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7 Key Elements of Luxury Real Estate Advertising

By: Frank DePino | February 28, 2024

Luxury real estate advertising is critical in attracting affluent homebuyers to your offerings.

According to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s Luxury Market Report 2023, 32.9 percent of single-family homes and 25.6 percent of attached properties in March 2023 were luxury properties.

How do you advertise luxury real estate?

Luxury Real Estate Advertising encompasses the implementation of strategic marketing techniques to promote high-end properties, targeting affluent buyers. The focus lies on showcasing the distinctive features, opulent amenities, and exclusive aspects of the property through targeted promotional campaigns. This entails utilizing top-quality visuals, employing sophisticated branding and positioning, leveraging prestigious platforms and publications, and engaging with the target audience through various channels such as online platforms, print media, social media, and exclusive networking events.

Here are 7 must-have components of a luxury real estate advertising campaign:

  1. Target audience
  2. Brand identity
  3. Visual and multimedia elements
  4. Compelling copy
  5. Storytelling
  6. Virtual video tours
  7. Following trends

This guide to luxury home advertising will expound on the above campaign elements and delve into channels for luxury real estate marketing and advertising.

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What Is Luxury Real Estate Advertising?

Let’s begin by explaining luxury home advertising.

As the introductory statistic underscores, luxury real estate sellers have a renewed interest in selling properties. The market is there for it, as the same report mentions that the median prices for sold luxury homes rose a little higher than in March 2022.

It’s not only your luxury real estate firm that’s paying attention to this surge in interest but your competitors as well. High-end real estate advertising allows you to reach luxury buyers, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and sell more properties.

A real estate agent is advertising a luxury property

How to Advertise Luxury Real Estate

Promoting yours as a premier real estate firm begins with luxury home advertising. Let’s take a closer look at your advertising avenues as listed in the intro.

1. Find Your Target Audience

In luxury real estate advertising especially, identifying your target audience is critical. You’re trying to reach affluent buyers. Marketing and advertising to anyone fewer wastes your firm’s budget and results in no sales.

You can issue customer surveys or interviews to understand the motivations and pain points that drive your audience’s financial decisions. You must also get a feel for their income to gauge whether they’re a qualified lead.

2. Create a Distinctive Brand Identity

Every luxury real estate firm has its own brand identity. What’s yours? To answer that question, assess your firm’s history and values to determine what your brand looks sounds, and presents itself like.

Fit Small Business notes that a consistent brand can bolster your revenue by 20 percent, so it’s worth discovering and refining your brand if you haven’t lately.

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3. Use Visual and Multimedia Elements

Today’s consumers are highly visual, so treat their eyes with visual and multimedia elements. As a high-end real estate firm, your properties for sale are especially striking, so incorporate as many visual multimedia elements into your advertising campaign as your budget allows.

For instance, showcase videos and photos of your properties for sale, including interiors and exteriors. Virtual tours are also popular, as we’ll talk more about shortly.

4. Produce Compelling Copy

Can you sell properties based on visuals alone? Perhaps if we’re talking luxury homes, but nevertheless, you need an equally gripping copy.

Homebuyers want to learn details, such as when the home was built, how many rooms, and all the posh features and amenities that await them. You must craft a crisp, warm copy that makes the reader feel like they’re strolling through the extravagant rooms.

5. Tell a Story

Take your copywriting one step further by interweaving stories. Every home has its own flavor and history and interjecting that into the copy will certainly whet any affluent buyer’s appetite.

Present that story, combining words and visuals to beautifully display everything that makes a property unique. This exposition can attract more buyers than those who would have originally been interested.

A potential client of a real estate agent is taking a video tour of the luxury property

6. Offer Virtual Video Tours

Videos have a global viral reach of 93 percent, notes Statista. The aforementioned Fit Small Business report states that when real estate agents use videos, they can capture a global user base at a rate of up to 30 percent.

Tour the home slowly, filming the entire time. Showcase the rooms from multiple angles, allowing the viewer to visualize living there.

7. Follow Luxury Real Estate Advertising Trends

Each new year brings with it a fresh batch of real estate advertising trends. Your firm must stay abreast of these driving trends to determine which ones will influence which properties you sell and how.

For example, a big trend in 2023 is smaller homes in the luxury market. Cash deals are also on the rise.

Channels for Luxury Real Estate Advertising

Now that you better understand the process of luxury real estate advertising, let’s review your advertising channels.

1. Print Advertising

One method of luxury home advertising at your disposal is print advertising. Imagine a full-page spread in a state magazine or luxury publication. You could showcase several photos of homes for sale, splashing them across the glossy page.

Since print advertising can get expensive fast, especially for a full-page ad in a magazine versus a newspaper, do your research before selecting a publication. Look into the magazine’s readership to determine how much of your target audience resides there.

If a large enough percentage of readers are potential buyers, your print ad should perform well enough that you’ll offset what you spent with new customers and more sales.

2. Digital Advertising

Your luxury real estate advertising campaign would be incomplete without a digital advertising component. This form of advertising comprises many areas, so let’s review them.

  • PPC ads: Pay-per-click ads cost your firm a small sum each time a user clicks on an ad. By positioning your PPC ads in prominent places across the internet that your target audience frequents, your digital ad campaign successes will offset the PPC ad costs.
  • Social media ads: Each social media platform has its own paid advertising service. Use your audience data to determine which platforms attract your target audience and pay to launch campaigns on those platforms. You can tailor your social media campaign to reach ultra-specific niches.
  • Mobile ads: With so much of the average audience on mobile, incorporating mobile ads into your luxury home advertising is a smart choice. Discover the apps your audience uses and get your ads there.
  • Retargeting: The beauty of retargeting is that it’s a second chance to captivate potential customers you missed before. An earnest retargeting campaign could be enough to inspire a lead to contact your luxury real estate firm.

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A real estate agent made a video to promote his luxury properties

3. Video Advertising

We discussed the value of video in the last section, so it should come as no surprise to see it mentioned again. A video ad is concerned with driving action, such as scheduling a home showing. 

Your video ad should include elements of a virtual home tour to preview to the viewer what living in the lap of luxury is truly like. Limit the ad duration to no more than 90 seconds for best results.

Not only do longer videos lose the viewer, but they’re also costlier. If you can condense your message into 30 seconds, that’s best from attention maintenance and cost-savings perspectives.

4. Sponsored Events

Unify your community by hosting sponsored events in the neighborhood. Partner with non-competitors but businesses within your industry, such as a high-end appliances brand or a cabinetry company.

Craft an engaging event that will attract leads and create an enjoyable, memorable experience. Sponsored events will drum up interest in your brand, strengthen your brand among leads who are vaguely familiar with your firm, and generate more leads.

5. TV Advertising

The last luxury real estate advertising channel we’ll look at is television advertising. Statista reports that the United States still has 123.8 million households with televisions in 2023. While television viewership might not be what it once was in the age of streaming, it’s by no means dead.

A high-end real estate firm advertising luxury properties will surely stand out during a break from a viewer’s favorite television show. Your ads can generate curiosity in viewers, who might visit your website or call your firm to schedule a showing.

As we discussed with the duration of radio ads, your firm must also watch how long your TV ads run. Television ads are traditionally the more expensive of the two. You can drain a hefty ad budget fast if you launch too many commercials or if your ads run too long.

We’ll once again advise you to keep the ad between 30 and 60 seconds long. Getting your ad shown during primetime television or during a major televised event like the Oscars will attract a lot of eyes to your business.

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By: Frank DePino

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