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Marketing for Accountants – Top 15 Marketing Strategies

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Without the proper marketing strategies in place, it can be near impossible for Marketing for Accountants to reach new clients. 

Luckily, there are many easy-to-implement marketing strategies that accounting firms can employ to expand their reach, from blogging to webinars and beyond.

Come dive in with us as we explore a few unique marketing strategies your accounting firm can implement to grow your business.

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Marketing for Accountants: 15 Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms

#1 Get a Professionally Designed Website

Your website is there to act as the home base for your business and your clients. Without a good website, it can be difficult to attract new clients. To be the most effective it can be, there are a few key items that you need to have on your website, including bold branding, a strong message, an invitation for inquiries, and a call to action.

Make sure your website uses:

#2 Start Blogging

If you can create a post for your accounting firm’s blog that shows up on the first page of Google, then you’ve already taken a massive step to gaining new traffic. If one of your articles shows up as a snippet, that’s even better. 

Whenever your target market searches for a specific question, your article will pop up, driving traffic to your accounting firm’s website. Hopefully, a portion of that traffic will get converted into leads.

The more blog posts you can drive traffic to your website with, the better. 

#3 Send Out Newsletters

Most business owners will tell you that they wished they had started building up email lists long ago. Newsletters can serve as important tools to expand target audiences. It’s up to you to determine how you can use your newsletter to build value for your recipients. 

One thing a newsletter should not be is a massive ad for your accounting firm. Add business tips or curate stories that are relevant to your industry. Make sure that you are as consistent as possible with your newsletter as well.

Mediaboom shows how it has optimized its social media to get more customers

#4 Utilize Social Media

The type of social media marketing you employ will largely depend on your target audience. For example, if you decide to post content to Instagram, you’ll most likely be catering to a creative audience, which is different from LinkedIn, which has a far more professional audience.

Sharing helpful and relevant information about your brand can help elevate your online presence and promote your business to new potential customers. 

There are SO many firms overlooking social media opportunities because they don’t believe these outlets line up with their audience. As more and more people venture online in the next decade, however, that will all change.

#5 Networking Events

Because we’re at the tail end of Covid, networking events are starting to pop up again. For many years, networking events were the staple for accounting and marketing firms. Yes, the cost-benefit ratio may not seem worth it compared to other options on this list, though if you’re a people person, these events can be a great way to maximize your effort. 

Meetup is one of our absolute favorite websites for finding niche networking events in your local area. 

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#6 Use Paid Ads 

Google Ads can be very helpful for Marketing for Accountants, as they are a very intuitive form of digital marketing.

One of the best things about going the route of the paid ads strategy is that you can instantly see how much traffic they are driving to your website. Of course, you need to be wary about how much money you invest in paid ads, as just because they might be driving traffic to your website does not mean they are actually creating leads.

On the other hand, if your services are highly-defined and your sales process is rock-solid, paid Google Ads might be a good option.

#7 Utilize Webinars

One of the best tools for getting in front of a large audience is a webinar. Instead of starting your own webinar (unless you have the following to do so), try partnering with another firm that already has an audience so you can introduce yourself and speak about your accounting services. 

For instance, if your accounting firm works with several companies in the food and beverage industry, you might look for webinars linked to popular restaurant groups or food and beverage distributors. 

An accountant is aligning his brand with the most relevant businesses

#8 Align Yourself With Relevant Businesses

One of the most longstanding marketing tactics for Marketing for Accountants is building relationships with other relevant businesses.

Find insurance brokers, bankers, law firms, or other relevant businesses that you can reciprocate business with. Having an alliance with these businesses can provide you with a funnel of new customers as long as you can provide something in return.

#9 Run Giveaways

Ahh, who doesn’t like to win something for free?

Giveaways aren’t something you should be doing all the time (once or twice per year is more than enough). Be strategic with your giveaways, and you can amass tons of followers and contacts.

For example, you could consider running a giveaway on LinkedIn in which you bundle some of your unique services and give them to one lucky winner in return. You can then ask for something in return for each entry, such as subscribing to an email list, sharing your post, etc.

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#10 Create a Follow-Up Strategy

We’ve never met an accounting firm that has closed every lead they’ve spoken with. Marketing for Accountants can help you with a strategy.

Sometimes, a lead that you think you’ve closed with decides not to go with you in the end. Many times, you don’t even know why.

One way you can remedy these losses is by adding those long-lost deals in a CRM, where you can gently check in on them every once in a while to see if things are going well for them. It may surprise you how many of those individuals or businesses you can turn into closed deals just because you sent them a message at the ideal time.

#11 Ask Clients for Referrals

This strategy is another tried and true strategy that always seems to work.

It’s so easy to contact your top clients and ask them if anyone they know needs an accountant or someone that offers the services you do. You might even consider getting testimonials from past clients that you’ve worked with. 

In doing so, you’ll likely get several introductions to new leads. 

Of course, be courteous when asking clients about referrals, and remember to appreciate any time they offer to help you out.

#12 Use Video Marketing

Video marketing can be tremendously successful if approached correctly. It can be as simple as using a ring light stand and an iPhone to share valuable and informative videos surrounding the world of accounting. 

If you can develop a sense of trust with your viewers, then you can turn them into leads. Take a look at one of our favorite YouTube accountants, who has amassed a huge following thanks to his informative and well-produced videos on accounting and business consulting. 

#13 Get Online Reviews

Marketing for Accountants starts by claiming your business listing on Google and Yelp, as these are two of the first places people look to verify the legitimacy of most businesses. 

Once you have your profile solidified, encourage your current clients to leave reviews after you’ve worked with them. 

Remember, not all reviews might be positive, though it is important that you respond to all of them. 

Thank clients for leaving positive reviews and ask clients how you can remedy situations if they’ve left poor reviews.

An accountant is speaking at an event after sponsoring it

#14 Sponsor an Event

One great way to attract new clients is by sponsoring an event. Of course, the type of event that you choose to sponsor will likely depend on your desired outcome. Let’s say you want to partner with relevant businesses. In that case, you might host a business conference that focuses on accounting regulations and laws within the state.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to connect with the surrounding community, you may choose to sponsor a local fundraiser or charity event.

#15 Start a Podcast

Did you know that 55% of Americans have listened to or regularly enjoy podcasts? 

Podcasts are more popular than they ever have been, and that popularity will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. 

People want accounting information, and if you can find an informative yet entertaining way to provide that in a format that people are used to, there’s no reason not to.

All you need is a decent microphone and a quiet place to record for an hour!

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Final Thoughts

Having a marketing strategy for your accounting firm is crucial if you want to attract new customers and build your business. While digital marketing can seem complicated, there are always digital marketing experts that you can hire to help you reach your goals. Get in contact with us today to learn more!

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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