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Construction Company Advertising – 5 Reasons You Must Try It

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

One of the fundamental things all business owners should think about is their advertising strategy. Advertising is essential for a business’ growth. The more people know about your business, the greater your chances are of getting new business.

Construction companies should be thinking of the importance of their advertising strategy and how they can evolve it. In this article, we’re outlining: 

  • Why construction company advertising is important 
  • Types of advertising construction companies can explore  

5 Reasons To Explore Construction Company Advertising

  1. It Drives Traffic To Your Website 
  2. It Creates Brand Awareness 
  3. You Can Target New Leads & Retarget Customers 
  4. You Get Direct Access To Leads 
  5. It Converts Leads Into Customers 

Advertising is essential if you want your construction company to stay relevant. There are other construction companies out there who offer the same services you do. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? 

Advertising can help you stand out. Here are other key reasons why construction companies should explore advertising. 

1. It Drives Traffic To Your Website 

One of the biggest benefits of construction company advertising is that you’ll get quality traffic driven to your website. The internet makes it possible for practically anyone to come across your website, but how much of that traffic is actually interested in your construction services?

When you advertise and target specific leads, you invite people who are actually interested in your services to visit your website. 

If you’re investing in online advertising, it’s essential that your construction business has a well-designed website. In fact, statistics show that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

If you want your website to be user-friendly, it must have the following: 

  • A mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly design 
  • Excellent page speed 
  • A navigation bar that directs visitors where to find information on your website 

The better your website design is, the more likely you’ll make a great first impression on quality website leads. You also want to make sure your landing pages have the right copy on them. The right landing page copy will convince website visitors to stay on the page longer and take action with a strong call to action. 

The better your landing page copy and design is, the more likely you’ll get leads to take the action you want them to on your page. Make sure this page, along with your website’s design, is optimized for the best user experience possible. 

Mediaboom shows how to build brand awareness through engaging advertising

2. It Creates Brand Awareness 

The reason you’re advertising your construction business is that you want people to know about it. Advertising creates brand awareness for your company and invites people to be part of your community. They have a problem, and your brand solves it — it’s a true win-win situation. 

It’s estimated that 43% of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to. If you win the loyalty of your customers and create an authentic construction brand, you’ll beat out the competition and win more projects. 

Some key ways to build your brand include: 

  • Offering value to your audience through a blog 
  • Being transparent about your services and prices 
  • Listing ways to get in contact with your customer service team 
  • Having concise messaging and branding throughout your advertising 
  • Displaying customer testimonials on your website 
  • Having attentive and helpful customer service 

The more people know about your brand, the more likely they’ll want to hire your company for construction projects. 

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3. You Can Target New Leads & Retarget Customers 

Another one of the biggest benefits of construction company advertising is that your company can target new leads and retarget your current and former customers. 

If you advertise online, you can target visitors based on their behavior and what they’re searching for. For instance, if someone searches for “home remodelers near me”, and your company does home remodeling, you could target your advertising messages to reach people who want home remodeling done. 

This allows you to target new leads who want specific services done. They have a problem, and you can offer them a solution. You can also run advertising that retargets former customers and people who visited your website but didn’t contact you for your services. 

This is an incredibly beneficial strategy for construction companies because you simultaneously bring in new leads while retargeting leads who are already familiar with your services. 

This helps you reach twice the number of people and, essentially, double your chances of getting business. 

4. You Get Direct Access To Leads 

When you advertise your construction services, you get direct access to your target audience. If you do things like send direct mail or post organically on social media, there’s a chance your audience could miss it. They could scroll past the post or simply throw away the piece of direct mail. 

With online advertising, you get direct access to your leads. They will see your company’s name and call to action. 

This kind of direct access is powerful, especially if you target the right leads and have a strong call to action. 

5. It Converts Leads Into Customers 

One of the best things about construction company advertising is that it converts leads into customers. Statistics show that paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent – a 200% ROI rate. Imagine how many construction projects you can book and how much revenue your company can make with that ROI rate. 

You must be strategic to see a rate like that, though. Do your keyword research and define who you are targeting with your advertising campaigns. Are you targeting B2C (business to consumer) leads, or are you targeting B2B (business to business) leads

Knowing who you’re targeting will help you craft the appropriate advertising messages and, ideally, lead to more conversions. 

An example of how construction companies are advertising

Types of Construction Company Advertising To Explore 

Okay, so now you know why advertising is important. Now, how can you execute it properly? There are multiple channels construction companies can utilize to reach new people, engage with their current audience, and convert viable leads into customers. Here are a couple of channels to consider for your advertising strategy. 

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Google Ads 

One option for your construction company’s advertising strategy is to invest in Google Ads. These types of ads are paid and are used on a search engine results page (SERP). If you look on a SERP, you’ll see there’s a section at the top that displays links to companies that have paid to be at the top of the results page. Those are Google Ads. 

When done right, investing in Google Ads can yield great results for your construction company. Statistics show that 41% of clicks in Google searches go to the top three sponsored ads. If you can get your company’s name in one of those three ads, you could see incredible traffic on your site. 

Some key tips for maximizing your Google Ads efforts include: 

  • Using the right keyword-match types
  • Create a landing page that has a strong CTA on it 
  • Analyze your campaigns frequently and adjust as needed 

If you do your research and target the right people with the right message, you could have incredible success with Google Ads. 

Google Display Ads 

Google Display Ads are different from Google Ads. These types of ads are ads shown across millions of different websites through the Display Network. This means you can retarget your website visitors across websites, email providers, and video ads on YouTube. 

Investing in Google Display Ads can set your construction company apart from the rest. 

On average, it takes someone seeing a brand between five and seven times in order for them to recognize it. If someone keeps seeing your display ad across several sites while they’re casually consuming other content, they may subtly become more familiar with your brand and grow more curious about your services. 

You can also target your display ads in numerous ways. You could target: 

  • Affinity groups, which are people who share similar interests to your industry
  • In-market audiences, who are people looking for your specific service 
  • Remarketing audiences, who are people who have interacted with your business before 

Do your research to determine which targeting strategy works best for your construction company

An example of a video ad used by a construction company

Video Ads & Video Content 

Another viable option for your construction company advertising strategy is running video ads and producing video content. Statistics show that 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. Since video is a popular form of content that people consume, it’s a good idea to run video advertisements and produce video content

A video advertisement should show who you are, what your construction company does, and how you can help your target audience solve their problem. If you finish the video with a strong call to action, you could get incredible engagement on the ad. 

One way you can plan your video advertising strategy is to look at what your competition is doing. 

  • What do their ads look like? 
  • Is there any way you can make yours better, or hit on your audience’s pain point better? 

Do your research, create a quality ad, and put it in front of the right people at the right time. 

Another way to grow your company’s brand organically is to create video content. You can create a YouTube channel for your company and great videos that highlight aspects and tips for the construction industry. You can also incorporate these videos into your company’s blog and create additional content. 

Plus, having more video content can boost your SEO efforts

Mediaboom's social media are also optimized for advertising

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Social Media Advertising 

Something that will help with your construction company advertising goals is to advertise on social media. Billions of people around the globe use social media. If you aren’t advertising on these platforms, you’re missing out on viable traffic. 

Look at your current social media profiles and see where you get the most traffic. Look at: 

Once you figure out where your best traffic comes from, you can figure out what social media platform your target audience uses most. Then, you can use your traffic data and your target audience data to come up with a strategic social media advertising plan. 

Part of your social media strategy should include creating content that people want to engage with on a specific platform. Certain platforms, like YouTube and TikTok, are solely video-focused. It would make sense to run a video ad on these platforms. However, if you’re advertising on Instagram or Facebook, you could run a graphic with a strong CTA as an ad. 

To properly optimize your social media advertising strategy, you must look at four key areas: 

  • What platform your company gets the most engagement with
  • Who your target audience is 
  • What type of content they engage with 
  • What form of content your ad should be 

If you do these things and look at your channels’ data, you can create a strategy that gets results and drives growth. 

Affiliate Advertising 

A unique way to increase your construction company advertising plan is to invest in affiliate advertising. Affiliate advertising is when companies work with people of influence to bring awareness to their brand in exchange for payment or something else of value. When done right, affiliate advertising can yield great results. 

Construction companies can utilize affiliate advertising in a number of ways. They could: 

  • Partner with a well-known interior designer 
  • Partner with an influential real estate agent 
  • Partner with a popular tool brand 

The key is to find influencers who are in related industries to construction but aren’t necessarily in construction. That way, you aren’t in direct competition with these people and you can have a mutually beneficial partnership. 

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Final Thoughts 

Construction companies need to be intentional and creative with their advertising if they want to bring in new business. Advertising is important because it increases brand awareness, brings more business in, and allows your business to make direct contact with your audience. 

If done right, your construction company can have great success with advertising. Make sure you look at the right data, choose the right platforms, and craft the right message. You’ll get what you give with your advertising strategy, so if you give it your best, you’ll get your best. 

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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