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Vacation Rental Website Design – 20 Examples to Emulate

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Although a travel site seemingly sells itself, with 33,000 vacation management companies in the United States alone, there must be some differentiation in your vacation rental website design from your competitors.

What goals can you achieve with a website designer for your site?

The best vacation rental website designs showcase properties, attract potential clients, and establish brand credibility in an already competitive real estate market. The site should feature easy-to-use navigation, customer testimonials and reviews, fast loading times, and imagery and branding. Above all, the website should be designed for the user, making it as simple as possible to book a vacation.

Look no further if you’re seeking design guidance and inspiration for your vacation rental site. Mediaboom has rounded up 20 exemplary designs that generate traffic and bookings for their respective audiences.

20 Best Vacation Rental Website Designs

This collection of websites was carefully curated to showcase the best in UX design, website layout, color usage, and branding in the vacation rental market.

1. Aspen Luxury Concierge

Elegant website of the Aspen Luxury Concierge with friendly user designed

Mediaboom proudly worked with Aspen Luxury Concierge to redesign its luxury website.

ASL is a concierge service that connects those traveling to Aspen, Colorado with five-star vacation amenities.

Through a combination of website design, paid Google Ads, content marketing, and SEO practices, ASL attracted new organic users at a rate of over 9,530 percent and elevated its conversions by more than 50 percent.

2. Topvillas

The Topvillas website with simplicity designed and highlights their elegant properties

The ultimate website for luxury villa vacation rentals, the award-winning Topvillas immediately seeks to secure business with a reservation system above the fold.

Further facilitating its helpful atmosphere, Topvillas has a homepage chatbot to connect customers with the services they want.

Its navigation bar blends into the clean white background. Hovering over any menu showcases a neat dropdown list.

You can also chat live or call Topvillas with contact information above the fold.

3. Quintess Collection

The Quintess Collection website with clean and large-scale image carousel designed

Join the luxury vacation club Quintess Collection, which curates global vacation experiences.

Its site has a clean, uncomplicated design, with an inviting teal blue and white color scheme.

The large-scale homepage image carousel of various worldwide destinations is a treat for the eyes, while the clear priority for UX makes the browsing experience delightful.

4. Onefinestay

Website of the Onefinestay with features friendly navigation bar, large-scale imagery, contact information and currency converter.

A strong contender for best vacation rental website design, Onefinestay combines many appealing elements for a customer-centric browsing experience.

The site features large-scale imagery to whet one’s appetite, contact information above the fold (including Onefinestay’s phone number, newsletter, and inquiries), and even a currency converter.

The navigation bar travels throughout the scrolling experience, but ingeniously, it converts into a reservation system so you can instantly set up your stay.

Also, a “Contact Us” button to reach Onefinestay by email always remains at the bottom of the page.

5. Plum Guide

The Plum Guide website with high-qulaity photos, integrated booking engine and call-to-action buttons.

Web designs like Plum Guide stand out for multiple reasons.

There are high-quality photos, call to action buttons above the fold, and an integrated booking engine that’s easy and fast to use, accommodating customers.

Plum Guide is an award-winning service, a fact it makes clear by showcasing its various accolades, such as the Conde Nast Traveller Readers Choice Awards 2023 prize.

It also builds trust by divulging its high rating on Trustpilot, where Plum Guide has a TrustScore of 4.4 based on 3,347 reviews.

Can’t get enough? Check out Mediaboom’s list of the best luxury hotel website design examples.

6. Sun King Vacation Rentals

The Sun King Vacation Rentals website with responsive designed and highlights their elegant properties

With a name like Sun King Vacation Rentals, if you were expecting high-quality, colorful, sun-drenched imagery, you won’t be disappointed.

That said, this site has a lot more to offer. Its brand identity shines through the use of a bold, slim, uppercase font that’s seen in the brand logo and elsewhere.

The site’s navigation menu is transparent to let the large-scale imagery stand out, and it scrolls as you do.

The options are varied, with selections like “Things to Do” and “Plan Your Trip” as well as a phone number above the fold.

7. Inaterra

The Inaterra website with simplicity and clean designed

Fostering an inviting environment, Inaterra invites website visitors to “choose your home,” with an integrated booking engine below.

Booking websites should prioritize ease of use, and Inaterra does it excellently.

Other trademarks of this website design are a clean background, a good use of whitespace, appealing imagery, and strong brand colors in natural hues like teal and white.  

8. LVH Global

The LVH Global responsive website with large-screen video carousel on the homepage featuring their luxury properties

Dripping in luxury, LVH is another of the best vacation rental website design examples to pay attention to.

The site’s large-screen video carousel on the homepage showcases fine dining, posh accommodations, and upscale amenities and activities, from swimming to skiing.

Its site further drives that luxury feel with a dark gray color scheme. The navigation menu is three horizontal lines, which, when clicked, reveal a menu on the left side of the screen.

This allows you to continue enjoying the video carousel while perusing the menu.

9. Cuvee

The responsive website of Cuvee with property videos in the background featuring their luxury places

Inviting one to explore “the art of discovery,” Cuvee specializes in luxury vacation rental properties.

Its rentals range from picture-perfect snowy villas to tropical beach locales, yet its website design does an excellent job of pulling all these varied experiences together.

A CTA above the fold that reads, “Click Here for Availability” makes booking easy.

Further, there’s a chat button at the bottom right of the site that stays there as you navigate and a phone number link in the navigation, which also travels with you.

10. Nkanyi House

The Nkanyi House responsive website with friendly features such as navigation menu, integrated booking engine and large-scale image

The intentionally stripped-back design of Nkanyi House’s website makes booking a vacation as easy as pie.

Most people in the midst of planning a trip have a lot of researching and booking they’re doing, so a pleasant, navigable browsing experience like the one presented here makes trip planning more convenient.

The site features a reservation system against an image of a tranquil pool and a well-lit home overlooking natural terrain.

Those who want to learn more about Nkanyi House are welcome to scroll through and read about the amenities; there’s also a navigation bar on the left.

Below the navigation menu are links to all Nkanyi House’s socials for quickly and efficiently connecting.

Continue your inspirational journey into website design with Mediaboom’s roundup of the best examples in luxury travel.

11. Into the Wild Escapes

The website Into the Wild Escapes features high-quality photos and integrated booking engine

With more than 30 percent of people using their smartphones for vacation bookings, a mobile-optimized vacation rental website design is a must.

Into the Wild Escapes’ mobile site mimics the desktop version.

It still features high-quality photos and an integrated booking engine for potential guests, but in a streamlined format.

Better yet, these features don’t affect the site’s loading speed.

The mobile site has an abridged navigation bar, with an option to click and see the full menu.

The menu expands to the entire page and is in an appealing beige-green color like the savannahs and rolling hills one can explore through this vacation rental service.

12. Villa Tres Amores

The Villa Tres Amores responsive website with bold teal navigation bar and features elegant places

Remember, a vacation is supposed to be fun and exotic, so using a lot of color is more allowable than in some other industries.

Such is the case for the Villa Tres Amores site, which features a bold teal navigation bar above the fold and bright, attention-grabbing imagery.

However, its site is anything but garish, with darker-colored call to action buttons and web design staples like a clean background and plenty of whitespace.

This culminates in an attractive site that would put anyone in a vacationing kind of mood.

13. TravelStaytion

The TravelStaytion website with responsive and integrated booking engine

Plan your next holiday through TravelStaytion, which is a service for “quality seekers.”

Its site focuses more on video, with a looping clip showcasing rustic yet engaging city life and an option to watch the full movie.

You won’t find a navigation menu, per se, but a series of menu options like “What’s New” or “Submit Enquiry.”

The integrated booking engine on the homepage makes it fast and easy to search for global travel destinations, or you can continue scrolling to see the available listings TravelStaycation has at current, including nightly pricing. 

14. Smiling House

Responsive website of the Smiling House features integrated booking engine, a video carousel, and clean navigation

With a vacation rental website design that will put a grin on your face, Smiling House checks a lot of boxes in what a well-designed site should look like.

It builds trust by mentioning its 2022 The Shortyz prize for the best holiday site operator.

It has an integrated booking engine at the top of the site, a video carousel, and clear navigation.

It’s also very easy to connect, with links to Smiling House’s phone number and WhatsApp if you need to reach out immediately.

There’s also a search bar beside these options.

15. El Encanto Villas

The El Encanto Villas website with professional and convenient designed

Clean, professionally designed, and convenient, the El Encanto Villas website is built to convert.

It has bright, eye-grabbing colors like bold blue and teal, vivid imagery, an easy-to-use reservation system, and contrasting call to action buttons in gold.

The site uses primarily white as the background for each page, which makes reading more about its services and activities easier on the eyes. 

16. All Luxury Apartments

The All Luxury Apartments responsive website with elegant and friendly user designed

How about another example of the best vacation rental website design that’s unafraid to use colors?

All Luxury Apartments’ logo is hot pink, a color it replicates throughout its website.

If you hover over the navigation menu, the text options change from black to pink. All its call-to-action buttons are also that color.

The reason this design works is because the rest of the site is uncluttered.

The white background and stripped-back navigation are UX-focused, while the social buttons revealed by clicking the three horizontal lines in the navigation menu, complete with colors, is a nice touch.

17. Oliver’s Travels

The Oliver’s Travels website features navigation menu, link to recently viewed properties, and contact information

As implored by Oliver’s Travels, “why do ordinary?”

Its travel website with a touch of whimsy has everything you need above the fold.

Here, you’ll find the navigation menu, a link to recently viewed properties, and the phone number to contact this vacation rental service.

Above all else, Oliver’s Travels builds faith with its five-star review rating at the top of the page.

Continuing to explore will reveal bright teal CTA buttons, a section dedicated to available properties throughout Europe (and their pricing by night), a list of its amenities, and more reviews.

18. Villaway

The responsive website of the Villaway with booking engine and easy navigation menu designed

Find “luxury villa experiences” through Villaway, which offers global rentals.

Its homepage copy encourages users to begin searching and booking immediately, or they can connect with one of Villaway’s experts via live chat.

Its navigation menu is designed for easier vacation planning.

You can learn more about Villaway, discover its top destinations, or search for whatever on its site you seek through the navigation.

19. Airbnb

The Airbnb website with clean and simplicity designed

Some vacation rental services need no introduction, and Airbnb certainly fits that bill.

With such a massive reputation, you’d expect it to reign supreme over other vacation rental websites.

Indeed, its site is kept intentionally simple with a colorful logo atop the fold, an integrated booking engine, and a clean design with a white background.

That background color choice is an important one considering Airbnb lets you search all types of homes and experiences, many of which are displayed on its homepage.

The site would be too cluttered if it tried to cram in a lot of elements at once.

20. HVN

Elegant website of the HVN with minimalist navigation bar and features their luxury property

Concluding our vacation rental website design examples list is HVN, short for Havens.

This service specializes in private homes, with destinations all over the world. You’re free to learn more about any of them through the navigation bar, which also features a help center and an “inspirations” section.

HVN has a smaller navigation menu above the fold where you can search properties, read its latest press, change currency, sign up, and connect with the service.

It also builds trust through its signature triple-diamond Haven guarantee.

Vacation Rental Website Design Best Practices

As you team with a vacation rental website designer to showcase your properties, keep this advice in mind.

Share Insights, Blog Posts, and News to Establish Authority

Building trust, authority, and branding means publishing regular insights from your vacation rental company.

Create an editorial calendar to build out your blog posts. Plan to publish at least once a week and share news through your blog as well.

As you acquire a content library, you can use your blog posts for social media content, email content, and lead magnets.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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Incorporate High-Quality Visuals for Property Showcases

Your audience relies on your visuals to present an adequate picture of what staying at one of your vacation properties is like.

The images and videos on your website must be high-resolution and detail-driven. The more immersive, the better.

That said, keep in mind that your visuals can’t delay your site loading speed, and that goes double on mobile devices

Create a User-Friendly Navigation Menu Design

Clear navigation is the name of the game in vacation rental website design.

Your navigation menu doesn’t have to scroll with the user, but it must contain all the information a visitor needs to make a booking decision.

That includes an about section, a properties page, a feature and amenities page, and options to connect with your company for questions about booking.

Add Interactive Maps for Location Insights

It’s a wide world out there!

If your vacation rental services are global, an interactive map is helpful for potential guests to visualize and plan other parts of their trip, such as their flight.

The interactive map should also feature location insights, such as a short blurb about each spot, to facilitate an easier choice for your customers.

Tourist browse the Grand Hotel website

Display Customer Reviews and Testimonials

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to build social proof is through reviews and testimonials.

Positive sentiment about your vacation rental service inspires others to book with you.

After all, almost half of consumers say that reviews are as trustworthy to them as personal recommendations, which goes to show how much weight reviews have.

If your vacation rental business lacks reviews, offering your guests money off their next stay can inspire them to take a few minutes to share their insights.

Post Awards and Certifications

Another form of social proof is sharing certifications and awards.

Some people have their doubts about the veracity of reviews, especially if your site only focuses on the positive, but these accolades are harder to dispute.

Position your awards and certifications above the fold so they’re one of the first things potential guests see when visiting your website.

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Vacation Rental Websites: Unveiling the Design Trends Shaping 2024

The vacation rental landscape is constantly evolving, and websites need to keep pace.

Here’s a peek into the future with some of the hottest design trends that will dominate 2024:

Minimalism with Impact:

Forget cluttered interfaces: clean, minimalist layouts are all the rage.

This allows high-quality visuals (think stunning photos and captivating videos) and clear calls to action (CTAs) to take center stage, boosting their effectiveness and driving conversions.

3D Tours: Stepping into Paradise

Imagine transporting potential guests straight into your vacation rentals without them leaving their couch.

This is the magic of 3D tours.

These lifelike experiences allow users to virtually explore the property, feel the ambiance, and envision themselves relaxing in paradise.

It’s a powerful tool that can significantly boost booking rates.

Aerial view of the luxury hotel featuring their elegant large outdoor pool

The AI Advantage: Personalization Powerhouse

AI is no longer science fiction.

Machine learning can understand your brand and guest preferences, crafting personalized recommendations that cater to individual needs and desires.

This could involve suggesting nearby attractions based on guest interests or recommending a specific property based on past booking behavior.

AI chatbots can also handle basic inquiries, freeing up your customer service team to focus on more complex issues.

Sustainable Chic: Embracing Eco-Conscious Design

Eco-friendly practices are no longer a niche concern.

Today’s travelers are increasingly environmentally conscious.

Highlighting sustainable features of your rentals and showcasing the beauty of the surrounding nature through design elements not only resonates with this growing audience but also positions your vacation rental brand as responsible and forward-thinking.

VR: The Ultimate Virtual Escape

Imagine a world where potential guests can experience your vacation rentals in virtual reality (VR).

This immersive technology, coupled with 3D tours, creates an unparalleled sense of presence.

Users can virtually explore the entire property, from the living room to the breathtaking ocean view, all from the comfort of their homes.

It’s a game-changer for the vacation rental industry.

By incorporating these trends into your website design, you can create a captivating and user-friendly experience that entices travelers to book their dream vacation at your rentals.

Overlooking view of the sea from the luxury hotel outdoor pool

FAQs about Vacation Rental Website Design

1. What role does SEO play in vacation rental website design?

SEO is crucial in vacation rental website design as it ensures the site appears in search results when potential guests search for accommodations. Effective SEO involves using relevant keywords, optimizing site speed, and ensuring mobile-friendliness to enhance visibility and attract more visitors.

2. What security features should be included in vacation rental website designs?

Security features for vacation rental websites should include SSL certificates for secure connections, robust authentication processes, and secure payment gateways to protect both owner and guest information. Regular security updates and compliance with data protection regulations are also essential.

3. What strategies can vacation rental websites use to increase direct bookings?

Vacation rental websites can increase direct bookings by optimizing the user experience, offering clear and compelling calls to action, providing detailed property descriptions with high-quality photos, and implementing easy navigation. Offering exclusive deals and incentives for direct bookings can also attract more guests.

4. How can website design impact the reviews and ratings of vacation rental properties?

A well-designed website can enhance guest satisfaction by making information easily accessible and the booking process straightforward, leading to better reviews. Features like responsive design, fast loading times, and intuitive interfaces contribute to a positive user experience that can reflect in the property’s reviews and ratings.

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Vacation rental website design plays a crucial role in increasing sales and conversions.

Following the strategies and tips discussed above will enhance your design and help you achieve more business objectives.

Mediaboom, a luxury marketing agency, specializes in website design services for vacation rental companies.

We can assist you in building a professional, responsive site, so reach out now.

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