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B2B Website Design – 28 Professional Examples

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

B2B website design examples can serve as a checklist for the features your site should have. Your website, if built correctly, can be a lead gen tool, act as a means of conversions, and boost your sales, so its design is important. What is a good website design in the B2B sphere?

B2B website design should focus on the user experience with easy-to-use navigation, appealing but not overpowering use of colors, clear links, CTAs above the fold, and interactive elements that make the site enjoyable to use.

This guide will act as a showcase of the top B2B site examples. Across a variety of industries and fields, we’ll show you what award-winning B2B websites look like so you can capture some magic in a bottle for your own site!

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ReputationSquad website has one page scroll design and interactive animations for service company tracking

ReputationSquad website design fits perfectly for the monitoring service company. Their website offers a unique and interactive experience with a one page scroll design and simple animations that keeps the visitor engaged.

2. HDA Accounting Group

HDA Accounting Group's website homepage features a scrolling video of dentists at work.

Working with dental practice owners, HDA Accounting Group’s website makes its audience clear from the moment you land on its homepage. There, you’re greeted by a scrolling video showing professional dentists at work.

The subtle use of the bright orange hue that’s featured in the HDA logo makes itself apparent in areas like the company’s phone number on the homepage, CTA buttons, title text, and hyperlinks.


HireLevel's B2B website design showcases a bold contrasting color scheme

HireLevel’s B2B website design uses a bold contrasting color scheme that pulls in the visitor from the start. These contrasting colors help organize the site’s two focuses, people looking for work and workplaces looking for support.

4. Meraki Global Advisors

Meraki Global Advisors website features an optimized mobile site design.

A sharp, appealing, and optimized mobile site design makes scrolling through the Meraki Global Advisors website a treat.

The navigation on mobile is different compared to the desktop version, with three horizontal lines taking you to the navigation rather than the scrolling navigation bar found on the desktop version.

Both keep navigation simple for an exemplary user experience.

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Zendesk website design with fun graphics, animations and overlapping elements.

Zendesk gets straight the point with a strong callout to their mission and company with calls-to-actions to get started with their platform. The design for the website is also feels unique with fun graphics, animations and overlapping elements that help add personality to the site.

6. Poly-Med

 Poly-Med website design showcases the company's customized solutions for producing absorbable polymers.

Producing absorbable polymers, Poly-Med makes its advantages clear right on its homepage as the company presents all the advantages of its customized solutions.

Although bright purple might seem like a jarring color choice, the limited use of the hue on the website keeps its focus concentrated, guiding the eye to important features such as Poly-Med’s phone number or CTA buttons.

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Powerest's -  B2B website design

Powerwest’s website is clear and informative. They showcase their company well from the start by providing a company overview, services offered and a project section that showcases case studies with a nice callout for their company’s statistics.


 Rocka's visually impressive one-page scroll design provides a unique user experience.

Rocka’s B2B website design also uses a one page scroll design that utilizes the whole screen for its design. This graphically strong website makes Rocka stand out from their competition and makes visiting their site a whole experience. With their use of bold statements and calls to actions, it encourages the user to explore more of their site.


DropBox - B2B Website Design

Dropbox’s business website is simple and straight to the point. They showcase their platform well with informative graphics, plan breakdowns, and another nice touch is their testimonial slideshow that showcases well recognized logos and client statements.

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Bentobox B2B Website Design

Bentobox’s website keeps it fun and straightforward by keeping the copy minimal with bold headlines and strong calls to actions. The color scheme is colorful and the touch of textured elements adds a personal charm to their B2B website design.


WeWork website design is focused on clean aesthetics and personalized experience.

WeWork’s website is kept clean with more of a focus on photography that helps set the environment for their company. They personalize the site for you from the start with a location search engine so you can take a look at what they offer near you.


Blueleaf website homepage with white background and rainbow gradient accents.

Blueleaf’s website is bright with their use of whitespace and subtle touch of a rainbow gradient to highlight information throughout the site. Their welcome screen instantly sets the tone for the company with powerful messaging and photography that matches their target audience.


Advanced Dynamics B2B website design with strong branding using green accents and graphics

Advanced Dynamics B2B website design uses video a little different by having it play through their company logo. Their branding is strong throughout the site with their brands green used as an accent throughout and their logo used as a graphic element. The website is made even more personal with photography of their employees and company.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

14. Martian Labs

Martian Labs B2B website design features a cool solar system animation with a message overlaid on top.

Serving as one of the best B2B website examples, the Martian Labs website greets you with a cool animation of a solar system with a message overlaid on top: “Launching B2B brands into hypergrowth.”

The use of bright and vivid colors suits Martian Labs’ M.O., but our favorite part of the site is the link in the navigation menu that says Don’t Hire Martian.

That link name and the contents of the entire page are a great use of reverse psychology that could very well inspire readers to hire the team!

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15. Overpass

Overpass B2B website with white background, horizontal lines as navigation bar.

If simpler B2B web design is more your style, the next example from Overpass is one to pay attention to.

The site is clean with a white background. Three horizontal lines represent the navigation bar, which does feature some animation when you toggle to it.

Oversized text and clear menu options make the Overpass website not only a smooth browsing experience from your work laptop but when viewed on a smartphone or tablet as well.

16. B2B/2GO

B2B/2GO website design is minimalistic, with cartoon elements and blocks, and an ivory background.

B2B website design is stripped back even more simply through our next example from B2B/2GO.

Inspiring users to try their tool isn’t hard considering how clean this site design is. The B2B/B2GO website combines cartoon elements with blocks and panels, yet the site never feels overwhelming or cluttered due to the plain ivory background.

The use of color is done sparingly but intentionally, especially the green “Request a Demo” CTA button at the top (B2B/2GO’s color scheme is mint green and dark blue).

17. Asana

Asana B2B website design with a clean and simple layout, featuring easy-to-understand navigation and smooth scrolling.

The project management tool Asana is another on our list of great B2B website examples.

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t know the crux of Asana. Its site takes you through all the basic features in an easy-to-understand, smooth way.

The navigation bar at the top–which blends in with the rest of the site–travels as you scroll so you can always link back to the features or pricing of the tool.

The use of CTA buttons is limited but intentional.

18. 11Sight

11Sight website with green gradient color scheme

Customer engagement and video call platform 11Sight has a website that immediately catches your eye thanks to the bright green gradient that serves as the main color scheme.

Once again, you’ll see traveling navigation that sticks with you throughout your scrolling experience to keep pertinent information at hand.

Animating elements such as menu items that move when you hover over them breathe fresh life into the site as well.

19. Dstillery

Dstillery B2B website showcases clean layout, scrolling navigation, search bar, and a long list of brand-name clients to inspire trust.

B2B website design pillars to emulate are seen through and through on the Dstillery site. The site features a clean layout, scrolling navigation, and even a search bar in the navigation. That’s always an excellent feature to include so site visitors can search for exactly what they want.

Dstillery inspires trust by showing off its laundry list of brand-name clients, uses CTAs effectively (but never excessively), and creates what is overall a very seamless browsing experience.

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20. Slack

Slack's B2B website design uses a simple layout with a purple color scheme to maintain a professional look.

Like Asana, Slack is a B2B business tool that needs no introduction. Once you log out of your active Slack profile, you’re greeted by a site that effectively uses a hue we’ll call Slack purple while still maintaining a professional air.

A simple navigation bar across the top, complete with a search feature, also showcases two CTAs. One is purple with white text and reads “Talk to Sales” and the one right beside it is white with purple text and says “Create a New Workspace.”

Both CTA buttons make it clear where clicking them takes you, which leads and customers can always appreciate.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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21. Leadinfo

Leadinfo - B2B Website Design

Although maybe not harnessed as much in the B2B sphere, the Leadinfo website wisely uses FOMO on its homepage, warning site visitors that “You lost sales today and didn’t even know it.”

That oversized statement appears on each of its pages on the site. The rest of Leadinfo’s site is about preventing the catastrophic outcome of sales loss through their services, which is quite the clever sales tactic!

The Leadinfo website also benefits from a clean, uncluttered design, above-the-fold CTAs, and traveling navigation. It’s pleasant to use through and through.

22. Acme

Acme's B2B website showcasing its automation solutions for warehouses and industrial companies.

One of the best B2B business websites we’re showcasing today is Acme’s, an automation solution for warehouses and industrial companies.

The site design wisely chooses to embrace Acme’s long and storied history, including photos of real Acme workers in their day-to-day lives.

Each page across the site, from Our Partners to News and Contacts features a sepia-toned slideshow of rotating photos that drives home Acme’s unerring dedication to service.

23. Proof Drinks

B2B website design example: Proof Drinks website with image-heavy layout and casual feel.

Proof Drinks’ site is B2B website design at its finest. As you would expect from a food and beverages brand, the site is image-heavy, showcasing the range of Proof’s products nicely.

As each image on the homepage transitions in the carousel, it features an animated effect with rough edges. Those same rough edges appear in images across the site, giving the Proof Drinks website a casual kind of feel.

24. Userback

Userback's B2B website features a striking purple floating grid on a black background.

Userback’s site uses head-turning B2B web design. The homepage is a purple floating grid comprised of dots hovering on a black background. Those design elements expand and change as you scroll while informative text explains Userback’s mission.

The purple and black color scheme–although daring to some B2B companies–works exceptionally well. Shifting from animated elements to simpler blocks and panels also doesn’t create the design whiplash you might have thought it would.

25. Proof

Proof's About page featuring a peaceful animated background of a foggy tree line with numbered and sorted values.

For one of the best B2B about pages on this list, Proof takes the cake.

This global impact intelligence company does get a little wordy on its about page, but the peaceful animated background of a foggy tree line makes the read a more enjoyable one.

Proof also breaks down its values, numbering and sorting them for a more digestible reading experience.

The rest of Proof’s site is just as clean. Kudos to them for maintaining a simple navigation bar considering the sheer number of options within the navigation.

26. Envoy

Envoy's website with a colorful and unique design featuring a smiley face logo and colorful illustrations

Envoy’s logo is already an attention-grabbing one, with the O and Y in the word Envoy meant to convey a smiley face. That unique design touch is present throughout the rest of its site, with colorful illustrations drawn in the same vein.

Using Envoy’s website is designed to be easy. The navigation bar travels with you and doesn’t offer many options to prevent first-time site users from becoming overwhelmed. The “Contact Us” CTA blends right into the navigation, which is a smart design element.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

27. Packwire

Packwire - B2b Website Design

Specializing in custom printed packaging and printed boxes, Packwire can go a little more bright with its B2B website design, and that’s exactly what it did.

The salmon pink background fades into more neutral hues as you travel across the site, but the bright, patterned colors that are Packwire’s products stand out the entire time.

Packwire also chooses an interestingly-worded CTA that simply reads “Do it.” Clicking that link lets you design your own Packwire parcel.

28.  Stord

Stord's website design features oversized text, scrolling news ticker, and 3D graphics, creating a modern take on a classic internet style.

The old Internet style of Stord’s website is designed to be impactful, and we’d say the company hits the nail right on the head.

From the super-duper oversized use of text on the the homepage to a scrolling news ticker CTA at the top of the page, Stord embraces elements that you simply don’t see in today’s modern websites.

The site is anything but antiquated though, featuring scrolling navigation, great uses of CTAs, 3D graphics, and mobile optimization.

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