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CPA Website Design – 15 Eye-Catching Websites for Your Firm

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

It’s not easy to stand out amongst the crowd as a CPA. However, having a beautifully designed website is an important step in differentiating your business. Having a bold website can help, but it must also exude trust and expertise.

1. Tanner

CPA Website Design of Tanner, focused on orange color.

Tanner’s website feels lively with their use of their brand’s bold orange and fun use of the owl from their logo. Another nice touch is their use of video in the background of an informational strip, this helps add depth and an environment to their website.

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2. Accountant Online

CPA Website Design of Accountant with a very elegant design.

Accountant Online’s accounting website design uses a fun color scheme which helps make it feel fun and lively. Their homepage visualizes their company well by calling out their services, showcasing testimonials, and featuring a case study.

3. Bench

Bench's website displays a very interesting infographic for its visitors

Bench’s website feels modern and fun with its use of informational graphics and a colorful color scheme. Some other nice touches are their callouts to who they’ve partnered with, where they’ve been featured, and a section for testimonials. Each of these elements helps add credibility to their brand.

4. Wouch Maloney & Co.

Wouch Maloney showcases his team members in a beautiful website image

Wouch, Maloney & Co.’s website features clean, modern lines with excellent use of black and white imagery. Clear (and easy to use) calls-to-action have been introduced well, making client conversions a top priority.

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5. Bean Ninjas

CPA Website Design of Bean Ninjas, focused on a green color background

Bean Ninja’s website is simple and informative with strong calls-to-action, a breakdown of their services and company and a clean, easy-to-follow layout. A nice touch on their homepage is the callouts for downloadable content, this helps provide resources for the visitor but also helps them with their lead generation.

6. Bromhead

Bromhead uses soft colors and a very captivating font to enhance its image as a brand

Bromhead’s website feels unique with its use of illustrations throughout their website, even going the extra step to illustrate a part of their welcome image. Along with strong graphics, they use their brand’s blue boldly throughout in overlays that help add an extra element to the page.

7. Van Reybrouck

CPA Website Design - Van Reybrouck

Van Reybrouck’s website use of staggering and overlapping elements helps make the information still feel organized yet adds an extra element of the design to the page. They also use a more simple navigation with some quick links at the top and a hamburger menu that expands to show you the full navigation.

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8. St. Clair CPA’s

St.Clair CPA website uses a very eye-catching color scheme

St. Clair’s accounting website design feels personal with their use of employee images for their welcome screen. They have strong calls to actions throughout the site including multiple spots to schedule a consultation and pointing to the right service sector you need whether it be accounting or financial services.

9. Carrie Braswell

CPA Website Design of Carrie Braswell

Carrie Braswell’s website is light and welcoming with their use of a pastel color palette that is also carried into the photography. Their website doesn’t feel as stiff as some other accounting websites, making the user feel comfortable when visiting. These elements help the company feel more approachable and personal.

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10. Berdon

CPA Website Design of Berdon, with very interesting graphics for its users

Berdon’s website feels professional with bold typography and images to match. Their welcome screen includes a slideshow with informative content they offer, making the visitor feel like they know what they’re talking about.

11. Swallow Accountancy

Swallow accountant website uses a dark and clean theme with great contrasts

Swallow Accountancy’s website keeps it simple by focusing on the content. They use opaque imagery in the background to not overwhelm the user but to also help add an interesting design element to the page. They get straight to the point by showcasing who they are, what they offer and giving you multiple ways to get in touch with them through calls-to-action and a contact form.

12. Gentry & Associates

CPA Website Design of Gentry & Associates

Gentry & Associates’s website keeps it simple with an imagery slide show and strong call-out related to the Covid-19 Economic Impact Payments. This callout helps get important information to the visitor quickly. Another nice touch is quick links for each service they offer.

13. DMCL

DMCL uses a very professional accountant web design, reflecting the values ​​of the company

DMCL’s home screen uses a simple interactive element when you hover over their welcome screen. Their use of strong photography and simple animations helps them stand out from the competition.

14. Elder & Isaac

CPA Website Design - Elder & Isaac

Elder & Isaac’s website feels sophisticated with their blue and tan color palette and professional photography. Their use of their logo as elements in the background helps tie the brand together and are easy ways to help add to the design of the page. Another nice touch is their strong callout to make a payment in their navigation.

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15. WOW

CPA Website Design of the Wow Company

Wow’s website makes accounting feel fun with a bright color palette and lively vector graphics that aren’t usually seen on traditional accounting websites. Their use of imagery with team members from their company makes their website feel even more unique.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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