Accounting Website Design – 25 Stellar Examples

As more clients have gone digital, so have accounting firms. Below is an extensive list of 25 of the best accounting website designs with insight into the things that they “got right” about their websites.

1. Stride

Stride’s website theme relates back to their company. They use outdoor photography and topographic lines that ties back to their name “Stride”. They also utilize graphics to help callout information and add extra visual elements.

2. Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP

Wouch, Maloney & Co.’s website features clean, modern lines with excellent use of black/white imagery. Clear (and easy to use) calls-to-action have been introduced very well, making client conversions a top priority.

3. Accountant Online

Accountant Online’s accounting website design has fun color scheme that makes it feel fun and lively. Their homepage also visualizes their company well by calling out their services, showcasing testimonials and featuring a case study.

4. Bromhead

Bromhead’s website utilizes illustrations throughout the site even going the extra step to illustrate a part of their welcome image. Along with strong graphics they use their blue boldly throughout with overlays that an extra element to the page.

5. RHN

RHN’s website uses full width imagery and content that helps the website feel full and pulls the visitor right in. They have an easy to navigate menu that uses a graphic right in the menu that adds something a little extra.

6. Master

Master’s website is more traditional with no crazy elements just small simple hover and fade animations. Their homepage gets straight to the point by showcasing their services, affiliations and even have a space calling out their google reviews to show what people are saying about their company.

7. Pinnacle

Pinnacle’s website feels clean and easy to navigate. They section their information into a grid format and uses icons to help better illustrate their information. Some nice added elements is the use of angles in their navigation and contact strip and a section showcase companies they’ve partnered with.

8. St. Clair CPAs

St. Clair’s accounting website design feels personal with their use of employee images for their welcome screen. They have strong calls to actions throughout the site including multiple spots to schedule a consultation and pointing to the right service sector you need wether it be accounting or financial services.

9. Lutz

Lutz’s website uses a simple video on their welcome screen with a subtle overlay that helps you still read the information. The call to actions strip at the top of the website helps the visitor easily access the links they need.

10. Verdant

Verdant’s accounting website design uses a simple transition video as full screen element as their welcome screen that helps tell their story. They have strong callouts for their services, an overview of their company and for reviews that also give the visitor the option to write one for them as well.

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11. Van Reybrouck

Van Reybrouck’s website uses staggering and overlapping elements well that makes the information still feel organized but adds an extra element of the design to the page. They also use a more simple navigation with some quick links at the top and a hamburger menu that expands to show you the full navigation.

12. Baldwin

A fun, creative website, Baldwin’s uses playful copy and features adorable dogs all over their website. Their brand feels cohesive throughout by using their green and brown throughout along with utilizing their bowtie icon wherever they can.

13. Beene Garter

Been Garter’s website has a strong call to action on the welcome screen to read their story and a simple navigation that makes their contact page and login stand out. They use their brands red well with overlays and outlines to really draw your attention to important information.

14. DMCL

DMCL’s homescreen uses a simple interactive element when you hover over their hero. They have strong photography and utilize simple animations when you hover over interactive links.

15. Account Savvy CPA

Account Savvy’s website uses a high definition video with non-traditional calls to action that are three-dimensional. They not only use a video on their welcome screen but through out the site as well, that helps give it more personality.

16. Mew Co.

Mew’s website has catchy content and stays within brand utilizes their companys blue wherever they can in overlays, calls-to-action and headlines. They have a simple navigation with an obvious call out to contact them and the rest is condensed into a hamburger style menu.

17. Economos

Economo’s website has simple yet effective design with clear calls to actions. Another great addition to their homepage is showcasing testimonials that help add social proof.

18. WOW

Wow’s website makes accounting feel fun with a bright color palette and lively vector graphics that you don’t usually see on traditional accounting websites. They also uses imagery that is of people from their company which helps the website feel more unique.

19. Banyana Accounting

20. Caroprese

Caroprese’s website has a clear menu structure with a call-to-action for their login. They also utilize whitespace well and keep their content clean and simple.

21. Lohn Caulder

Lohn Caulder’s website feels professional with their simple cityscape hero image, a professional team shot for the company overview video, and strong calls-to-action for services and client information.

22. Marc Wasserman

Wasserman’s website is simple and clean with a strong call to action for the phone number to contact. A section for company values and statistics adds a nice touch to the homepage that helps give a better overview of the company.

23. Abacai

Abacai is modern and utilizes a recent trend of bright colors, specifically this bold pink. Along with a fun color scheme, they uses colorful vector graphics that have simple animations that add an extra interesting element to the website.

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24. Solomon Hardwick

Solomon Hardwick’s accounting website design is beautiful and airy – and fits into their theme of living a carefree lifestyle with Solomon. They have strong calls-to-action and an interesting addition of a countdown timer till the next tax day.


MBSTA’s accounting website design does a good job of combining technology and accounting. The use fun illustrations fits all within their brands color scheme and adds a young vibrant feel to the website. Another interesting addition is their call-to-action on the welcome screen to start a conversation or to watch a video that teaches you more about their company.

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Whether you’re just getting started or in the midst of complete website redo – these 25 websites will serve as a great resource of inspiration for your project. If you would like to get started on revamping the look and feel of your website, contact Mediaboom to get the conversation started.

By: Frank DePino

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