Digital Advertising – How to Grow Brand Awareness and ROI

Digital advertising provides leading brands with unprecedented opportunities for customer engagement, brand growth, and increased sales. While just about every brand has a website and usually a few social media accounts, many brands have only scratched the surface when it comes to leveraging the power of digital. With so many customers engaging with brands on digital platforms, it is crucial that brands continue to invest. Let’s look at some of the best ways that top brands can maximize ROI and consumer engagement through the use of digital advertising strategies.

The Power and Influence of Social Media

If you want to increase brand awareness and social exposure while also capturing and nurturing leads, then advertising on social media is a great way to start. Pew Research Center reports that 70% of Americans use social media, and this figure is only going to get larger in the future. By putting your ads in front of the right audience, your brand is bound to succeed. Still not convinced your brand needs to advertise on social media? Read more about it below:

  • Target your audience: Choose the audience you want to reach based on demographics, location, interest, behaviors and more. The result is an audience likely to invest in your product and content offerings.
  • A/B Test Your Ads: Compare which ads are leading to the most conversions and optimize accordingly to get the most ROI for your advertising.
  • You set the budget: Plan your budget to your brands needs. Whether you want to reach a wide range of potential customers or a niche audience, you pick how much you want to spend
  • Combine paid ads with organic strategies: Advertising and organic content go hand-in-hand on social media. Ads are good for building up your following and sending traffic to your Facebook page or website. On the other hand, you also want strong organic content as well. Test different advertising platforms and find out which ones produce the best results.
  • Use social listening: Research your audience as well as your competition. This means tracking posts and trends in your industry. It’s important to stay current on what people are saying about your company, the competition, and any current trends relevant to your business and products. This helps you understand what your customers want and even anticipate their needs. It also helps you track your competitors and find out what is and isn’t working for them.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Show Results

Advertising with Google lets you reach a huge audience quickly. While pay-per-click advertising can be costly and competitive, it remains the most efficient way to build website traffic and increase conversions. Google AdWords now has plenty of competition, mainly from Facebook. As we already noted, Facebook ads are a nice way to complement your organic social media content. Google, however, is still the largest PPC platform and always worth considering for driving targeted traffic to your website. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Google or any PPC advertising.

  • Create a strong and relevant landing page: You need a landing page that’s a close match to your ads. This is important for getting a better response from visitors and for maintaining a good Quality Score with Google. Test landing pages to find which ones work best.
  • Use ad extensions: This add-on lets you feature certain aspects of your website or offer. You might use review extensions to call attention to positive reviews. Sitelinks extensions let people click on particular pages of your website. You might feature a certain product, promotion, store hours, company slogan, or anything you want. Click-to-call extensions let mobile users calling you directly from the ad.
  • Optimize campaigns for mobile: Mobile devices are getting more and more popular. It’s now essential to create at least some mobile-optimized AdWords campaigns. Test your campaigns to find out what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile. That gives you an idea of where to focus your efforts. However, remember to retest this frequently as mobile usage is rapidly increasing.

Content is King

While advertising is often effective for driving traffic, you need strong content to build your authority and get your name out there. Content shouldn’t be overtly promotional. Rather, it should be informative, engaging, interesting, or entertaining. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when creating content for your brand.

  • Blogging: Your business blog is one of the best places to share content. It helps build traffic by providing the search engines with content to index. Once you’ve created a blog post, you can share it on social media.
  • Video: Videos are arguably the most powerful way to engage with people today. It reaches on multiple levels. There are now more types of videos than ever, including animation videos, 360 videos, whiteboard videos, and live streaming videos. A single video can be posted on your website, on YouTube, and on multiple social media sites. You can make videos explaining your business or product, educational videos about your products, humorous videos to entertain people, and casual ones that show people around your business.
  • Podcasts: This is another type of content that helps you reach a wider audience. People can listen to podcasts while commuting, exercising, or doing daily chores. You might interview experts in your industry, which is another way to build your brand.
  • Social media: Creating engaging and relevant content on your social media pages is important for reaching today’s audiences. Social media and content marketing are overlapping strategies that are both important for building your brand.

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The Importance of Your Website

There are countless digital advertising techniques, some of which we’ve covered here. Yet no matter what techniques you’re using, the ultimate tool is your website. This is where you convince visitors to sign up for your mailing list or try your product or service. Whether people arrive there from an ad, video, social media post or another source, you need a beautiful and professional website to really sell people on your business. A website is your online storefront and has a strong influence on how people perceive your brand. That’s why it’s crucial to create a website that tells the world exactly who you are and how you can help people.

Measure for Success

Analyzing, adjusting, and optimizing a digital advertising campaign is essential. By measuring campaign statistics, brands will be able to monitor which efforts are converting the most customers and which are performing poorly. The success of a digital advertising campaign comes from its ability to evolve and grow over time to mold to the target audience’s needs and wants; and statistics provide valuable insight into this.

In today’s digital world there are endless digital advertising opportunities and this article only touches on some of the key components. To learn more about how digital advertising can benefit your brand, contact Mediaboom to speak with one of our digital experts.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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