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18 Actionable Strategies to Improve SEO for Chiropractors

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

SEO for chiropractors helps your clinic stand out in an increasingly competitive market, with well over 67,000 chiropractic services in the United States alone. Establishing a higher rank carries benefits like increased traffic and engagement, but what does it take to do it? And what is chiropractic SEO?

Search engine optimization strategies for chiropractic clinics combine on-page tactics like increasing site loading speed, targeted content marketing, and keyword research to local elements like building local citations. From rising social signals to strong backlinks and guest posts, off-page elements must also enter contention.

This guide to a ready-to-use SEO strategy will detail steps and best practices. A better ranking is within your reach.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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18 SEO Optimizations for Chiropractors:

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting, these steps and best practices will put you on the path to a better ranking and increased online success. Let’s dive into the details and get your chiropractic clinic noticed online!

On-Page SEO

1. Keyword Research

Starting with on-page SEO, these strategies directly influence your website.

Keyword research is at the heart of any effective search engine optimization campaign. Your chiropractic clinic should use the keywords your audience searches to get noticed online.

From Google Keyword Planner to the SEMrush Keyword Research Toolkit, digging deep and uncovering relevant keywords in your industry and niche will put you in an excellent position to learn more about what your audience cares about.

Expertly weaving those keywords into your content and website copy increases the user experience and signals to search engines that your site should rank for specific terms.

Blog posts on a chiropractor's website showcasing SEO practices for chiropractors.

2. Publishing Articles

Content marketing will always be important, especially as your clinic decides to invest in SEO. Your keyword research will point you in the right direction of where to begin with your content.

Your article formats should vary, from blog posts to information guides, FAQs, and even Q&As and interviews with reputable industry professionals. You might also have guest posts on your blog.

Quality content will help you gain momentum in SERPs, as will posting frequently. Today’s posting frequency varies by audience and industry, but you should post at least once weekly.

3. Creation of Landing Pages

It pays to write a good landing page. Almost half of the top landing pages rank well in organic listings, meaning you can simultaneously increase your local and on-page SEO.

Provide a landing page for each chiropractic service your clinic offers. The copy should be sharp and sales-oriented but not overly salesy. Use visual elements to break up your copy, from bullet points to images and videos.

For example, embed a video illustrating the chiropractic service so potential clients understand what they will experience when they come in.

4. Optimizing Meta Tags and Descriptions

On-page SEO for chiropractors requires meta descriptions and tags. If you aren’t already using them, start going forward. You should also optimize existing meta tags and descriptions.

A meta description should be no longer than 150 characters, with a sweet spot between 130 and 150. Limiting the character length ensures your description isn’t awkwardly cut off mid-word.

5. Internal Linking

Building an internal link network increases your site architecture, making it easy for Google’s bots to crawl it. You also increase the user experience by providing more relevant information your audience is interested in.

You won’t have many internal links when you begin blogging and posting social content. As you produce content clusters of relevant and related content, keep your eyes peeled for interlink opportunities. There should be many.

3 examples of mobile view of chiropractic SEO-friendly websites.

6. Mobile-Optimized Site Design

With mobile driving more than 50 percent of a site’s traffic, your chiropractic site must be mobile-optimized.

The pillars of mobile optimization are responsivity, fast loading speed (more on this to come), optimized CTAs and other buttons, optimized media like videos, readable fonts, concise and navigable menus, and a clean design.

7. Implementing Schema Markups

You’ve begun developing your chiropractic website architecture, but now it needs structured data from schema markups.

Search engine crawlers read schema markups as code to understand what’s on your web pages and how to organize them.

With over 30 schema types understood by Google, whether you have articles, events, FAQs, how-tos, podcasts, videos, Q&As, or learning videos on your website, Google can categorize them appropriately.

In order to enhance the online presence of your chiropractic clinic, we recommend Local Business Structured Data and Review Snippet Structured Data. The former categorizes your contact information in a Local Business Panel on Google, while the former showcases your reviews, giving your clinic a star ranking.

8. Increasing Site Loading Speed

The average consumer expects websites to load in a snap – approximately 8.6 seconds for mobile and 2.5 for desktop. Failing to live up to those expectations will increase bounce rates.

While a high bounce rate doesn’t directly impact your search engine ranking, it’s a surefire sign your site isn’t engaging enough. That will come back to haunt you.

So, how do you make your website load faster? Compress your images while retaining their quality, for starters. Reducing external scripts, HTTP requests, and JavaScript codes with render-blocking will also speed your site up.

The digital marketing experts at Mediaboom can implement winning on-page SEO strategies. Contact us today to get results for your chiropractic clinic.

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Off-Page SEO

9. Build High-Quality Backlinks

Switching gears to off-page SEO for chiropractors, it’s time to get your backlinking strategy underway.

Backlinks are third-party links. While you can buy your way to thousands, those are often low-quality and will hurt your rank.

High-quality backlinks come from guest posting, influencer arrangements, and authoritative resources people want to share and link to.

10. Submit to Chiropractic Directories

Getting on chiropractic directories is another excellent way to build up your backlinks.

Find reputable, quality directories for chiropractic services near you, then expand to directories in your state and nationwide. Submit accurate business information and wait to appear on the list.

Chiropractor assessing patient shoulders during a session in a chiropractic clinic.

11. Guest Post on Relevant Websites

Let’s discuss the nuances of guest posting more.

Your chiropractic clinic should be choosy about who you work with. You don’t want to attract the wrong audience to your clinic, nor do you want their work appearing on your site, as it will tarnish your reputation and rank.

Seek authority sources in your industry, including those in your niche or specialty area. Review their website before sending them a message about working together, and include a good article pitch based on what their audience would want to read.

12. Get Social Signals

Turn your attention to social media, generating social signals from likes to shares, comments, and other engagement.

The key to getting eyes on your social accounts is to post high-value content that engages, entertains, and/or educates your audience. That should include your content and trusted third-party resources.

You can also consider social media advertising to draw more attention to your page, targeting the platforms your audience uses the most.

Off-page SEO expertise from Mediaboom will ensure your strategy pays off. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Local SEO

13. Claim and Optimize Google Business Profile

As a local service, the best SEO for chiropractors should incorporate measures to help you rise in neighborhood SERPs.

One of the biggest tasks on your to-do list is to claim your Google Business profile if you haven’t already.

Once it’s in your possession, carefully review the information, updating it for accuracy. Write a business description, incorporating your keywords, and upload high-res videos and photos. Allow users to add their own photos.

Google Business Profile of a chiropractic clinic, demonstrating SEO for chiropractors.

14. Get Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Citations

Updating your Google Business profile is important for this next strategy, increasing your NAP citations.

NAP is short for name, address, and phone. Directories and other resources that include your chiropractic clinic’s NAP data usually pull it from your Google Business page, so if it’s incorrect there, it’s incorrect everywhere.

You might have to contact the directories and ask them to update your NAP data. However, all future NAP citations should be accurate once you fix your Google Business profile.

15. Encourage Patient Reviews and Ratings

Your Google Business profile lacks reviews, and your chiropractic website only has a smattering. What to do?

Incentivize your audience to rate your business and leave reviews. Offer discounts or free entry into a contest or giveaway if they leave a review.

Send timely review reminders, like after an appointment, while your great service remains fresh in the client’s mind.

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

16. Create Localized, Informative Content

You already have a consistent content publishing schedule, which is great. Next, it’s time to add localized content to the mix.

The more specific and informative this is, the better. You could produce an ultimate guide to chiropractic services in your state.

Don’t forget to keep your content high-value and focused on the user.

A chiropractor performing a knee examination

17. Build Local Citations

You’ve reached out to broader directories; now, find local chiropractic directories and throw your name in the hat. Triple-check your NAP accuracy before submitting your clinic’s information.

As before, you should carefully choose the directories you associate your brand with, only adding yourself to reputable options.

18. Use Local Keywords

When targeting a nearby audience, it only makes sense to use the keywords they search for. Local keywords are often long-tail, with a city or neighborhood name attached. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “chiropractic services near me NY.”

Interspersing local keywords into your content and website descriptions will boost your local SEO.

Mastering local SEO can be difficult, but with Mediaboom’s experts on your side, you’ll have an easy-to-navigate action plan. Shoot us a message today to start working together.

The chiropractor is getting new clients after investing in SEO

Benefits of Investing in SEO for Chiropractors

To invest in SEO is to invest in your chiropractic clinic’s future. Here are some advantages of ranking higher.

Improves Online Visibility

Since fewer than one percent of online users click to the second page of Google, your chiropractic clinic won’t get the leverage you need until you focus on SEO.

After instituting on-page, off-page, and local strategies, you should see a steady rise in the SERPs that could culminate with ranking at the top for specific high-volume search terms your audience uses.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

Your chiropractic clinic must use search engine optimization to be in contention for beating your competitors. You’ll be on a more level playing field, and if you outrank your competitors, you can expect the lion’s share of clients.

Low-Cost Marketing

Compared to spending thousands on advertising campaigns that result in paid searches, SEO for chiropractors is more affordable. The organic traffic you generate should continue to recur as you hold your rank, increasing your traffic and lead gen.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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