Accounting Website Design – 50 Stellar Examples

By: Frank DePino | September 29, 2023

Accounting website design is your firm’s opportunity to humanize your company, establish your brand, and convey what makes your firm unique. What needs to go into your accounting website design?

A memorable website for accountants should feature a clean design, uncluttered navigation (especially with a lot of menu options as CPAs sometimes have), CTAs above the fold, and mobile optimization. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors if it fits your firm’s MO. 

In this guide, we’ll share our very favorite 50 examples of websites for accountants to illustrate which design facets work and why. This post can motivate and inspire your own accountant website design!

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1. HDA Accounting Group

The website showcases a looping video of a dental practice.

The dental accountants at HDA Accounting Group make it clear from the moment you land on their website that they’re not just your average accounting firm. A looping video showing a dental practice as well as homepage copy about dentistry makes that clear.

The orange CTA buttons, which are both above the fold, midway down the homepage, and at the bottom of the homepage, provide good contrast from the black and white color scheme of the rest of the site.

2. Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP

The navigation bar is unique, allowing for a pleasant navigation on the site.

The clean, crisp design of the Wouch Maloney website exudes professionalism.

The scrolling carousel of monochrome images showcases the building headquarters, the kind of accounting work the firm does, and the staff that makes it all possible.

The navigation bar scrolls with you, but even more interesting is the color change.

At the top of the fold, the navigation bar is monochrome. As you scroll, it becomes dark red and white. These colors act as the background of the Wouch Maloney site, so this was a thoughtful design touch.

3. St. Clair CPAs

St. Clair CPA accounting website features a simple layout that allows for easy browsing.

St. Clair CPA used a simple, clean accounting website design that allows the user to browse around unobstructed.

The homepage doesn’t require a lot of scrolling, you’re not overwhelmed with links to click, and the clean, color-blocked approach works well too.

The scrolling navigation bar makes it easy to always find where you want to click next even if you get into longer, more detailed content such as the directory of services.

That the navigation bar has a search feature is another of our favorite features of this accounting website.

4. PwC

The PwC accounting website features striking patterns and vivid hues.

Websites for accountants don’t have to shy away from the colorful!

The PwC website features bold patterns and even bolder colors in hues such as goldenrod, tropical orange, and neon pink. The color-blocking on the homepage keeps those colors recurring yet isn’t harsh on the eyes.

Interestingly, the navigation for the PwC website is at the bottom of the page, not the top!

5. Grant Thornton

The homepage features color-blocking instead of images or videos.

Grant Thornton has a tagline, “You’re ready. So are we” that the tax and audit services company exemplifies through its accounting website design.

That design is clean and simple, with color-blocking on the homepage in lieu of images or videos, a scrolling navigation bar with uncluttered menu options, and an appealing use of royal purple and gray.

6. Crowe

The website of Crow is easy to navigate and offers a seamless user experience.

The Texas-based accounting firm Crowe is another example of clean website design to emulate.

The navigation, even with drop-down options, never feels difficult to use or cluttered. Against the mostly white backdrop of the website, navigating to where you need to go is fast and efficient.

7. Clifton Larson Allen

CFA provides a useful scrolling navigation bar.

CFA is another website for accountants that isn’t afraid to embrace bold colors.

The white, teal, gold, and lime green hues that recur throughout the site are set against a white background. Even with images interlaid on top, the design of this site feels balanced through and through.

Scrolling navigation and the option to select from an extensive variety of languages are other standouts of note.


The site features two navigation bars that divide content effectively.

BDO offers advisory, tax, accounting, and assurance services. To keep all the services under its umbrella neat and accessible, the Services page is highly organized.

Two navigation bars on this site, including one with a search function, are divided well enough so that whether you’re interested in BDO services or their careers, you can find what you need.

9. Moss Adams

The site features large text highlighting their longevity.

The Moss Adams website makes it clear from the moment you land on the homepage that they have a long-standing business history of more than 100 years (which is in large text on the page).

They similarly highlight how much money they’ve earned, their number of clients, and other large milestones.

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10. YPTC

The site's color scheme is intentionally cohesive.

The YPTC website greets you with its trademark colors: bright orange, navy blue, and white.

The cohesion of those colors throughout the website makes every element feel intentional, from the color-contrasting CTA buttons above the fold to the text colors (orange) used in the dark blue scrolling navigation bar. A great example of accounting website design.

11. EY US

The EY US website utilizes the classic colors of their company logo.

Our next example of websites for accountants is EY US.

This accounting website invokes the colors of the company logo (white and bright yellow) with text and color boxes in the hues against a timeless dark gray background.

Each menu item on the navigation bar is also underscored with a bar of yellow when you hover over it.

12. RSM US

The website of RSM US, features a professional and engaging design.

The consulting, tax, and auditing company RSM US establishes its authority with a combination of professional stock images and photos of real staff members as well as its crisp homepage copy.

The dropdown menu presents a lot of options, so while the navigation could be cluttered, it’s anything but. The navigation travels as you scroll and includes a search function for ease of use.

13. Deloitte

Deloitte's website features a clean and inviting design.

Deloitte is a major accounting firm that needs no introduction.

Their website isn’t introductory either, but clean, crisp, and inviting with a news-style homepage layout and drop-down navigation that’s simple to use.

The sparse use of the bright green in the Deloitte color scheme is a smart design feature as well.

14. The Wow Company

The Wow Company's accounting website design features smiling groups of professionals.

For accounting website design that will make you say wow, The Wow Company gets it done.

The humanistic approach is Wow’s aim with features of smiling groups of professionals throughout the site. You can even meet the staff, complete with employee photos.

Mingling with all that is a brilliant use of Day-Glo colors and ‘90s-inspired patterns.

15. Avalon

The website design of Avalon, an accounting firm, is warm and inviting, featuring a beige background

At first glance, Avalon’s website design might not strike you as that of an accounting firm. The site uses a beige background, orange CTA buttons, friendly stock images of people, and a more casual font, after all.

These design touches all serve to give the Avalon site a warm, inviting feel that will make you want to click the Work with Us or Let’s Get Started CTA buttons and see what Avalon has to offer.

16. MHM

MHM's accounting website design emphasizes personal connection with smiling stock images

The independent CPA firm MHM is all about, as they say, “knowing you.”

That explains why the MHM website uses stock images of smiling people and makes it a point to illustrate the number of offices and the number of partners the accounting firm has.

The site also makes the wise decision to use a white background considering its color scheme includes light gray, goldenrod, light blue, and bright green.

17. Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly's website design: graphics-heavy, mobile-friendly, with sparse use of neon green.

Next on our list of websites for accountants, Baker Tilly’s is a great site to emulate.

Even though the site features a graphics-heavy design, on mobile devices, scrolling through the Baker Tilly site is just as fast, easy, and efficient as it would be to do the same on a desktop computer.

The site goes sparse on colors, using neon green just here and there to make it an effective design feature.

18. Plante Moran

Plante Moran's website features a looping video of smiling people.

The Plante Moran website seeks to inspire unity with its looping video of confident, smiling people as well as motivational copy.

The white background and simple color scheme of dark blue and gold that recurs throughout the site is subtle, never drawing the eye away from the elements on the site that Plante Moran wants you to pay more attention to.

19. Eide Bailly

Eide Bailly's website showcases its impressive achievements and accolades.

Visit Website ›

Eide Bailly is another accounting firm that presents its milestone numbers front and center on its website.

You barely have to scroll below the fold on the homepage to see when the company was founded, how many offices it has, and other accolades such as being a Netsuite Partner of the Year six times running.

The video carousel at the top of the homepage would certainly grab your attention when landing on the site as well.

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20. Wipfli LLP

Wipfli LLP's website design is clean and straightforward, with two navigation menus.

The design of the Wipfli LLP website stood out to us, and we hope it will to you as well.

Few accounting firms on our list have a short homepage that inspires you to continue clicking, but this one does.

You can also choose from two navigation menus, one that features events and news and another that showcases the firm’s services and industries served.

21. Armanino

Armanino LLP accounting website design

The people-centric approach of Armanino permeates the website design, from copy that mentions a “people strategy” to headlines like “We Are Where You Are,” and of course, company stats like the number of clients served.

All this is against a pleasing white backdrop with orange text, images, and CTA buttons.

22. Citrin Cooperman

The Citrin Cooperman website with easy scrolling navigation.

The Citrin Cooperman website provides an exemplary mobile experience. You can still utilize scrolling navigation (complete with built-in search) and quickly move through the sharp menus from your phone or tablet.

A lot of the navigation menus are replicated at the bottom of the homepage as well for quick clicking.

23. Cherry Bekaert

The Cherry Bekaert website offers a user-friendly design.

The Cherry Bekaert site deserves a spot on this list of accounting website examples as well. The site prioritizes simple navigation with two menus at the top and a search function.

As was the case with the Citrin Cooperman site, the Cherry Bekaert site has a lot of its navigation replicated at the bottom of the homepage.

This is a smart feature considering the navigation bar doesn’t scroll.

24. Mazars

The Mazars website features a block-style design.

 The block-style design of the Mazars website is a big part of why this one ended up on our list of websites for accountants.  

The blocks are featured on more than merely the homepage but on other pages throughout the website as well. They keep information neat and concise, especially when you consider the sheer number of industries that Mazar serves!

25. Anders

The Anders CPA website incorporates a bold color scheme.

Hello, color!

The Anders CPA site features attention-grabbing colors in hues like dark purple and dark pink as well as triangular patterns.

Even as shades of green are added to the triangular configuration later down the page, the transition never feels jarring.

The navigation doesn’t travel with you as you scroll, but the search bar does you could quickly get to whatever page on the Anders site you needed anyway.

26. Kemper CPA

Kemper CPA Group website

You’d feel confident entrusting your services to Kemper CPA upon looking at their website. The carousel of images features real photos of staff interspersed with CTAs and appealing nature photos.

The navigation is neat, the site clean and professional, and the contact information is well above the fold.

27. Freed Maxick

Freed Maxick - Accounting website design

Freed Maxick goes for a more unconventional accounting website design, as theirs features animated people with the headline, “Go from trees to forest.”

If you continue exploring the website from there, the design changes to more of what you’d expect from an accounting website.

The traveling navigation bar and usage of the company’s logo colors–dark blue, light blue, and neon green–are other standouts.

28. HoganTaylor

The HoganTaylor website features a unique side navigation denoted by three lines.

That brings us to HoganTaylor, the last accounting website we’ll look at today. This one stands out for its navigation on the side of the page, which is denoted by three long lines.

The navigation is pretty standard from there, but that it’s not at the top allows the homepage elements like oversized images to stand out that much more.

29. Stride

Stride - Accounting Website Design

Stride’s website theme relates back to their company. They use outdoor photography and topographic lines that ties back to their name “Stride”. They also utilize graphics to help callout information and add extra visual elements.

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30. Pinnacle

The Pinnacle website boasts a clean and easily navigable design.

Pinnacle’s website feels clean and easy to navigate. They section their information into a grid format and use icons to help better illustrate their information. Some nice added elements are the use of angles in their navigation and contact strip and a section showcasing companies they’ve partnered with.

31. Lutz

The Lutz website features a simple yet engaging welcome screen video.

Lutz’s website uses a simple video on their welcome screen with a subtle overlay that helps you still read the information. The call to actions strip at the top of the website helps the visitor easily access the links they need.

32. Accountant Online

Accountant Online Website Design

Accountant Online’s accounting website design has fun color scheme that makes it feel fun and lively. Their homepage also visualizes their company well by calling out their services, showcasing testimonials and featuring a case study.

33. Bromhead

Bromhead's - focused on illustrations

Bromhead’s website utilizes illustrations throughout the site even going the extra step to illustrate a part of their welcome image. Along with strong graphics they use their blue boldly throughout with overlays that an extra element to the page.

34. RHN

The RHN website employs full-width imagery and content .

RHN’s website uses full width imagery and content that helps the website feel full and pulls the visitor right in. They have an easy to navigate menu that uses a graphic right in the menu that adds something a little extra.

35. Master

The Master website has a traditional design with subtle hover and fade animations.

Master’s website is more traditional with no crazy elements just small simple hover and fade animations. Their homepage gets straight to the point by showcasing their services, affiliations and even have a space calling out their google reviews to show what people are saying about their company.

36. Verdant

The design of the Verdant accounting website uses a full-screen video as a transition element on the welcome screen.

Verdant’s accounting website design uses a simple transition video as full screen element as their welcome screen that helps tell their story. They have strong callouts for their services, an overview of their company and for reviews that also give the visitor the option to write one for them as well.

37. Van Reybrouck

Van Reybrouck's accounting website design features a modern layout.

Van Reybrouck’s website uses staggering and overlapping elements well that makes the information still feel organized but adds an extra element of the design to the page. They also use a more simple navigation with some quick links at the top and a hamburger menu that expands to show you the full navigation.

38. Baldwin

Baldwin - Accounting Website Design

A fun, creative website, Baldwin’s uses playful copy and features adorable dogs all over their website. Their brand feels cohesive throughout by using their green and brown throughout along with utilizing their bowtie icon wherever they can.

39. Beene Garter

The accounting website of Beene Garter features a prominent call to action on the welcome screen.

Been Garter’s website has a strong call to action on the welcome screen to read their story and a simple navigation that makes their contact page and login stand out. They use their brands red well with overlays and outlines to really draw your attention to important information.

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40. DMCL

DMCL's - Accounting Website Design

DMCL’s homescreen uses a simple interactive element when you hover over their hero. They have strong photography and utilize simple animations when you hover over interactive links.

41. Account Savvy CPA

Account Savvy's website features high-quality videos with 3D calls-to-action.

Account Savvy’s website uses a high definition video with non-traditional calls to action that are three-dimensional. They not only use a video on their welcome screen but through out the site as well, that helps give it more personality.

42. Mew Co.

The website for Mew features consistent use of their brand's blue color throughout the site.

Mew’s website has catchy content and stays within brand utilizes their companys blue wherever they can in overlays, calls-to-action and headlines. They have a simple navigation with an obvious call out to contact them and the rest is condensed into a hamburger style menu.

43. Economos

Economo - Accounting Website Design

Economo’s website has simple yet effective design with clear calls to actions. Another great addition to their homepage is showcasing testimonials that help add social proof.

44. Banyana Accounting

Banyana Accounting Website Design

Banyana Accounting offers a clean, modern look while providing easy access to essential tools their client’s need.

45. Finance

Finance is a good theme to provide Accounting services.

Finance’s website is a great theme with useful visual elements in order to boost the selling of accounting services.

46. Lohn Caulder

Lohn Caulder's accounting website design features a sophisticated look.

Lohn Caulder’s website feels professional with their simple cityscape hero image, a professional team shot for the company overview video, and strong calls-to-action for services and client information.

47. Marc Wasserman

Clean and simple design with a focus on company values.

Wasserman’s website is simple and clean with a strong call to action for the phone number to contact. A section for company values and statistics adds a nice touch to the homepage that helps give a better overview of the company.

48. Abacai

Abacai's accounting website design features bold pink hues and colorful vector graphics.

Abacai is modern and utilizes a recent trend of bright colors, specifically this bold pink. Along with a fun color scheme, they uses colorful vector graphics that have simple animations that add an extra interesting element to the website.

49. Solomon Hardwick

The website utilizes strong calls-to-action to guide visitors to their services.

Solomon Hardwick’s accounting website design is beautiful and airy – and fits into their theme of living a carefree lifestyle with Solomon. They have strong calls-to-action and an interesting addition of a countdown timer till the next tax day.


MBSATA's accounting website design is impressive as it incorporates fun illustrations.

Visit Website ›

MBSATA’s accounting website design does a good job of combining technology and accounting. The use of fun illustrations fits all within their brand’s color scheme and adds a young vibrant feel to the website. Another interesting addition is their call-to-action on the welcome screen to start a conversation or to watch a video that teaches you more about their company.

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