Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling – 30 Amazing Examples to Inspire You

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

Brand storytelling is what elevates good brands to great brands. As humans, we crave stories that make us feel something, giving brands tremendous opportunities to make genuine personal connections with consumers. Read on to learn what exactly storytelling is and how brands can do it right from the start.

What is Brand Storytelling?

This strategy is the art of combining data, narrative, and creativity to produce a strong identity that connects you to your customers. When done right, this tactic clearly conveys what your brand is and what it stands for. 

Elements of Brand Storytelling 

The elements of a brand help shape your business narrative and effectively project your brand identity—think of them as the pillars of your brand message.

1. Conveying authenticity 

Being authentic in your brand storytelling is essential for your messaging. Statistics show that 86% of consumers say authenticity plays an important role in deciding which brands they engage with. Your customers want to know your brand is real, understands their needs, and truly means the messaging it puts out

Keep these tips in mind when thinking about your brand’s authenticity: 

  • What are your brand’s core values? 
  • What tone/voice do you want your brand to have? 
  • Who is your target audience? Knowing who you’re talking to is essential for crafting meaningful messages. 
Show the value of your brand

2. Showing Value 

A key part of this strategy is demonstrating your brand’s value in an authentic way. Showing your value helps you stand out in a sea of brands competing for consumers’ attention

When thinking of how to show your brand’s value, ask the following questions: 

  • How do you save customers time or money? 
  • How do you enhance customers’ lives? 
  • What makes you different from other brands in your industry? 
  • When customers engage with your brand, what’s in it for them? 

Telling consumers how you make their lives better, without coming off as disingenuous or arrogant, will help catch—and keep—their attention. It shows you understand a problem they’re facing and can provide a solution for it. 

3. Evoking Emotion 

As previously mentioned, you’re constantly competing with other brands for consumers’ attention. Sources say it’s estimated that, on average, someone in the United States sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day. As online advertising grows and more content distribution methods and platforms emerge, that number will grow, too. 

An effective way to cut through the clutter is to evoke emotion with your brand storytelling. It’s no longer enough to tell your audience what you do; you also have to make a meaningful, human connection. 

Tips for evoking emotion in your brand storytelling: 

  • Use words that pack emotional punches. 
  • Really tell a story. Who’s the hero, what’s their conflict, and what’s the resolution? 
  • Similar to the tip above, use your brand creator’s story for influence. What inspired them to create the brand, and how did they get to where they are now? 
  • Do research on your target audience. What specific issues are they facing? What are they concerned about? You can use this information in appeal to their emotions. 

The more you evoke emotions, the more likely consumers will see you as more than just a brand. They’ll see you as a viable connection to have in their community. 

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4. Inspiring Consumers

In addition to evoking emotion, your storytelling strategies should aim to inspire consumers to do something. Sure, you hope they’re inspired to engage with your brand, but think of the bigger picture when crafting inspirational messaging. 

Will your storytelling inspire consumers to: 

  • Make a meaningful change in their lives? 
  • Be more involved in their community? 
  • Do good in the world? 
  • Elevate their personal brand? 
  • Embrace who they are? 

It’s easy for brands to be brand-centric in their storytelling; you want people to engage with your products or services, after all. However, creating messages that inspire and uplift your target audience will make your brand more relatable and, therefore, show that you care about more than just your bottom line

5. Having Consistent Messaging 

Consumers are smart, and they can quickly identify a brand that’s cherry-picking their values and stories based on trends. That’s something no brand wants to get caught in. Instead, identify what your brand’s core values are and work your brand storytelling around them. Keep the messaging consistent, too. Know what you want to say, and keep saying it

Best Storytelling Trends

Best Storytelling Trends

The Importance of Brand Storytelling To Your Consumers 

Research shows most people buy with their emotions. The more you connect with consumers through stories, the better your chances are of making a meaningful emotional bond that not only delights—but intrigues—them. Take these trends into consideration when creating your own strategy for success. 

Data-Driven Storytelling 

Data-driven storytelling is when you combine data insights with storytelling to create messages that connect your brand with your audience. This data is visually presented in charts, graphics, graphs, comprehensive lists, maps, and other visual aids to clearly and accurately tell a story that’s embedded within data. 

The perks of data-driven storytelling include: 

  • Giving your audience more insights and context about something, therefore creating trust
  • Establishing authority and credibility within your industry 
  • Greater visual storytelling, which can attract more attention from consumers 
  • Creating content that works on multiple channels 

Podcast Associates 

The audio renaissance is still in full swing, making it possible for brands to connect with their audience via audio brand storytelling. A couple of ways to do this include: 

  • Creating a podcast for your brand; this gives your audience the chance to meet the actual humans behind your brand
  • Pitching brand leaders as guests on podcasts 
  • Running emotion-driven advertisements for your brand in podcasts 

Word choice and verbal storytelling are key for good audio brand storytelling. Since you don’t have visuals, you have to be descriptive and authentic to paint a clear picture in consumers’ minds. Choose your words carefully and set them up strategically to increase brand awareness while making an emotional connection. 

High-End Branding

Visual Storytelling 

We live in a digital world where people want some form of visual storytelling, whether it’s video, photography, graphics, or infographics. Having great visuals not only enhances your brand but creates a piece of content that perfectly captures the essence of your brand, making it easy to share across channels and spread brand awareness

30 Great Examples of Brand Storytelling

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Spotify
  4. The Islands of Copperfield Bay
  5. Dannijo
  6. Disneyland Paris
  7. Airbnb
  8. Ikea
  9. Land Rover
  10. SoulCycle
  11. Goodlife Fitness
  12. Usersnap
  13. Coca-Cola
  14. Nike
  15. Whirlpool
  16. Maltesers
  17. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic
  18. Minnetonka 
  19. Old Spice
  20. Chobani
  21. Softr
  22. Burt’s Bees
  23. Zillow
  24. IBM
  25. Hinge
  26. Course Hero
  27. Krochet Kids
  28. Huggies
  29. Play-Doh
  30. Refinery29

How These Brands Nailed Brand Storytelling

Apple 1984 super bowl ad

1. Apple: “1984” Super Bowl Ad 

1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial (HD)

Apple and its co-founder, Steve Jobs, understood early on that good storytelling was essential for good marketing. Take its famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial for example. The ad was for the rollout of the Macintosh computer, only briefly mentioned within the last 10 seconds of the ad. The rest of the ad plays out like the conclusion of an epic film. 

The purpose of the ad wasn’t to state “Go buy Macintosh computers”; it was to tell the story of a hero rising up and saving the world. Apple sold what its brand represented as opposed to its actual product. And it worked. 

2.Google: “Loretta” Super Bowl Ad

Google | Loretta | Super Bowl 2020

One of the best ways Google utilized brand storytelling was in its 2020 Super Bowl commercial. You get what’s happening right away; an elderly man is using Google products to help him remember his late wife, Loretta.

Nowhere in the ad does it say “use Google Assistant” or “browse on Google”. Instead, Google tugs at heartstrings and evokes emotion as you watch this couple’s little moments come to life with Google’s help. It’s a tear-jerking, but the highly effective, story. 

3. Spotify: Spotify Wrapped 

Spotify capitalizes on data storytelling through their annual marketing campaign called “Spotify Wrapped”, which allows users to look back at their last year on the platform. In addition to seeing how often they listened to music, users also get insights into what their top streamed artists are, which songs they listened to most, and more. 

Combining nostalgia and hyper-personalization sends the message that Spotify truly cares about its users and celebrates their interests


4. The Islands of Copperfield Bay

The Islands of Copperfield Bay’s website tells a brand story right off the bat. This message on their website paints a vivid picture of what you get when you visit the islands. That, combined with an actual picture, evokes emotion and inspires people to take action. 

5. Dannijo

The “About Us” page for lifestyle brand Dannijo is full of powerful brand storytelling. You learn so much about the brand in an authentic and relatable way. The paragraph about the founding sisters dressing up in their mom’s vintage jewelry and making their own jewelry as kids is particularly powerful. It makes the brand relatable and human. 

6. Disneyland Paris: Little Duck Commercial 

2018 The Little Duck – Disneyland Paris commercial

Disneyland Paris’ 2018 Little Duck commercial is adorable, heartwarming, and above all else, inspiring. The ad perfectly sums up the end tagline: “Where magic gets real.” 

7. Airbnb: Bélo 

Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging | Airbnb

Airbnb’s rollout campaign for its new logo honed in on evoking emotion and creating a sense of community. The ad focuses on how humans want to share, connect, and find somewhere to belong. Who can’t relate to that? 

The company excellently tied its brand into that narrative by saying they believed people can belong anywhere, and their new logo, Bélo, represented that. 

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8. Ikea

Through various efforts and initiatives, Ikea tells the story of not just a furnishing brand, but of a brand that truly cares about its customers and the world they live in—even if they’re a much bigger company now. A line in their “About Us” page sums it up well: “We may have come a long way since our humble beginnings, but our vision remains the same: to create a better everyday life for the many people.” 

Ikea also tells its brand story by creating and supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, a cause many people across the globe are passionate about. 

9. Land Rover: “The Land of Land Rovers” Ad

The Land of Land Rovers

In this ad, Land Rover brilliantly tells the story of its vehicle’s reliability by showing it in action. The brand doesn’t have to say “our vehicles are reliable in the most trying conditions”; they show it through powerful visual storytelling. 

10. SoulCycle

SoulCycle’s “Our Story” page does a great job of telling its brand story. It features key storytelling elements and concludes with a powerful line: “Take your journey. Change your body. Find your Soul.” That line flips the script on the perception of working out; it’s meant to inspire people to work out for not just their body, but for their mind and soul as well. 

11. GoodLife Fitness: “Canadian Strong” Ad 

GoodLife Fitness incorporated brand storytelling into their “Canadian Strong” ad in multiple ways. From its song to the diversity seen within the ad, it sends a celebratory and inspiring message that aims to build a special fitness community. 

12. Usersnap

Usersnap combines data-driven storytelling to establish trust and provide real value for their customers. Just take a look at the Usersnap blog. It’s filled with helpful information that customers and noncustomers can utilize. Providing that knowledge and data gives them credibility while also building trust and brand awareness. 

Santa Claus Commercial

13. Coca-Cola & Santa Claus 

90 years ago, Coca-Cola helped bring the image of Santa Claus to life for their Christmas advertisements. Call it luck, or genius marketing ahead of its time, but it was a stellar brand storytelling move. To align yourself with the character who embodies Christmas and, therefore, joy, magic, and happiness, is powerful. 

14. Nike: “Just Do It” slogan 

When crafted right, a brand’s slogan can become a powerful brand storytelling tool. Case in point: Nike. Its “just do it” slogan evokes emotion and inspires people to, well, just do it—and do it well. 

15. Whirlpool: Care Counts Laundry Program 

Whirlpool’s Care Counts Laundry Program combines data-driven storytelling with emotion for a powerful initiative that elevates the brand. The goal is to provide kids with the opportunity to do laundry, and after you see the data on the program’s landing page, you understand why the initiative means so much.

16. Maltesers: “Look at the Light Side” Series

New Boyfriend is a series of ads launched by Maltesers that aimed to break the barriers surrounding disability—with humor. These ads, inspired by true stories, evoke emotion and create shared experiences within the world. 

Qazi Cosmetic Clinic

17. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic

Authenticity is key in brand storytelling, and one brand that has a great authentic message on its “About Us” page is Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. It reads, “At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic we believe in recognizing a familiar face, welcoming a new one, and treating everyone under our care the way we would want to be treated ourselves.” Reading that, you can’t help but feel that the clinic truly cares about patients’ wellbeing. 

18. Minnetonka 

Evoking emotion and building trust and credibility are key storytelling pillars to capitalize on, and Minnetonka does that on its “About Us” page. The page opens with a strong introduction and visually tells consumers their story. You see its history unfold, and you can’t help but marvel at the brand’s longevity and feel proud. 

19. Old Spice: Smell Like a Man 

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is a humorous play on brand storytelling that helped put Old Spice back in the mainstream. The ad literally shows the man you could be if you used Old Spice, therefore aligning the traits of the “perfect” man with the brand. 

20. Chobani

Chobani has launched numerous campaigns that enhance their brand without being brand-centric. Their “Love This Life” ad series used emotion and authenticity to show that they fit into their customers’ lives and understand them. 

21. Softr

One of the most powerful lines on Softr’s website is “As simple as building Lego.” That word choice is excellent because you immediately get the reference and know that, like Leggos, Softr is easy to use and build within—a valuable selling point for a tech brand. 

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22. Burt’s Bees: Thriving Together 2020 Report 

Burt’s Bees combines data-driven storytelling with inspiration and social responsibility in its 2020 impact report. Being transparent with what the brand has done and where it plans to go in 2025 shows authenticity and helps consumers see the causes the brand aligns itself with. 

23. Zillow

Zillow is known for its effective marketing campaigns, but the brand knows the power brand storytelling has at all levels of content marketing. Take its blog title for example. The title “Zillow Porchlight” combined with the tagline “always on to guide you home” is a great play on words that evokes emotion. You immediately know that the information on this blog is meant to help you find a new home. 

24. IBM

A big brand like IBM knows brand storytelling is essential. Being authentic and realistic is essential, too. IBM combines evoking emotion with inspiration in this website copy for IBM garage. It sums up what it takes to make ideas come to life in a realistic yet inspirational way. 

25. Hinge: “The Dating App Designed to Be Deleted™” 

Hinge’s tagline “The dating app designed to be deleted” is authentic and evokes emotion. Hinge flipped the script on the dating app narrative by telling the story of a dating app that wants to be deleted after its users find love. It’s clever, effective, and shows that Hinge puts its users first. 

26. Course Hero

The video on Course Hero’s “About Us” page is inspirational, motivational, and evokes emotion in a very authentic way. The video tells a clear story of a hero, an obstacle, and a resolution—and you naturally know where it fits into that story. 

27. Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids has an incredible story, which you see on the “About Us” page. You immediately feel the passion and heart behind the brand. 

28. Huggies

Huggies’ No Baby Unhugged Campaign uses data-driven storytelling to evoke emotion in its customers and it also shows customers that Huggies cares about the babies who use their products, not just the parents who buy them. 

Play-Doh: Cans of Kindness 

29. Play-Doh: Cans of Kindness 

Play-Doh’s Cans of Kindness campaign shows the brand’s authenticity and evokes emotion by having an inspiring message: spread love and creativity. 

30. Refinery29

Refinery29’s uses its meta description as an opportunity to do some brand storytelling. Using powerful words and phrases like “catalyst” and “claim their power” inspires and motivates you before you even visit the website.

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