Mediaboom partnered with KW Luxury and the Scibor Group to enhance their digital presence and drive real estate leads. Through strategic digital marketing initiatives, including paid advertising and the creation of a downloadable lead magnet, our agency achieved remarkable results, delivering tangible value to Scibor Group.

Company Overview

Kw Luxury / Scibor Group

KW Luxury and the Scibor Group is a prominent real estate group, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in residential properties. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and expertise in the real estate market, they sought Mediaboom's expertise to elevate their online visibility and lead generation efforts.

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Paid Advertising

Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Our agency designed and executed targeted paid advertising campaigns to drive quality leads for Scibor Group. By leveraging platforms like Facebook, we achieved outstanding results.

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Lead Magnet Creation


Downloadable PDF Lead Magnet

Mediaboom collaborated with Scibor Group to create a compelling downloadable PDF lead magnet. This valuable resource offered insights into the local real estate market, property buying tips, and more. The lead magnet became a powerful tool for lead generation and nurturing.

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