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Leads From Digital Marketing – The Basis Of Your Company

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

What are digital marketing leads?

Digital marketing leads are the requests you receive from your website’s visitor, i.e., a potential customer. However, you can generate these leads through email marketing campaigns, social media business pages, landing pages, website Chatbots, and video content with calls-to-action (CTA). A digital lead allows you to contact the requesting client or consumer as they expect your reply. This increases your chances of conversion to sales in comparison with cold-calling.

The whole idea behind the generation of digital marketing leads is to focus on your target audience while researching their buying needs and behavior via several analytical tools at your disposal. 

By deploying the right digital marketing strategy along with the adequate tools, you can pinpoint who visited your webpage, and when and how they navigated it.

Moreover, you can learn in real-time what does and does not work for your marketing campaign and adapt for desired results. 

What Are You Looking for? 

There is no generic formula that works for all; a lead generation idea that may work for one company might backfire for yours. 

Therefore, the digital lead generation strategy depends on factors, such as type of business, products you sell, finding target audience etc. 

A freelance is preparing her workdesk to study the new report of The State of Inbund.

According to 2018’s report by the State of Inbound, found the conversion of leads into consumers for sales to be digital marketers’ top priority? Why and how do they do it? Let us find out. 

1. Increasing Your Brand Awareness and Outreach

The most effective way to generate digital marketing leads is to connect with your ideal audience and convince them to buy your products. Since the evolution of social media and mobile technology, consumers prefer their content online.

Therefore, digital marketing can facilitate your business’s interaction with the target audience to create brand awareness. It can also enhance your outreach and introduce your business to newer market places.

How Does it Help Your Business?

One of the reasons why digital marketing lead generation is taking over the traditional world of marketing is its ability to give you data on what your consumers want, how and when. 

Proper engagement with your potential clients and consumers on a digital platform can give you valuable insights into your target audience. This, in turn, can help you adopt a digital marketing strategy to further increase your brand awareness.

A marketing executive is gathering information from her new leads.

The vital information you get from lead generation will steer your business forward while making all the right moves to enhance your consumers’ experience, develop reputable relationships, and gain credibility and loyalty in the market. 

Adapting to the Mobile Audience Needs

Did you know Forbes reported that 91 percent of U.S adults keep their mobile devices nearby all the time? 

Undoubtedly, smartphones and mobile devices have changed the way customers consume content. So, it is a no-brainer why digital marketing focuses on and caters to mobile consumers to generate digital marketing leads for faster expansion and growth. 

2. Consistent traffic coming back to your website

Just like a brick-and-mortar business depends on visitors to step in through the doors for buying, you need a digital hook to entice the consumers into visiting your website (your online store). 

Many visitors will land on your website and leave; however, it is the few potential ones that will end up buying from you or participate in the intended CTA. You must provide a smooth, interactive, and engaging consumer experience throughout their time on your website, as this will make them keep coming back. 

Webmasters are monitoring the conversions of their website while there is a large amount of traffic.

The more visitors you have on your website, the higher probability of generating digital marketing leads with the potential of conversion to sales. These leads will also help pitch your brand to the right kind of customers who are already looking for similar products and services. 

In the digital world, this metaphor translates into a digital marketing lead (a consumer already interested in your product). All you need is the right kind of convincing – via content or offers to convert them into returning customers. 

How do you achieve it? 

Now that you know what a digital marketing lead can help your business achieve and why – let us explore what marketing strategies can help you produce effective and targeted digital marketing leads. 

1. Providing Value to Your Idea Consumers

Digital consumers are always looking for products and services that can offer value. There are several ways you can achieve this goal. 


The quality of content on your website, blogs, newsletter and social media posts attracts the audience converting them into leads for sales. Once you have converted a lead into a customer, you can keep providing more useful content to keep them informed and hooked to your brand. 

Ideally, you must tailor your content according to your target audience. Create your ideal consumer’s persona and use it to figure out their likes, wants and needs.

Feeding the right content to your target audience will help you build awareness of your brand, pique consumers’ interest and turn them into buyers. 

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Video Digital Marketing

Did you know 54 percent of consumers want to see videos from the brands and businesses they support? This is the reason for more and more businesses are embracing video digital marketing strategies. 

Companies utilize video marketing for:

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Establishing credibility and trust amongst the customers and in the market
  • Enticing visitors to convert them into potential digital marketing leads to improved ROIs. 
  • Keeping their existing customers hooked and interested in what’s new happening with your brand. 
  • Webinars

Webinars are taking over the world by storm, especially during the global lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some services allow you to broadcast both audio and visual content in real-time. 

Web agency CEO is training his team using the most popular webinar services.

Google Hangouts, Zoom, and ClickMeeting are some of the webinar services that have gained popularity. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way for your business to increase your brand’s outreach and interact with your consumers in real-time. 

Other benefits of web conferencing include: 

  • Convenience – you can organize a webinar without worrying about preparations such as finding a hall, seating arrangements, receiving attendees etc. All you need is to send out an invite, and everyone can attend from their own remote location. 
  • Promotion – If you wish to promote your brand, products and services, webinars give you a direct digital platform to speak with your target audience. 
  • Credibility – seeing you speak about your product and answering any questions posed by the audience can help establish your credibility amongst the masses. After all, having to hear it from a brand directly has to be better than just watching digital video marketing promo content. 
  • As you establish credibility, brand awareness will help you create or increase your brand’s awareness via direct non-interrupted communication with your consumers. 
  • Budget-Friendly – webinars are cost-effective because you do not have to make any physical arrangements, spend money on venues, food and other amenities. All you need is a laptop with a webcam, a reliable Internet connection, and you are good to go. 

Downloadable Content 

Who does not like a freebie? If you wish to provide value to your customers, why not offer free downloadable content such as e-books, manuals, guidelines, tips, trial software etc. 

This will help establish your business’s image with your consumers as a brand that cares and believes in giving back. 

Content Marketing

So how do you convert a visitor into a marketing lead? Meaning how do you attract your visitors’ attention and keep them hooked when they land on your webpage to click on the desired call-to-action (CTA). 

Content marketing specialist is providing new value contents to his visitators.

You offer valuable content revolving around your brand, product or service. This can come in many forms, such as the content on your web pages, writing blogs, creative entertaining and informative videos, sending out newsletters etc. 

However, you must make sure that the content is relevant, and you are not overdoing it. Sending out too much content too often can be a turn off for your consumers, and you may end up losing a potentially good digital marketing lead. 

Email Marketing

Emails are an effective and subtle digital marketing channel to promote your content to the target audience. If you have a mailing list of subscribers, you can use email marketing to share your content with an existing and interested audience, so the brand stays on top of their mind next time they wish to buy a product or service similar to yours. 

Social Media

No one can deny the power of social networks. More than 54 percent of consumers having a positive experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to family or friends. This shows the effectiveness of social media as a digital marketing strategy. 

The Adv specialist is studying his target audience dwells.

However, you have to research and find out which social media platform is the one where your target audience dwells. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization will determine the visibility of your business to the target audience. Therefore, you must create content optimized for SEO and local SEO. SEO will improve your overall appearance in the top results for searches on search engines such as Google, Bing etc. Local SEO will ensure that your business displays the top results whenever a local consumer searches for a product or service similar to yours. 

2. Consistency Is the Key

Speaking about the content, you must ensure that all your content is consistent, no matter which digital marketing channel you use. The content on your web pages, blogs, marketing campaigns, social media business pages, and other platforms must match. 

Any contradiction or inconsistencies will most likely confuse your consumers, second-guessing whether to buy from your brand or not. Most importantly, it will reflect poorly on your business and harm your reputation and credibility in the market. 

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3. Lead Generating Website and Landing Pages

Landing pages are lead capturing tools asking your website visitors to perform a certain action. These landing pages or websites typically focus on a single marketing campaign. The five major elements of a landing page or lead generating website include: 

  • A catchy headline
  • Lead magnet 
  • Social proof
  • Call-to-action

That said, you must create your lead generation websites and landing pages to be visually attractive. Use a combination of texts, fonts, pictures and videos to tell your brand’s story. Your aim must be to strike an emotional chord with your target audience so that they can relate to their brand on a deeper level. 

4. Consider Paid Ads

Although you can use free platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to promote your content and videos, it is always good to use paid ads. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other major social media platforms offer paid ad services to showcase your brand, products or services as the top priority. 

An e-commerce owner is monitoring the performance of his website after making paid ads.

There are four main advantages of using paid ads digital marketing strategies to generate quality digital marketing leads. 

  • Paid ads will showcase you in top search results and increase the organic outreach of your business. 
  • These ads are reliable, cost-effective and add credibility to your digital marketing campaign. 
  • You can target an audience based on demographics such as age, gender, education, location, profession, interest, lifestyle etc. 
  • You can pay for a single ad service while broadcasting it on multiple channels. For example, using Google paid ads service will not only display your promotional ad on Google search results, but all of Google’s partnered websites. 

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