Mediaboom partnered with Wouch Maloney to grow their digital presence through multiple digital marketing channels, which resulted in an increase to their website traffic by over 507%.

Company Overview

Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP is a regional certified public accounting firm in Pennsylvania that has been in business for over 30 years. Thier extensive experience allows them to provide specialized services suited to a variety of industries including construction, real estate, insurance, and more.

Our Roles:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Lead Generation
Wouch Maloney partnered with Mediaboom
  • +507.34%


  • +418.22%


  • +353.38%


"This is the second time I partnered with Mediaboom to help create a lead optimized accounting firm website....

When I joined Wouch Maloney this year, my first priority was updating our website to be more reflective of the company's professionalism, as well as work to grow our client base. On March 13th, most of the United States was shut down due to COVID-19. That did not stop the exceptional team at Mediaboom. We were scattered across different states and working remotely, yet Mediaboom managed to create a completely new search engine and lead optimized website that continues to bring in new business. If I ever need to do this again, I know who to call."

Shelly Castorino

Shelly Castorino

Director, Marketing and Business Development
Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP

Website Overhaul

Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP partnered with Mediaboom to increase their lead generation online and a design a sleek new website to portray the firm’s highly technical and personalized expertise. The SEO optimized website highlighted Wouch Maloney's wide skillset to their target audience, while also attracting and retaining staff by showing their growth oriented culture. The website was built to expand with Wouch Maloney as their company, and digital presence, continues to grow.

wouch maloney website

Search Engine Optimization

Wouch Maloney SEO

Targeting Local Search

Along with the brand new website, Wouch Maloney wanted to increase organic traffic to their website in the hopes of attracting new clients. In order to help Wouch Maloney rank higher in search results (SERPs) Mediaboom performed extensive SEO work including:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Ranking Analysis
  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • On & Off Site SEO Implementation
  • Conversion Point Optimization

  • 353.38%


  • +418.22%


CRM Implementation and Management

Sales Funnel

Wouch Maloney needed a way to organize all their existing and  incoming contacts from the website and other marketing initiatives. Mediaboom integrated ActiveCampaign’s sales-funnel for the Wouch Maloney team to be able to actively manage all their clients.

Custom Automations & Email Segmentation

Using ActiveCampaign CRM, Mediaboom created custom automations that were integrated throughout the site. These automatinos  segmented Wouch Maloney’s email lists based on how user’s entered the marketing funnel.

Google Paid Advertising Campaign

Our agency implemented a strategic paid advertising campaign on the Google search network. The goal of the campaign was to drive targeted traffic to the new Wouch Maloney website to convert prospective users into new clients for the firm.

  • +76%


  • +115%


  • +53%


  • -71%


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