Top Med Spas – 10 Of The Best Industry Leaders

Last year, the Medical Spa, or Medspa, industry was rapidly approaching a total value of $10 million a year. The rise in social media and self-care has made Medspas popular among men and women alike. However, the popularity and the boom in business does mean more competition. 

The trick to standing out is to have a recognizable brand image, strong digital presence and a reputation of delivering quality services and treatments.

Below is a list of the top med spas that stand out from the competition to deliver exceptional service.


Qazi Cosmetic Clinic is ideal for minimally invasive treatments in California.

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Qazi Cosmetic Clinic is one of the top med spas for minimally invasive treatments in California. Dr. Qazi offers contour, enhance, and restore your face and body to achieve your ideal look. Their website offers detailed insight about each treatment, before and afters, videos, testimonials and more.


Willow Medspa & Salon has an outstanding team of doctors who offer personalized services

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Willow Medspa & Salon in Morgantown, West Virginia is a leader in providing exceptional service and results for their clients. With an experienced team of doctors, Willow Medspa stands out from the competition with its beautiful space, personalized service, and exceptional website.


The Biomed Spa reserves exceptional attention to its customers.

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The Biomed Spa provides it patients with cutting edge technology led by Dr. Fisher. You will be treated with meticulously detailed, non-invasive treatments to results you desire.


Beauty Fix is ​​considered one of the best medical spas in New York City.

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Beauty Fix is one of the best med spas in New York City that with a variety of treatments to help rejuvenate your body. Their team of doctors work with leading industry experts to provide body contouring, lip augmentation and cosmetic surgeries.

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Nassif MD is a very famous spa in Beverly Hills

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Nassif MD is one of the top med spas in Beverly Hills. Their team provides unparalleled cosmetic expertise to deliver the best results for their high-end clientele.

6. Cure

Cure provides non-invasive treatments

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Cure is unique in that it is more than just a med spa. Along with offering exceptional non-invasive med spa treatments, they also provide a unique blend of services that utilizes both classic medical practices as well as new world holistic expertise.

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7. Innovative MedSpa

Innovative Medspa provides highly efficient personalized services to its clients.

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Innovative MedSpa offers a full suite of services for all your aesthetic needs. Their team of experts offer personalized service to deliver the finest results, to make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling young again.


Cienega Medspa is one of the best medical spas in Los Angeles.

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Cienega Medspa is one of the top med spas in Los Angeles. With two locations and a team of certified medical professionals, Cienega provides the highest standard of care and quality of service that patients desire.

9. Trifecta Medspa & Wellness

Trifecta MedSpa & Wellness offers top-notch customer service in their location in New York

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Trifecta MedSpa & Wellness, with four locations across New York City, offers top-notch customer service, state-of-the-art-technology and a customized plan for each patient. Their goal is to provide the highest quality treatments and service for their patients, led by Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D..

10. Laser Away

Laser Away is the nation's leader in aesthetic dermatology.

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Laser Away is the nation’s leader in aesthetic dermatology. Their board-certified dermatologists, registered nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners provide the best quality service to deliver amazing results time and time again.

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