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Unveiling the 14 Best Examples of Luxury Car Logos

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Luxury car logos are colorful, concise, and emblematic of strong automotive legacies. They represent decades, sometimes hundreds of years of history, attracting new buyers and captivating current customers. What are the most famous luxury auto logos?

The top luxury car logos include Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Pagani, McLaren, Porsche, and Aston Martin. These logos have various traits that grab your attention, from the bright colors of the Ferrari and Bugatti logos to the classic typography of the Rolls-Royce iconography.

Join us on this fascinating journey through 14 of the top high-end luxury auto logos in history, with detailed assessments of their best qualities and why they work for their target audience.

The 14 Best Luxury Car Logo

What makes a winning car logo? As it turns out, there is no one particular trait to define it.

Over many years, luxury car brands have perfected the art of logo design. Some have eye-catching colors, and others are monochrome. Famous logos may include typography elements or omit them.

Let’s review the most famous luxury auto logos, unpacking the fine details of each.

Iconic Rolls-Royce luxury car logo as an example of ultra luxurious car brands.

1. Rolls-Royce

The iconic vehicles produced by Rolls-Royce were the brainchild of Henry Royce. His company started with mechanical and electrical services in 1884 before he created his first motor car in 1904.

When Royce paired with Charles Rolls, a London-based car salesman, the two partnered together to sell Royce’s vehicles.

The Rolls-Royce luxury logo is intentionally simple. It features two Rs aligned atop one another, with the second R positioned several inches from the first so they don’t entirely overlap.

The typography is strong and bold but not too angular. The Rs have gentle curves.

This logo sometimes features the brand name, usually with the word “Rolls” above the double Rs, then “Royce” below. The typography is different from the logo but in a similar style.

If the logo uses any color, it’s usually a dark blue background with white typography.

Details of the iconic flying and winged B in the Bentley British luxury car logo.

2. Bentley

Bentley is one of the best examples of British luxury car logos. The automotive brand was founded in 1919 and specializes in luxury SUVs and vehicles.

It’s the creation of W. O. Bentley, an engineer and racer who took the 24 Hours of Le Mans grand prize for five years between 1924 and 1930.

Representing Bentley Motors Limited is a rather ornate logo with a winged B. The central icon is a black oval with a curvy B for Bentley in the center in white. A small white ring encircles the oval.

A larger ring with a thicker border (all in white) wraps around the B, and wings sprout from either side. The wings are drawn with high levels of detail, with thicker lines underneath. Below the B is a smaller set of wings.

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Bugatti luxury vehicles logo, featuring a backward E attached to a forward-facing B within a red horizontal oval.

3. Bugatti

Since its inception in 1909, the French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti has been a favorite in the high-end marketplace.

Well, the home of Bugatti is French today, but when the company was created, it was based in Molsheim, Alsace, which was then in Germany.

Ettore Bugatti is the brand’s founder and namesake. The company almost went under when the original founder died; later, his son did, too. However, it was bought in 1987 and continues strong to this day.

Bugatti technically has two logos. At its core, the logo features what looks like a backward E attached to a forward-facing B. It’s often represented in black (although sometimes white, depending on the logo layout).

The main Bugatti logo is a long, horizontal oval in red. It features the core logo at the top, then the words Bugatti underneath. The text is in white with black shadows, with thick, bold text. Around the oval is a white border with red dots.

Ferrari luxury car brand logo, featuring the Italian flag with green, white, and red stripes, and the black horse.

4. Ferrari

Luxury car logos are hardly more recognizable than Ferrari. As one of the top ultra-luxurious car brands, it needs a logo to match. But first, let’s talk about this fascinating automotive name.

Ferrari S.p.A. is stationed in Maranello, Italy. It was created by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, and its initial vehicle was produced only a year later.

Enzo had raced for Alfa Romeo and also sold the cars. When Ferrari was born, it wasn’t as an automotive manufacturer but as a racing team called Scuderia Ferrari.

It wasn’t until 1945, after a falling out with Alfa Romeo, that the Ferrari brand would drop the Scuderia part of its name and begin focusing on automotive production.

The Ferrari logo is primarily yellow, with colorful green, white, and red stripes representing the Italian flag. In the center of the logo is a black horse on its hind legs, the front legs up dramatically.

Below the horse is the Ferrari typeface, which features shapely letters spelling out the brand name. The top arm of the “F” in Ferrari stretches all the way to the “I.”

The shape of the Ferrari logo varies. It’s often represented as a vertical rectangle but is sometimes also displayed as a badge.

Lamborghini Italian luxury vehicles logo, with the iconic raging gold bull with its head facing down and horns up.

5. Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is another example of the finest in Italian luxury vehicles. The Sant’Agata Bolognese company, today owned by Volkswagen, debuted in 1963 as the work of Ferrucio Lamborghini.

He was a manufacturing master who sought to create a touring car in the same vein as Ferrari. Among the first vehicles under the Lamborghini umbrella was the 350 GT.

The Lamborghini logo is more dressed up than most luxury car logos, which is saying something. It’s sometimes displayed in simple black and white linework but more often is featured in full 2D art with 3D effects and shadowing.

The logo is shaped like a crest, with the word “Lamborghini” at the top in a bold, uppercase typeface.

The color is always gold in the full-color logo. The black crest features a raging gold bull, its head facing down, its horns up, and its tail dramatically swishing in the air.

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Aston Martin luxury car logo, featuring a winged design with the words in uppercase and wings connected on either side.

6. Aston Martin

Creating the Aston Martin brand was a two-pronged effort between engineer Robert Bamford and businessman Lionel Martin.

The two created the brand in London in 1913, already having sold vehicles prior under their Bamford & Martin brand.

However, those were Singer cars, whereas Aston Martin vehicles were their own. The first Aston Martin cars had an Isotta Fraschini chassis and Coventry-Simplex engine.

The Aston Martin logo is similar to the Bugatti logo, as it’s also a winged design. The logo’s center is a long rectangle with the words Aston Martin in an uppercase, bold font with straight letters.

Wings are fixed to either side, connecting as one. The design of the wings is much simpler than what we saw in Bugatti’s design.

The logo is often used in black and white, but when it features color, it will be a bold emerald green. Only the rectangle with the Aston Martin name will have color.

Pagani high performance cars logo, with a silver oval, word Pagani embossed, and underneath, the words Automobili Modena.

7. Pagani

Since 1992, Pagani’s luxury hypercars have captivated the market. The company, known as Pagani Automobili S.p.A., is the work of Horacio Pagani, who had once worked for the composites department at Lamborghini.

In 1988, he created the Pagani Composite Research group to restyle some Lamborghini models. This inspired Pagani to design a vehicle of his own, originally called the C8 Project. It later became the Fangio F1.

Pagani has had two logos, so let’s look at them both to appreciate how far the brand has come visually.

The original 1992 logo featured a large, long oval in silver. In uppercase letters in a long, large typeface, the word Pagani looked embossed on the logo. In the background, holes gave the logo a metal effect.

Underneath, the logo reads “Automobili Modena.”

The later logo, debuting in 2005, is much simpler by comparison. It features a long, lean oval drawn in a single line and the same Pagani typeface in bold. It has no color and no frills.

The rear of a McLaren sports car with the emblematic logo and its italicized M and a thick speed mark at the end of the N.

8. McLaren

The English luxury car brand McLaren is another excellent example of enduring luxury car logos.

The company, known as McLaren Automotive in full, was founded in 1985 in England by Ron Dennis. The automotive company came after the Formula One racing league, named after Bruce McLaren.

The first McLaren vehicle was the F1. The sports car initially debuted in 1992. It’s also known for the 720S, Senna, and Artura series.

The McLaren logo is a nod to its sporty racing origins. The typeface is bold, and the “M” is almost italicized. The rest of the letters lean upward and follow the same orientation. The typeface is more fun and less serious.

On the end of the “N” is a thick speedmark represented in the same color as the rest of the logo, which is traditionally black.

Maserati luxury car with its ornate black trident logo, an iconic symbol in the luxury automotive world.

9. Maserati

With models like the MC20, Levanti, GranTurismo, and Ghibli, Maserati S.p.A. is an instantly recognizable luxury car brand.

Created in 1914 in Bologna, Italy, brothers Ernesto, Ettore, Carlo, Bindo, and Alfieri Maserati had always been passionate about vehicles.

After producing racecars, the brothers put their heads together to make commercial Maserati cars. Alfieri raced one of the initial Maserati cars and took first place in the Targa Florio race in 1926.

The Maserati logo is quite fascinating, especially in relation to those from other luxury car brands. It’s a long oval logo with an ornate red trident seemingly rising from the deep blue sea. Below the trident is the Maserati logo in simple white typeface.

An alternative version of the logo features the trident isolated in black and a cursive-style Maserati typeface, also in black.

Porsche high-performance cars logo, with the brand name, the four patches, and a black whinnying horse in the center.

10. Porsche

The high-performance sedans, SUVs, and sports cars that put Porsche on the map have a history dating to 1931. Ferdinand Porsche founded the brand in Stuttgart, Germany, although the company has since moved its headquarters elsewhere.

Ferdinand Porsche created the company with the help of Anton Piech and Adolf Rosenberger.

Here’s a fun fact: the brand dabbled in tanks. One prototype, the Porsche Tiger, never came to fruition, but the Panzerjager Elefant did.

Porsche is responsible for one of the most famous luxury car logos. Its newer logo is based on the Weimar German coat of arms representing the Free People’s State of Wurttemberg.

The logo today has been used in some iterations since the 1949s, being refined over the years.

The emblem features the Porsche name in an uppercase font in black. The text curves over a gold bar at the top of the coat of arms.

Beneath that are four patches. Two are gold and feature three branches in black. The other two have black and dark red horizontal alternating stripes. Each pattern appears across from one another.

Then, in the center of the logo is another badge featuring a black whinnying horse and the word “Stuttgart” in black to represent the home of Porsche.

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Mercedes-Benz luxury cars logo with the iconic silver ring and a three-pronged design in the center.

11. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz, sometimes abbreviated as simply Benz, produces some of the most beloved luxury vehicles today.

The company was created in Germany in 1926. Karl Benz is one of the founders who initially used internal combustion engines in his vehicles, such as in the Benz Patent Motorwagen.

He worked with Emil Jellinek-Mercedes, an entrepreneur, and Wilhelm Maybach, an engine designer from Germany. Gottlieb Daimler, an industrialist, and this team formed what has become one of the most unforgettable automotive brands.

Let’s take a closer look at its logo. The Mercedes-Benz logo is exceptionally simple. It features a ring and a three-pronged design in the center, usually all silver but sometimes black. If there’s a typeface on the logo, it will read the Mercedes-Benz name and feature a standard font.

Alfa Romeo sports car logo. A circular design with a red cross in a white background, and a green snake wearing a crown.

12. Alfa Romeo

We can’t discuss luxury car logos and names and not mention Alfa Romeo. The Italian car manufacturer from Milan debuted in 1910. It’s the life’s work of Nicola Romeo and Ugo Stella.

So, where did the Alfa part of the name come from? It’s an abbreviation for Anomina Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. The rest of the name comes from Nicola Romeo, who became the full owner of the company five years after its inception.

Simplicity is not the name of the game at Alfa Romeo. Its logo is a circular design with a silver border.

However, the logo sometimes features a gold border. The bold text around the brand name curves around the circle against a royal blue background.

In the circle’s center is a dual logo split in half by a vertical line. On the left is a white background with a long red cross, and on the right is a green snake wearing a crown.

Jaguar brand high-end luxury car logo with its iconic jungle cat roaring representing power, speed, and grace.

13. Jaguar

Jaguar, the luxury extension of the Jaguar Land Rover brand, hails from England.

Founded in 1935, the company’s origins start even earlier in 1922 as a Swallow Sidecar Company. Then, it produced motorcycle sidecars and, later, passenger car bodies.

When SS Cars took over as the owner, the brand that would become Jaguar produced entire vehicles under the Jaguar name. The company switched names from SS Cars to Jaguar Cars by 1935.

Representing the fierce animal it’s named after, the Jaguar luxury logo features an angry, pouncing cat with its front paws bent and its back legs extended. Its tail is straight, with an upward curve at the end.

The Jaguar luxury car logo is sometimes drawn as black-and-white line art but is often silver with 3D details.

Beneath the creature is the Jaguar typeface in bold and uppercase.

Cadillac luxury car logo with its crest filled with gold, red, white, and black rectangles of different shapes.

14. Cadillac

As one of the pioneers in automobiles, the American-based Cadillac Motor Car Division has a long history.

Emerging in 1902, it branched off from the Henry Ford Company, leaving only manufacturer Henry M. Leland and financial backers from Ford.

They began producing cars using the single-cylinder engine Leland created, leading to the formation of the Cadillac Automobile Company.

The Cadillac logo has had many iterations over its long history, with the newest being a crest filled with rectangles and squares of varying colors and shapes.

The hues include gold, red, white, and black against a silver crest with the classic cursive Cadillac font.

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