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Construction Marketing – Strategies to Elevate Your Sales

By: Frank DePino | July 19, 2023

Construction marketing is a must, as digital marketing resource WebFX reports that seven million people per month will use Google to search for contractors. You must craft a meaningful presence with a good SEO ranking to stand out among your competition. What is marketing for construction companies?

Construction marketing entails the strategies used in this industry to increase leads, brand awareness, website traffic, conversions, sales, and customer retention. Digital marketing for construction companies includes SEO (including local SEO), content marketing, landing pages, advertising, and website design. Marketing services can assist construction businesses in achieving their goals.

This post will define construction marketing in more detail, delve into its benefits, and elaborate on strategies the construction industry can rely on to foster growth and more sales.

What Is Construction Marketing?

Marketing for construction companies encompasses the techniques and tactics used to achieve growth objectives in the industry.

The global construction market is on the rise, projected to reach $8 trillion in 2030, says Finances Online. Much of that growth has occurred in the United States, with an upward trajectory expected.

With tens of thousands of people in the construction industry, the time is ripe for construction companies to employ full-bodied marketing campaigns with elements such as search engine optimization, content pages, advertising, and social media marketing.

Marketing can achieve many companywide or industrywide goals, from a healthier bottom line to better customer retention and lead generation.

The builders are verifying the progress of their traffic on the site after applying excellent marketing strategies

The Benefits of Marketing for Construction Companies

Digital marketing for construction companies is advantageous for these reasons.

More Qualified Leads

Marketing can do more than increase a construction company’s lead gen. The rate of qualified leads will be higher.

Qualified leads enter later in the sales funnel than other leads. They know some information about your construction company and are closer to making a purchasing decision.

You don’t need to nurture them as much, which can mean faster conversions and quicker wins for your business.

Stronger Audience Connection

Construction marketing requires the generation of buyer personas or customer avatars to produce targeted content for unique audience segments. Crafting buyer personas helps salespeople and marketers more effectively reach your target audience.

Your audience also benefits. They’ll receive more personalized marketing materials that speak to their pain points. This could inspire a sale and improve customer satisfaction.

Buyer personas can also help with generating qualified leads as you understand what your ultimate customer looks like. B2B inbound marketing company Protocol 80 reports that 56 percent of companies that use buyer personas have better lead quality.

Increased Engagement

Marketing gives your construction business plentiful opportunities to connect with leads and customers. You’ll create robust email marketing campaigns, generate a strong social media presence, and regularly produce content. Lead engagement could inspire conversions.

More Customer Retention

Customer engagement is part of what increases their retention. Your stronger understanding of your customer’s needs through your buyer personas will also build higher-quality customer experiences.

When a customer can trust your construction business to deliver quality service time and again, their loyalty increases. They might be likelier to refer your company to a friend, colleague, or family member.

The construction company obtained a new contract thanks to the applied construction marketing strategies

Stronger Branding

Marketing for construction companies can also establish or strengthen a brand. Every construction business strives to provide the ultimate in customer service. Your approach to what you do sets you apart, and that’s part of your brand.

The goal of marketing is to make your brand synonymous with service.

Increased Sales

As you begin attracting more qualified leads, retaining more customers, and building a stronger brand, your construction business will experience an uptick in sales. Maintaining marketing can keep this upswing continual.

Top 14 Key Components of a Construction Marketing Strategy

So what elements go into a construction marketing plan? Here are 14 marketing ideas to implement.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing for construction can include videos, blog content, guest posts, eBooks, whitepapers, and case studies.

The goal of this content is to drive value to your audience. That will require keyword research to determine what your target audience is searching for.

You can produce trend reports, blog posts about planning home construction (or a home addition like a new room or a swimming pool), or checklists of what to look for when hiring a contractor.

Building a strong content marketing strategy begins with the right experts. Work with content marketing experts at Mediaboom to achieve your goals.

2. Branding

We discussed the benefits of a strong brand above, but how do you define and present your brand? You need a visually appealing logo, a brand voice or tone, and colors representing your values.

You should also proudly tell your brand’s story, as it’s one of the most special elements of your construction company.

Mediaboom’s construction marketing experts can help you successfully establish your brand or rebrand.

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3. SEO

Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. Only 0.63 percent of users searching on Google will go to the second page of results, says Ahrefs, so your construction website must rank as close to the top as possible.

Your construction company should begin focusing on these elements to increase your SEO rank:

  • Generating quality backlinks
  • Writing meta descriptions
  • Internal linking across relevant pages of your website
  • Keyword research
  • Producing content on targeted keywords
  • Optimizing images
  • Merging or deleting duplicate content
  • Updating outdated content
  • Improving the website loading speed

SEO is a tricky marketing area to master due to its ever-changing nature. Mediaboom’s digital marketing experts can help your construction website improve its rank to generate more traffic.

SEO Experts used SEO strategies to rank their construction website and generate more traffic.

4. Local SEO

Construction companies serve a local audience, so you should also incorporate local SEO tactics into your marketing ideas.

Local SEO is a more centralized approach to search engine optimization. The above strategies apply, but your business should also focus on other elements.

For example, you should claim your Google Business page if you haven’t already. You should also complete and update your profile, adding your contact information, business hours, website links, social links, and images.

Encourage your audience to upload before-and-after images, the best form of testimonial for the construction industry.

Reputation management is another element of local SEO. Request reviews after finishing a job and incentivize your customers to participate by offering discounted future services.

You should also do local keyword research and produce content geared to your local audience.

A few more local SEO ideas are:

  • Local citations
  • Business listings
  • Local landing pages

5. Website Design

Construction marketing services include an optimized website. Your site should have a navigable design that’s user-friendly, fast-loading, and mobile-optimized. The site should look professional but have appealing visuals, such as large-scale images or videos.

Mediaboom teamed with Millennium Tower in San Francisco to improve the high-rise’s website design. Millennium Tower wanted its website to showcase the unique aspects of life in its neighborhood.

The experts at Mediaboom built a stunning custom website animation that exemplified the luxury life of Millennium Tower residents. The website development and design services, coupled with a rebrand and print materials, increased leads by 212 percent.

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6. PPC Ads

Pay-per-click advertising is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy for construction companies to consider. PPC ads will instantly elevate your online visibility and attract more viable leads.

Tech resource Tech Jury reports that the average ROI of paid advertisements is 200 percent. Even though you must pay for each click, your construction company will more than earn back what you spent and then some.

Tech Jury adds that 65 percent of customers will click a PPC ad, so they’re an effective way to spread your service and earn more website traffic as your other marketing measures get underway.

7. Landing Pages for Paid Ad Campaigns

When a user clicks your PPC ad, where will it redirect them? Ideally, you should transport users to a dedicated landing page for your construction services.

If your construction business specializes in building homes, you should create a custom content page for each style of home that corresponds with your PPC ads. That rule also applies to commercial properties.

Here are some landing page best practices:

  • Focus on the benefits rather than writing salesy content.
  • Break up long paragraphs into short sentences of two to three sentences.
  • Incorporate images, videos, and bullet points to keep the text engaging.
  • Write a catchy headline and subheads.
  • Use similar language between your ads and your landing page copy.

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Bonus Construction Marketing Tactics

8. Printed Media

Flyers, brochures, catalogs, and trade publications play a significant role in showcasing a construction company’s services and products in a memorable, tangible format. This print media appeals to leads, potential customers, and stakeholders.

9. Social Media

Social media marketing for construction companies allows you to connect with your audience, nurture them with high-value content, and show off your exemplary customer service by responding to messages and comments.

Sharing high-value content doesn’t exclusively mean posting your blogs, infographics, or videos. You can repost other relevant, trustworthy resources you find online, such as trustworthy reports, engaging articles, or informative videos.

Social media is your gateway to reaching specific niches by posting targeted content and using social ads. You can also expand your audience base by producing consistently good content.

10. Email Marketing

Building a high-value website with lead magnets and opt-ins will increase your email list. If your construction company has yet to do anything with your contacts, now is a great time to deploy an email marketing campaign.

You can use email to connect with leads and customers at varying stages of the sales funnel. The content you send should be informative and engaging, answering a lead’s questions and guiding them further through the funnel.

You should also nurture long-term clients through email, keeping them keen on opening your emails with newsletters and exclusive rewards for their loyalty.

11. Video Marketing

Construction marketing should utilize videos to showcase projects in progress, demonstrate available services, and explain processes. Video marketing can make your processes transparent and humanize your brand (more on this to come).

Here is an example of video marketing from Crossland Construction. The video features uplifting music, snappy and informative copy, and still photos and videos of Crossland’s projects.

12. Client Testimonials

Reviews are the top form of social proof. Happy clients should be eager to show off how your construction service improved their residential or commercial properties. However, we reiterate the value of discounts to motivate your audience to leave reviews.

Leveraging testimonials from satisfied customers will improve your brand credibility.

13. Emphasizing Your Human Element

A construction brand shouldn’t be a faceless entity. Use videos, social media posts, and newsletter content to showcase your team and their talents. Customers value this human element, as it helps them connect with your company as people, not a corporation.

14. Trade Shows and Networking

Marketing for construction companies should include a networking element. Attend trade shows and construction events in your neighborhood, expanding your network of connections. You can use these events to strengthen personal relationships and meet new potential clients and business partners.

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Construction marketing affords your business the opportunity to expand your audience, elevate your sales, and build lasting client relationships. Mediaboom’s construction marketing services can help you define your goals and create a roadmap for reaching them.

We’ve worked with many clients in the construction industry. Our range of marketing services is extensive, including PPC and other forms of advertising, website development, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, video production, and campaign management. Build better marketing campaigns with Mediaboom.

By: Frank DePino

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