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Should You Employ a Custom WordPress Development Firm?

By: Frank DePino | March 3, 2022

According to SEO and marketing resource Manaferra, as of 2022, up to 708 million websites on the Internet use WordPress, but not as many utilize a custom WordPress development company. Is going the extra mile and seeking custom WordPress services worth it?

Hiring a custom WordPress development company will allow your website to stand head and shoulders above the competition with unique elements not found in standard WordPress templates. Strengthening your brand message is another nice perk. 

In this guide to custom WordPress development, we’ll delve further into the benefits of hiring an agency for this role as well as how to select the best agency for your company’s website needs. 

Why Should You Hire a Custom WordPress Development Company?

If you have a decently well-functioning website now, then making the switch to a custom WordPress site might not be too high on your priority list.

It should be. Here are some very compelling reasons to consider hiring custom WordPress services. 

Custom WordPress Development Company

Stand Out from the Competition 

Going back to the point we made in the intro, WordPress-created websites are proliferating on the Internet. Yet for as many WordPress sites are out there and will continue to be created, there are only so many WordPress templates.

According to WordPress resource CodeinWP, as of December 2021, ThemeForest–a WordPress theme resource–offers 11,000+ templates or themes. 

Yes, that’s a lot of themes overall, but in the grand scheme of things, when 700+ million websites all use WordPress, there are not enough unique themes to go around.

Even if you tweak a theme significantly, it’s still going to have elements that someone else’s website does. More than likely, thousands of other businesses will have those elements on their respective websites as well.

By working with a custom WordPress development company, you can ensure that your website does not have anything in common with your competitors. When leads and customers alike land on your site, they’ll be impressed with what they see. 

Convey Your Brand Message 

Consistent brand messaging is critical in meeting customer expectations. A 2021 article from small business resource Tailor Brands states that “90% of users expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms/channels.” 

One of the most important branding vehicles is your website. If your branding is inconsistent here, your leads might never make it to your Facebook page or your Instagram profile to see how your branding is over there. 

They’ll be too confused by the muddled brand message and exit your site without signing up to your newsletter or making a purchase.

A custom WordPress development company will discuss with you the pillars of your branding, then implement them into your website in a way that’s commensurate with your branding elsewhere.  

Your Website Probably Needs an Update 

Is it time to update your website? If it’s been more than two years and you’re in an ultra-competitive industry, then the answer is yes. 

A website in the 2020s should be mobile-optimized, UX-focused, fast-loading, and clean-looking. With a custom WordPress development company on your side, your new site can check all those boxes. 

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The Pros of Hiring an Agency

Perhaps you’re still not totally convinced that hiring a custom WordPress development company is within the best interest of your business. Without further ado, here are some benefits you can reap with this hiring decision. 

Expertise in Their Field

You may know your way around basic HTML, but do you understand the intricacies of WordPress development? 

Unless you can answer “yes” with full confidence, then proceeding with WordPress design for your company’s website on your own might not be the best idea.

A custom WordPress development company is staffed with seasoned pros. It’s their job to realize the website visions of their diverse clientele. 

Their expertise will allow the agency to create the perfect WordPress site that suits your needs. In the meantime, you can focus more on your strong suits, such as marketing, sales, or customer service. 

Provides a Well-Functioning Project Management System

Your WordPress development agency will have a streamlined project management system they’ll use to generate your website, make edits at your request, and then update the site. This decluttered website management will instill confidence in your hiring decision. 


Gain Access to a Suite of Tools and Resources

There’s a reason so many website owners choose to host their sites on WordPress. The platform is regarded as user-friendly, adaptable, flexible, highly functional, and mobile-responsive. 

Custom WordPress development agencies can use resources and tools to further increase the above qualities of a WordPress website. These are resources that the average WordPress user would not have access to. 

Keep Your Website Management in One Place

Your company website is but one of the many responsibilities you juggle. Relying on several software solutions or resources for website management can make keeping your site online more stressful than it has to be. 

By entrusting your site to a WordPress agency, you can streamline your website management and make it stress-free.  

Customized Content That’s Focused on Just Your Brand

The best way to spotlight your brand is through customized content. This is by far the biggest and best benefit of working with a custom WordPress development company. 

The agency will put content that’s uniquely you at the forefront of your website. 

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10 Items to Evaluate When Hiring a Custom WordPress Development Company 

You’ve decided to proceed with hiring a custom WordPress development company. This is a wise choice that will pay back dividends for your business no matter the size. 

As you begin your research, you’ll come across a multitude of agencies specializing in custom WordPress services. How do you narrow down your options? Here are 10 items to focus on. 

  1. What is your website project scope, budget, and timeline?
  2. What does the agency’s portfolio and custom web experience with other clients look like? 
  3. Which web design and development services will be included in the project?
  4. Does the agency have experience in your industry?
  5. What is the agency’s custom WordPress development process like?
  6. How does the agency approach and strategize SEO?
  7. What is the website host the agency uses for custom WordPress sites?
  8. Does the agency offer the option for website upkeep and support post-launch?
  9. How accessible is the custom WordPress design company and what is their customer service like?
  10. What other digital marketing services does the agency offer? 

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Development Company

Based on the 10 questions above, here are areas to home in on as you decide which custom WordPress development company best meshes with your business.

Be Clear on the Project Scope, Budget, and Timeline

Before you proceed with interviewing any potential hires, you should sit down with key stakeholders in your company and plan out what your budget is for custom WordPress development. 

WordPress resource WPBeginner states that the 2022 prices for a custom WordPress website are between $500 and $30,000. 

That’s quite the price discrepancy, admittedly. It does bode well though that whether your budget is on the smaller side (such as for a startup) or it’s in the five figures (as might be the case for a Fortune-500 business), you should be able to afford a custom WordPress site.

Keep in mind though that the scope of your project can influence pricing, driving it up. Be clear on what your project scope is early on to avoid unwanted surprises in your bill later.

Finally, your company must decide what the turnaround time is going to be for your custom WordPress website. If you need your website in two weeks, you could again incur higher costs due to the tight deadline.

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Review the Agency’s Portfolio and Web Experience

What kind of experience does the WordPress development agency have in building custom WordPress sites? Ask to see the agency’s portfolio. They should readily offer this to you so you can review it. 

Ask About Custom WordPress Services Provided, Digital Marketing Services, and the Development Process

The WordPress development agency should offer an array of services that suit your business needs. 

Ask also about the digital marketing services the agency might provide, from email marketing to organic social media, paid advertising, content marketing, and SEO.

These services will allow your website to gain more traction as it reaches a larger audience that could become future customers. 

As you consider your custom WordPress development company options, be clear on what the agency’s development process looks like.

The process usually entails choosing a WordPress plan, picking a hosting provider and domain name, selecting the custom theme elements you want, and then the agency implementing them. 

Determine the Agency’s Experience in Your Industry

Although it’s not crucial, it does help if the WordPress agency has experience building custom websites for companies in the same industry as yours. You two will find it easier to be on the same page throughout the development of the site. 

The project can complete without a hitch and potentially lead to another future partnership! 

Discuss the Agency’s SEO Approach and Strategy 

It’s not enough to ask if the WordPress development agency will offer SEO services. You need to know how the agency will use SEO to further your business objectives and rank your site close to the top. 

Keep in mind as you listen to this explanation that SEO tactics change all the time. The custom WordPress agency might not be current on SEO, which might very well dissuade you from wanting to work with them.

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Ask Which Website the Agency Uses to Host Its WordPress Websites

During your initial interview with the agency, discuss where on the Internet WordPress hosting occurs. Then, in your own time, research that website. 

You want your custom WordPress site hosted on a stable website that loads reliably (and quickly) and isn’t prone to downtime. 

Talk About Website Upkeep Options Post-Launch

It’s an exciting day when your custom WordPress website goes live, but the launch may not be completely smooth and seamless. If you’re combatting bugs or glitches, you’ll want the custom WordPress development company on your side.

The right agency for you will offer some website upkeep after your site launches. Ask how long this upkeep is offered post-launch, be that several weeks or even a month or two. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Agency’s Customer Service 

When you do run into the aforementioned snags, which are practically inevitable, does the agency’s customer service department respond promptly?

How easy is it to connect to someone on the phone? Is there a live chat widget on the agency’s website? What is their email response turnaround time?

Don’t just take the agency’s word for it. Try the above communication avenues and see how long you’re waiting. Keep in mind that if it takes days for the agency to respond to you now, you could be in the same boat when you hire them.  


Should I Hire an Agency for a Custom WordPress Site?

A custom WordPress development company can help you separate your business from the competition in an online sphere. At Mediaboom, our digital services are just what your business is looking for. 

We offer web design and development, content management systems, mobile app development, digital installations, and eCommerce processes. With our design experience, WordPress expertise, and focus on UX, you can rest assured that your custom WordPress site will shine. 


In an age when your website makes such a major impression on would-be and current customers alike, you can’t afford to have a cookie-cutter design. With the assistance of a custom WordPress development company, you can broadcast your brand voice on a unique, SEO-driven website that makes your services the clear choice among your competitors. 

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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