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HVAC Advertising – 6 Elements Your Campaign Needs

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

HVAC advertising entails using digital ads, social media ads, and sometimes even media and print ads to further your HVAC business objectives. How can a company benefit from HVAC advertising?

HVAC advertising can build brand awareness, boost site traffic, generate leads, convert more customers, and elevate your bottom line so your HVAC company grows and succeeds.

In today’s article, we’ll review all the benefits of an HVAC advertising campaign. Then we’ll introduce the best ad strategies to achieve your objectives. There’s lots of great information to come, so keep reading!

5 Benefits of HVAC Advertising

Let’s begin by showcasing the benefits of HVAC advertising per the intro. These advantages should motivate you to begin pursuing your advertising campaign.

1. Brand Awareness

Differentiating your HVAC company’s services from the others in your neighborhood is critical, especially when Viking Merger estimates that the United States has more than 105,000 HVAC companies.

Brand awareness is how you stand apart from the competition. You can use HVAC advertising to introduce your brand.

You’re giving the ad viewers just enough of a teaser of your brand to get them curious enough to click on your website. There, they can get a fuller feel for your HVAC brand. If they like what they see, they’ll sign up for your email newsletter.

Before you know it, you have new leads entering the sales funnel.

The worker landed a new client after investing in HVAC advertising campaigns

2. More Website Traffic

Your website is one of the most crucial parts of converting leads to customers. It gives leads a place to land. That happens, as mentioned above, after they click your ad.

If your website isn’t pulling big numbers now, with HVAC advertising, that will change. Rather than receive a traffic trickle, it will be more like a deluge.

However, a spike in website traffic means nothing at the end of the day if your HVAC company doesn’t capitalize on it.

Your site needs to be ready with CTA buttons, lead magnets, and opt-in forms. We’ll talk about all that and more in the next section, so be sure to check it out. 

3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of those marketing jobs that never stops. Even when a company grows to the lofty heights it once wondered if it could achieve, you still need leads to get to the next level still. 

You have a multitude of ways you can generate new leads, and HVAC advertising is certainly one of them. 

As long as your ad is online or around town, you can ensure that people will see it, get curious, and want to learn more about your HVAC company. 

By segmenting the audience that sees your ad ahead of time, you might improve the quality of your leads. These leads know what they want so they’re readier to make a purchasing decision.

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4. Customer Conversions

Leads are great to have, but you ideally want them to convert into regular buying customers who will rely on your company’s HVAC services for a long time to come. 

Those more qualified leads who enter your sales funnel are also known as warm leads. Since they’re readier to buy, that means they may convert faster. Once you close the initial deal, you could have another long-term customer. 

5. More Sales

The goal then is to keep generating warm leads, convert as many of them as possible, and then boost your company’s sales, and all through HVAC advertising

6 HVAC Advertising Strategies to Implement

For the rest of this article, we’ll switch gears and share the top HVAC advertising strategies your company can use to get your first advertising campaign off the ground.

Google ADS is the ideal platform to launch advertising campaigns for HVAC

1. PPC and Google Ads

By 2022, Cyber Security Ventures predicts that six billion people around the world will use the Internet. That number should jump to 7.5 billion by 2030.

Internet advertising then remains one of your most viable methods of expanding brand awareness and generating more leads for your HVAC advertising campaign. 

Pay-per-click or PPC ads are certainly a way to make a splash on the Internet. 

You’d work with an ads publisher, be that a search engine, someone who owns a website, or a PPC ads agency like ours. Your HVAC company would be considered the advertiser. 

The publisher puts your ad online. Every time a user clicks on the ad, you pay the publisher for the click. The goal is to recoup that money through lead conversions and sales. 

Read this article to find a suitable PPC ads agency for your HVAC company.

Going hand-in-hand is Google Ads, an online ads platform that can create native ads as well as product listings on the Internet. The ads might appear in Google search engine results as well as in mobile apps, videos, and non-search websites. 

With Google Ads, you’d bid for a targeted keyword or keyword phrase using the PPC model. You get to choose your max bids, which is how much money you’re willing to pay to win a keyword.

Having a budget in place is certainly advisable as you enter the PPC advertising market.

This form of advertising can be highly advantageous for your HVAC company. If you can win the bid for keywords that you know your target market is searching for, then they have a better likelihood of seeing your ad and clicking on it.

2. Remarketing

The next HVAC advertising strategy is remarketing, which is a common B2B marketing and advertising tactic.

Remarketing or behavioral retargeting gives you a second chance to potentially convert a lead who looked at your HVAC services but changed their mind. 

In an email you’d send or on your website (or even both), you’d include a tracking pixel. The pixel deposits a cookie into the lead’s Internet browser. 

The cookie is what allows the remarketing campaign to work, as the Internet user will be shown display ads showcasing the product or service (HVAC services, in the case of your company) on a variety of places the user visits online. 

This happens courtesy of ad exchanges.

You also have the option to utilize personalized retargeting, which is referred to as dynamic creative retargeting. 

This time, when a lead visits your HVAC website and browses your services, you can use personalized retargeting to create a banner ad that includes the services the lead was most interested in based on their browsing behavior. 

According to TrueList, remarketing can lessen the cart abandonment rate by as much as 6.5 percent, which is not too shabby!

Social media is a great platform to launch HVAC advertising campaigns

3. Social Media Advertising

The next facet of your HVAC advertising campaign is social media ads.

Whether you prefer Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok, there is no one best social media platform for your HVAC advertising. Rather, you should advertise on whichever platform you believe has the biggest share of your target audience.

You can advertise on more than one social media platform if you wish, but you might want to limit yourself to one or two to start. This will allow your HVAC company to manage your ad spending. 

Social media ads are native content that blend right into a user’s feed. The goal of the ad is to dissuade the user from even thinking that what they’re seeing is an ad. 

Once an Internet user engages with your social media ad, they’d then be redirected to a page of your choice. 

You don’t exclusively have to redirect leads to your social media accounts. Rather, you should send them to your website or a landing page commensurate to the service advertised. 

If your HVAC company has never used social media advertising, now is as good a time as any to start. Statista’s Digital Advertising Report 2021 notes that social media ads have the second largest market in the realm of digital ads.

4. Landing Pages for Advertising

We’ve mentioned several times throughout this guide that landing pages are a critical part of converting leads to customers. Thus, landing pages are a form of HVAC advertising, especially when your PPC or social media ads redirect users to a landing page.

As we discussed on the blog, a landing page is a place on your site for your offer to live. The page is full of both copy and images and/or videos that inform the customer about what your HVAC company does.

The goal of the landing page is to educate a lead and encourage them to make a purchasing decision and thus convert. 

Here are some landing page best practices that will help you create a crisp, appealing landing page that users will be happy to peruse.

  • For every product or service you offer, create an individual landing page for each. If a lead is interested in air conditioner installation, they don’t want to read about furnaces. You’d want a separate page for your furnaces and another for air conditioners.
  • Make copy readable. Use short paragraphs, avoid fluff, and add bullets and other elements between paragraphs to break things up. 
  • Include photos and videos that showcase how your products or services work. These media, in combination with your copy, are what will inspire the lead to buy. 
  • Put CTA buttons or links above the fold, which is the part of your webpage that a user sees without scrolling. Feel free to add another CTA at the bottom of the page as well, but that’s in addition to your above-the-fold CTAs.
  • No navigation on landing pages. You want the lead to read about your HVAC products or services. Anything that can take away from their immersive experience or distract them should not be on the page.
  • Add social proof from real customers who have enjoyed using your HVAC services. Whether it’s a positive review or testimonial, leads who are the fence might finally change their mind once they read these glowing reviews.
  • Use split-testing to determine how you should organize your landing page elements for the most conversions. 

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5. Website Design

The next HVAC advertising strategy is to improve upon your website design.

Your website is a giant advertisement for your HVAC company as well as your products and services. As we’ve described throughout this guide, your website is where you’ll redirect your leads when they click your ads. As a result, it has to look its best.

A well-designed HVAC website should feature complimentary colors, appealing graphics (including video if applicable), simple and clear navigation, and CTA buttons that stand out from the rest of the design elements.

This roundup of HVAC website design examples should help you see which design areas to prioritize as you build or rebuild your site.

If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, that’s another area to focus on. A mobile-optimized website is one in which all the website elements load the same on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a desktop computer.

The text should be clearly legible, images shouldn’t overlap, and the navigation should work unencumbered. Moreover, all CTAs that should have been above the fold should maintain their placement.

Videomakers are editing videos for an HVAC business's advertising campaign

6. Video Ads

The last HVAC advertising strategy we recommend is video advertising. 

More and more marketers are beginning to realize the value of video advertising. A 2021 report from video-making resource Bitable found that over 65 percent of marketers who used video advertising had a better ROI compared to Google Ads.

Video marketing can serve a variety of goals that are beneficial for your HVAC business. You can generate and build trust among your leads, raise brand awareness, and use videos to engage with your leads. 

Plus, in a field that not everyone understands like HVAC, using a visual medium such as video can demystify your services and make people realize that yes, they probably do need new heating or air conditioning.

Video ads must be brief, between five and 15 seconds long. You have to put a lot of great information into a short format without making it feel too jam-packed.

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HVAC advertising is your key to building brand awareness, finding more qualified leads, and guiding them through the sales funnel until they’re purchasing customers. The advertising methods we described today can help your company achieve those objectives. If you need help along the way, you can count on Mediaboom.

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