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Digital Insurance Advertising That Is Focused On Results

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Insurance advertising has come a long way from print and radio promotions to the digital world of web marketing, social media, and mobile ads. It’s a useful tool for every insurance agency, agent, or company to reach a wider audience and help them feel more secure and confident about the future.

Insurance advertising can help attract more people, expand your reach, and generate leads. And exploring creative and innovative advertising strategies can help get your brand recognized and eventually get more people insured.

But if you find all the different digital platforms overwhelming, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you navigate your way through all the digital resources and tools you can use to ensure effective insurance advertising.

What Is Insurance Advertising?

Insurance advertising, as the name suggests, involves using effective strategies to introducing and promoting your insurance services to your target audience.

You may already be familiar with typical insurance ads that tap into the reality that none of us know what the future holds. And despite these scary and often exaggerated and bleak ads, such tactics are effective at making you think of the future.

It pushes people to take measures in the form of insurance to secure their and their loved one’s interests.


Is Insurance Advertising Regulated?

Yes, insurance advertising is a heavily regulated field. Each state has specific guidelines on almost all aspects of insurance. The laws concerning this aspect of advertising typically include advertising on radio, publications, and television.

The state also has control over your brochures, display merchandise, and web content. This is also why it’s necessary for insurance companies to review and be updated on state laws regularly.

Two insurance agents are consulting the various possibilities for doing insurance advertising

Insurance Advertising Options In The Digital World

While many insurance companies continue to use traditional marketing, what they must also consider is the evident shift toward digital marketing. Today, future policyholders are online and would also want their services and products to be accessible on a digital platform.

Given how competitive the insurance industry is, you want to keep up with the different options in advertising using the digital stage. Here’s a brief breakdown of the many insurance advertising options you can avail in the digital world:

#1. PPC Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are known to be one of the most effective ways to generate insurance leads, which can jumpstart your insurance sales pipeline much faster. Many insurance companies use it to gain traction with their client pool. 

Every time an ad is clicked, that’s the only time that the insurance company pays. And the best thing about PPC ads is you can have multiple ad campaigns displayed on several search engines, websites, and social media sites simultaneously.

#2. Facebook Ads

Among all social media sites, Facebook is the most commonly used platform with a wide audience reach. For any insurance company, this is a goldmine for future policyholders.

With Facebook ads, you can get your foot into a massive market of more than 1 billion Facebook users. This behemoth can be where you can get the bulk of your clients as long as your ads are informative, eye-catching, and effective.

If even one of your followers shares your Facebook ad, it can create a ripple effect and double your insurance advertising visibility.

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#3. Video Ads

The average time a person spends watching online content is on a steady rise, with adults in the US spending nearly eight hours watching digital media per day.

Video ads are known to have a significantly positive impact in terms of marketing, with a vast variety of content to choose from for these ads.

You can also use short video ads that feature policyholders and highlight their experience with your company through reviews and testimonials. Focus on the positive impact your insurance brought to your policyholders.

#4. Mobile Ads

People use their smartphones for nearly everything — this is the reality you need to bank on. Every second, someone is looking at their phones. And that someone can be a future policyholder of your insurance company.

Mobile ads and mobile marketing, in general, are powerful resources you can use to highlight your brand and inform people why they need your insurance.

#5. Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are a form of paid ad that target your potential clients’ email inboxes. These ads are commonly found at the top of the email or inbox list, often under the Social or Promotions tab. 

They appear in a collapsed format, and once clicked or opened, you see an email. Here, you can have more detailed information of the insurance services you offer as well as direct your future customers to your landing site or contact information through a CTA.

Mediaboom shows how it has optimized its Instagram profile to get more customers

#6. Advertising On Instagram

Instagram (IG) is another powerful social network site that has made its mark in the digital marketing space. Not many insurance companies or agencies seem to use IG to market their services — you can bank on that and carve out a niche for your company.

An IG business account offers many additional features that you will not find on a personal account, such as featured posts, advertisement opportunities, and even data analytics.

#7. Email Marketing And Newsletters

Email marketing has always been one of the best online channels for reaching out to a wider audience. However, you will have to be more tactful than just sending out the same email to 1000 policyholders.

You want your current pool of clients and potential consumers to click open and read through the contents of your emails. You want to let your presence be known but not be so overbearing that you’d be tagged as a spammer or junk mail.

Remember, if you are not proactive in communicating with your clients, another company will be. Email marketing and monthly newsletters are highly effective ways to reinforce your brand and make sure your potential and existing clients remember you.


#8. Display Advertising

Display advertising, featuring an image or video along with some text elements, never gets old. And the most common display advertising that insurance companies use is banner ads.

These ads are usually placed within the margins of a website and can be incorporated into any website. Display ads effectively introduce your brand and help maintain your presence on various sites.

They are also easier to create than other insurance advertising options while enabling you to reach a wider audience.

#9. Partnerships With Targeted Websites And Online Magazines

Work with a website that can target your audience. For example, people who visit websites targeted at recently retired individuals, those who have purchased a new home, or older adults are typically people who want to learn more about insurance. 

Collaborate with such websites to display your pop-up forms, banners, and even videos. This is strategically targeted insurance advertising as it allows you to focus on a particular group of people who are looking for what you provide.

#10. Online Customer Referral Program

Tap into your current client database and explore their personal experiences to bring in new customers.

This may work as a simple referral program, but there are specific regulations in the insurance industry that would require you to be more creative in an online customer referral program. For example, certain states in the US do not allow giving out cash as an incentive. So, you can use gift cards instead of cash. For instance, the referee can receive a $5 gift card for every insurance quotation.

Two insurance agents are studying new digital advertising tips for insurance firms

Digital Advertising Tips for Insurance Firms

Develop Your Online Presence

All companies, regardless of the industry, must strive to establish their brand — to be remembered by their consumers and be easily identifiable. Your company may be highly reliable and efficient, but your customers won’t remember it if they are unfamiliar with your insurance logo or company name. 

This is why you need to maximize all possible digital insurance marketing platforms to create and maintain an online presence.

It would also help if you also associate your brand with core values like reliability, partnership, and honesty.

Establish A Target Audience

It is critical to know to whom you are selling your insurance. This is why insurance advertising entails significant market research and even the need for a lead magnet.

What you have to say will only be effective if you know whom you are talking to.

For example, you cannot have the same approach toward a veteran and a mid-30s bachelor. Moreover, different age groups will not only need to be approached in different ways but also on different digital platforms to get their attention.


Choose The Right Advertising Platforms

Although everyone is online now, some have preferences for their internet usage. You can choose to invest heavily in social media, but consider those who are not on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. You must also reach this person to introduce and develop your online presence.

Use digital insurance advertising platforms but also ensure that you track your development and make changes as needed.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Getting new clients is as necessary as retaining your existing policyholders.

And brand consistency plays a major role in not only establishing your brand but also making sure that your customers, both old and new, remember you.

Here’s how you do that.

Design Effective Landing Pages

Congratulations, a potential client clicked on your ad! Now what?

An informative, engaging, and well-designed landing page can be pivotal in generating interest in your services.

After one glance, consumers can simply click away and close your landing page — or they can keep reading and scrolling. Take a look at these website design samples that are both creative and informative.

Mediaboom shows how its CTA is captivating and motivating within the landing page

Create Motivating CTAs

Stand out among all the other insurance companies by using engaging and motivating CTAs that will prompt the consumer to act.

Statements like “Talk to your insurance agent now,” “Get a quote now!”, or “Save yourself from future stress by clicking on” are simple enough to not be too intrusive yet effective enough to get your potential clients to take action.

Test Your Landing Pages

You don’t want your landing page to have bugs or dead links. Be detail-oriented and make sure that every image, link, and text is functioning as intended and directing the consumer to the correct forms, information, and FAQs.

A dead link, spelling errors, or glitching images and videos make your website look unprofessional. It won’t matter if a potential client is convinced to buy a policy. If they come across a dead link when looking for a form or contact info, they might end up disregarding your website and moving on without a second glance at your policies.


Retargeting is highly effective to remind your old website visitors of your brand and services. You can get them back to your site and possibly push through with purchasing insurance or continuing an earlier conversation that was interrupted.

Retargeting can not only help increase brand credibility but also boost customer interaction and engagement.


Best Creative Insurance Advertising Ideas

Looking for inspiration? These creative insurance ads will get your creative juices flowing:

#1. Geico

Geico - Insurance website design

Geico has been adaptive with time in their insurance advertising. They are prolific advertisers on social media and have desktop and mobile versions of their ads. They also rank third in Facebook interactions, so they know how to keep their existing clients and future customers engaged.

#2. Stone Agency Insurance

Stone agency - Insurance website design

Featuring a clean, easy-to-navigate website, Stone Agency Insurance gives off an impression of reliability and relatability to the consumers. The site has a friendly approach, including a section with the heading “We’re your neighbor!” — which is inviting and takes away the potential intimidating factor of approaching a business.

#3. LumiCO

Lumico - Insurance website design

With a humanizing life quote highlighted on their website combined with a heart-capturing image with fun and bold colors, Lumia keeps you hooked to explore their website further. Their website is straightforward and highly informative. You can find all necessary details under “Products” along with some common questions answered under their FAQs. 

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