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SEO for Jewelers – Optimize Your Search Results

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for jewelers is a principal component of achieving sustained success in the jewelry business. In today’s technology-driven world, there is simply no excuse not to use SEO in your jewelry business’s daily operations. 

SEO for jewelers provides multitudinous potential benefits. In order to maximize and realize those benefits, however, you must execute an expertly crafted SEO process. This requires incorporating a variety of tactics into your overall strategy and collectively leveraging those tactics to maximize their collective advantages. 

In what follows, we’ll take a look at the numerous tips, approaches, and utilities that will serve to establish a resoundingly triumphant jewelry SEO campaign – read on for all you need to know! 

The importance of SEO for Jewelry Stores to increase revenue and beat competition

Why is SEO Important for Jewelry Stores? 

Taking advantage of SEO practices is, quite simply, a requirement for overall success. The benefits of SEO for your jewelry business are profound and will improve your business in meaningful ways that will shape your results for years to come. In order to appreciate the full extent of their positive impact, the benefits deserve to be examined in detail. Let’s take a look at four of the more prominent advantages. 

1. Increased Revenue 

The ultimate goal of any business is to continuously drive revenue – and this certainly holds true for jewelry stores. As such, SEO plays a critical function in aiding this endeavor. The primary function of SEO is to drive traffic to your website, thereby increasing the number of customers who engage with your jewelry business and, ideally, decide to make a purchase. 

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2. It Adds Legitimacy to Your Business 

Utilizing SEO to establish a presence at, or near, the top of a search query is incredibly important. Consider that, according to GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of consumers begin their purchasing process for goods by conducting an internet search. Therefore, it is imperative to be immediately visible in search results, as the first several search results are, quite understandably, perceived to be the most legitimate by potential consumers. 

3. It can Help You Beat Your Competition 

Efficacious SEO is an avenue through which to elevate your jewelry business over your competitors. As just explained above, the need to be front and center in an online search is paramount, and you cannot afford to allow rival jewelry businesses to supplant your standing in this realm. 

4. It Provides Critical Data 

Engaging in SEO offers a valuable opportunity to analyze resulting data and modify your approach for even better results. As an example, Google Analytics allows you to examine your SEO results and view a plethora of information regarding unique consumer history (pages visited, keywords employed, actions taken, etc.). This wealth of information is invaluable in fine-tuning your SEO strategy to yield even better results. 

An SEO expert is following 6 tips of Mediaboom to boost the traffic of a jewelry website.

6 SEO Tips for Jewelry Websites  

Undertaking an SEO operation may appear to be slightly intimidating on the surface. SEO does require technological know-how and an understanding of how to implement best practices. Lucky for you, we’ve curated a helpful list of six tips that will help augment your SEO efforts. 

1. Mobile-first Website Design 

Consumers spend an incredible amount of time and money using mobile devices for their shopping needs. Indeed, 60.9% of the US population use mobile for their purchases – that’s 167.8 million people! Furthermore, mobile consumerism totaled over $339 billion in 2020. 

Knowing this, it is fundamentally critical to design your website in a mobile-centric manner. It needs to be easy to navigate, engaging, and highly functional. Check out this fantastic article on mobile website design for invaluable tips on how to optimize for mobile. 

2. Choose the Right Keywords 

The language you employ on your jewelry website needs to be SEO-focused. Take care to pick specific words that will coordinate with consumer searches and use them judicially throughout various sections of your website. Doing so will help significantly in prioritizing your website in search results.

For further keyword insights, be sure to read through this piece on best practices. 

3. On-Page SEO and Blog/Content Marketing 

Incorporating engaging blogs and content marketing is another key component of optimizing your jewelry website for SEO purposes. 

Blogs and content marketing are both worthwhile endeavors to engage potential clients, share industry knowledge, and foster customer loyalty. They also offer fantastic opportunities to further reinforce your website with SEO tactics. For example, be sure to attach meaningful titles to your blogs and content marketing and include meta descriptions (brief synopsizes of what the article entails). Furthermore, consider hiring SEO copywriters to help you keep your content fresh and consistent. 

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4. Improve Internal Linking 

Internal linking is the process of linking one page of your website to another. This is important as automated utilities are constantly scanning the web and taking stock of which websites have ample internal linking (the more links, the better). 

As an example, Google uses the “Googlebot” to scour the web. While doing so, the Googlebot will index the pages it visits and examine all the internal links on a given website. This allows the Googlebot to gather this information and then store it to use as results when a consumer performs a search.

With this in mind, it is imperative to adequately link your material to other areas on your website. Anything that is left to stand alone (anything with no links to or from) will not be recognized by the Googlebot, and will not be stored for search results. 

Link, link, and then link again! 

5. Landing Pages

Landing pages – destinations where consumers “land” after clicking through on an e-mail, ad, etc. – are another vital aspect of SEO for jewelers. Again, the language used here should be crafted to include specific keywords that will attract search traffic. 

Dive into a wonderful article on landing pages to learn even more!

6. Link Building 

When it comes to link building, the fundamental rule is the more, the better. Search engines adore websites that are heavily linked by external sources, as this indicates that the content therein is popular and relevant. Deploy pertinent strategies to ensure that your website is adequately linked to by external sites.

Local SEO tips include optimizing your Google Business Profile, local listings and managing online reviews.

Local SEO for Jewelers 

While SEO practices are excellent for creating a presence on a broad scale, they can also be used to increase local awareness of your business. Here are a few tips to accomplish exactly that. 

Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

Google Business Profile is a powerful tool that helps you raise local awareness of your jewelry business. As Google itself states

“With your Business Profile, you can connect with customers, post updates, list your products and services, accept online orders, and more.”

Be sure to take full advantage of your Google Business Profile and its functionality to boost your jewelry business locally! 

Local and Specialized Business Listings 

A local listing is the online mention of a particular business – it can be the business’s website, phone number, address, or name. The more mentions of your jewelry business, the higher it will appear in search results. So, get the word out there and boost your business listings! 

Local SEO is vital for overall success – so do yourself a favor and learn even more by exploring this helpful article

Manage Online Reviews

Online reviews play an undeniably influential role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. To illustrate this fact, it is important to note that 97% of consumers consider customer reviews before hitting the buy button.

Consequently, it is crucial that you invest the time and effort into appropriately managing these online reviews. Stay on top of what people are saying about your business and respond promptly – show appreciation for positive feedback, and respectfully acknowledge critical reviews in a manner that showcases your professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Discover now more information regarding the importance of review management.

E-Commerce SEO practices for Jewelry Stores 

There are certain strategies present that you can follow with regard to E-Commerce practices for SEO and your Jewelry Store. Each of the following tips will help to ensure that your jewelry store establishes itself as a top result in search queries.  

1. Implement HTTPS 

Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol, known as HTTPS, is a method of safely and securely transmitting data through websites. Incorporating HTTPS into your website is vitally important as its inclusion is an official ranking criterion used by Google. If your jewelry business’s website does not use HTTPS, it will be flagged by Google as being “unsecured” – not a particularly comforting message for potential visitors! 

2. Optimize your E-Commerce Images for SEO

Image SEO entails the process of optimizing your business’s images (whatever they may be) in order to place them higher in the ranking of searches. To accomplish this goal, it is required that you minimize the file size of your image (to boost the loading speed of your webpage), while simultaneously maintaining image quality. Keep these pertinent facts in mind when choosing which images to represent your business. 

3. Implement E-Commerce Breadcrumbs 

Websites often contain many individual pages, which can create the unsavory possibility of a user feeling lost and unsure of where they are and where they want to go. To rectify this concern, incorporate e-commerce breadcrumbs in your jewelry website. Put simply, breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation tool indented to inform a user where they are on your webpage. This is beneficial for two reasons – it improves customer usage and is looked upon favorably by such utilities as Googlebot. 

Weber has optimized its product description to achieve more sales.

4. Optimize Product Descriptions

Your jewelry business’s website will no doubt showcase a variety of beautifully crafted pieces. You need to do them justice by providing equally evocative descriptions – but be sure to employ proper SEO language when doing so! Carefully choose from a curated list of SEO-optimized keywords that will help in driving customers to your website. 

5. Use Structured Data Markup

According to Google, Structured Data Markup is, “a machine-readable representation of your product data directly on your site. The markup that’s added to your HTML helps Google and other search engines understand and process your content reliably.” 

The last sentence is key – assisting in a search engine’s ability to properly process your content is vital to ensuring best practices for SEO. 

6. Improve Your Page Speed

Few things are more aggravating for a user than a slow-loading webpage. Waiting longer than expected for text, images, and content to load can result in a potential customer backing out of your webpage and seeking other venues. As such, be sure your webpage is optimized for speed and keep those users browsing through your content! 

7. User-Friendly URL Structure

SEO-focused URLs should be short and intentionally incorporate keywords. Using keywords in your URLs is a signal to Google, telling it exactly what that page is about. Therefore, keyword-laden URLs stand a better chance of appearing at the top of search results. 

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Hiring a Jewelry SEO Company 

By now, it should be readily apparent how complex a full-fledged and holistic SEO strategy truly is. There are numerous components to implement and manage, and it demands a significant allocation of resources to do so effectively. 

In that vein, you should strongly consider hiring a team of experts to manage SEO operations for your jewelry business. Allowing SEO professionals to oversee requisite procedures ensures that you set yourself up for maximum results – after all, SEO is what the experts do every single day. Furthermore, outsourcing your SEO will a considerable amount of time and effort and allow you to turn your attention to other areas of your jewelry business. 
Do yourself a favor and reach out to the wonderfully talented team at Mediaboom today. They will gladly offer you invaluable insight into best practices for SEO for jewelers and firmly put you on the path to success!

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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