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30 of the Best Insurance Website Design Examples

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Whether you’re a small insurance firm or a growing one, differentiating yourself from your competitors is one way to keep increasing your customer base. 

Like with many other industries we’ve discussed on this blog, in insurance, an exemplary website is necessary to propel your firm to the top of search results. This will attract new clients. Presenting a website that’s easily navigable and gives visitors the information they need will also lure in leads and maintain current clients.

If you’re scratching your head wondering which elements of web design are most necessary for an insurance firm like yours, you’ve come to the right place. Ideally, you want a website that’s responsive, has great CTA placement, and supports the customer journey. 

Below are 30 examples of successful insurance website designs that each have unique features to them. You can use them as inspiration as you seek to create your own exemplary insurance firm website. 

  1. Stone Agency Insurance
  2. Steadily
  3. Sanlam Indie
  4. Insurance Jack
  5. Oscar
  6. Jetty
  7. AmSuisse
  8. Brown & Brown Insurance
  9. American Family Insurance
  10. 123
  11. Lumico
  12. The Insurance Experiments
  13. Family Financial Insurance Group
  14. Lemonade
  15. Titan Insured
  16. Rideshur
  17. Amwins
  18. GB&A
  19. Charles Milnes
  20. Ladder Life
  21. Fetch Pet
  22. Burton A. Harris Insurance
  23. Insure Your Toy
  24. AIS Insurance Angel
  25. Allstate
  26. Mercury Insurance
  27. Aflac
  28. Chubb
  29. Pets Best
  30. Trusted Choice

1. Stone Agency Insurance

The Stone Insurance web design emphasizes humanizing their business with images of people.

Useful information presented in a concise way

The Connecticut-based Stone Insurance Agency specializes in business, home, and auto insurance. Their website has lots of great design elements, so let’s discuss these now. 

Emphasis on Humanizing Their Business

We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s so important to remind your customers that yes, the people behind your insurance firm are human too. Stone Agency does this in a phenomenal way. It starts from the moment you reach their homepage, where you see an image of people gathered at a meeting. 

Their testimonials are another humanizing element, but above all, Stone’s “We’re Your Neighbors” section is the one that most reminds you most that Stone’s staff is comprised of friends, neighbors, and community partners. 

Easily Accessible Contact Information

If you feel inclined to reach out to Stone Agency Insurance’s staff quickly upon landing on their website, it’s not hard to find the contact information. At the top of the page, well above the fold, you’ll see Stone’s phone number, their email address, and a Facebook icon link that, when clicked, redirects you to the firm’s social page. 

No-Frills Navigation

Even if you find you need more time before reaching out to Stone, navigating their site is very simple. They have five menus, About, Home & Auto, Business Insurance, Contact, and Claims & Carriers. All are very clear so you don’t have to guess what you’re clicking.

2. Steadily

The home page of Steadily insurance website

Color and graphics unite for a clean, navigable site

A landlord insurance service, Steadily continues our list of insurance website design examples. Their services include insurance for single-family homes, multi-family homes, vacation units, manufactured homes, condos, and apartments.

Excellent Use of Color

Whether it’s the social-media style blocks of color, the hand-drawn art style, or the CTA buttons, the dark purple color that is Steadily’s logo permeates the website. It’s even in the contact number above the fold.

The simple beige background and lack of navigation bar keep the strong color from being overwhelming.

3. Sanlam Indie

Sanlam exaplain the insurance processes in a simple and easy-to-understand manner on their website.

Youthful graphics and energy

New Zealand’s own Sanlam Indie is a life insurance provider with a design that skews towards a younger demographic without being exclusionary to other customers.

Creative Graphics

Like Brown & Brown, Sanlam Indie chooses to go with a clean white backdrop on its website that acts as a blank canvas. They don’t go overboard with their graphics, instead choosing fun, funky patterns like half-circles and rows of dots that complement the images of people that are prevalent on most pages on their site. 

Convenient Client Logins

You don’t have to go searching high and low to find the client login section as a member of Sanlam Indie insurance. At the top of the homepage to the right is a login link. No matter which page you navigate to on their site, this box doesn’t disappear.

Also smart is how Sanlam places a yellow “Get a quote” CTA box right next to the login box to incentivize leads to learn more about their firm. 

Easily Explained Processes 

Insurance can be confusing to the uninitiated. Yet whether you’re looking for death income protection, disability coverage, critical illness coverage, life insurance payouts, or funeral coverage, Sanlam makes it easy to find what you want.

On their homepage, they also explain their process clearly and simply, such as how they provide a quote in 10 minutes or less as well as what your policy does and does not include.

4. Insurance Jack

Insurance Jack is a Canadian insurance company that uses a free and simple website design.

Sometimes the best homepage is practically no homepage

The Canadian insurance company Insurance Jack promises “hassle-free insurance” with a website design that’s equally as hassle-free. Let’s look closer at why this is among the best insurance website designs.

Simple, Short Pages

The homepage on the Insurance Jack site is one of the briefest you’ll see. Items are hardly above or below the fold because, on desktop at least, you’re not scrolling very far either way.

The other pages on the site are equally brief, living up to Insurance Jack’s reputation of keeping things simple.

5. Oscar

Oscar is a health insurance provider with a unique and distinctive website design featuring appealing graphics and clear navigation.

A service that matches the slogan

As a health insurance provider, Oscar has some steep competition. Here are the ways this firm is making such an impact through its design.

Appealing Artwork and Graphics

Aninsurance website design needs a distinct identity, and Oscar has that in spades. As you explore their site, you’ll see unique artwork that illustrates their services, including family or individual plans, Medicare advantage plans, and business plans. 

These graphics are interspersed with images of real people as well. 

Clear Navigation

Oscar says it does “health insurance made easy.” That’s why the firm boasts simple navigation for just that. They have five menu items, Medicare, Individuals & Families, Businesses, For Brokers, and For Providers. Each menu has a dropdown with more comprehensive information per each category. 

Easy Login No Matter the Type of Customer

What kind of customer are you to Oscar? Be it a provider, broker, business, or service member, the login feature at the top right of their website makes it simple  for you to quickly sign in to check your policy or make changes. 

6. Jetty

Jetty's website design has a great color scheme with a vivid teal hue.

Great color cohesion throughout

New York’s Jetty deals in renters’ insurance. The design of their website is a winning one in multiple ways, so let’s explore.

Color Cohesion

It takes only a moment of looking at Jetty’s website to get a feel for their branding and design. Their main color is a vivid teal. It’s on the giant J logo right on the homepage, in their CTA button (“Get Quote”), and it’s even the star color for Jetty’s often-five-starred reviews. 

This cohesion links together elements on Jetty’s site that would otherwise be disparate, creating great unity. 

User Experience Tailored to Their Audience

Since Jetty offers, as they call it, “lower move-in costs for everyday renters,” they admittedly have a specific audience. Their customers tend to be younger apartment renters, and Jetty’s bright, youthful design reflects their audience’s tastes perfectly. 

Easy to Get in Touch 

Do you want to reach out to Jetty right away? This is another insurance firm that makes it overwhelmingly convenient to make contact. Their Call Us link at the top of the page gives you their phone number so you can dial them, join their insurance, and get protection on your rented property right away.

7. AmSuisse

Animated elements on the AmSuisse website create a professional and engaging user experience.

Animated, unassuming, and clean

The Texas-based insurance broker AmSuisse specializes in a wide range of insurance, from flood insurance to environmental insurance, life insurance, and even special event insurance. Here’s what we liked about their site.

Good Use of Animated Elements

The transitory animated elements as you scroll down a page on the AmSuisse website or jump from page to page give the site a wholly professional appeal.

8. Brown & Brown Insurance

Eye-catching red call-to-action buttons stand out against a white and navy blue color scheme.

Clean, simplified, and easy

Brown & Brown Insurance is also a great industry example in its own right. Here are the elements of the site we most recommend integrating into your insurance firm’s website design.

Eye-Catching CTAs

The Brown & Brown color scheme is white, navy blue, and red. Their red call to action buttons, whether against a white background or a blue box, always have a way of standing out. Besides grabbing your attention, the CTA placement is also very well done here. For instance, there’s one CTA, “Find Your Solution,” right at the top of the homepage. Another is in the center of that same page.

Search Function

If you know what you’re looking for but you don’t want to spend the time clicking through menus, you don’t have to on Brown & Brown’s website. A search feature right at the top of the page is convenient and handy. 

Clean, Uncomplicated Design

Even if you do spend some time poking around such pages as Investor Relations, What We Do, or About Us, one thing is abundantly clear on Brown & Brown’s site. The firm prioritizes clean design with a simple white backdrop, images that enhance the design, and neat boxes throughout. 

9. American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance website screenshot showing neatly organized insurance categories and various conversion elements

History kept modern

American Family Insurance was founded in 1927 in Madison, Wisconsin, and today remains a key insurance firm. Once you see their website, you’ll understand how Amfam has transcended the generations.  

Neat, Contained Pages

Amfam offers a lot of services, among those farm and ranch insurance, business insurance, renters’ insurance, life insurance, and the standards like home and car insurance. They give their customers plenty of options, but an unorganized design would make it confusing and difficult to navigate to just the right type of insurance. 

That’s why Amfam keeps all its many insurance categories neat and contained. You can navigate straight to renters’ insurance if that’s what you want, or life insurance or anything else. This saves you time. 

A Multitude of Conversion Elements

The American Family Insurance website also excels in converting leads. As you look around the site, you’ll come across a variety of conversion elements, from the “Contact Us” and “Sign In/Up” links at the top of the site to the “Find an Agent” CTA on the homepage, the “Report a Claim” button on the Claims page, and more.

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10. 123

The website in the background is designed with warm colors, soft shapes, and images of people

Creating a sense of comfort through web design

In Ireland, 123 Insurance provides travel, home, and car insurance. What is it about their site that makes it among the best insurance agency website designs? Let’s take a closer look.

People-Based Approach

There’s something comfortable and familiar about scrolling through the 123 Insurance website. Perhaps it’s the appealing use of colors, the soft shapes throughout, or the images of people, but the site has a mood that makes you feel right at home.

11. Lumico

The simplified navigation with only four menus makes it easy for users to find information on insurance expenses.

Colors and images combined for an amazing effect

Once known as Generation Life Insurance, when Lumico rebranded, they brought with them an invigorating website design. Here are some elements to pay attention to. 

Attention-Grabbing Graphics

Insurance website design doesn’t have to be stuffy, as Lumico has proven. Their homepage greets you with colorful text in bright neon pink and electric orange. This is combined with animated graphics that you can’t turn away from. The overall effect is one that surely captivates attention. 

Simplified User Experience

To better understand your insurance, Lumico keeps its navigation simple, with only four menus, Products, Our Story, FAQ, and Contact Us. On their Products page, you can learn about insurance expenses, term coverage, and which of Lumico’s insurance best suits you. If that’s not clear enough, their FAQs will answer any other questions you may have.

12. The Insurance Experiments

The Insurance Experiments has managed to bring a fun and creative approach to insurance through their website design.

Making insurance fun

In the UK, The Insurance Experiments bring a unique approach to insurance that certainly warrants them a spot on this list. Let’s talk more about their website now.

Fun Cartoons

With a name like The Insurance Experiments, you had to expect a different way of doing things. Indeed, this firm delivers, with cartoony graphics (some that even animate!) all over their homepage. 

Underneath this cutesy, cartoony layer is the same great insurance you’d expect out of any viable firm, but The Insurance Experiments finds a way to keep things interesting.

Instant Navigation 

Once you scroll past the graphics, you’ll see a section of The Insurance Experiments’ website that says “filter by insurance type.” Here you can choose from a myriad of insurance, for pets, vehicles, travel, property, health, and business. You only have to select one and you’re off to the races!

Fantastic Theming

If you’re wondering why this UK firm calls itself The Insurance Experiments, it becomes quickly apparent on their homepage. Their FAQs are categorized by experiment number. Each includes its own graphics so you can quickly and easily track down the info you need most and then get on with your day.

13. Family Financial Insurance Group

Family Financial, an insurance website

A prevailing family-first approach

Texas’ Family Financial Insurance Group lives up to that name through its website design, which you’ll notice the moment you land on the homepage.

Family-Centric Images to Drive Home Values

You don’t have to guess at Family Financial Insurance Group’s values when everything is laid out in front of you.

From the homepage to any of the pages on the company’s many insurance services, you’ll see photo after photo of happy families.

The message is clear. By getting insured, you too can protect your family for more happy days ahead.

14. Lemonade

Lemonade's website includes a blog with articles on a variety of topics, from home improvement tips to social justice issues.

Another playful approach to renters’ insurance

In the same vein of Jetty is Lemonade, a renters’ and homeowners’ insurance provider. Here’s a glimpse into their website and what makes it tick.

Designed for the 21st Century

It’s like Lemonade themselves say. Their insurance website design is for customers who are living firmly in the 21st century, aka those who use apps (Lemonade has one), read reviews before buying anything (Lemonade has those too), and like to know the prices of what they’re buying (yes, Lemonade divulges this information).

Colorful Website Elements

Lemonade’s web design is kept purposefully simple, with a white background and grayscale illustrations of a cityscape. It’s so their neon pink elements, like CTA buttons, hyperlinks, and even some graphics will stand out that much more.

Socially Connected

Any company, insurance firm or not, that says it’s designed for the 21st century should have a wealth of social buttons. Lemonade delivers, linking you to their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even their Dribble and Stories accounts. Talk about staying social! 

15. Titan Insured

Titan - Insurance website design

Localized insurance done right

Boston’s own Titan Insured operates out of Jamaica Plain and the Bay Back area. They’re very proud of their location, and they use it to their advantage. Here’s what we mean.

Localization for a Close-Knit Feel

If you’re in the Boston area and looking for insurance, Titan Insured sets itself up as a great option right from the get-go. On their homepage, they say “we are your Boston insurance agency.” Other localized copy throughout their site also lends Titan’s website that neighborly feel.

Easy Access to the Client Portal

Once you become a customer of Titan Insured, logging right in is quick and easy. Their client portal at the top of their website takes you to a page where you can log right in, ask for a policy review, pay your bill, get an auto ID card, request a certificate, make a policy change, or report your claim.

16. Rideshur

Rideshur website is composed with a captivating and familiar graphic.

Futurism wins the day

Rideshur deals in business fleet insurance, which is something that can seem a little futuristic to some people. That’s why the UK-based company so strongly embraced that element in its insurance website design.

Futuristic Approach, Clear Explanations

Rideshur doesn’t want you to be mystified by what business fleet insurance is or what it can do. That’s why they clearly outline the extent of their services complete with cartoons to break up the reading material.

17. Amwins

Amwins - insurance website design

Mobile optimism for insurance on the go

The worldwide insurance service Amwins, considering it has so many locations and serves so many industries with its vast solutions, could have a rather cluttered website, but it doesn’t.

Here’s what else works so well.

Mobile-Optimized Site Mirrors the Desktop Experience

The Amwins mobile site is a perfect replica of the desktop site. Sure, the navigation bar is in a different location, but you’re not getting an abbreviated version of the site whatsoever.

Considering how many millions of people are on mobile and that this might be how Amwins’ leads find them, this was a good move!

18. GB&A

By highlighting their expertise on the site, GB&A is able to establish trust with potential customers right from the start.

A focus on legacy

Entrusting your insurance to any company shouldn’t feel like a gamble. The New York insurance agency GB&A understands that innately, and it comes through well in their insurance website design.

Driving Trust from the Homepage On

On the homepage of the GB&A website, you’ll see an old photo of its original founding members with the copy, “Better insurance through generations of experience & personal attention.”

You’ll then see all the company’s top-rated carriers, which include heavy hitters such as Bloomberg BNA, Chubb, Insurance Journal, and CAN.

This all inspires trust in their services.

19. Charles Milnes

The creative home page of Charles Milnes & Company

Embracing the colorful side of life

The best insurance website design does not have to shy away from color as the Charles Milnes website proves.

Color, Color Everywhere

From the tri-colored navigation panels to the oversized patterned and illustrated homepage background with colors galore, the Charles Milnes website bucks the trend that an insurance website has to be boring!  

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20. Ladder Life

Ladder Life insurance website design

Insurance simplified with a website that achieves the same

Ladder Life’s slogan is “flexible life insurance in minutes.” Here’s how the site inspires that sense of comfort in its audience.

Simple Navigation + Clean Design

The Ladder Life website doesn’t have a navigation bar, per se, only the options Learn and Sign in above the fold.

You’ll also see an above-the-fold CTA button to get a customized life insurance quote.

The navigation is clean and easy, explaining the three steps to get your own insurance while valuably inserting reviews in between.

21. Fetch Pet

The company's insurance website provides clear information about its insurance services.

Insurance website design to put pet owners’ minds at ease

Fetch Pet, as you might have guessed from the name, is a pet insurance company.

While we like how they immediately separate themselves from the competition by describing how they’re better, that’s not the part of the site we’ll highlight here.

Quick, Comprehensive Services List

If you’re shopping around for insurance for your precious pet, you want to know what you’re getting. Fetch Pet doesn’t waste your time, including a full list of services right on the homepage in a neat box.

22. Burton A. Harris Insurance

Burton A-Harris - Insurance website desgin

Color cohesion at work

The California-based Burton A. Harris Insurance is a partner of Farmers Insurance. That’s probably why Harris’ website design is as exemplary as it is.

Great Use of Logo Colors Throughout

It’s a common website design trick to use one’s logo colors on a website. When you have more than one color in your logo such as the Burton A. Harris Insurance site (they have three), this task can become trickier.

Yet the red, white, and blue color scheme is prevalent enough without feeling tastelessly patriotic.

23. Insure Your Toy

The cool home page of Insure Your Toy website

Calling on you to protect your valuables

The Georgia-based company that’s also called Peter Laczko Insurance but today is better known as Insure Your Toy makes it clear through that name what it’s all about. So too does its website.

Easy-to-Find Services and Easier-to-Find Quotes

If you spend even a minute on the Insure Your Toy website, you’ll quickly learn that the company insures cars, boats, motorcycles, homes, and RVs.

To inspire trust, the Insure Your Toy website makes it clear that the company is licensed in 50 states. You’ll also see CTA buttons inspiring you to get your quote today.

24. AIS Insurance Angel

The original 3D design of AIS - Affordable Insurance Angel website

Incredible use of 3D graphics

When first stumbling upon the AIS Insurance Angel website, you’ll certainly agree with us that this is one of the best insurance agency website designs out there. Let’s take a closer look at why that is.

3D Graphics That Don’t Detract from the Site Message

The 3D angel mascot is simply awesome and is sure to keep anyone who landed on the homepage eager to stick around.

The design doesn’t detract from the fact that this site has a clean design, simple navigation, and other animated graphics (that aren’t nearly as complex but are still a nice touch).

25. Allstate

The Allstate website incorporates several design elements without feeling cluttered or unmatching.

Insurance that needs no introduction

Allstate is one of those companies that everyone already knows. That sets the bar ultra-high for a well-designed website, so let’s see how Allstate measures up.

Great Use of Color Without Feeling Clunky

Too many colors, especially when in tight, united elements like small blocks on the Allstate website, can feel cluttered and unmatching.

Allstate, being the major company that it is, knows how to incorporate several design elements all at once in a way that feels intentional and could motivate your own insurance website design!

26. Mercury Insurance

Mercury - Insurance website design

Navigable design from mobile to desktop

The Los Angeles insurance company Mercury Insurance offers everything from local insurance to business auto, mechanical, landlord, renters, condo, homeowners, and auto insurance. Keeping that under one neat umbrella looks easy when they do it.

Uncluttered Navigation

To find exactly what you’re looking for when you land on the Mercury Insurance website, the navigation bar at the top keeps things simple.

Although the navigation doesn’t scroll, with links at the bottom of the homepage that replicate the navigation, you don’t need a traveling bar.

27. Aflac

The Aflac insurance website design is easy for users to find what they need.

Insurance you can count on with a comprehensive web design

Aflac is another of those companies that need no introduction. While nearly any website design would do, Aflac prioritizes design elements that make it one of the best insurance website designs around.

Convenient to Find What You Need

From the scrolling navigation bar to a sample cost calculator on the homepage, a full list of services, and yes, a bit of the duck mascot as well, the Aflac site has it all.

28. Chubb

The smart use of color on the home page of Chubb

Color-blocking that works

The Switzerland-operated Chubb company serves individuals, families, and businesses with its assortment of insurance products. Why did we include this website on the list of exemplary designs? Let’s review.

Smart Use of Color

Everything about the use of color on the Chubb website is fully intentional, which you’ll notice as you leave the vivid homepage and navigate elsewhere on the site.

Each page has its own unique color element that lends the homepage more cohesion.

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29. Pets Best

The site's design is easy to navigate, with clear and concise information about pet insurance coverage

Inspiring customer trust through excellent website design

The second pet insurance site we’ll look at today is called Pets Best. This site is all about inspiring trust, so let’s see why it works so well.

A Design That Makes It Easy to Get Started

From the sample pet insurance coverage plan to a link straight to Pets Best apps so you can track pet insurance on the go, Pets Best’s website wants to make obtaining pet insurance the easiest thing you do today.

30. Trusted Choice

The Trusted Choice insurance website design is colorful and professional.

Professional, colorful design to motivate your service

Trusted Choice, a company of independent insurance agents that offers auto, home, and other types of insurance, is also a well-known company. Its website further adds to its reputation.

Multicolored Design with Linking, Cohesive Elements

This is yet another website that proves that you don’t have to eschew color to still look professional. The alternating orange and blue colors–between the colorful panels, CTA buttons, and text–on a white background create a welcoming air.

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Is it time for your firm to consider a new insurance website design?

The insurance market may be a crowded one, but a solid website is your first step to making your firm stand out. The 10 examples of top-notch insurance website design we showcased here prove that whether you’re going for a whimsical or no-nonsense approach to insurance, you should design your site with clean backgrounds, great graphics, and easy navigation. 

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