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B2B Branding Agency – Does Your Branding Need Help?

By: Frank DePino | November 9, 2022

A B2B branding agency could be just what your company needs if you’re struggling to identify your brand or if you’ve deployed a new brand message that just isn’t being well-received. What kinds of services can such an agency offer?

A B2B branding agency can assist in areas such as brand identity, brand storytelling, graphic and website design, rebranding, and brand positioning. You’ll be able to reach other companies within the B2B sphere more successfully when working with a branding agency.

If you want to learn even more about branding agencies, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is B2B Branding?

Business-to-business or B2B branding is how your company differentiates itself from others within your sector or niche.

A brand is your business identity. It’s comprised of a series of elements that altogether create that identity.

They are as follows.

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Your brand name

When crafting the name of your B2B company, you have to think carefully. This is the name that the world is going to associate with you, for better or for worse. While companies can always significantly pivot and change their brand name, this isn’t easy, and associations with the former brand never fully dissipate.

Your logo 

What kind of logo visually represents your B2B brand? Whichever logo you choose, you should splash this about your online presence consistently. Use your brand logo in your emails, on your website, as your social media profile images, and on any physical goods.

Color scheme

Another graphical element that goes into your brand is the color scheme you embrace. Every color means something psychologically and can invoke feelings of peacefulness, happiness, and calm. Colors can also arouse stronger emotions to encourage leads to take action. The color scheme you use can be incorporated into your logo.


Something as simple as your typography choices represent your B2B brand as well. You may become associated with a specific type of typography that people will expect to see consistently since it embodies your brand.


Your tone is another major element of branding. Is your tone compassionate and understanding, funny and casual, sexy and mysterious, or educational and informative? Those are some examples of many.

Branding plays a role in every decision your B2B company makes, from the audiences you target for your marketing and advertising, your sales and marketing efforts, and more.

Without a strong brand, you’re just another in a sea of B2B companies with nothing to hook customers in and keep them in.

The young team of a B2B marketing agency

Does B2B Need Branding?

Although branding is most strongly associated with the business-to-consumer or B2C sphere, B2B businesses benefit from branding as well.

What Is the Role of B2B Branding?

After all, blogging resource Thrive My Way suggests that, in 2022, up to 23.6 percent of all United States businesses operate in the B2B sphere.

Although that doesn’t sound like many, according to career resource Zippia, it’s between two and three million people.

Your B2B company has to set itself apart to capture leads, increase conversions, and boost customer loyalty among your existing audience.

Branding differentiates your company from your competitors to achieve those goals.

What Is a B2B Branding Agency?

Perhaps you don’t know the first thing about branding, or you’ve dabbled in branding here and there, but not consistently.

According to branding resource Fabrik, consistent brands have four times the likelihood of increasing their visibility. Inconsistent branding only serves to confuse and ultimately alienate leads and customers.

That’s why a B2B branding agency can be so integral to your company’s long-term branding goals.

Branding agencies are specialists that work primarily in the B2B sphere.

These agencies understand the unique challenges of a B2B business and will rise to the occasion, helping your business overcome those challenges with a specialized branding blueprint.

A B2B branding agency takes into consideration elements such as your company history, your current successes, your future goals and aspirations, your audience, your target audience, and your branding background.

Then they craft a customized branding blueprint that’s unique to your B2B business.

As we’ll discuss more in the next section, a branding agency can help you find your brand voice, strengthen an existing brand, or even decide when to abandon a current branding attempt and rebrand yourself.

Their services are integral not merely at the beginning of your branding journey but throughout the years.

After all, your brand is nothing static. Rather, it changes and evolves as your B2B business does.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Branding Agency

Is your business wrestling with the decision of whether to hire a B2B branding agency? The following benefits of this hiring decision should prove to you how advantageous a branding agency can be.

Knowledge and Expertise

One of the things that set a branding agency apart from the get-go is the agency’s expertise and knowledge.

Even if your B2B business has dabbled in branding as mentioned before, you might feel like a fish out of water. There’s so much you don’t understand.

A B2B branding agency is comprised of experts who live and breathe branding.

They have worked with all sorts of companies in the B2B market, from small startups to mid-sized businesses and even Fortune 500 companies.

These agencies understand what it takes to brand any type of company at every stage of the game, from those exciting, fledgling early days to the more established years a company enjoys after putting in much blood, sweat, and tears.

The branding agency can act as your true north when you have questions about your B2B branding to ensure you don’t risk alienating your audience with a branding decision.

Market Research

Part of the expertise that a branding agency boasts is due to the wealth of market research available at the agency’s fingertips.

The staff at a branding agency can review historical data and trends to gauge what kinds of branding decisions would best suit your B2B company.

While your company might be able to access this data too, not to the same degree as a marketing agency. Thus, you’re not getting the full picture from the data.

This can cause you to make missteps with your branding that can break audience trust.

Your customers need to be able to trust you. According to Oberlo, 46 percent of those surveyed are willing to part with more money when they trust a brand.

Your B2B business could be missing out on profits if you make too many branding missteps!

Zendesk has a website optimized for selling B2B services

Website and Graphic Design

Part of your brand, as we established earlier, is visual.

From your logo to your typography choices to the colors you select, you need these branding elements to appear front and center in your future correspondence with leads and customers.

You also need a website that takes into effect these branding changes.

While anyone can use a free website builder and create a website in an afternoon, that doesn’t mean the website has put its best design foot forward.

Further, using templates that are available to everyone fails to help your B2B company differentiate itself very effectively.

A B2B branding agency also offers website and graphic design services so the visual elements of your brand will pop. 

Brand Building

We’ve discussed brand building throughout this entire guide, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of the top services that a branding agency offers!

Brand Identity

What is your brand identity? Is it consistent across all facets of your B2B business?

Whether you’re struggling to pin down your brand identity or apply it consistently, a branding agency can assist in this area as well.

Brand Positioning

Does your B2B business have a brand positioning strategy?

Brand positioning is all about how you showcase your brand to your audience.

You can opt for quality-based brand positioning, price-based brand positioning, convenience-based brand positioning, or customer service brand positioning depending on what your company most brings to the table.

If you’re not sure which brand positioning strategy is the best for your B2B business, you don’t have to decide alone.

You can always rely on a branding agency’s services to help you formulate and execute your strategy.

Marketers are preparing B2B business storytelling

Brand Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story!

Per marketing resource Marketing Words, 55 percent of people are likelier to purchase a product “in the near future” if they like your brand story. Another 44 percent will share the brand story.

Every brand has its own unique story.

It’s all about bringing out the most engaging elements of your history and crafting a rich narrative around it, which is something that you can achieve with a branding agency on your side.


The last benefit of working with a B2B branding agency is that if the time comes to rebrand, you’ll have experts who can guide you through this uncertain career stage.

The agency can indicate when it’s a viable time for your B2B business to rebrand and strategize a means of rebranding that isn’t too jarring to your audience.

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A B2B branding agency is staffed with professionals who understand the unique branding challenges of a B2B company.

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