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Aviation Marketing – 7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Reach

By: Frank DePino | May 18, 2023

Aviation marketing is no simple task. You need a solid and straightforward marketing plan for your aviation business. Do you have the time and energy to develop a marketing strategy, promote products and services, cover all social media, and much more? If not, let us help you.

Aviation marketing takes web development, content creation, social media promotions, and extensive digital marketing. You need to emphasize the benefits you offer. Promote your commitment to providing high-quality service, an excellent track record of performance, and unwavering reliability no matter the level of demand. A seamless customer experience on and offline will give you more business than you could possibly imagine.

All aviation businesses can’t use the same marketing strategy. As both traveler behavior and technology advance, airlines must stay on top of changes to maintain successful marketing campaigns. To remain competitive, airlines must stay informed and proactive about the latest trends in technology and consumer choices.

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What Is Aviation Marketing?

Aviation businesses have a variety of tools at their disposal to promote brand awareness and secure important contracts. Generally, marketing approaches could include:

  • Broadcast and print ads
  • Social media posts
  • Blog articles
  • Special announcements on company web pages
  • Digital or social media ads

Additionally, these tactics can be used to increase conversions, create leads, and build SEO performance through backlinks and domain authority. Finally, aviation marketing has tremendous potential to boost public excitement surrounding emerging technologies or introduce new products or services the industry is releasing. Leveraging these strategies effectively requires audience analysis as well as proper tracking of ads and content. Many businesses turn to experienced professionals to take advantage of all connected marketing opportunities available.

Aviation marketing is essential to the success of a company. This is a highly competitive sector. You should strive to create targeted communications that accurately reflect your accomplishments and distinguish you from competitors, while also building trust among partners, customers, prospects, and investors. All of whom may place their personal safety in the hands of these companies. Strategic communication must be used by aviation companies to reach potential customers. It’s essential to showcase accomplishments that set a company apart from its peers, properly identify targeted customers and partners, and create an unwavering brand image built on trustworthiness. Aviation businesses need to be aware of these principles if they are to succeed.

The marketing team is setting up the strategy for the aviation business of its client.

Custom Marketing For Your Aviation Business

The airline industry is incredibly diverse, catering to a variety of needs. Business travelers, leisure seekers and budget-conscious customers often have distinct requirements when it comes to air travel. Large international carriers such as British Airways focus on long-haul journeys, while smaller regional companies focus on short distances and can offer lower costs. Budget airlines like Spirit Airlines compete in terms of price sensitivity while ensuring basic service levels.

Major Airlines

A major airline should target business and leisure travelers. According to FinancesOnline “Business travelers make up 12% of an airline’s passengers, but they represent 75% of the profit.” Since most business travelers are men your marketing campaign should reflect that.

A national airliner is photographed for a commercial

National Airlines

However, national airlines are on the flip side. You need to target customers taking vacations. Leisure travelers often prioritize destinations that offer a unique blend of cultural experiences, nightlife, and relaxation. Additionally, they may seek out flights with stopovers in other cities/destinations so they can maximize their exploration for a single trip.

Regional Airlines

A regional airline would want to mainly focus on business travelers. Although you may have some cash flow from casual customers, you will encounter a lot more from business travelers. You would want your marketing campaign to highlight:

  • Flight Length and Time
  • Pricing
  • Aircraft Makes and Models
  • Benefits and Easy-Access
  • Comfortableness
  • A History of Safety
  • Customer Service and Provisions
  • Good Reputability
The new Guardian Jet website by aviation marketing team Mediaboom.

What We Can Do For You

There are so many tools for digital marketing. Utilizing our strategies will help your brand expand and improve its efficiency when it comes to managing an online presence or digital marketing initiatives.

Website Development and Redesign

Aviation companies must optimize their website for conversions. When you don’t, you risk losing customers to your competitors. In today’s online marketplace, users demand appealing and user-friendly designs that address their needs quickly. Glitches, unattractive designs with no pertinent content, or a lack of customer testimonials or case studies can prompt would-be customers to pursue other options. The solution is having a digital design partner able to create attractive interfaces with messages tailored towards the customer journey and remove any impediments along the way.

Whether you need a new website or an update to your existing one, we can deliver an optimal user experience that is sure to attract customers. Our services include full optimization for increased loading times; power and flexibility so changes can be made quickly; and impactful design for strengthened brand identity across any device. With our help, you’re guaranteed to maximize conversion and increase profits.

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Social Media Marketing

Raising brand visibility is an essential objective of any business. Social media offers a platform to build customer awareness and initiate the sales cycle. Companies have the option of deploying social channels for infrequent updates such as airline status, flight delays, and weather alerts. However, it can also become a vital part of international marketing strategies for multinational corporations that operate across multiple territories. Establishing a presence on global social platforms gives all customers (national or international) an additional way to stay connected with their intended brands.

Paid Advertising

Placing ads on search engine results pages, third-party websites, social media, or even in print media can still generate exposure and make an impact. While it’s important to keep up with the latest trends, don’t neglect tried-and-true methods like traditional advertising.

Search Engine Optimization For Aviation

Google’s “how our search works” page emphasizes key ways to get more visitors to your website. One of the ways it finds results is through relevance. In fact, if you don’t have the right key words and key phrases on your website, Google won’t promote you to users.

We would include high ranking key phrases on your website such as:

cheap flights to (location), cheap (location) flights, cheap flights from (starting destination) to (location), cheap flights, cheap airline tickets, flight deals, and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and efficient way to stay connected to existing clients and new potential customers in the aviation industry. Whether you’re a large airline or small boutique flight school, this tool can help you reach your goals. It’s user-friendly and provides tangible results. Use these suggestions to make your emails pop out to your customers:

  • Understanding travelers needs – Your top priority is to meet consumer needs through effective sales and deliver value within your products and services.
  • Give Extra Value To Your Clients – For an aviation business to successfully make an attractive pitch to potential clients, they must be able to assess organizational procedures, financial incentives, and company policies. This evaluation process is critical for creating persuasive presentations and gaining their trust.
  • Engage Your Clients – To create a successful email campaign, you should focus on constructing an effective subject line that will grab users’ attention and make them want to open the message. Creating a powerful subject line is essential for users to not skip over your emails.

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Content Marketing

Aviation companies have a solid and reliable approach to marketing that bridges the gap between them and their targets. By combining paid content with content marketing projects, such as social media postings, blog articles, videos, infographics and educational material, you will consequently reach more individual customers.

Production and Editing of Photos and Videos

Mediaboom understands the powerful impact of images. We provide full services for concepting, custom photography and professional video production, along with extensive processing and editing so that your brand shines. Our team creates compelling visuals that engage audiences in an unforgettable way. Let us help you stand out from the crowd with eye-catching visual content that leaves an everlasting impression.

Our Stunning Effect On Guardian Jet

We recently completed a rework of Guardian Jet’s The Vault and website. Our goal was to create an enhanced user experience that was easy-to-use and optimized for all devices. With The Vault, customers can access every aspect of their relationship with Guardian Jet in real time – from planning and reporting software, to their entire product catalogue. Together with Guardian Jet, we’re proud to have achieved a comprehensive online customer service solution. Additionally, their online leads increased by 732%. Furthermore their website traffic has gone up 1409%. Lastly they have 23% more pages per session and a 61% longer session duration.

A private jet company immediately filled its plane after relying on a web agency

7 Advantages To Collaborating With Us

1. Become an Aviation Travel Leader

Guardian Jet is now the 3rd most successful aircraft brokerage in the USA.

We can help you become a leader as well. Mediaboom admirably unites strategic ROI objectives with immersive story driven campaigns. Our attention to detail helps ensure that all clients are provided with a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives. We work diligently to see that each project is an accurate representation of your company’s strategic targets.

2. Get Qualified and Responsive Leads

As industry leaders in the digital advertising and marketing sector, we understand the importance of effectively communicating your brand message to reach your target audience. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are committed to helping you elevate your advertising campaigns through strategic tactics, designed to make a lasting impression on your viewers and increase ROI.

3. Sell Your Service

When engaging your customers, we keep the focus on them. We gather the right information to understand your aviation marketing needs. Additionally, we help build rapport and focus on contributing value to existing and potential customers. Furthermore we find targeted aviation and travel questions and provide your clients with the right answers. Our marketing campaigns create an effective connection with customers and approach them at a personal level. We likewise keep in mind that you are ultimately selling to an individual, not a faceless entity. Mediaboom also reaches out to strategic high points in order to establish maximum impact and engagement with potential customers.

4. Maintain Customer Contact

We specialize in creating an engaging and unique experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Our content creation services like copywriting, animation, illustrations and video production provide your clients with unique opportunities and information. We make sure your company will stand apart from the competition. Let us craft your brand in a way to capture your customers’ attention.

An owner of a private jet company is checking his customer database because it is grown during the last month.

5. Grow Your Customer Database

We use data to evaluate what makes customers decide to buy your products when they do. Also we create clear CTAs (call-to-action) so your customers get one step closer to buying. As studies show mobile website users and desktop users are pretty split. As a result you would need us to optimize your aviation site for both mobile and desktop users.

6. Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget

We would never want to waste your money. We use the following to make sure you get the highest ROI possible:

  • Harness the Power of Your Data
  • Maximize Efficiency with Your Tech Stack
  • Improve Your Marketing Funnel
  • Prioritize Customer Retention in Your Campaigns
  • Track Results of Marketing efforts

Mediaboom run a rigorous analysis of every aspect of your project to ensure that our strategies are doing the job you need them to. Our SMART goals are used with advanced measurements to give you an ROI-focused report card. Using this data, we then refine our strategies for the best possible results.

Mediaboom also provides the support and assistance you need at every juncture of your project. We understand the goals of your brand, as well as those of your customers; thus we give their digital experience priority. Our team imbues each new endeavor with the knowledge gleaned during previous partnerships to create a sure foundation for success in your venture with us and beyond.

7. Use Analytics To Monitor Results

Our analytics tools make sure we give you the most effective marketing strategy. When a project doesn’t perform as expected we restart as quickly as possible to find something to meet your goals.

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We understand how important it is for your brand to succeed. You can read more about marketing agencies in our previous post. Let us show you how our talented digital professionals can elevate your brand, and take it to new heights. Reach out today and see what we can offer you.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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