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10 Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Expand Your Business

By: Frank DePino | August 13, 2021

Word of mouth advertising can only take your law firm so far. 

If you do not take advantage of at least a couple inbound law firm marketing methods as detailed below, it is only a matter of time until your client list shrinks, potentially to the point that you question the viability of your business. 

Here are the 10 Best Law Firm Marketing Tactics

  1. Website Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Search Engine Marketing / PPC
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Video Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Marketing Automation
  9. Display Ads
  10. Other Traditional Methods of Marketing

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

1. Website Marketing

Though your law firm’s reputation in the community is certainly important, a growing number of people are turning to the web to find local legal practitioners. 

If your website does not look amazing, function flawlessly on mobile devices and reinforce your value offering, it must be enhanced. 

Your law firm’s website is an extremely valuable tool. You must treat it as such!

Visitors should be able to navigate your law firm website with ease, regardless of whether they are using a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Make sure to include a section about your law firm’s attorneys to help develop rapport between your legal practitioners and online visitors. 

Finally, your website should have a blog with helpful and insightful posts updated at least once per month, with keywords that fit your niche, at a bare minimum. 

If you do not have the time, writing chops or interest in regularly updating your law firm’s blog, hire a SEO writer to do the work on your behalf. 

The blog content should include keywords and key phrases your target audience is most likely to search the web for. 

Mix in some local identifiers including:

  • Your law firm’s city name
  • The names of local neighborhoods
  • Nicknames for your city and nearby neighborhoods
  • Local street names

The local identifiers listed above might seem like subtleties yet they actually matter a great deal in the context of search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO

The right keyword saturation rate along with local identifiers really will help your law firm jump up the search engine results pages (SERPs), providing your website with much-needed visibility that ultimately benefits your bottom line.

The marketing specialist is creating the content publication calendar for the lawyer

2. Content Marketing

The content on your blog, website, social media and other parts of your law firm digital marketing should be crafted in a careful manner – by someone who knows your industry well.

Aside from the keywords, key phrases and local identifiers detailed above, your online content should also help solve client problems or at least provide helpful insight. 

Continue to provide your target audience with a steady stream of reliable, information-packed content and you will maximize the chances of converting them into paying clients. 

Your content must be tailored to your target audience while simultaneously positioning your law firm as a legitimate authority. 

This is your opportunity to flex your intellectual muscle, put your legal prowess on display for locals to see and communicate your value offering. 

However, it is a mistake to use legalese in your content in an attempt to create the impression that your team is especially savvy. Use plain English! Write so everyday people can understand in order to develop the all-important rapport with these prospective clients. 

Generate meaningful content tailored to your target audience using layman’s terms anyone can understand and it just might be re-posted, re-tweeted and liked to the point that it goes viral.

A viral piece of online content will put your law firm squarely in the spotlight. Ultimately generating that much more business as time progresses. 

Content marketing is key as a digital marketing strategy.

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3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As explained above, the subtleties of your law firm’s online content matter a great deal. 

The inclusion of specific keywords and key phrases along with local identifiers have the potential to transform an ineffective piece of content into one that generates ongoing business across posterity. 

Crafted properly your online content really is the gift that keeps on giving. For months, weeks and years into the future.

However, this is not to say you should overload your online content with keywords and key phrases.  Google and other search engines punish websites that use an excessive number of keywords and key phrases. 

When in doubt, consult with a SEO or digital marketing specialist to ensure your online content features the right keywords, key phrases and local identifiers at the optimal saturation rate. 

Every aspect of your law firm’s online footprint should include SEO. When locals search for legal services in the area with one or several of the keywords relevant to your firm, your website will appear in the first couple pages of search engine results.

Continue with your SEO push as time progresses and your law firm website just might make it onto the first page of Google search engine results.  Ideally, your law firm website will be “above the fold.” Meaning it appears in the upper half of the first page of search engine results after the online query is performed.

Google Search Console shows the clicks received by the lawyer after boosting the SEO of his website

4. Search Engine Marketing / PPC

While the SEO detailed above is centered on generating organic traffic to your law firm website, search engine marketing or SEM for short, is centered on paid traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is extremely effective when done well.

This approach to web advertising involves paying in order for the website to appear on Google and other search engines.  However, you only pay for the number of clicks your ads receive. If you are interested in SEM/PPC, begin by performing a competitive analysis to determine what is already out there.

This way, you will understand what your law firm has to do differently in order to emerge from the pack.  As an example, it might make sense to run PPC ads based on geographical data. 

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

5. Social Media Marketing

Your law firm must be active on social media channels. Particularly Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nowadays, Facebook is just as much about businesses connecting with prospective clients as it is about socializing in a virtual realm. Update your social media profiles with insightful, helpful and informative information at least once per week. 

Interact with those who comment on your posts, ask questions, etc. to make it clear your law firm cares about its audience. 

The relationships you build through social media platforms have the potential to boost your bottom line. 

However, the results won’t show right away. Continue to engage with others on social media and business will spike in due time.  It might even make sense to pay for ads to appear on the feeds of locals in your law firm’s zip code as well as neighboring zip codes. 

Paying for such social media ads puts your law firm’s name in front of locals who might need your legal services at the moment or at some point in the future.

The lawyer is recording a video where he shows a report of his won cases in court

6. Video Marketing

Embedded videos as well as videos posted to your law firm’s YouTube channel have the potential to serve as invaluable law firm marketing tools. 

However, if you embrace this approach to inbound law firm digital marketing, be sure to keep the videos brief.

Your videos should capture attention quickly and move from point-to-point fairly rapidly. Make sure to do your research on what your audience wants to learn about. Then do you best to educate in an entertaining manner.

This is precisely why nearly three-quarters of all business videos posted to the web in 2019 were under two minutes in length.

Your law firm marketing videos will generate rapport with your target audience if you include the partners or at least one or two associate attorneys in the footage.  Consider showing the interior of your law firm office to give prospective clients an idea of what it will be like to visit the office. 

7. Email Marketing

Include a sign-up form for your email list in your call-to-action. This way, components of your online footprint and you will have quite the convenient means of remaining in contact with clients. 

However, if your emails are too sales-oriented or do not provide any sort of insight/assistance, your audience will tune them out.

Send an informative email more often than a promotional one. You’ll find your open rates will increase. You’ll become a trusted authority to your readers – and when they need a lawyer – you’ll be top of mind.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

8. Marketing Automation

Attorneys and law firm managers who are short on time or looking for a hands-off approach to advertising will find law firm digital marketing automation quite helpful. 

This tech empowers attorneys and law firm managers to coordinate the transmission of emails at specific intervals.

This way, you can transmit marketing messages and other materials in a pre-determined, automated manner that suits your law firm’s unique aims. 

In fact, marketing automation has advanced to the point that it is now possible for email fields to be auto-filled with information. It’s even tailored to specific clients so you do not have to invest your limited time in writing individualized emails. 

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is also available to automate everything from lead management to lead nurturing, phone calls, customer support and beyond. 

Invest in a CRM program and you will no longer have to shoulder the burden of these responsibilities on your own. Instead, the software will do the brunt of the work on your behalf.

9. Display Ads

Display ads might seem a bit outdated. Especially for those who have been using the web for advertising since its infancy. Yet, they are still quite effective.  Such advertisement banners will tout your law firm with:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Flash

Such paid ads are certainly an overt means of advertising your web firm yet they will ramp up your online traffic, helping you land that many more clients in need of legal counsel. 

Remarketing ads are also worth consideration.  This Google Ads service is a second chance of sorts that empowers you to go back to convert website leads/visitors with the use of targeted ads. 

Such ads are designed to enhance brand awareness to the point that leads are converted into paying customers. If you are worried that web users might block your ads, don’t fret.  Ad blocking is not as common place as most assume. According to Key Medium, only about 10% of all ads are blocked.

The attorney's marketing team is experimenting with traditional marketing methods

10. Other Traditional Methods of Marketing

The inbound marketing techniques detailed above are large pieces of the modern day law firm marketing puzzle.  However, they are only some of the essential pieces.

The remainder of the puzzle is pieced together with the prudent use of traditional outbound advertising methods.  Combine the forementioned inbound marketing strategies with conventional outbound advertising methods and you will maximize your impact on your target audience.

After all, some people are not heavy web or social media users.  You will need traditional ads to reach these individuals. 

Every traditional outbound law firm marketing channel is worth considering:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Local newspapers
  • Local magazines
  • Billboards

These conventional inbound marketing channels will significantly bolster your law firm’s brand awareness in the local community. 

These ads will be seen by community members who might not spend an abundance of time on the internet.

Those who are not exposed to your inbound ads will likely see your conventional outbound ads around town or on local media. They’ll immediately think of your law firm when they need legal services. 

Just be sure to include your law firm’s web address at the bottom of your traditional outbound advertisements. Now, those who see these ads can check out your firm online. 

Even if only half of those who see your traditional outbound ads end up visiting your law firm’s website, it is reason to celebrate. 

These web visitors will likely check out your law firm’s blog, social media and various pages on your website. In other words, your inbound and outbound ads have the potential to reinforce one another to garner ongoing interest in your legal services.

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Continue Experimenting With Your Law Firm Marketing Until You Find the Right Mix

Merely implementing one of the law firm marketing strategies detailed above might not suffice.  Your law firm will likely need multiple inbound marketing methods in combination with one or a few conventional outbound advertising methods in order to maximize your client base. 

Continue to tinker with your marketing strategy as time progresses and you will find the right mix that yields the optimal results in due time.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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