, and routine email touchpoints are a great way to make them feel as such. 

As with any aspect of your industrial marketing campaign, your email efforts must be executed with care and foresight. To that end, this spectacular guide on email marketing will firmly place you on the path to success. 

7. Engaging Webinars 

Offering webinars is yet another impactful component of B2B marketing. Webinars offer a variety of benefits to your business, such as boosting brand awareness, capturing a large audience, generating new leads, nurturing existing leads, and exhibiting your exemplary industry knowledge. 

Be sure to plan ahead when considering webinars. Your presentations need to be carefully devised and thoughtfully executed. Audience engagement is critical and you need to come prepared! 

8. Informative Whitepapers 

Well-constructed whitepapers are an excellent means of exhibiting your industry expertise. Sharing your insights and critical thoughts regarding your particular industry is an opportunity to separate yourself from your competition and impress potential clients. 

Furthermore, whitepapers offer yet another opportunity for lead generation and can foster goodwill by sharing knowledge free of charge. Be sure to incorporate whitepapers into your industrial marketing strategy!  

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9. A Helpful ChatBot 

ChatBots offer numerous benefits to your business and its marketing campaign. For example, ChatBots will help with customer support, reduce costs, improve lead generation, meet customer expectations, and provide valuable data on consumers that can be effectively leveraged in the decision-making process.  

With such an impressive array of benefits, adding a ChatBot to your website is a must! 

10. Measure Your Success 

Planning for the future requires a thorough examination of the present. It is imperative to analyze your data to pinpoint areas that need to be reworked or bolstered, as well as to push those endeavors that have proven fruitful. 

Thankfully, cultivating meaningful data is readily accomplished, thanks to the utilities that often accompany certain platforms. Google, for example, offers a myriad of data insights – including SEO, website, and social media statistics – that you can purposefully examine to refine your B2B marketing strategy. 

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Industrial Marketing – A Must for Your Business

Deploying a holistic industrial marketing campaign is an absolute must to propel success and prepare for the future. While there are several equally important components to consider, doing so in a thoughtful, meaningful manner will yield tremendous benefits. With that said, contact the experts at Mediaboom to help get you started on your industrial marketing journey!

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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