Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

Lead Conversions with Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

By: Frank DePino | August 14, 2023

Google Ads for real estate agents deliver results, increasing conversion rates up to five percent in a year or two after the campaign launches. However, launching a successful campaign requires a lot of careful planning and understanding of your target audience. What other benefits can you expect from using Google Ads in real estate?

The benefits of Google Ads for real estate agents include fast results, efficient advertising spending, targeted advertising, stronger brand awareness, website traffic, more leads, and increased sales and conversions. You can measure Google Ads performance as the ads go live, adjusting the ad’s content or targeting for optimal efficiency.

This guide to launching a Google Ad campaign for real estate agents will explain what preplanning is required before your ads go live, the types of ads to use in your campaign, and the creatives to incorporate.

Before Running Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

Building a strong foundation begins with laying the groundwork. Follow these steps to position your Google Ads campaign for success.

1. Find Relevant Keywords and Your Target Audience

Begin by segmenting your audience. Real estate needs vary wildly, even among buyers. For example, first-time buyers have different needs than someone interested in purchasing a summer home.

Once you’ve split your audience, you must select keywords to bid on. These keywords should be relevant to each audience segment, targeting the keywords they would search for online.

Specific keywords perform well, but a few generalized ones can cast a broader net while still remaining within your target market. Use descriptive keywords and select several keyword phrases or keywords per audience group.

2. Estimate Daily Clicks Based on Your Budget

Next, you must calculate your budget. PPC ads like Google Ads are inexpensive to run compared to other types of campaigns, but you still need a cash allotment to avoid overspending. Your dollars should stretch further for a more expansive campaign.

Predicting your daily clicks based on a budget comes easily with our handy Google Ads cost calculator. You can also rely on this calculator to determine your advertising ROI.

3. Make a Plan of Action and Follow It

What will your Google Ads campaign entail? What will you achieve through your ads, and how do you reach your goals? How long should your campaign last? You must answer these questions when creating your action plan before your campaign goes live.

The Google ADS home page invites marketers to sign up to launch advertising campaigns

Create a Google Ads Account

Sign up for a Google Ads account if you don’t already have one. You can use an existing Google Business account for your Google Ads campaign and connect an existing Google Analytics account.

4. Prepare an Outstanding Offer on Your Website or Landing Page

Get your website ready for your Google Ads campaign by producing landing pages for your real estate services. You should have a unique landing page for every neighborhood you serve. Create an outstanding offer and position it front and center on your website.

Building a better real estate website that converts is possible with the pros at Mediaboom.

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Best Strategies to Run Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

Google Ads for real estate agents perform best with a dedicated strategy. Here are the various types of Google Ad campaigns to incorporate.

Search Campaign

Search Ads are a simpler type of Google Ad campaign. The text ads appear on Google while your target audience uses the search engine.

These are among the easier types of ad campaigns to run, according to Google. You can target people very specifically, and don’t need special assets or files. Writing a text ad is easy, but take your time with copywriting.

Since a Search Ad is so basic, it doesn’t rely on visuals to attract attention. It must have a clear, concise, targeted copy. You must also target specific keywords, for instance, “sale of luxury homes.”

Example of an ad for real estate agent shown on google serp
Image courtesy of Hoole

Display Campaign

A display campaign is among the best Google Ads for real estate agents. This campaign uses images that appear in ads on YouTube and Google-owned services, apps, and websites. The ads stand out compared to text ads and are a great option for reaching your target market.

Example of a display ad for real estate agent shown on a website
Image courtesy of Chainlink Marketing

Display Ads have a broad reach, as Google says they can show up on more than 650,000 apps and three million websites. Here are some pointers for creating effective Display Ads:

  • Choose your format, with Portrait (9:16), Square (1:1), and Landscape (1.9:1) image formats available.

o   Portraits must have a minimum size of 600 x 1067 with a recommended size of 900 x 1600.

o   Squares must have a minimum size of 300 x 300 with a recommended size of 1200 x 1200.

o   Landscapes must have a minimum size of 600 x 314 with a recommended size of 1200 x 628.

  • Design Display Ads to complement your text ads, including Google Search Ads.
  • A/B test for an appealing design.

Designing visually gorgeous Display Ads is easy with the professional services of the digital marketing agency Mediaboom. Plan your real estate Google Ads with Mediaboom now.

Video Campaign

Google Ads for real estate agents must include a video campaign. Your videos will appear on YouTube and other platforms under the Google umbrella. Here are the types of video campaigns you can choose from:

  • Ad sequences, which feature a series of small clips displayed sequentially to tell a story.
  • Get views, once known as influence consideration, a campaign with in-feed and in-stream ads users can skip.
  • Outstream mobile ads that appear on Google apps and websites.
  • Video reach campaigns, which include non-skippable in-stream ads, skippable in-stream ads, and bumper ads.
  • Custom video campaigns, where you select the type of ad.
  • Drive conversions, aka video action campaigns, which target specific audience groups to motivate their action.

Here’s an example of a video ad on YouTube from Sydney Real Estate and Corie Sciberras.

Local Campaign

The last type of campaign to consider for real estate advertising is local. A local campaign increases business in your neighborhood. Google Ads will optimize the ads using Google AI before they show up on YouTube, Google Maps, and Display and Search Ads.

However, you must either have a Google Business profile linked to Google Ads or location assets to use this campaign. For example, a local ad campaign might use the keyword, New York luxury homes for sale.

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Which Creatives Should You Use to Maximize Conversions?

A Google Ad campaign should increase conversions, but these creatives will assist you in maximizing your campaign’s potential.

Very Engaging Ad Titles and Descriptions

Your ad titles and copy must be engaging, targeted, and tested. Google for real estate agents uses Quality Scores as a diagnostics and comparison tool. You can compare your ad’s Quality Score with another ad, such as one from your competitors.

A Quality Score is rated from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 10 being the highest score. Google assigns Quality Scores based on three criteria: the landing page experience, ad relevance, and expected click-through rate (CTR).

The landing page experience refers to the value and relevance of the landing page connected to your ad, as Google wants to redirect its users to quality landing pages. Ad relevance is a measure of how well your ad content gels with search intent. The expected CTR is how likely a user will click your ad when they see it.

High-Quality Video of the Property with a Drone View

Human-led walkthroughs are the standard, and while they get the job done, they fail to break any new ground. A video of the property led by a drone is engaging and impressive. The aerial views showcase the property in a new light and make almost any property look luxurious and covetable.

Here is an example of a drone-shot real estate video:

Spontaneous Videos of New Owners Satisfied with the Property

Another video-centric creative to use is video testimonials of satisfied customers. A video review is more compelling than a text review, as it conveys more emotions, from excitement to happiness and gratitude.

A video review can also expand on a customer’s journey, allowing them to detail the touchpoints of working with your real estate agency and what they most enjoyed.

Spontaneous videos are best. A review that comes across as canned or rehearsed can have the opposite effect, turning your audience off. They might wonder if you used paid actors to discuss your real estate services.

A spontaneous video might not be perfect by conventional standards, but it has more of the passion and emotion that drives leads to act.

Short Videos in TikTok Format with Subtitles

With 1.7 billion users in 2024, you must pay attention to TikTok. Presenting short videos following the TikTok format, complete with subtitles, will grab attention. You could create the next viral video or at least amass thousands, possibly tens of thousands of views.

Mediaboom’s video marketing services will help you create targeted, punchy content that racks up views and engagement. Talk to the pros at Mediaboom and take your real estate ad campaign further.

Google ADS advertising specialist is analyzing the performance of the extensions used in the real estate campaign

4 Extensions to Maximize a Google Ads Campaign for Real Estate Agents

Google Ads for real estate agents should utilize extensions. If you use Google Chrome as an internet browser, you know extensions expand functionality, and it works the same way for

1. Google Ads

A Google Ads extension appears beside your ad and might present pricing, a call button, or a website subpage. Here are three must-use Google Ads extensions.

2. Sitelink

Google site links are website subpage hyperlinks. The link will appear below your Google Ad and redirect traffic to your website when a user clicks. However, Google will add the site link, as you cannot do it yourself.

Google’s algorithms for generating site links are secret but rely on automation. You can block sitelinks if you have Google AdWords. You can also build campaigns within AdWords to use group-level site links.

Having site links can make your website more authoritative and strengthen your web presence. An ad with a site link takes up more space than one without, making your ad more distinct from your competitors.

3. Callout

Callout assets for Display Ads promote your latest offers, such as deals on a property. The callout attaches to your ad and shows up on mobile and desktop versions of the ad. You can use 10 callouts that complement the copy in your Display Ad, although the device, browser, and number of characters sometimes reduce callout limits.

You have a lot of control over callouts, including what the text says, when they show up, and where.

4. Call

A call ad displays on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to inspire internet users to call your real estate agency. The ad automatically makes a call when a user clicks, increasing its convenience.

You must have a Google forwarding number or GFN and call reporting turned on to use this feature. Google will give you a Google forwarding phone number for your ad. Call details are available as they come in, and Google counts them as conversions.

You must include a final website URL for redirecting your Google Ads for real estate agents, a display path, two lines of copy, your business phone number, the name of your business, and two headlines.

The headlines and display path are optional, but the more information you include in your calls, the better the extension will perform.

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Google Ads for real estate agents promote and grow your business, increasing leads and conversions. You need a trusted web agency to build winning ads to achieve your goals.

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