Family Law Digital Marketing

Family Law Digital Marketing – 12 Methods to Maximize Growth

By: Frank DePino | April 22, 2023

Digital marketing helps all types of companies reach new customers. If you have a strong strategy, prospective clients will go from never having heard of you to reaching out to you, all because they found you online. This all might sound easy enough. The hard part is developing your marketing strategies for family law.

Family law digital marketing is crucial in contemporary legal practice. It entails promoting legal services via digital channels to draw and retain clients. Employing search engine optimization, social media content creation, and email marketing can help firms increase their online presence, attract new clients, and build a trustworthy reputation. Effective digital marketing for family law services is significant because it can expand market share and create a competitive edge in the industry, empowering family law firms to establish a dominant online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

So, are you curious about the latest trend in legal practice?

Keep reading and learn how to revolutionize your legal practice and boost your firm’s visibility, attracting more clients with the power of family law digital marketing!

What Makes Family Law Unique?

Family law deals nearly exclusively with emotional issues. As you know, clients trust you to handle their most important matters, whether you specialize in parenting rights, adoption, divorce, or anything else.

This makes clients very picky about their attorneys. Remember this while creating your family law digital marketing plan. Building trust before your customer contacts you demands diligence and genuineness.

Strategy is crucial here.

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Top Must-have assets for a family law firm

To excel at family law digital marketing, every firm must possess three essential assets:

  • A user-friendly website that is mobile-friendly and makes a great first impression;
  • Social media accounts that are consistent with the brand’s voice and message across all platforms;
  • A Google Business Profile page that highlights essential information and allows clients to leave reviews.

These assets are crucial for driving traffic to your website, reaching the top of Google searches, and connecting with potential clients. Make sure to customize your Google Business Profile to make it easy for clients to connect with you.

Let’s explore them further:

1. Create A Family Law user-friendly Website

The first must-have asset that you will need to excel at family law digital marketing is a website.

It must be user-friendly, easy to navigate and fit comfortably on a mobile device. Many potential clients use their phones to search for family law firms, and a website that is not properly formatted for mobile browsing will not drive traffic.

What is the best way to make a first impression? The homepage of your website. Check out our guide for the best website design practices.

Mediaboom has successfully set up their social media accounts.

2. Manage Social Media Accounts

Your next must-have asset for family law marketing is social media. Your social media must reflect who you are as a brand.

Example: As a family law firm, it is best to steer away from food or beauty content. That’s not what potential clients look for when browsing your social media. Your personal brand and voice must be consistent throughout all of your social media.

Of course, some social media platforms have different allowed character amounts and photo and video guidelines, but it is essential to adapt your message across all platforms.

3. Set Up your Google Business Profile (Google My Business)

Lastly, your must-have asset is your Google Business Profile page.

In addition to your website, having a Google Business Page is essential for reaching the top of Google Searches. A Google Business Profile is free to set up and is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website and allowing clients to leave reviews for potential clients to see. For many potential clients, this is your first impression. You can add your phone numbers and open/close hours and highlight any essential information they may need to know.

You may customize it any way you need to connect with clients easily.

Best strategies to expand your family law practice

To boost your family law marketing, focus on increasing website conversions and optimizing both on-site and off-site SEO. Consistently create blog content, set up lead generation systems, post high-quality social media content, and collect customer reviews. Implement a newsletter, properly set up Google My Business, and collaborate with influencers to increase your popularity.

Let’s discover how to achieve these results:

4. Focus on increasing conversions to your site

You don’t want clients to just visit your site – you want them to stay and learn more. Having a clear, concise, and professional homepage is vital for a successful user experience. It should have multiple headers to assist clients in navigating your site with ease.

If you are doing digital marketing for family law, it is important to boost the number of conversions you need to perform to get and keep consumers. Getting a high ranking in search engine results is a great way to bring in new consumers. As a result, it is very important that your website is easy for people to use and optimized for search engines.

So that as many people as possible can understand it, the material on your website should be written in simple language and not use jargon. Use simple headings and subheadings to make it easy for people to understand the material.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool for boosting your website family law. Thus, you can highlight your website and make it easier to access. You organize website traffic according to your audience.

5. Optimize both SEO on-site and SEO off-site

Your website should rank you highest in searches, but your clients should also be mentioning you on social media and with friends and family. Business cards and flyers should always be part of your family law  digital marketing strategy toolbox. Search engine optimization and social media are essential, but they should not be your only means of marketing.

When making an SEO plan that is focused on conversions and based on genuine data, it is important to undertake keyword research. If you take the time to choose the best keywords to use for family law digital marketing, you can be sure that the correct individuals will see your website at the right moment. It’s important to comprehend and acknowledge that not all keywords are made equal. Thus, it is crucial to focus on keywords that are not only relevant but also catered to the purchasing intent of your target audience.

Mediaboom is very consistent in publishing its blog posts.

6. Write consistent blog posts

Your target audience is best reached through regular blog writing which is why you need a powerful SEO strategy. It is a great way to answer their questions. Blogs also create a voice for your brand that clients will get used to and associate with your law firm. Blogging is important for law firms as it is for any successful digital marketing and advertising. By writing regular, consistent, informative and relevant blog posts, you can engage your target audience. Nevertheless, you can increase your visibility by editing the website design. It can help you create a sense of familiarity with your customers and increase their likelihood of choosing your firm for their legal needs.

7. Set up your lead generation system

Create an eBook on ‘what to look for when searching for a divorce lawyer’ or create a FAQ page where clients can find quick answers to their google searched questions. This is a recommended strategy for continuing to bring new visitors to your website while also retaining existing customers. Readers enjoy the clarity of lists as they are usually fast and easy to read.

By sharing your knowledge and ideas with those who follow your business, you can show that your company knows what to look for in a divorce lawyer. This will definitely make them trust you more. If you want more people to visit your website and get new customers, you should make your site more attractive to search engines.

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8. Post high-quality content on social media

Utilize Canva or Photoshop to create amazing graphics and engaging content to share on Twitter and Instagram. Use Tik Tok to create your own short segments. YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites for creating new clients. A majority of the internet turns to YouTube to learn new hobbies, information, and ways to improve their lives. The likelihood of receiving likes and comments for visual material on Facebook, the most popular social networking site, is almost double that of text-only content. When possible, include a picture with your message. If required, you may provide a shortened URL in the text area.

9. Collect reviews from your clients

Ask for reviews from clients you’ve previously worked with and have them share on your website, social media, etc. When clients search for your business on Google, testimonials could be what makes all the difference between choosing your family law digital marketing firm and someone else’s.

Before acquiring a product, knowledgeable clients want to be totally certain that it will work for them. They consider the views of previous consumers who have purchased and utilized the goods they desire before making a buying choice. The advantage of customer reviews is that they provide potential consumers with a sense of security.

10. Implement a newsletter

Create weekly or monthly newsletters for your returning and potential clients to find the most up-to-date information. Include any information they may need in order to help them with their legal services, as well as a call to action to get them to navigate to your website. Not every kind of marketing message is the same. But the main premise underlying great marketing communications is the same across all platforms: to provide content and value. There are a lot of other things that go into making good email content, such design, customization, and dividing customers into groups.

Mediaboom has perfectly set up its Google My business Profile

11. Set up your Google Business PROFILE Page

Family law digital marketing uses every method to rank best in local searches to promote your company. Google Business allows you to add your website so that you can direct traffic there for Google searches. You can create a profile for free and customize it to suit your business needs.

Google’s local search results include Business Profiles, and well-optimized profiles are more likely to come up higher on the list. If you provide Google information that is valuable and correct, your Business Profile will show up in search results for more relevant local queries.

Here are some of the things you can get from my business:

  • It helps you make a name for yourself and your company.
  • With the use of maps, it lets your consumers discover you.
  • You can also make your items or services stand out in local searches.

12. Collaborate with influencers to achieve popularity

Influencers affect a specific set of individuals in a certain place. Work with family law influencers on social media. Law students make movies and reels to address basic legal problems. Contact local ones to increase website traffic.

Search social media to find influencers whose niches are family law related to work with. Many law students are creating videos and reels to answer simple legal questions. Find the ones in your local area and reach out to them to drive traffic to your website.

Boost your family law digital marketing with paid ads

Google ADS

Digital marketing, and audience are the most important instruments for family law digital marketing. You can use paid ads for your web site. Google Ads search advertisements might help you get more attention in the digital market. With Google Ads, you may be at the top of the list for the terms you want to be discovered for when people search on Google.

Facebook ADS

Facebook is a social network and one of the most popular websites in the world. So, it’s a pretty good deal for the marketer. There are also a lot of various kinds of adverts on Facebook. As a Page Post, for example, you may broadcast a status update from your brand page in the Newsfeed of users.

TikTok ADS

Advertising on TikTok lets you reach a big number of people with your brand and message. At this point, you need to decide where you want your adverts to be seen and to whom. At this stage, TikTok has a lot of options for you. Some of these factors include gender, age, location, language, interest, and device.

YouTube ADS

Find your main words. If you believe your video has words that stand out, find those words. If you’re filming a movie on a dish, for example, your keywords may include recipe, cooking, ingredients, cooking procedures, etc. These keywords will help those who want to know what your film is about figure out what it’s about.

A Mediaboom mockup for billboard advertising.

Billboards can support your family law digital marketing system

While billboards may seem like a thing of the past, an eye-catching, bright billboard can help your potential clients recognize you as a public figure.

Billboards in your local area can help you drive inbound traffic through word of mouth. Include all of your contact information on the billboard so that potential clients may use it to find your website. Billboards help to get your business known to a variety of consumers. Another benefit is that there’s no Wi-Fi or internet connection needed, they are always up and working for your business’s benefit!

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Try hiring a marketing agency!

The most successful law firms are not afraid to use the help of marketing agencies. Focus all of your attention on your clients and let Mediaboom’s creative team of experts handle the search engine results for you. They can improve your digital marketing strategies and boost your website to make it more user-friendly; they can ensure that you reach your target audience and create successful content for your social media platforms.

Rest assured that an expert digital marketing agency can increase your marketing efforts while ensuring that your clients are getting the very best user experience from your website and blog posts. For more information, contact us here.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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