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Discover 15 Striking Luxury Real Estate Ads for Realtors

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

Effective luxury real estate ads go above and beyond your standard home listing, capturing the essence of exclusivity that the high-end lifestyle provides.

Luxury real estate ads are advertisements specifically tailored to showcase high-end residential properties. These arecharacterized by exceptional quality, unique features, prime locations, and extravagant amenities. These ads often emphasize exclusivity, sophistication, and prestige to appeal to affluent buyers seeking premium lifestyle experiences and investment opportunities.

As a luxury real estate agent, there are a few key elements you can use to showcase your top-tier properties and capture the emotions of your potential buyers, including:

  • High-Quality Imagery: Professional photos and videos that highlight your property at its best angles.
  • Storytelling: Narrative-style listing copy that highlights why the property is unique.
  • Exclusive Details: Listing components that showcase any unique amenities or design details.
  • Messaging: Copy that speaks directly to the needs of high-net-worth buyers
  • CTA: Directs potential buyers to act, like touring or contacting the agent.

In this guide, we’ll dissect a few successful real estate luxury ads. We’ll also explore the distinct elements that the best ads incorporate, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

1. Facebook Ad Example – Lead with Luxury

Even those who can’t live like the rich and famous love seeing million-dollar homes. It’s one of the reasons we have popular TV shows like “Selling Sunset” and “Million Dollar Listing.”

In this concise Facebook/Instagram advertisement, Serhant invites viewers to explore a luxurious Manhattan penthouse.

He introduces himself as a high-end real estate agent and offers a direct call-to-action for interested buyers to discover more about the property.

2.  Facebook Ad Example – State of the Market

If you’re looking to target real estate investors, position yourself as a market thought leader in your ad.

Espace Real Estate does an excellent job of educating viewers on the real value of its luxury properties in an easy-to-digest carousel format.

This approach not only highlights their expertise but also engages potential investors by showcasing the unique features and investment benefits of each property, making it easier for investors to recognize the opportunities presented.

3. Facebook Ad Example – Achievements

You’ve likely seen thousands of videos from luxury real estate agent showing off their past work in the luxury market.

Take a look at the one above from successful Malibu realtor Chris Cortazzo.

It’s simple yet effective, quickly showing why he’s a top global realtor.

This not only highlights his successful transactions but also emphasizes the elegance and desirability of the properties he represents, effectively conveying his expertise and the exclusive lifestyle his listings offer.

4. Facebook Ad Example – Listing Photos Turned Videos

Don’t have time to make a cinematic video of your most recent listings? Consider turning your listing photos into a video instead!

Take a look at the video above from Austin realtor Barbara Erker, which offers a slideshow of a gorgeous local property with overlaid text regarding the listing price, address, size, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. Facebook Ad Example – Persona Branding

Understanding the psychology of high-end real estate buyers and sellers is key to creating luxury real estate ads.

Look at the video above.

It highlights Serhant’s impact in luxury real estate, featuring his sales, speeches, and developer meetings.

6. Print Ad – Minimalist Elegance

Magazine and newspaper ad designs about Guiding you Home by Compass

A print ad that features a luxurious interior or a sprawling estate with minimalist text that emphasizes the proposition can stick.

Look at the ad from Compass above, which features a high-quality image, a simple tagline, and the company’s information positioned subtly at the bottom for those who want to take the next step and contact them.

7.  Print Ad – Join the Conversation

Luxury real estate ad showcasing an elegant family in a cozy, high-end living room, emphasizing comfort and sophisticated design

Corcoran’s “Live Who You Are Campaign” was an incredibly successful print campaign, showcasing portraits of well-known people in their homes.

It also featured the hashtag #livewhoyouare, inviting readers to join the conversation online.

This dual strategy of leveraging celebrity influence while encouraging digital interaction exemplifies a modern, integrated marketing approach, significantly enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness in building brand awareness and affinity.

8.  Print Ad – Lifestyle-Centric Showcasing

The LA Times Hot Property showcases about their trending homes

The LA Times Hot Property showcases some of the top luxurious estates in Southern California each week, offering readers a look into trendsetting home design and available properties with vivid descriptions.

Take a look through some of the past editions for success advertising components.

9.  Print Ad – Compelling Imagery

A full page magazine advertisement by the Douglas Elliman

While a full-page magazine advertisement might be pricey, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and display your professionalism.

The above ad from Douglas Elliman demonstrates the firm’s marketing expertise using compelling imagery and minimalist color choices.

10. Print Ad – Engaging Brochure

High quality real estate Brochure of the Danzi Real Estate Media

One savvy real estate marketing tactic is developing a quality brochure to promote your services.

Though they might be most relevant in the direct mail marketing sphere, they can be equally useful for distribution at networking events or open houses.

11. Google Ad – Expert Lead Generation

Koebel and Company paid Ad is shown on the first results on the Google search engine.

While the above for Koelbel and Company may not have any high-quality imagery, it leverages keywords to put them in the top ad space and provides a simple call-to-action for those who want to learn more.

This tactic demonstrates an effective use of search engine optimization (SEO) principles, ensuring visibility among targeted audiences without the need for visually striking content. Furthermore, the simplicity of the call-to-action lowers the barrier for potential clients to engage, streamlining the path from interest to action.

This highlights the importance of understanding and leveraging digital marketing tools to maximize reach and engagement, even in the absence of high-quality visuals.

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12. Google Ad – Capturing Nearby Searches

Real estate agents nearby featured on Google

While there isn’t a ton of creative flair that goes into Local Service Ads on Google, it’s important to have a professional headshot and as many positive reviews as possible.

You may even consider putting your listing hours to “24/7” to be competitive. 

13. Google Ad – Sell Fast

Google Ad - Sell Fast with relevant keywords and CTA.

High-net-worth individuals may have a lot, though if there’s one thing they often don’t have, it’s time.

The Google ad above includes relevant keywords and a quick CTA that provides a sense of urgency for for time-sensitive sellers who want a stress-free selling process.

14. Google Ad – Video Campaign

Including a video campaign in your Google ad is a smart move, and any video you create will appear on platforms under Google’s umbrella, such as YouTube. There are a few different video campaign types you can choose from, including:

  • Skippable or no-skippable in-stream ads
  • Conversion-driving action campaigns
  • Storytelling ad sequences with a small montage of clips
  • Oustreamed mobile ads for other websites and Google apps

The video from Trentadue Torres Group does an excellent job at outlining the the firm’s expertise with quality visuals.

15. Google Ad – Eye-Catching Displays

Sidebar pop-up Ad display of Zillow.

A display ad can be wide-reaching, popping up on over three million websites.

While these ads may not be as targeted as others, they can offer a relatively inexpensive way to get your brand in front of millions of potential buyers almost instantly.

Take a look at how our tailored real estate advertising strategies have helped our clients optimize their listings and reach more buyers.

Our Success Stories: Elevating Luxury Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Explore how Mediaboom’s expertise transformed various luxury real estate marketing strategies, achieving remarkable results:

Elevating Integris Real Estate’s Market Presence

Integris Google advertising with their offers.

Integris partnered with Mediaboom to expand its investor base, achieving remarkable results.

With a stellar 508% increase in conversions, a significant surge of 453% in marketing qualified leads, and a substantial 238% boost in impressions, our tailored approach on Google paid search, display advertising, and Facebook paid advertising effectively engaged the target audience.

Leveraging Google display advertising and strategic Facebook paid advertising, we achieved impressive outcomes, showcasing the power of strategic paid advertising in luxury real estate investment.

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Revolutionizing RBC Homes’ Digital Presence

The elegant Homepage of the RBC Homes website.

Partnering with RBC Homes, Mediaboom spearheaded a transformative digital overhaul.

With a focus on targeted paid Google advertising campaigns, we achieved a notable 152% increase in conversions, driving substantial user traffic to RBC Homes’ website. Leveraging advanced SEO and content marketing strategies, we secured top rankings for luxury coastal living searches, resulting in a significant rise in organic traffic.

Our collaborative efforts have solidified RBC Homes’ position as a leader in the luxury custom home building sector, showcasing the power of strategic ads campaigns in elevating brand recognition and trust.

Elevating KW Luxury’s Market Presence

KW Luxury and the Scibor Group downloadable PDF lead magnet with partnered with Mediaboom

KW Luxury and the Scibor Group partnered with Mediaboom to amplify their online visibility and lead generation efforts.

Through strategic social media campaigns, particularly on Facebook, we drove quality leads for the Scibor Group, achieving outstanding results. Additionally, our collaboration led to the creation of a compelling downloadable PDF lead magnet, providing valuable insights into the local real estate market and property buying tips.

This resource became instrumental in lead generation and nurturing efforts, showcasing the effectiveness of strategic ads campaigns in elevating online presence and lead generation for KW Luxury and the Scibor Group.

Elements of Successful Luxury Real Estate Ads

The job of your luxury real estate ads is to promote yourself as a premier realtor or firm. In order to do so, you’ll need to utilize certain elements.

High-Quality, Professional Photography

Luxury real estate buyers are highly visual individuals, which is why it’s important to provide striking photography with each listing. Consider creating high-quality video content that showcases the interior and exterior of a particular property.

These visuals should capture the essence of luxury living, highlighting exquisite architectural details, lush landscapes, and state-of-the-art amenities to captivate potential buyers’ imaginations.

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Captivating and Descriptive Headlines

While you may be able to draw buyers in solely using visual media, having captivating copy can be equally important.

Your headlines will serve as the initial point of engagement for any buyers, so make sure they evoke the emotion you want to convey, whether it’s an ad for a “San Francisco Penthouse with Commanding Views the Bay” or “An Exquisite Coastal Retreat in Martha’s Vineyard.”

Concise and Compelling Property Descriptions

How do you distill the essence of high-echelon living into a digestible ad?

With compelling copy, of course.

Potential homebuyers want details for your properties that go beyond the number of bedrooms and square footage. Think of your ad as a narrative. Invite your reader onto the sprawling estate and through the grand double doors, where they’ll find themselves immersed in 100,000 square feet of bespoke architectural detail and a state-of-the-art kitchen that was once the workspace of world-renowned chef so-and-so.

The devil is in the details.

Highlighting Unique and Exclusive Features

Ask yourself, “What features set my property apart from others?’

Then, make sure to list those exclusive features, such as”

  • A fully-equipped home gym with a resort-style spa
  • A hundred-year-old wine cellar constructed with local timber
  • A private movie theater for redefined home entertainment

Emphasis on the Property’s Prestigious Location

For many luxury buyers, the location is just as valuable (if not more) as the home.

Promote the status of the location and the amenities it offers, such as nearby gourmet restaurants, beachfront access, or hilltop views.

Let us help you optimize your advertising potential with our luxury real estate marketing services. Learn more!

A modern luxury poolside area of a penthouse

How to Engage the Luxury Real Estate Audience

Utilize Advanced Targeting Options

Facebook is a prime example of an online platform that offers granular targeting options for luxury real estate ads. Once you’ve configured your campaign goal, you can use precise characteristics to ensure your ads are appearing on the correct feeds, including:

  • Age Range
  • Location (Zip Code)
  • Income
  • Home Ownership Status

Create a Distinctive Brand Identity

Every luxury real estate firm has its own brand identity. What’s yours? To answer that question, assess your firm’s history and values to determine what your brand looks sounds, and presents itself like.

Fit Small Business notes that a consistent brand can bolster your revenue by 20 percent, so it’s worth discovering and refining your brand if you haven’t lately.

Employ Lookalike/Similar Audiences

Successful real estate agents keep lists of homebuyers who recently purchased homes. Using Custom Audiences, you can upload your list and allow Facebook to find lookalike individuals for you to target.

You may even consider creating a list of those who recently visited your luxury real estate website.

Utilize Retargeting Campaigns

One of the great things about retargeting is that it offers you a second opportunity to draw in potential buyers that you missed the first time.

When a potential buyer visits your website, a retargeting script can track their browsing and provide them with ads either weeks or months later to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Incorporate Compelling Ad Copy

We can’t stress the importance of compelling copy enough.

You might consider taking it a step further with storytelling marketing. Many luxury homes have unique histories that you can present to attract affluent and discerning buyers who desire something outside the norm.

Combine your narrative with high-quality visuals and keywords to showcase why your property is so unique.

Use Visual and Multimedia Elements

Today’s consumers are highly visual, so treat their eyes with visual and multimedia elements. As a high-end real estate firm, your properties for sale are especially striking, so incorporate as many visual multimedia elements into your advertising campaign as your budget allows.

For instance, showcase videos and photos of your properties for sale, including interiors and exteriors. Virtual tours are also popular, as we’ll talk more about shortly.

Offer Virtual Video Tours

Videos have a global viral reach of 93 percent, notes Statista. The aforementioned Fit Small Business report states that when real estate agents use videos, they can capture a global user base at a rate of up to 30 percent.

Tour the home slowly, filming the entire time. Showcase the rooms from multiple angles, allowing the viewer to visualize living there.

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Test Different Ad Formats

The best way to find out which luxury real estate ads resonate best with your audience is by testing different ad formats.

From immersive visual tours to elegant print ads, there are endless formats to choose from, and one may have a better impact that yields engagement and conversions more than another. As you test out different formats, keep track of key metrics to see how well they perform, and fine-tune from there.

Implement Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking can help you determine which of your ads are most effective in terms of ROI. With ad platforms like Facebook and Google, it’s quite easy to take this data-driven approach and see how individual ads contribute to your ultimate goal of selling luxury properties.

Follow Luxury Real Estate Advertising Trends

Each new year brings with it a fresh batch of real estate advertising trends. Your firm must stay abreast of these driving trends to determine which ones will influence which properties you sell and how.

For example, a big trend in 2023 is smaller homes in the luxury market. Cash deals are also on the rise.

Adjust Bidding Strategies

Optimize your ads by tweaking bidding strategies like cost-per-click or cost-per-impression to efficiently manage your ad budget.

Remember, your luxury real estate audience is niche, aiming for relevance and interest. The ultimate goal is to reach them without overspending

Get in touch with us here at Mediaboom today to find out how we can use our years of experience and targeted services to optimize your real estate ad strategies.

A twilight view of a modern, two-story luxury home with reflections on an infinity pool

Channels for Luxury Real Estate Advertising

Now that you better understand the process of luxury real estate advertising, let’s review your advertising channels.

1. Print Advertising

One method of luxury home advertising at your disposal is print advertising. Imagine a full-page spread in a state magazine or luxury publication. You could showcase several photos of homes for sale, splashing them across the glossy page.

Since print advertising can get expensive fast, especially for a full-page ad in a magazine versus a newspaper, do your research before selecting a publication. Look into the magazine’s readership to determine how much of your target audience resides there.

If a large enough percentage of readers are potential buyers, your print ad should perform well enough that you’ll offset what you spent with new customers and more sales.

2. Digital Advertising

Your luxury real estate advertising campaign would be incomplete without a digital advertising component. This form of advertising comprises many areas, so let’s review them.

  • PPC ads: Pay-per-click ads cost your firm a small sum each time a user clicks on an ad. By positioning your PPC ads in prominent places across the internet that your target audience frequents, your digital ad campaign successes will offset the PPC ad costs.
  • Social media ads: Each social media platform has its own paid advertising service. Use your audience data to determine which platforms attract your target audience and pay to launch campaigns on those platforms. You can tailor your social media campaign to reach ultra-specific niches.
  • Mobile ads: With so much of the average audience on mobile, incorporating mobile ads into your luxury home advertising is a smart choice. Discover the apps your audience uses and get your ads there.
  • Retargeting: The beauty of retargeting is that it’s a second chance to captivate potential customers you missed before. An earnest retargeting campaign could be enough to inspire a lead to contact your luxury real estate firm.

Count on the pros at Mediaboom to successfully launch your digital advertising campaign.

A real estate agent made a video to promote his luxury properties

3. Video Advertising

We discussed the value of video in the last section, so it should come as no surprise to see it mentioned again. A video ad is concerned with driving action, such as scheduling a home showing. 

Your video ad should include elements of a virtual home tour to preview to the viewer what living in the lap of luxury is truly like. Limit the ad duration to no more than 90 seconds for best results.

Not only do longer videos lose the viewer, but they’re also costlier. If you can condense your message into 30 seconds, that’s best from attention maintenance and cost-savings perspectives.

4. Sponsored Events

Unify your community by hosting sponsored events in the neighborhood. Partner with non-competitors but businesses within your industry, such as a high-end appliances brand or a cabinetry company.

Craft an engaging event that will attract leads and create an enjoyable, memorable experience. Sponsored events will drum up interest in your brand, strengthen your brand among leads who are vaguely familiar with your firm, and generate more leads.

5. TV Advertising

The last luxury real estate advertising channel we’ll look at is television advertising. Statista reports that the United States still has 123.8 million households with televisions in 2023. While television viewership might not be what it once was in the age of streaming, it’s by no means dead.

A high-end real estate firm advertising luxury properties will surely stand out during a break from a viewer’s favorite television show. Your ads can generate curiosity in viewers, who might visit your website or call your firm to schedule a showing.

As we discussed with the duration of radio ads, your firm must also watch how long your TV ads run. Television ads are traditionally the more expensive of the two. You can drain a hefty ad budget fast if you launch too many commercials or if your ads run too long.

We’ll once again advise you to keep the ad between 30 and 60 seconds long. Getting your ad shown during primetime television or during a major televised event like the Oscars will attract a lot of eyes to your business.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I ensure my luxury real estate ad stands out from the competition?

Focus on high-quality visuals and captivating storytelling to highlight your luxury real estate ad. Emphasize exclusive property features and tailor messaging to the needs of affluent buyers.

2. What elements should I prioritize in my luxury real estate ad?

Use professional photography and compelling headlines to attract high-net-worth individuals. Highlight unique features and the property’s prestigious location in concise descriptions.

3. What targeting options can I use for luxury real estate ads on platforms like Facebook?

4. How can I optimize my luxury real estate ad campaigns for better performance?

Employ advanced targeting on Facebook by selecting age, location, income, and home ownership status. Use lookalike audiences to effectively reach your desired demographic.

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