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Dental Website Design – 30 Stunning Examples

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

According to Dental Economics, 97 percent of all dental clients choose to get information from a dentist’s website instead of calling the dentist’s office.

Gone are the days of hard copies.

Instead, we have entered a fully digital world. Dental website designs and online resources are the most popular way for customers to find a firm.

Similarly, online presence is the most common way for firms to attract customers.

This transition to becoming a part of the internet world is essential for the dental industry.

Dentist sites now enable clients to book appointments online or discover more about the services with a single click.

Therefore, don’t just take our word for it!

See for yourself which websites designs are outstanding in the dental field to get inspiration. In that regard, we present the top 30 dental website design:

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1. Tend

Tend's website employs an animated video to introduce their unique brand style to visitors

Tend reimagines every aspect of your visit on a dentist’s website. They have an animated video that quickly conveys the brand’s distinct style to viewers.

This site’s straightforward style and clean lines are matched by easy-to-read language and colorful, appealing graphics.

Overall, this site design provides a fun and easy experience to the visitors while also encouraging potential patients to set up an appointment.

2. Enamel Dentistry

The website utilizes a combination of unique photographs and icons to represent their services.

This multi-location practice provides the unique neighborhoods that maintain Austin’s uniqueness. In addition, it showcases the site’s impressive offices and beautiful city.

You’ll find a deliberate blend of unique pictures and service-specific iconography on this site.

Their social media presence is prominent to encourage connectivity. Plus, the content is insane level engaging to persuade the customers.

An ultimate beautiful and trustworthy site!

3. Smile & Co.

This Smile & CO createde an impressive website by blending great design and engaging content.

This Folsom, CA dentistry business is an excellent example of combining content and design to produce an outstanding result.

The design is humorous, imaginative, and friendly, ideally fitting this young practice’s chatty and non-stuffy tone.

From the header video and text font to the parallax effects, this design has a lot of fantastic flow. We especially like the unique photographs.

4. Cedar Village Dentistry

Cedar Village Dentistry's website design stands out with its attention-grabbing video.

On the homepage, there is an eye-catching video and a call to action button.

Cedar Village Dentistry includes several areas that have relevant group services. In addition, they have included a quick overview of all of the significant surgeries they do.

As you browse down the homepage, you will see video testimonials from patients. This dental website design is built with soothing shades, so users find it quite relaxing.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

5. Lake Bluff Dental

The design of this dental website is minimalistic and easy to navigate, creating a positive user experience.

This dental website design is timeless, elegant, and simple to use, making this an example of a good user experience. The site’s structure and specific language showcase the doctor’s specialty and demonstrate her variety of services.

While powerful, conversion-focused navigation maintains Lake Bluff Dental’s contact information top of mind.

Ultimately, navigating the site is a smooth and easy approach; sticky navigation covers all information and booking possibilities.

6. Jackson Family Dental

The website's design is straightforward and easy to navigate, with clear calls-to-action on each page.

The design of this website uses attractive images and well-crafted videos to attract the interest of patients.

We especially enjoy videos that showcase the benefits of these services, such as pain-free care and one-day procedures.

These specific selling points appear on their neat and straightforward dental website design. The site is characterized by specific design features, content that answers FAQs, and call-to-actions on each page.

7. Smile Culture Dental

The website of Smile Culture Dental is visually appealing and engaging.

Smile Culture Dental’s website captures users’ attention and provides an overall pleasant experience. They have a soft, welcoming color palette and an eye-catching, trendy font.

The video header steals the show by presenting genuine patients’ responses with their new grins.

They have a user-friendly navigation bar, patient reviews, and CTAs below their services. Plus, a 24/7 chatbox and insurance to build trust.

8. Lotus Family Dentist

Dentist Westwood uses an attractive design for his dental clinic

Lotus Family Dentist uses a photo of a happy family covered in black and white. To its right it highlights the waiting room where patients can wait their turn before their visit and immediately below, there is a captivating call to action to book an appointment.

The elements to take into consideration are:

  • A good combination of colors
  • Elegant design
  • Attractive font

9. Bowles Dental

The dental website design of Bowles Dental is impressive as it creatively incorporates icons.

With icons and a well-crafted layout, this dental website design does an excellent job of being personable and innovative.

Among the first things Bowles Dental gets right is that it takes advantage of an online appointment and messaging. 

This site is tied together with a tight knot because of attention to SEO best practices, the ideal combination of unique and stock photos, and helpful writing that solves typical patient inquiries.

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10. Rogue Valley Dentist

The Rogue Valley Dentist's website features a beautiful video and displays the office location prominently.

By promoting the dentist’s expertise, education, qualifications, and awards, the site also supports uninsured people in learning about their alternatives for getting the care. 

Easy to approach navigation bars, services, and the brands that feature them make this website trustworthy.

Below, they have a beautiful video, the office location, and no need to mention the reviews from their patients. Overall, a clean and dependable website.

11. Brimfield Family Dentistry

The Brimfield Family Dentistry's website provides useful features such as online booking and information on what to expect during a visit.

The website not only seems beautiful, but it also includes online booking, a new client special, and information on what to expect. Such as how much time to spare for a consultation, safety precautions during COVID-19, payment solutions, and more.

Every section on the website is also optimized adequately for SEO when someone searches for a dentist nearest them on the Internet.

12. Grand Street Dental

Grand Street Dental Website offers practical features like online appointment booking.

A dentistry website that has the aesthetic of a modern art display? Grand Street Dental is the website to visit. Abstract designs, lovely images, and soothing shades put patients in comfort from the moment they enter the site. 

However, Grand Street Dental is concerned with more than just looks.

The website provides online appointment booking and promotes current publicity. It also provides quick navigation with services offered and insurance details.

13. Doylestown Dentist 

The design of Bash Dental is sharp and eye-catching, with bold service sections.

Bash Dental is Doylestown’s leading 24-hour emergency dentist. They have an emergency-focused site so that patients understand who to call when they require guidance. In addition, their service pages have a great content layout. 

Small, simple parts make it easier for the users to grasp the content, and before and after photographs keep the viewer’s attention on the services. The site has a sharp and catchy look with bold services and appealing CTAs.

14. East Indy Dental Care

East Indy Dental Care - Dental website Design

Above all, this dental clinic aims to be known for offering empathetic care in a comfortable setting. Using grayscale graphics with a delicate blue tint instantly conveys a subtle yet powerful message.

Their SEO team has also given East Indy Dental Care a thumbs up!

This clinic includes a link for clients to post reviews, an embedded Google map to their clinic, “trust badges” to add credibility.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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15. Atlanta Center

Atlanta Center - Dental website design

The Atlanta Center for Superior Perio is a dental treatment leader. A neat, clutter-free, and trendy style represents the firm’s identity and the high-end customers it draws.

The utilization of white space, muted palettes, and innovative photography and videos demonstrate the practice’s skill. Likewise, the friendly yet professional text makes viewers seem welcome and at ease.

16. Mansfield Orthodontist

Mansfield Orthodontists' website features a dynamic logo and family-focused imagery.

Mansfield Orthodontists have a pleasant and friendly website for patients seeking orthodontic care by using the doctor’s personal, family-focused imagery.

This website is elegant, with an intriguing dynamic logo.

This site is highly user-friendly, with customer reviews and trust badges to earn more credibility. Additionally, they showcase their availability timings and contact details at the bottom of the page to make it easier for patients.

17. Del Mar Dental Studio

Del Mar Dental Studio's website featuring modern design, videos, and photos.

The website of Del Mar Dental Studio is a stellar example of how free videos should be used.

The videos in the header and the photos throughout provide a smooth yet creative look.

This website matches Del Mar’s modern, affluent style and directs the user through the website with appealing fonts. It would not be wrong to say this is an ultimate simple-to-use site!

18. Upstate Pediatric Dentistry

Upstate Pediatric Dentistry has a minimalistic website layout with clear messaging and easy navigation for parents.

Upstate Pediatric Dentistry drew us over for various reasons, the most important of which is that they understand their target market; women.

When it comes to selecting a dentist, women are typically the primary decision-makers in the family.

Including a professionally produced film that introduces the practice and explains why it is a superb option for her kids. A minimal but robust website design.

19. Swish Dental

Swish Dental's website design is colorful and vibrant, aimed at a young audience.

Lively, pleasant, and effective. These are the words coming to mind as I browse through this stylish Austin dental website.

This practice immediately draws attention to the fact that it is aimed at a younger Millennial or Generation Z audience. The design incorporates vibrant colors, innovative imagery, and plenty of movement.

In addition, Swish Dental now provides virtual consultations in addition to online booking.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

20. Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry

Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry website features a jungle-themed design and cartoon character.

With a jungle-themed desk built for children, the Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry’s website achieves two tasks: 

  • Showcase the kid-friendly clinic
  • Display parents Dr. Julie’s devotion to helping kids. 

The practice’s cheerful atmosphere is enhanced by cartoon characters and bright colors. With content and visuals engagement, their navigation bar and contact form are highly approachable.

21. Zen Dental Studio

Zen dental studio's website features a soothing nude color palette that reflects the practice's minimalist brand identity.

Zen dental studio has a beautiful and well-blended nude colors palette. This design connects to the firm’s brand and plainly expresses who they are, focusing on minimal. 

This practice gets right by providing patients with information on insurance, finance, and payments, fully defining what to boost this site among competitors.

22. Kingstowne Dental Specialists

Kingstowne Dental Specialists' website strikes the perfect balance between design and content.

This website Intends to provide equal weight to two different specialties; content and design.

Developers elegantly create an even balance between Kingstowne Dental Specialists’ pediatric and orthodontic sides. 

This website beautifully represents their quiet, beautiful office, where children are welcome and families are comfortable. Kingstowne Dental Specialists is a warm and friendly site with clear instructions and CTAs.

23. Bridgetown Dental

Bridgetown - Dental Website Design

Everything in this website is suited to the firm’s loyal audience, from the Pacific Northwest-inspired green and brown color palette to the one-of-a-kind logo displaying a famous Portland bridge.

The left-hand navigation menu is a unique aspect of this design — you don’t find this very frequently!

Coupled with strong images of the office, orthodontist, and group, this homepage easily creates our list of great dental websites.

24. Dunn Orthodontics

Arizona Clinic - Dental website design

The Arizona clinic instantly stands out with cheerful colors and professional photographs and videos with its modern style. But, aside from the eye-catching style, this site adheres to all website best practices:

  • Calls to action that are appealing and free consultation services
  • Explanations to frequently asked patient questions
  • Copy that is captivating and SEO-optimized, stressing what sets them special
  • To develop trust, include patient testimonies and before-and-after images.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

25. Jupiter Pediatric Dentistry

This dental website design has a easy-to-use navigation and clear calls-to-action.

The advertising of the Little Royals, which comes from a popular children’s book called “The Little Prince,” strongly affected the website’s design. 

Creatures and animations appropriate for small princesses and princes bring the concept to life. This website has fantasy vibes with user-friendly navigations and bold CTAs.

It is an immensely favorite dental website design among mothers for their children due to its unique concept.

26. Laser Dentistry of Erie

Laser Dentistry website homepage featuring a soothing nude color palette with welcoming photos of a dental practice.

Laser dentistry is a stunning and user-friendly site due to its nude color palette. The beautiful and welcoming photos are one of our favorite aspects. A patient who visits a website will quickly understand who they are working with. Plus, patients will be more confident in their decision to schedule an appointment. 

This website accomplishes both goals by addressing common dental concerns and promoting the practice’s many positive patient testimonials.

27. Dentist Hollywood

The home page of the Glo Modern Dentistry website features a large banner image.

Glo Modern Dentistry is a five-star cosmetic dentist in Hollywood. The website has separate categories, including patient information, treatments, oral and cosmetic procedures.

They also have a video on their webpage that shows the outcomes of their procedure. Services details and contact form is highly approachable. Additionally, customers reviews and trust badges are a plus point.

28. Embassy Dental

The Embassy Dental website features a colorful and visually appealing design.

Embassy Dental features a visually appealing website that lists all of its offerings on the homepage. To showcase their services, they have chosen amusing art graphics. On the main page, you can see images of their doctors as well as their locations. 

This allows patients to get to know the experts before scheduling appointments. In addition, the navigation bar on their website is specifically created for patients to reach them.

29. Timberhill Dental

A screenshot of the Timberhill Dental website featuring a relaxing color palette with original photos of their dental practice.

Timberhill Dental has a terrific website with original photos that makes it appear familiar. The website’s relaxing color palette makes patients comfortable.

They give a brief overview of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and CEREC tooth replacement. 

They also encourage consumers to make an appointment for a consultation. The website also carries a feedback area along with the prevention therapy, available treatments, and contact information.

30. Atlanta Dentist

Atlanta Dental Spa's website showcases their luxurious and high-end approach to dentistry with four elegant locations.

Atlanta Dental Spa is setting a new level for quality with four elegant sites that seem more like a Ritz Carlton hotel than a dentist clinic.

Through beautifully produced high-quality video visits of each location, the website conveys the brand’s classy and luxurious vibe. 

Patients are encouraged to contact or text, which is becoming increasingly common in leading dentistry.

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Conclusion – Dental Website Design Services

Like you can notice from the list, trustworthiness, user experience, and authority are the most important aspects of dental web design. 

If you also want to create a high-converting and accessible dental website design for your dental business – MediaBOOM excels in creating classy, stunning websites. Contact us right away.

By: Frank DePino

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