Mediaboom's partnership with Overland has led to a vibrant website launch, enhancing their online visibility and reflecting their spirit of adventure and friendship.

Company Overview


Overland distinguishes itself as a premier provider of enriching summer experiences for kids from 4th grade, up to 12th grade. With meticulously planned trips that cultivate friendship, adventure, and personal growth, Overland leaves an indelible mark on young lives. Mediaboom's partnership with Overland now extends beyond marketing strategy, infusing their spirit of optimism, enthusiasm, and joy into a vibrant new website. This digital platform, coupled with our earlier social media campaign, has significantly boosted Overland's online engagement and lead generation.

Our Role

  • Website Design
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  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
Overland website development

"Our team had a great experience working with Mediaboom....

We love our new website, and their whole team was top-notch. Highly recommend!"

Luke Costley

Luke Costley

Director, Overland

Website Development


Mediaboom, in its continued partnership with Overland, has embarked on a pivotal project - creating a bespoke website. This website is a portal to the world of Overland, capturing the transformative nature of their summer experiences. It offers intuitive navigation, compelling content, and interactive features, inviting more young adventurers to explore and join Overland's journeys. The website, synergizing with our successful Facebook Ad Campaign, marks a significant leap in Overland's digital storytelling and audience reach.

Website design

Custom WordPress CMS Integration

Overland custom wordpress

For the Overland Summers website, a tailor-made WordPress CMS was implemented. This allows for effortless modifications, updates, and expansions throughout the site. The custom builder feature simplifies the process of rearranging page sections, duplicating page templates, and implementing updates consistently across the website.



Innovative Mega-Menu Configuration

Given Overland Summers’ diverse range of adventure programs and informational content, it was essential to design a website navigation that is both straightforward and user-friendly. We developed a dynamic mega-menu, meticulously optimized for mobile and desktop usage, ensuring a fluid and intuitive user experience on the new website.

Overland mega menu

Sitemap Restructuring

overland sitemap

Enhancing User Experience

In the initial phase of our detailed strategic plan, Mediaboom collaborated with Overland Summers to refine their website’s structure and content. This effort aimed to design a more intuitive and efficient sitemap. The updated sitemap effectively reduces the number of clicks required for users to access critical information, reach out to Overland Summers, or explore their wide range of adventure programs.

SEO Optimization

Boosting Online Visibility

In the critical phase of our strategy, Mediaboom focused on enhancing the SEO for Overland Summers’ new website. This process involved meticulously optimizing website content, ensuring relevant keywords were effectively integrated, and improving meta tags and descriptions. This SEO work was aimed at elevating Overland Summers’ online presence, making it easier for potential adventurers to discover their programs through search engines.

overland seo

Facebook Ad Campaign

overland facebook ads creative

Overland’s Journey

Our journey with Overland in developing a Facebook Ad Campaign has been a story of capturing the essence of life-changing summer experiences. The campaign’s carefully crafted messages and engaging visuals have successfully broadened Overland’s reach, bringing the spirit of adventure and lasting friendships to a wider young audience.

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