Benefits of SEO

Exploring The Benefits of SEO for Your Business

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

The benefits of SEO are enough impetus for your business to invest in your ranking if you haven’t already. With more than 90 percent of experiences consumers have online starting with a search, your business must prioritize SEO. What advantages can you expect for your efforts?

The benefits of SEO include cost-effective marketing, more organic traffic, a competitive advantage, a better user experience, more trust and credibility among your audience, and sustainable growth. You will also enjoy more online visibility and the perks that come with it, such as more leads, stronger branding, higher conversions, and more sales.

This guide to the benefits of SEO marketing will explore what to expect when banking on a strategy and which key elements to pay attention to as you execute your strategy.

What Is SEO and How Do Search Engines Work?

We can’t discuss the benefits of SEO marketing without a primer on search engine optimization.

SEO is the strategies businesses employ to increase their website ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs.

Through on-site and off-site tactics like link building, meta tags, keyword research, and site speed optimization, a website will gradually crawl up higher on the first page of SERPs and perhaps occupy the top spot.

With only about 6.6 percent of internet users going to the second page of a Google search, you can’t afford to have your site slip in the SERPs. You will be invisible to your audience and prospective customers.

How do search engines determine which sites get those coveted top spots? Search engines have crawlers that comb through web pages, navigating billions. The crawler will download videos, images, and text on the pages, then index that material on its database.

If the material is deemed relevant, it will appear when an internet user searches for it.

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SEO vs. PPC – Why Choose SEO?

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a strategy frequently employed by marketers to increase their audience reach and drive clicks and sales. It’s another direction to take a marketing campaign than SEO.

The main difference is where traffic originates. A PPC campaign requires you to pay for each click you receive, so technically, your influx of traffic is paid traffic. SEO generates organic traffic.

Search engines like Google don’t penalize paid traffic, and a PPC campaign can bolster your SERP strategies. Ultimately, combining PPC and SEO is worthwhile, but if your campaign only has the budget for one, search engine optimization is the way to go.

The benefits of SEO make themselves apparent when working with an SEO agency like Mediaboom. We teamed up with luxury travel resource Luxo Italia, providing strategy, copywriting, and search engine optimization services.

Our SEO strategy pushed Luxo Italia’s ranking, strengthened its reputation, and improved its online visibility. See what Mediaboom can do for your company’s SEO by contacting us.

Semrush shows the difficulty to rank organically for the keyword and also the cost of running a PPC auction

What Are the Top 10 Benefits of SEO?

SEO is a proven strategy for achieving many marketing campaign goals. Here is an overview of the benefits.

1. Increased Organic Traffic

The local searches generated from your SEO campaign will boost organic traffic. Unlike paying for PPC ads, organic traffic is free (although some search engine optimization measures might not be).

Organic traffic can broaden your brand, helping you reach new audiences, and you use tailored measures to ensure you reach your target market.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Augmenting the user experience should always be a top priority. Mobile app analytics resource UXCam reports that every dollar a company spends in UX generates a return of $100, an ROI of more than 9,000 percent.

Redesigning your website to rank better in Google searches makes your site more usable. Design facets like a hierarchical website structure, stronger content, and mobile optimization enhance the user experience.

Content management team redesigning the company website for better user experience.

3. Improved Website Credibility and Trust

When you perform an online search, you can trust the top results, because you know Google and other search engines have strict requirements for what ranks first (and second, third, and so on).

If your business ranks on the first page or lands in the top spot, that increases your trust and credibility by leaps and bounds. This is one of the most covetable benefits of SEO for small business especially, as they’re eager to establish themselves as viable entities in their industry.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Most businesses can’t spend infinite amounts on marketing campaigns. They’ll calculate a tight budget and must stay within those parameters. SEO is the right area to invest your money in.

Many marketing strategies are mainstays, but none to the degree of SEO. Investing in your search engine ranking now will continue to pay back dividends for your business. The consistent organic traffic will make your marketing and advertising campaigns more effective.

You’ll have better brand awareness, more social media engagement, increased readership on your blog, more email subscribers, and higher sales.

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5. Better Conversion Rates

Another area where SEO certainly helps is in conversions. The aforementioned benefits of SEO will increase the leads who enter your sales funnel. As your brand becomes more visible, the leads might enter the sales funnel more aware of your brand. These warmer, qualified leads are readier to make a purchasing decision faster.

Keeping them engaged will encourage future purchasing decisions and perhaps referrals, increasing your company’s bottom line.

6. Helps with Content Marketing

The keyword research you did will pay off as you utilize those terms on your webpages and in your blogs and other copy. Visitors will find your content more engaging and will connect with your brand more meaningfully.

You can inform leads and new customers of your products and services, increasing their likelihood of purchasing. Your creative, targeted content will also keep long-term customers on the hook, generating repeat business.

For example, Mediaboom worked with Paving Finder, a major online paving resource. Our SEO content plan positioned the site as an industry authority, increased its rank, and better engaged with its audience.

Paving Finder had a 380+ percent boost in organic traffic, an increase in total traffic of more than 130 percent, and over 470 percent total impressions.

7. Competitive Advantage

With the many benefits of SEO services locally and internationally, you would assume every business has an SEO strategy. However, that’s not the case.

Only 69 percent of businesses use SEO in 2023, with another 19 percent stating they don’t use it at all and 12 percent feeling unsure about it.

If your competitors don’t use search engine optimization but you do, that gives you a clear edge over them. You can ensure you’ll rank higher, earning the lion’s share of website traffic, conversions, and sales. You can also become a major brand in your industry by increasing your online visibility.

The results of search performance by Google Search Console.

8. Adaptability to Algorithm Changes

SEO is not static. The algorithms search giants like Google utilize continue to shift and evolve, affecting how sites rank. That said, the basics are more rock-solid. Instituting them ensures you can hold steady during the next algorithm change.

You might have to modify your strategy, but you won’t have to do entire overhauls like your competitors might.

9. Enhanced Brand Visibility

Online visibility continually matters more as the 2020s continue. Many businesses have brick-and-mortar stores, but with more consumers preferring to shop online, businesses must rise to the occasion.

You could have the most prominent storefront on your street, but it will do you no good without online visibility. One of the most major benefits of SEO is spotlighting your brand through a higher rank. It’s key to survival in today’s increasingly online world.

10. Long-Term Sustainable Growth

Investing in sustainable marketing measures ensures you spend your budget wisely. SEO isn’t disappearing anytime soon, and if anything might become even more critical to a website’s success in the coming years.

Investing in SEO is a long-term solution. It might take months before your business will see results, but the recurring benefits will make the effort worthwhile.

Key Elements of SEO

You can’t reap the benefits of local SEO without understanding the key elements, including on-page and off-page elements.

On-Page SEO: Ensuring Page Relevance and Quality

On-site or on-page SEO refers to the improvements made to your web page to reach your target audience, generate more organic traffic, and increase your ranking. Here are the elements to prioritize.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research or optimization is another major on-page SEO element. Finding and applying relevant, targeted keywords will increase the qualified traffic your website attracts and improve your content marketing.

Content Quality

The keywords you utilize is in the brief one measure of content quality. Your content should focus on search intent, answering questions the average person searching for a query would want answers to. Bolster your copy with data and stats to drive credibility and add examples whenever possible to see the benefits of SEO.

Write in a conversational way, even when approaching stiff topics.

SEO specialists analyze the content quality performance of the company's website.

Meta Tags

The HTML element meta tags are a must for increasing your on-page SEO rank. These short snippets in the source code describe the page’s contents and help search engine crawlers when indexing your website.

HTML Structure

Crawlers will also have an easier job combing through your site when it has a definable hierarchy. Instituting an HTML structure like headers and body copy helps the crawler identify relevant content and push your website closer toward the top of the SERPs.

Mediaboom’s SEO strategy services can help you achieve your website visibility goals. Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for you.

Off-Page SEO: Building Online Authority and Relationships

The benefits of SEO aren’t achievable only through using on-page SEO. You must also have an SEO strategy outside your website, known as off-page or off-site SEO. Here are some tactics to focus on.

Link Building

Backlinks are one-way links to third-party resources. Examples of backlinks include guest blogs, infographics, videos, or sponsorships. Search engines view backlinks favorably, as they increase your credibility. However, you must generate quality, credible backlinks or you could cause your rating to plummet.

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation is precious to your brand, so you must safeguard it. Monitor social media for mentions about your business, comb through third-party review platforms, and find your name in online directories to determine the general opinion about your brand, products, and services.

Take negative feedback into account, using it to build a better customer service experience.

The SEO specialists of the company are analyzing service feedback from their customers

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most popular and beneficial off-site SEO strategies. Marketing your brand on social media means posting engaging, relevant content and connecting with your audience by responding to comments.

Building your social media following can increase available backlinks and will help you build a stronger, more memorable brand.

Guest Posting

Another great strategy to generate backlinks is through guest posting. Connect with another respected brand in your industry to discuss exchanging blogs on each other’s websites. Besides the SEO benefits, guest posting will increase website traffic and potentially broaden your audience.

Technical SEO: Optimizing Technical Foundations for Search

You can anticipate the most benefits of search engine marketing by using technical SEO. These are more advanced oncepts and strategies that pay off majorly when instituted correctly.

Mobile-Friendliness Optimization

With over 85 percent of the global population owning a mobile device, your website must be optimized for mobile to stand a chance at ranking well. Many website builders have mobile optimization included so you don’t have to go the extra mile to make your website accessible on all devices.

Page metrics optimization performance from Mobile device.

Site Speed Optimization

The longer it takes your website the load, the better the chances of you losing leads who will never give your site a second chance. Optimize your loading speed by limiting JavaScript elements, compressing image sizes, curtailing redirects, and reducing HTTP requests.

Fixing Crawl Errors

Crawl errors prevent bots from successfully crawling your website. Until you improve the errors, your site’s ranking will continue to stagnate or could drop even lower.

Use a tool like Google Search Console to check for URL, DNS, server, and website errors. The strategies needed to fix the errors varies by their nature but can sometimes be as simple as removing dead or broken links.

XML Sitemap Optimization

An XML sitemap presents your most essential webpages in crawlable format. Repairing the above issues is a good starting point toward a clear, readable sitemap.

You should also omit noindex URLs, use the canonical tag for URLs, and focus on your most quality pages. After building an XML sitemap you’re proud of, submit it to Google for crawling.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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