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Law Firm Web Design – 13 Websites That Establish Trust

By: Frank DePino | July 1, 2021

Your law firm’s website is the first step in developing consumers trust. Does it do it’s job effectively? Here we are listing 13 with the best law firm web design. These websites are responsive and beautiful. But most importantly – generate leads.

1. BD&P

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BD&P’s website has an extremely clean website. You can quickly find what practice areas they excel at. There use of simple-to-use navigation puts them at the top of our law firm web design list.

2. Oykhman Criminal Defence

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Ohkhman Criminal Defence Law has a bold color scheme that highlights their call-to-action buttons extremely well. Review are plentiful. Establishing the ever-important credibility. Smooth animations and smart use of video make this one of our favorite law firm websites.

3. Price, Waicukauski, Joven & Catlin

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This website is smooth. It’s also amazingly easy to navigate. Their CTA’s are clear and they use animations well. Finally, they use pictures of their team to exude a professionalism that you can trust.

4. LewisRice

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This law firm’s website focuses on one important factor; selection. In their above the fold section, you can quickly filter by attorney, practice, and location. They also have a great color scheme that uses the color of trust (blue).

5. Bronstein & Carmona

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Bronstein & Carmona’s law firm website is bold. No way around it. They issue a strong statement about the fold that they follow through on. Bold keywords like “winning,” “bottom line,” and “team” make their personality shine through.

6. C.A. Goldberg

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C.A. Goldberg has the freshest color scheme we have seen in law firm web design. They combine that with amazing animations to bring forth a breathtaking website.

7. Galbally & O’Bryan

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This law firm’s website feels like a luxury brand as soon as you hit the home page. Gold, black, and white combine for a superior feeling that promises high quality. They combine that with simple navigation for a winning website.

8. Knutson + Casey

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Knutson + Casey are shooting for small-town authenticity and they nail it. The use of script font and smart icons provide a warm feeling to their visitors. To top it off, they quickly emphasize how they can help and how their involved in the community.

9. Trey Porter DWI Lawyer

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Trey Porter Law is a Texas based law firm and it feels all Texan. With its longhorn orange and won’t-back-down attitude, it’s sure to win you over. But most importantly, this law firm website has a fantastic use of video.

10. O’Meara Law LLC

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The blue & gold color selection demands your attention in this law firm web design. It promises authority in every crevice of this website. Yet it’s likely to hook customers with their explainer videos and step-by-step process section.

11. Surrano Law Offices

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Surrano law offices gives you the feeling you’ve already got the result you want. Their abundant use of green (the color of wealth & growth) goes a long way in accomplishing that feeling.

13. Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines & Lynch

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This law firm’s web design does a fantastic job of telling stories. Which is one of the best ways to persuade a consumer. Their stories talk of their experiences and do a wonderful job of building credibility.

14. TSMP

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TSMP has awe-inspiringly smooth animations. Their sections fade in slowly in a way that demands your attention. They fantastically use white spaces and hero video that makes you feel like you’re in their office. If it wasn’t for the slow load time, it may be at the top of our law firm web design list.


As you can see in this list – trust, credibility, and authority dominate the top characteristics for great law firm web design. If you’re interested in designing a high-converting and responsive website for your firm, MediaBOOM specializes in luxurious modern websites. Contact us today.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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