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Professional Service Firms Website Design – 15 Website Idea

By: Frank DePino | June 12, 2021

Listed below are the 15 best professional service firm website designs. They are all well written, have an easy-to-use interface, and are resource rich. As a professional service firm, your website should build trust, and establish knowledge authority. Without further ado, check out the 15 best professional service firm websites.

1. Bick Law LLP

Bick Law LLP - features bold color schemes and striking animal photography.

Bick Law LLP is a top-tier environmental law firm and that’s understood right away with there use of strong visual photography of animals and bold color schemes. This simple, functional, and user-friendly website captures the individuality of Bick Law LLP and its services just right.

2. Skylab

Skylab's website showcases their expertise in architecture, interior design, and branded environments

Skylab is an interdisciplinary design studio with a focus in architecture, interior design, branded environments and planning. Their website certainly makes them stand out from the competition with their interactive gallery and non-conventional menu. This website is great for inspiration if you look to put more of a focus into displaying projects and case studies.

3. Prophet

Prophet's website stands out with its captivating time lapse video and organized presentation of their branding

Prophet are business transformation consultants that focus on using branding, marketing, culture and innovation to grow your business. Prophet’s website uses an intriguing time lapse video for their welcome screen which is always in easy way to bring personality to your site. Each section on the page is clean and organized well into a grid format that makes it easy for the visitor to navigate and follow information.

4. Oxford Properties

Oxford Properties' website combines simplicity with style, showcasing their dedication to social and economic progress in the real estate industry.

Oxford Properties is an international real estate investment company that focuses on social and economic growth. Their website is simple yet fun will their use of high quality imagery, a neutral color palette and a use of textured architecture as backgrounds which helps adds some extra flare and personality their website.

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5. Epic Teams

Epic Teams' website showcases their commitment to enhancing company culture with its easy navigation.

Epic Teams provides manager training, leadership development, team building, and executive coaching to companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Their website is made with the user in mind with easy navigation, large typography, strong calls to actions and apparent contact button on the navigation.

6. Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP

Wouch, Maloney & Co.'s website showcases their 30+ years of experience as a leading certified public accounting firm.

Wouch, Maloney & Co. is a regional certified public accounting firm in Pennsylvania that has been in business for over 30 years. Their website features clean, modern lines with excellent use of black/white imagery. Clear (and easy to use) calls-to-action have been introduced very well, making client conversions a top priority.

7. Armor

Armor's website showcases their global expertise in cybersecurity software.

Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that help simplifies security for businesses. Their website puts the focus on content by providing strong testimonials, organized flow of information partnered with graphics and a simple but bold color palette that helps keeps the site readable and interesting.

8. Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank's website stands out with its modern and energetic approach to banking.

Live Oak Bank is focused on offering small business loans, online savings accounts and CD accounts. Their website is dynamic with their use of different elements and their bold use of green and purple that is also used as a gradient to help the photography feel cohesive. Live Oak Bank’s approach feels modern and energetic, which is not traditionally seen for banking websites.

9. Jetty

Jetty's website showcases their commitment to simplifying insurance for renters and property owners.

Jetty is a renter’s insurance company that also provides coverage for rental property owners. The look and feel of their brand is understood right away with a strong color palette which they utilize for headlines, calls to actions and graphic elements. They also get straight to the point with quick links directed towards their two target audiences.

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10. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's website offers a wealth of information on investment banking and financial planning.

Morgan Stanley is an investment banking firm offering financial planning services. Their website has a clean look with an eye-catching photo background and easy navigation. There’s a lot of information available without clutter.

11. Berkeley Communications

The Berkeley Communications' website design, showcasing their expertise in public relations and marketing.

Berkeley Communications is a UK-based public relations, marketing, and communications firm. The background of their website is a rapidly changing slideshow of “stories” that they help tell. The most important information is easily found in the top and bottom right corners. There are also multiple ways to make contact available.

12. Lexar Homes

Lexar Homes' website offers a comprehensive look into their sustainable home building practices.

Lexar Homes is a Pacific Northwest-based home builder specializing in energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes. They use a full-screen, slideshow background to highlight their green building practices. There are multiple ways to make contact and its easy to see why potential customers should hire them.

13. Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog Denver's website showcases their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Yellow Dog Denver is a design, print, and marketing studio. They make good use of yellow and have a large picture of their friendly-looking staff that allows potential clients to see who they’ll be working with. The blue logo on the bottom right is a list of accessibility features to help prevent seizures, assist the visually or cognitively impaired, and many other options. The hamburger menu at the top right opens up a full-screen menu with many more options.

14. LA VIP Car Service

LA VIP Car Service website with a slideshow of images featuring luxury vehicles.

LA VIP Car Service offers rides to LAX airport and other destinations in the surrounding area. The main background of the website is a slideshow highlighting various aspects of the service including their great reputation, fleet, luxury and cleanliness. They make it easy to contact them and make reservations online, by phone, or via an app and prominently display which credit cards they accept. There is also a blog that is regularly updated with relevant content.

15. Pearl Capital

Pearl Capital's website showcases their fintech financial services with imaginative and playful graphics.

Pearl Capital offers fintech financial guidance for New Jersey. If you’d like to take a more artistic approach to your own website design, you might use Pearl Capital as an inspiration. With playful, imaginative graphics, Pearl Capital’s website feels unique and utilizes these graphics to tell their story and approaches.

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