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Aviation Marketing – How to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Reach

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

Aviation marketing is no simple task.

You need a solid and straightforward marketing plan for your aviation business. Do you have the time and energy to develop a marketing strategy, promote products and services, cover all social media, and much more?

If not, let us help you.

Aviation marketing takes web development, content creation, social media promotions, and extensive digital marketing. You need to emphasize the benefits you offer. Promote your commitment to providing high-quality service, an excellent track record of performance, and unwavering reliability no matter the level of demand. A seamless customer experience on and offline will give you more business than you could possibly imagine.

All aviation businesses can’t use the same marketing strategy. As both traveler behavior and technology advance, airlines must stay on top of changes to maintain successful marketing campaigns.

To remain competitive, airlines must stay informed and proactive about the latest trends in technology and consumer choices.

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Understanding Aviation Marketing and its Benefits:

In the competitive landscape of aviation business, you have an array of tools to elevate brand awareness and secure pivotal contracts.

Your marketing toolkit might encompass:

  • Engaging broadcast and print advertisements
  • Dynamic social media updates
  • Insightful blog articles
  • Timely announcements on corporate websites
  • Innovative digital or social media promotions

These methods aid in amplifying conversion rates, generating leads, and enhancing your airline marketing strategies through backlinks and domain authority.

Marketing in aviation plays a crucial role in stirring public enthusiasm about new technologies and introducing fresh offerings within the industry. Skillful application of these tactics involves analyzing your audience and meticulously tracking ad and content performance. Often, businesses seek seasoned experts to maximize the full spectrum of marketing opportunities.

Your goal should be to craft communications that not only highlight your achievements but also set you apart from your rivals, fostering trust among partners, clients, potential customers, and investors – all of whom entrust their safety to these firms. Strategic messaging is imperative for airline marketing, showcasing unique achievements, pinpointing your target audience and partners, and forging a steadfast brand image rooted in reliability.

Awareness of these principles is crucial for aviation companies aiming for success.

The captain of a private airline's plane is boarding with his staff

Top 10 Benefits of Aviation Digital Marketing:

  1. Brand Recognition: Effective aviation marketing enhances brand visibility, making your airline or aviation company more recognizable. This heightened awareness can lead to increased customer loyalty and preference over competitors.
  2. Customer Engagement: Through targeted marketing, aviation businesses can engage with their customers more personally, understanding their needs and preferences, and thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention.
  3. Market Expansion: Aviation marketing enables companies to explore and penetrate new markets, both geographically and demographically, thus broadening their customer base and increasing revenue potential.
  4. Competitive Advantage: By employing innovative marketing strategies, aviation companies can differentiate themselves from competitors, highlighting unique services, technologies, or customer experiences.
  5. Revenue Growth: Effective marketing strategies in aviation directly contribute to increased sales and revenue by attracting more customers and encouraging repeat business through loyalty programs and other incentives.
  6. Improved Communication: Marketing provides a channel for aviation companies to communicate important information, updates, and changes to their customers, enhancing transparency and trust.
  7. Data-Driven Insights: Marketing efforts generate valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, allowing aviation businesses to make informed decisions and tailor their services to meet market demands.
  8. Crisis Management: In times of crisis, good marketing communication is crucial for maintaining a positive brand image, managing customer expectations, and quickly recovering from setbacks.
  9. Innovation Showcase: Marketing offers a platform for aviation companies to showcase their innovations and technological advancements, positioning themselves as industry leaders and attracting tech-savvy customers
  10. Partnership and Investment Opportunities: A strong marketing presence can attract potential partners and investors, opening up new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and expansion in the aviation industry.

Ready to Elevate Your Aviation Business?

With our specialized knowledge and innovative approaches, we can amplify the benefits of aviation marketing for your business.

From enhancing brand recognition to unlocking new market potentials, MediaBoom’s expertise ensures that every aspect of your marketing strategy is meticulously crafted and effectively executed.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in aviation marketing, and our tailored solutions can help you gain a competitive edge, increase revenue, and forge lasting customer relationships.

Don’t let your marketing efforts fly under the radar.

Partner with MediaBoom, Your Expert in Digital Aviation Marketing, and let’s take your aviation business to new heights!

The marketing team is setting up the strategy for the aviation business of its client.

Strategies for Different Airline Types

The airline industry is incredibly diverse, catering to a variety of needs.

Business travelers, leisure seekers and budget-conscious customers often have distinct requirements when it comes to air travel. Large international carriers such as British Airways focus on long-haul journeys, while smaller regional companies focus on short distances and can offer lower costs.

Budget airlines like Spirit Airlines compete in terms of price sensitivity while ensuring basic service levels.

Major Airlines

A major airline should target business and leisure travelers. According to FinancesOnline “Business travelers make up 12% of an airline’s passengers, but they represent 75% of the profit.”

Since most business travelers are men, your marketing campaign should reflect that. Aviation marketing plays a pivotal role in this dynamic sector, blending innovative strategies to captivate these specific demographics. For you, understanding this is crucial.

Focusing on airline marketing strategies, consider leveraging social media platforms. These channels are effective for engaging both business and leisure travelers. For instance, LinkedIn campaigns can directly appeal to business travelers, highlighting efficiency and luxury services. Similarly, Instagram is ideal for showcasing destinations, appealing to leisure travelers.

Consider also personalized email marketing campaigns, which are a cornerstone in airline marketing. Tailored messages can resonate more with customers, enhancing brand loyalty. Airlines like Emirates have successfully used this tactic, offering personalized travel recommendations.

Lastly, the incorporation of marketing in aviation extends beyond digital fronts. In-flight experiences and loyalty programs are instrumental in reinforcing brand image. By offering unique in-flight amenities, airlines can create memorable experiences, encouraging repeat business. Utilizing these strategies effectively can lead to a significant boost in customer engagement and revenue.

A national airliner is photographed for a commercial

National Airlines

In the world of national airlines, the approach is quite different. As a marketer, your target is individuals planning vacations. Leisure travelers usually seek destinations offering a rich blend of cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and relaxation. They also prefer flights with stopovers in other cities to enrich their travel experience in one trip.

Mastering aviation marketing is key, particularly through innovative digital strategies and social media. For example, JetSet Airways boosted engagement by showcasing destination highlights on Instagram. Similarly, tailored email marketing campaigns can be a cornerstone of marketing in aviation. Airlines benefit from sending personalized newsletters with exclusive deals to destinations, emphasizing leisure and local attractions.

In the aviation business, ideas should resonate with customers’ aspirations for adventure and exploration. By implementing these techniques, national airlines can captivate their audience and provide unforgettable travel experiences.

Regional Airlines

Regional airline’s core clientele are business travelers.

While leisure passengers contribute to revenue, business travelers are a more consistent source. To captivate this audience, your airline marketing strategies should emphasize several key aspects such as:

  • Flight Length and Time
  • Pricing
  • Aircraft Makes and Models
  • Benefits and Easy-Access
  • Comfortableness
  • A History of Safety
  • Customer Service and Provisions
  • Good Reputability

For instance, focus on the efficiency of flight length and timing, ensuring that your services align with the fast-paced needs of corporate flyers. Competitively pricing your flights can be a game changer, striking a balance between affordability and premium value. Or highlight the superior features of your aircraft makes and models, showcasing technological advancements and comfort.

When marketing in aviation, it’s crucial to underline the ease of access and benefits your airline offers, such as streamlined boarding processes or exclusive lounge access. Comfort is paramount in retaining customers; hence, your marketing should reflect the relaxing and pleasant experience your airline provides. Stressing a history of safety is vital; customers need to trust your airline with their lives.

Outstanding customer service and provisions set you apart, showing your commitment to passenger satisfaction. Finally, building and maintaining good reputability is the cornerstone of successful aviation business ideas.

Take, for example, Alaska Airlines, a prominent player in the U.S. regional airline sector. They have successfully implemented strategies focusing on punctuality, efficient customer service, and competitive pricing. This approach has not only garnered a loyal business traveler base but also elevated their reputation in the industry. As you can see, this case study underscores the effectiveness of these strategies in the regional airline market.

The new Guardian Jet website by aviation marketing team Mediaboom.

What We Can Do For You

There are so many tools for digital marketing. Utilizing our strategies will help your brand expand and improve its efficiency when it comes to managing an online presence or digital marketing initiatives.

Website Development and Redesign

Aviation companies must optimize their website for conversions. When you don’t, you risk losing customers to your competitors. In today’s online marketplace, users demand appealing and user-friendly designs that address their needs quickly. Glitches, unattractive designs with no pertinent content, or a lack of customer testimonials or case studies can prompt would-be customers to pursue other options. The solution is having a digital design partner able to create attractive interfaces with messages tailored towards the customer journey and remove any impediments along the way.

Whether you need a new website or an update to your existing one, we can deliver an optimal user experience that is sure to attract customers. Our services include full optimization for increased loading times; power and flexibility so changes can be made quickly; and impactful design for strengthened brand identity across any device. With our help, you’re guaranteed to maximize conversion and increase profits.

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Social Media Marketing for Airlines

Raising brand visibility is an essential objective of any business. Social media emerges as a dynamic platform, not just for raising customer awareness but also for kick-starting the sales journey.

For aviation businesses, these digital avenues offer more than just a space for sporadic updates like flight statuses, delays, or weather conditions. They can be integral to robust international marketing strategies, especially for multinational corporations with operations spanning various regions. By establishing a strong presence on global social networks, airlines can engage both domestic and international customers more effectively.

This approach allows for a more personalized connection with travelers, sharing not only operational updates but also promotional content, travel tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the airline industry. It’s an opportunity to humanize the brand, foster loyalty, and create a community around the shared experience of travel.

Additionally, social media analytics can provide invaluable insights into customer preferences and behavior, guiding more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Southwest Airlines offers a compelling case study in effective social media marketing within the aviation industry.

Known for its innovative marketing, Southwest launched an interactive microsite called “175 Stories.”

This platform allowed visitors to explore stories and videos of real passengers by hovering over seats on a digital airplane layout. Described as a “masterful example of brand storytelling” by Forbes, this campaign positioned Southwest’s brand around customers’ emotional experiences. It effectively humanized the airline, differentiating it in a sector often criticized for lacking compassion.

The campaign was bolstered by television ads, social media posts, and shareable content, demonstrating a holistic approach to storytelling in aviation marketing

To sum up, in the competitive world of aviation and airlines, a well-orchestrated social media strategy can be a game-changer, bridging the gap between airlines and their diverse clientele.

Paid Advertising: Ads for Aviation

In the dynamic field of aviation, paid advertising plays a pivotal role.

For instance, Hawaiian Airlines, a major U.S. commercial airline, capitalized on this with a campaign promoting their Honolulu to Auckland route. They partnered with Auckland Airport and Mastercard in late 2017 and early 2018, leveraging data from both Expedia Group and Hawaiian Airlines. This collaboration led to an integrated campaign targeting U.S. travelers across various Expedia Group platforms and other sites using PassportAds.

The strategy focused on on-site display ads and IP-targeted PassportAds, creating a comprehensive online presence. Additionally, the campaign included email marketing and a unique Mastercard promotion offering a $200 gift card with route purchases.

This multi-faceted approach resulted in a 40% increase in passenger demand between the U.S. mainland and Auckland, and a 20% increase for Hawaii to Auckland routes, earning the title of North America Airline Campaign of the Year in 2018

An example of how Mediaboom created a perfect design for an aviation company

SEO For Aviation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pivotal digital marketing tool that involves optimizing website content to rank higher on search engine results.

For the aviation industry, SEO’s significance cannot be overstated.

Effective SEO ensures your aviation business stands out in a competitive digital landscape, making it visible to a broader and more relevant audience.

The benefits of SEO in aviation include increased online visibility, higher website traffic, and improved engagement with potential customers. It’s not just about drawing in more visitors; it’s about attracting the right ones interested in aviation services.

A compelling case study in airline SEO is AirAsia.

A beautiful graphic related to aviation marketing

Their digital marketing team, led by Ravi Shankar, faced the challenge of measuring and enhancing their SEO effectiveness. They scaled up their digital marketing team from 8 to over 50 members, focusing on creating a robust measurement framework.

This approach helped them identify which marketing activities were most effective, guiding their future strategies

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and efficient way to stay connected to existing clients and new potential customers in the aviation industry. Whether you’re a large airline or small boutique flight school, this tool can help you reach your goals. It’s user-friendly and provides tangible results. Use these suggestions to make your emails pop out to your customers:

  • Understanding travelers needs – Your top priority is to meet consumer needs through effective sales and deliver value within your products and services.
  • Give Extra Value To Your Clients – For an aviation business to successfully make an attractive pitch to potential clients, they must be able to assess organizational procedures, financial incentives, and company policies. This evaluation process is critical for creating persuasive presentations and gaining their trust.
  • Engage Your Clients – To create a successful email campaign, you should focus on constructing an effective subject line that will grab users’ attention and make them want to open the message. Creating a powerful subject line is essential for users to not skip over your emails.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing, a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, aims to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. This method is intrinsically linked to Search Engine Optimization as it significantly boosts online visibility, enhances brand presence, and improves search engine rankings through quality content.

For aviation businesses, an industry driven by customer experience and safety standards, effective content marketing can build trust, educate potential customers about services, and differentiate an airline from its competitors.

The benefits of content marketing in aviation include enhanced brand awareness, increased customer engagement, improved trust and loyalty, and direct influence on purchase decisions. Notably, content marketing helps airlines to communicate their unique selling propositions and engage with diverse customer segments more personally and effectively.

Production & Editing of Photos and Videos

In the aviation industry, the production and editing of photos and videos play a pivotal role in branding and marketing.

High-quality, professionally produced visual content can significantly enhance brand perception, making it an indispensable tool for aviation businesses. According to a HubSpot report, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without. Furthermore, Wyzowl states that 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Mediaboom comprehends the profound impact visuals have.

We offer comprehensive services encompassing conceptualization, custom photography, and professional video production. Our expertise extends to detailed processing and editing, ensuring your brand is portrayed in the best light. Our dedicated team crafts compelling visuals that not only engage but leave a lasting impression on your audience.

With eye-catching, unforgettable visual content, we help your aviation business stand out in a competitive landscape.

To explore how Mediaboom can elevate your brand with striking visuals, visit Mediaboom.

Case study of an aviation company by Mediaboom

Our Stunning Effect On Guardian Jet

We recently completed a rework of Guardian Jet’s The Vault and website. Our goal was to create an enhanced user experience that was easy-to-use and optimized for all devices. With The Vault, customers can access every aspect of their relationship with Guardian Jet in real time – from planning and reporting software, to their entire product catalogue. Together with Guardian Jet, we’re proud to have achieved a comprehensive online customer service solution. Additionally, their online leads increased by 732%. Furthermore their website traffic has gone up 1409%. Lastly they have 23% more pages per session and a 61% longer session duration.

A private jet company immediately filled its plane after relying on a web agency

7 Advantages To Collaborating With Us

1. Become an Aviation Travel Leader

Guardian Jet is now the 3rd most successful aircraft brokerage in the USA.

We can help you become a leader as well. Mediaboom admirably unites strategic ROI objectives with immersive story driven campaigns. Our attention to detail helps ensure that all clients are provided with a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives. We work diligently to see that each project is an accurate representation of your company’s strategic targets.

2. Get Qualified and Responsive Leads

As industry leaders in the digital advertising and marketing sector, we understand the importance of effectively communicating your brand message to reach your target audience. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are committed to helping you elevate your advertising campaigns through strategic tactics, designed to make a lasting impression on your viewers and increase ROI.

Services of an aviation marketing company

3. Sell Your Service

When engaging your customers, we keep the focus on them. We gather the right information to understand your aviation marketing needs. Additionally, we help build rapport and focus on contributing value to existing and potential customers. Furthermore we find targeted aviation and travel questions and provide your clients with the right answers. Our marketing campaigns create an effective connection with customers and approach them at a personal level. We likewise keep in mind that you are ultimately selling to an individual, not a faceless entity. Mediaboom also reaches out to strategic high points in order to establish maximum impact and engagement with potential customers.

4. Maintain Customer Contact

We specialize in creating an engaging and unique experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Our content creation services like copywriting, animation, illustrations and video production provide your clients with unique opportunities and information. We make sure your company will stand apart from the competition. Let us craft your brand in a way to capture your customers’ attention.

An owner of a private jet company is checking his customer database because it is grown during the last month.

5. Grow Your Customer Database

We use data to evaluate what makes customers decide to buy your products when they do. Also we create clear CTAs (call-to-action) so your customers get one step closer to buying. As studies show mobile website users and desktop users are pretty split. As a result you would need us to optimize your aviation site for both mobile and desktop users.

6. Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget

We would never want to waste your money. We use the following to make sure you get the highest ROI possible:

  • Harness the Power of Your Data
  • Maximize Efficiency with Your Tech Stack
  • Improve Your Marketing Funnel
  • Prioritize Customer Retention in Your Campaigns
  • Track Results of Marketing efforts

Mediaboom run a rigorous analysis of every aspect of your project to ensure that our strategies are doing the job you need them to. Our SMART goals are used with advanced measurements to give you an ROI-focused report card. Using this data, we then refine our strategies for the best possible results.

Mediaboom also provides the support and assistance you need at every juncture of your project. We understand the goals of your brand, as well as those of your customers; thus we give their digital experience priority. Our team imbues each new endeavor with the knowledge gleaned during previous partnerships to create a sure foundation for success in your venture with us and beyond.

7. Use Analytics To Monitor Results

Our analytics tools make sure we give you the most effective marketing strategy. When a project doesn’t perform as expected we restart as quickly as possible to find something to meet your goals.

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Hire an Aviation Marketing Agency Today

As we have seen, aviation marketing requires a comprehensive approach, including web development, content creation, and social media promotion.

Also, emphasizing unique benefits and tailored strategies for different airline types are essential. For example, major airlines should target business travelers through LinkedIn and Instagram, while national airlines focus on vacationers via destination highlights and email campaigns. On the other hand, regional airlines need to highlight flight efficiency, pricing, and safety.

Leveraging tools like website development, social media marketing, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, and content marketing can elevate brand recognition and engagement. In addition, high-quality visual content, as seen in examples like Guardian Jet and Southwest Airlines, is very important.

Our aviation marketing agency can help you build brand recognition, optimize your leads and lead generation, build lasting customer and b2b relationships, and chiefly establish yourself as a top competitor in the aviation industry.

We understand how important it is for your brand to succeed. You can read more about marketing agencies in our previous post.

Let us show you how our talented digital professionals can elevate your brand, and take it to new heights. Reach out today and see what we can offer you.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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