Commercial Real Estate Website Design

Commercial Real Estate Website Design – 50 Top Picks

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

While Deloitte’s 2024 Commercial Real Estate Outlook predicts recovery, the sector must adapt to challenges like cost mitigation and ESG regulations. 

Effective website design is vital for reflecting a company’s agility and commitment to sustainability.

A superior commercial real estate website combines aesthetics and functionality. It features intuitive navigation, high-quality visuals, and detailed property information. Responsive designs, interactive maps, and user-friendly interfaces are crucial for engaging potential clients seeking office spaces, retail locations, or industrial properties.

Explore our curated list of 50 top website designs to inspire and enhance your online presence.

1. GFI Partners

Striking Imagery

Professional layout of GFI Partners website showcasing their expertise in real estate investment advising.

GFI Partner’s website expertly manages the complexity of showcasing diverse sectors with a captivating video and clear design that highlights their extensive portfolio.

The site’s personable design is approachable, transforming a typically technical industry into something easily understandable.

Featuring custom responsive development, the website stands out among industry peers.

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2. Millennium Tower San Francisco

Full-Service Luxury

Millennium Tower website depicting sophisticated urban living in San Francisco's skyline

When it comes to creating the best commercial real estate website design, you have to really understand your target audience and what they’re looking for.

The Millenium Tower website, designed by Mediaboom, accomplishes this from the get-go, capturing the essence of luxury through sleek design and interactive website elements. As visitors scroll through the initial page, they can visualize both the elegance of the building combined with the lifestyle of its residents.

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Digital Excellence in Realty

UBBS London's expertise in architecture and interior design presented through a stylish website design.

This website design boasts a monochromatic palette, infusing sophistication into its minimalistic layout. 

The bold typography announcing ‘Leading architecture & interior design studio in London’ against the backdrop of a chic interior captures the essence of modern luxury

With clear, user-friendly navigation options highlighting various sectors like Residential and Hospitality, UBBS London sets a high standard for industry websites.

4. Intersection

Interesting Insights

Intersection's website header featuring a bird's-eye view of a cityscape, highlighting their commercial real estate insight

There’s more to designing and developing a commercial real estate website than just the visuals.

What really makes a top website stand out is the way the brand bolsters its background with case studies and evidence.

Intersection, does just that on its Insights page, providing the visitor with countless posts that showcase their work and different projects.

By highlighting their expertise with various blog posts and content, they do more than just show their brand — they also tell the story.

5. Mediteranski San

Elegance in Serenity

Minimalist and luxurious living room design of Mediteranski San apartments highlighted on the website.

The website of Mediteranski San features a tranquil and sophisticated commercial real estate website design.

With its serene visuals and crisp, modern typography, it invites visitors into a realm where every detail whispers relaxation.

Earthy tones and minimalist decor set a restful mood, while the website’s clean, user-focused interface promises an effortless browsing experience.

6. Anywhere

Simplicity in Action

Inviting homepage banner of Anywhere Real Estate with a welcoming message against a blue sky background

Simple, clean, and easy to navigate. It’s exactly how you want your website to feel and how you expect a real estate transaction to go.

The initial impression of Anywhere’s homepage might feel light for some people, but as you scroll through, you’re fed tidbits of valuable information that combine to make a seamless website experience.

7. Edifis

Industrial Ingenuity

Edifis' commitment to passion-driven real estate development emphasized on their homepage

The Edifis website leans into the industrial aspect of its business with angular lines, animated 3D drawings, and to-the-point language about its work.

By incorporating unique animations and dynamic graphics, the Edifis website illustrates how even the more industrial companies can use basic design principles to create a top website.

8. Covivio 

Synthesis of Form and Function

Elegant and spacious interior of Covivio's real estate property showcased on their website

The Covivio website exhibits a masterful website design that reflects their ethos of ‘living real estate.’

A contemporary interface with inviting images and seamless navigation aligns with their forward-thinking approach.

The site’s clean lines and natural light photography underscore a commitment to spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

9. Alex Garland

Beautifully Bold

Modern architectural design of Alex Garland Architects' building featured on the company's homepage

Large-scale commercial real estate is bold.

Once you get past the stunning imagery of their recent projects, you’re met with the friendly faces of the Alex Garland team and why you should work with them.

It’s a perfect example of balancing the user experience between the structural nature of their work and the personalities behind the projects.

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10. Eco Smarthouse

Dreamy Visuals

Eco Smart House's promise to build dream homes displayed on a sleek and contemporary website interface.

The Eco SmartHouse website combines sleek, modern commercial real estate website design with a compelling message: “WE WILL BUILD YOUR DREAM HOUSE.”

This statement, set against a visually appealing background of a stylish interior, promises high-quality, energy-efficient living spaces.

The website’s minimalist design, using a monochromatic color scheme, focuses attention on its message and calls to action, such as “CONTACT US,” making it straightforward for visitors to engage and explore their offerings in stylish, sustainable homes.

11. Amanat Properties

One-Page Wonder

Aerial cityscape of New York City skyline on Amanat Properties homepage promoting future real estate investment opportunities.

Amanat Properties has solved a common customer complaint when it comes to website design.

Instead of sending users to different pages to learn about their business, they’ve kept it all on the homepage.

It results in a delightful and easy-to-read user experience for all visitors.

12. Amali Island

Silhouettes of Serenity

Interactive night view of bespoke Amali Island villas, highlighting luxurious property development in The World Islands, Dubai

Amali Island’s commercial real estate website design invites you into an immersive nocturnal experience, where the allure of bespoke island villas awaits.

In elegant monochrome, it tantalizingly teases the luxury that unfolds within The World Islands of Dubai.

This interface blends the enchantment of night with the promise of exclusive living, ensuring a captivating digital journey right from the first glance.

13. Newmark

In-depth News

Newmark's announcement of Paris office opening with a backdrop of the iconic Paris skyline, highlighting global real estate expansion

Newmark has designed their website to read almost like a news company, with the latest news, blogs, and company updates front and center. 

The key to making this website design work? Consistent content that’s regularly updated to keep the website fresh and engaging.

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14. Hines

Leading with Numbers

Impressive cityscape featuring Hines' urban real estate developments, emphasizing long-term investment strategies in the market

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words when it comes to real estate marketing.

And as one of the best commercial real estate website designs, Hines has excelled at calling out key statistics to tell the story of their success.

Mediaboom can help you leverage your company’s success by digging deep to find the metrics and numbers that resonate with your ideal customer.

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15. Woodcliffe

Reimagine Toronto’s Skyline

Banner of Woodcliffe's website displaying their commitment to developing landmark properties with a lasting generational impact

Woodcliffe’s website boasts a sleek and sophisticated design, perfectly reflecting their status as a premier developer.

Clean lines and a focus on high-quality visuals showcase their impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties.  

The user experience is intuitive, allowing visitors to explore revitalization projects and company philosophy with ease.

This website exemplifies Best Commercial Real Estate website design, fostering a sense of trust and ambition that aligns with Woodcliffe’s commitment to city-defining projects.

16. SRS

Location Spotlight

SRS Real Estate Partners' website banner showcasing their role as advisors with an aerial view of retail properties.

If you’re trying to ace real estate SEO, focusing on geographic keywords and content can help separate you from the rest.

SRS Real Estate Partners clearly knows this and has invested in a robust page of all their locations across the country.

Their real estate website design is focused on their partners in each location, emphasizing their connections on the ground.

17. DiJones

Elevated Storytelling

Scenic sunset view of a coastal neighborhood on DiJones Real Estate's homepage, representing comprehensive property partnership services.

DiJones uses the slogan, “Your property partner,” and they clearly want visitors to feel like they personally know the team and brand story behind their company.

The best commercial real estate websites don’t just show their work – but they also take the time to share the motivation behind their business.

Users can feel bought into the company vision with several pages dedicated to DiJone’s story.

18. Holland Homes LLC

Designed for Your Lifestyle

A 'Sold' sign displayed in front of a new Holland Homes LLC development, symbolizing successful home buying experiences.

Holland Homes LLC’s website prioritizes a welcoming and professional feel. Warm imagery and testimonials create a sense of trust, while clear calls to action guide visitors towards their dream home. 

The website offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy exploration of floor plans, communities, and the Holland Homes difference.

This design fosters a connection with potential homeowners, making it a strong example of website design for custom home builders.

19. Beacon Communities

Portfolio Promotion

Eco-friendly Beacon Communities residential development featuring solar-paneled roofs, promoting sustainable living in urban settings.

Being able to accurately showcase your work portfolio on a commercial real estate website requires some strategic thinking to ensure its design and development are user-friendly.

Beacon Communities has done this by providing different filters and search functions on their portfolio, allowing the visitor to search for sample work that most resonates with them.

20. Eastdil Secured

Top-notch Content Organization

Eastdil Secured's portrayal as a global real estate investment bank, with the London skyline providing a powerful backdrop for their financial expertise

Eastdil Secured website is a great example of including a lot of information in a well-organized design. As a global firm, its website details each aspect of its business in a uniform and engaging way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

When you have a lot of content to include on your website, figuring out how to display and design that content is crucial to your website’s functionality.

If you’re looking for help with your commercial real estate website design, let Mediaboom provide expert guidance. It’s what we’re best at!

21. Vandewater

Modern Design

Tranquil residential garden within Vandewater properties, illustrating a commitment to a nourishing lifestyle in a serene urban environment.

Maybe it’s the script font or the engaging video. But Vandewater’s website evokes a sense of timeless luxury.

As you scroll through the homepage, the animations leap out at you and encourage you to read more, thanks to quick pieces of content and elegant imagery.

22. Brasswater

Escape Awaits in Moncton

Brasswater's homepage highlighting fast commercial real estate experience with a monochromatic cityscape and bold branding.

Brasswater’s website creates a serene and aspirational atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of lakeside living.

A captivating video display takes center stage, showcasing the beauty of Waterside. User-friendly menus allow for exploration of available suites, amenities, and the surrounding area. 

This website exemplifies the use of multimedia and targeted content to attract potential renters, making it a strong contender for Best Apartment Community website design.

23. Salesforce Tower

A nod to the past

Promotional image of Salesforce Tower Chicago at Wolf Point Plaza, introducing the new epicenter of health and wellness in high-rise office spaces.

While Salesforce Tower is well-known in the commercial real estate world, not many people may know about the history of the building.

But, upon visiting the homepage, visitors are met with a captivating video that uses the history of the building to bring the past to the present.

The top commercial real estate websites use this type of storytelling to make a nondescript building come to life.

24. Carlton Villa

Engaging Call to Action

Luxurious beachfront property, Carlton Villa, nestled in the heart of Barbados' Platinum Coast, showcased on the real estate's elegant website

It’s hard to ignore the breathtaking, serene imagery visitors experience when visiting Carlton Villa’s website.

But look past the imagery, and you’ll see a unique call to action — ”Unlock Paradise.”

Even if you’re not in the market for a luxury home in Barbados, the temptation to unlock this lifestyle with their call to action makes them one of the top commercial real estate websites.

25. One Un Park

Eco-Friendly Design

Elegant interior of a One United Nations Park waterfront smart home, promoting luxury living and in-building amenities for immediate occupancy.

One Un Park’s website incorporates a modern and sophisticated design that reflects its commitment to innovation. 

High-quality visuals showcase the building’s sleek architecture and eco-conscious features. Interactive elements, like 3D floor plans, provide an immersive user experience. 

This website exemplifies Best Luxury Apartment website design, appealing to environmentally conscious renters seeking a stylish and sustainable living space.

26. Brueckner Architekten

Modern Simplicity

Futuristic design of Brückner Architekten's sustainable residential towers, featured in an interactive website presentation.

Brueckner Architekten website gets back to basics with a geometric animation that harkens to their architectural craft. While simple, it serves a clear purpose of engaging with the user and capturing their attention to explore more of the site.

Sometimes, even the simplest graphics can make a big difference when it comes to your commercial real estate website design. 

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27. Gtis Partners

Clean Design

GTIS Partners' homepage with aerial view of urban development projects, emphasizing their cutting-edge leadership in real estate investment

GTIS Partners has taken a simple but bold approach to their commercial real estate website design.

With big, bold letters, a simple white background and interactive animation, scrolling through the website is a fun journey that emphasizes their work in an organized and efficient way.

28. Armstrong Real Estate

Action Oriented

Armstrong Real Estate's promise of local and loyal agency service, offering free property appraisals, against a clean and inviting website backdrop.

Generating leads is often a main focus in the world of real estate website designs.

In regards to Armstrong Real Estate, its clear website design points to how it adds value to the user’s experience through a free property estimate.

Integrating a function like this isn’t for every business, but when done correctly, like Armstrong Real Estate, it results in a user-friendly website design.

29. The Bauhaus Building

Interactive Experience

Website homepage The Bauhaus building

The Bauhaus Building website is a great example of how you can design a website to be playful but engaging when it comes to bringing a building or commercial real estate business to life.

By incorporating a dynamic scrolling feature, emojis and fun text bubbles, the website brings a sense of movement and life to an otherwise static website.

30. Ocean West

Clear and Direct

Ocean West's full-service real estate investment platform presented through an image of their modern office building framed by palm trees.

When it comes to making the first impression with customers, Ocean West is one of the best commercial real estate websites.

With a simple call to action, statistics that back up their business and an easy 1-2-3 approach to their values, visitors can easily comprehend what they’re about thanks to a clear, to-the-point design.

31. The Feil Organization

Modern and artistic homepage design of The Feil Organization’s website featuring a dynamic color logo

The website design for “The Feil Organization” adopts a minimalist and modern approach. 

The top navigation bar is straightforward, with clear links for easy accessibility. 

Central to the design is a vibrant, multicolored circular motif centered around the brand name, set against a contrasting black circle. 

Soft pastel tones of yellow, blue, and peach create a visually appealing, inviting atmosphere. 

A simple “Contact Us” link anchors the bottom of the page.

32. Oxford Properties Group

Futuristic design elements on Oxford Properties Group's website highlighting solar energy projects

The Oxford Properties Group website exemplifies top-tier commercial real estate website design with its modern, professional layout that includes a spacious blue header. 

Navigation is streamlined with clear tabs such as “About us” and “Contact us”. 

The tagline “Tomorrow, built today” underscores a forward-thinking ethos, complemented by visuals of sustainable developments and aerial property views, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

33. CBRE

Elegant and modern CBRE homepage design showcasing an artistic green installation, reflecting their commitment to sustainability

The CBRE website features a striking visual design centered on a large, artistic metallic sculpture, symbolizing innovation and modernity. 

The overlay text, “Ready for Net Zero?” introduces their environmental initiative, encouraging climate action. 

The top navigation is clean and accessible, with links to services, properties, and more, reflecting a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. 

This design is both visually compelling and strategically informative.

34. Advalurem Group

Sleek and professional homepage of Advalurem Group's website featuring a modern office building.

The Advalurem Group website conveys a sense of authority and professionalism through its dark monochromatic theme with an architectural image backdrop. 

It prominently displays its tagline “A PREMIER INSTITUTIONAL REAL ESTATE FIRM WITH AN ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVANTAGE” above navigation options such as “Our Firm,” “Team,” and “Portfolio,” which are clearly accessible. 

This layout emphasizes their focus on middle-market commercial real estate, suggesting reliability and expertise.

35. JLL

JLL’s commercial real estate website design emphasizing global real estate trends for 2024 with a clean, informative layout.

The JLL website design is polished and contemporary, focusing on a global real estate outlook. 

It features a high-contrast, visually engaging header with an obscured background image, highlighting the silhouette of a person. 

The main headline “Global real estate outlook” promises insight into economic and geopolitical trends. 

Navigation is facilitated through well-defined tabs, offering diverse services and sectors, underlining JLL’s comprehensive market presence and expertise.

36. Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield's website displaying a minimalist design with an illustrative drawing of a business meeting

The Cushman & Wakefield website presents a clean and modern design, focusing on “The Team Around The Table Podcast.” 

The graphic, a minimalist line drawing of two individuals engaged in discussion, evokes a collaborative atmosphere. A cool blue and grey color palette enhances the professional tone. 

The prominent call to action, “LISTEN TODAY,” is effectively positioned to draw user engagement, aligning with the site’s emphasis on corporate real estate insights.

37. Colliers International

User-friendly interface on Colliers' homepage featuring a U.S. Single Tenant Net Lease Report

The Colliers International website showcases exemplary commercial real estate website design with a dynamic and engaging layout featuring two professionals in motion, symbolizing activity and progressiveness in front of a modern office building. 

The clear navigation bar offers easy access to various sections like Services, Properties, and Insights. 

The featured content, “U.S. Single Tenant Net Lease Report,” highlights their expertise with a bold, attention-grabbing blue overlay, encouraging users to “Read the report” with a direct call to action.

38. The Rockefeller Group

The Rockefeller Group's website displaying a panoramic skyline view of Atlanta

The Rockefeller Group’s website utilizes a striking cityscape at dusk as its background, creating a dramatic and sophisticated visual. 

The headline “Construction Begins on 1072 West Peachtree” overlays the image, signaling a major development. 

This is accompanied by a subtitle that adds context about the project being the tallest skyscraper in Atlanta in 30 years, highlighting their significant impact on urban development. 

The design is clean and navigational elements like “About Us” and “Portfolio” are easily accessible, emphasizing user-friendliness and corporate professionalism.

39. Kennedy Wilson

Vibrant and visually appealing Kennedy Wilson real estate investment homepage with a focus on their global portfolio

Kennedy Wilson’s website features a vibrant, high-resolution image of modern residential buildings set against a backdrop of lush hills, conveying the company’s reach in real estate investment. 

The headline boldly states their status as a global real estate investment company managing $25B in assets, emphasizing their scale and scope. 

The navigation is user-friendly, offering quick access to essential sections like “Who We Are” and “Properties,” making the website functional and informative.

40. Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer’s website features a welcoming design with images of collaborative meetings.

Tishman Speyer’s website uses a vibrant and engaging image of a smiling young woman in a collaborative office setting, reinforcing the theme of teamwork with the tagline “Collaboration needs a where.” 

The design is contemporary and easy to use, with straightforward navigation choices such as “Who We Are” and “Portfolio.”

This strategy emphasizes the company’s dedication to designing environments that promote teamwork, highlighting their commitment to improving workplace settings.

41. Blackstone

Sophisticated black-themed homepage design of Blackstone's commercial real estate website

Blackstone’s website exemplifies cutting-edge commercial real estate website design with its strong, impactful presence and bold, minimalist aesthetic. 

The statement “Build with Blackstone” in large white letters against a stark black background captures immediate attention, reinforcing their industry leadership. 

Below, a succinct message underscores their commitment to powering tomorrow’s economy through strategic business development. 

The site’s navigation is streamlined, offering clear access to detailed sections about the firm, its impact, and resources for investors, effectively engaging a professional audience.

42. Wells Fargo Real Estate

Professional and sleek Wells Fargo real estate section, emphasizing their market-leading experience and services in the commercial sector.

The Wells Fargo website for Commercial Real Estate prominently displays a professional setting with two women engaged in a discussion, conveying a sense of expertise and approachability. 

The backdrop offers a panoramic view of a cityscape, emphasizing their extensive reach in real estate. The page is headlined by a bold statement about their unparalleled experience, underscoring their market leadership. 

This layout, combined with the site’s intuitive navigation, is designed to attract and reassure potential investors and partners of their robust capabilities in the sector.

43. Vornado Realty Trust

Dynamic and visually rich homepage of Vornado Realty Trust, highlighting their top-tier real estate assets through an interactive cityscape panorama.

Vornado Realty Trust’s website captivates with a panoramic cityscape that highlights their focus on premium urban real estate. 

The design integrates sleek, modern typography and a dark theme that enhances the golden and amber hues of the city at dusk, emphasizing luxury and sophistication. 

Quick links like “Manhattan Portfolio Book” and “Sustainability 2023 Report” are strategically placed for easy navigation, offering immediate access to detailed company information and latest updates. 

This layout not only showcases their properties but also their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

44. Equity Investments Group

Elegant dark-themed design on Equity Investments Group's website, featuring an inspirational quote to motivate visitors and partners.

The Equity Investment Group website presents a deeply evocative and philosophical message on its homepage, set against a dark, subtle background of architectural lines. 

The quote, “Success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you do to inspire others,” is prominently displayed, reflecting the company’s values and mission. 

This minimalist approach with a profound message effectively sets a tone of inspiration and leadership, complementing the straightforward navigation options like “About,” “Investments,” and “Real Estate” at the top, guiding users with clarity and focus.

45. Clarion Partners

Vibrant homepage of Clarion Partners featuring a modern commercial real estate skyline, highlighting their value creation strategy in property investment.

Clarion Partners’ website showcases outstanding commercial real estate website design with a powerful image of modern office buildings under a clear blue sky, emphasizing their significant presence in the sector. 

The bold statement “We don’t merely acquire value. We create it.” successfully conveys their mission and philosophy, matching the confident, progressive image they portray.

The design features a clean, simple navigation bar, facilitating easy exploration of sections like “About Us,” “Investments,” and “Responsibility,” demonstrating a comprehensive approach to their business and corporate social responsibility.

46. Urban Land Institute

Contemporary and engaging homepage design by the Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute’s website employs a vibrant, blurred city scene as a backdrop, creating a dynamic and bustling feel that mirrors the ever-evolving nature of real estate. 

The headline “Real Estate Trends and Outlook” prominently displayed in large, clear text, along with the subtitle “Latest insights from global industry leaders,” establishes the site as a hub for professional knowledge and industry forecasts. 

This design choice effectively captures the essence of urban development and positions ULI as a thought leader in real estate. 

The navigation is straightforward, offering easy access to essential resources and ULI initiatives, enhancing the user’s experience and engagement.

47. National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Empowering design on the NAR website, focused on realtor advocacy and rights, with clear navigational elements and engaging visuals.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) website features a professional and inviting homepage that centers on their mission of empowering realtors. 

The header “Empowering REALTORS® to preserve, protect, and advance the right to real property for all.” is prominently displayed, setting a tone of advocacy and commitment.

The backdrop is a bright and open interior space, symbolizing transparency and openness in real estate practices. 

The site offers easy navigation with links to vital resources like the “REALTOR® Code of Ethics” and current industry news, effectively communicating their dedication to their members and the broader community.

48. The Real Estate Roundtable

Clean and authoritative website design of The Real Estate Roundtable, featuring the U.S. Capitol

The Real Estate Roundtable website exemplifies exceptional commercial real estate website design, projecting authority and influence through its use of an iconic image of the U.S. Capitol. 

This image symbolizes its pivotal role in policy and advocacy for the real estate sector. The bold headline “The Voice Of Real Estate, An Engine Of Our Economy” highlights the significant impact of real estate on economic development. 

This message is reinforced by a clear mission statement, positioning the organization as a critical nexus for industry leaders and policymakers. 

49. CoStar Group

Bold and informative CoStar Group homepage presenting key statistics and achievements

The CoStar Group website prominently showcases their stature in the real estate industry with a stunning city skyline that embodies their reach and influence. 

The headline “A GLOBAL LEADER IN THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE $300+ TRILLION REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY” boldly articulates their market position and innovative approach. 

Key statistics about their operations, such as employee count, years of experience, revenue, and global presence, are efficiently displayed, emphasizing their scale and expertise. 

50. LoopNet

User-friendly and comprehensive search interface on LoopNet’s homepage, designed for easy navigation in finding commercial properties

LoopNet’s website features a crisp, user-friendly interface that showcases a picturesque view of a city waterfront, symbolizing extensive commercial real estate opportunities. 

The clear, compelling call-to-action, “Find your next commercial property,” is placed prominently above a functional search bar, inviting users to search for properties by type, such as lease, sale, or auction. 

This design effectively uses visual appeal and direct messaging to attract and serve professionals looking for commercial real estate, making it a practical tool for users to engage with the marketplace.

Essential Features of a Commercial Real Estate Website

A well-designed commercial real estate website goes beyond simply listing properties.

It serves as a powerful marketing tool, attracting and informing potential tenants and buyers.

Here, we explore some essential features that contribute to a successful website:

High-quality Property Images and Videos

Professional visuals are the cornerstone of a captivating website. 

High-resolution photos should showcase the property’s best features, including spacious interiors, well-maintained exteriors, and unique architectural details. 

Consider including virtual tours that allow potential tenants to virtually walk through the space, experiencing its layout and flow. 

Drone footage can add a unique perspective, highlighting the property’s location and surrounding area.

Interactive Property Maps

Interactive maps provide valuable insights beyond just a street address.

Integrate mapping tools that allow users to zoom in and explore the surrounding area.  Highlight nearby amenities like restaurants, shops, and fitness centers. 

Include information on public transportation options and accessibility, showcasing the property’s convenience.

Utilize demographic data overlays to showcase the potential customer base in the area, catering to specific business needs.

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Search Functionality with Filters

An intuitive search function with customizable filters empowers visitors to quickly find properties that align with their specific needs.  

Offer a variety of filter options, such as property type (office, retail, industrial), size range in square footage, desired location, and price range.  

Consider including additional filters for desired amenities, such as on-site parking, high-speed internet access, or specific building features. 

This streamlines the search process, saving potential tenants valuable time and frustration.

Property Details and Documentation

Detailed property descriptions are essential for informed decision-making.

Provide clear and concise descriptions that outline key features like the number of offices, available conference rooms, or warehouse storage capacity.

Include details on square footage, building specifications like ceiling height or floor load capacity, and any recent renovations or upgrades. 

Offer downloadable brochures, floor plans, and other relevant documents, allowing potential tenants to thoroughly research properties and share information with colleagues or decision-makers.

Contact Information and Inquiry Forms

A user-friendly website fosters communication and allows potential tenants to easily connect.  

Make contact information readily available, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses if relevant. 

Prominently display clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to contact your team for further information or to schedule a property tour. 

User-friendly inquiry forms allow potential tenants to submit questions or request proposals directly from the website, streamlining communication and generating valuable leads.

A contemporary luxury estate at dusk, with sleek lines, large windows, and a tranquil lit pool.

Design Considerations for Enhanced User Experience

Here are some key aspects of commercial real estate website design:

  • Targeted User Experience: The website should cater to the needs of commercial tenants and buyers, providing detailed property information, clear search functionalities, and easy communication channels.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure your website seamlessly adapts to all devices, maximizing reach and user engagement for potential tenants on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Fast Loading Times: Prioritize website optimization for a smooth user experience.  Speed is key! Visitors with limited patience will abandon slow websites, so efficient code and image optimization are crucial.
  • Easy Navigation: Implement clear and concise menus with intuitive labeling for a user-friendly website structure. Utilize a logical hierarchy and internal linking to allow visitors to effortlessly navigate property listings, contact information, and other important pages.
  • Branding and Aesthetics: Create a website design that reflects your company’s brand identity and aligns with your target audience. High-quality visuals, a consistent color scheme, and user-friendly typography all contribute to a positive first impression and enhance user engagement.

By considering these elements, commercial real estate website design  becomes a strategic tool to attract tenants, showcase properties, and  ultimately drive business growth.

As night falls, a sleek modern luxury property showcases clean lines, expansive glass windows, and a serene illuminated swimming pool.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is website design important for commercial real estate?

A well-designed website acts as your online storefront, creating a strong first impression and attracting potential clients.

2. What are the key elements of a good commercial real estate website?

Some key elements include a professional and clean design, clear navigation, mobile-friendliness, high-quality property listings with detailed information, and strong calls to action (CTAs).

3. How can I make my website stand out from the competition?

Focus on your unique selling proposition (USP) and showcase your expertise in your target market.  Use high-quality visuals and compelling content to engage visitors.

4. What kind of content should I include on my website?

Include informative content about your services, market trends, and success stories (testimonials and case studies).

5. Is my website optimized for search engines (SEO)?

SEO helps potential clients find your website in search results. Use relevant keywords and optimize page titles and descriptions.

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As we’ve seen, the real estate landscape is constantly evolving, demanding websites that go beyond attracting tenants. They need to reflect a firm’s agility and commitment to the future. In today’s digital age, a high-quality website isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We’ve explored essential design elements, user experience considerations, and must-have features for a successful commercial real estate website. But remember, this is just the beginning.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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