Ventus is a global wireless and fixed-line connectivity, hardware, and software company delivering customer-centric innovation that leverages technology to produce market-driving solutions.

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Our agency partnered with Ventus Networks to bring strength and consistency to their brand. Through multiple digital and print projects, such as a new corporate website design, Mediaboom accurately positioned Ventus as a top full-service networking company with a modern edge.


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Mediaboom Corporate Web Design for Ventus Networks
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Designing the New Ventus Website

Mediaboom strategized a new information architecture for Ventus, organizing their content in a way that is easy to navigate and understand. The website’s main purpose is to educate customers on Managed Network-as-a-Service, which is a unique multi-faceted product that positions Ventus as a one-stop shop for custom designed, engineered, and fully managed networks.

Branding Managed Network-as-a-Service

At the first stage of our partnership with Ventus, Mediaboom strategized and developed logos for Ventus’ core service. The Managed Network-as-a-Service is a fully managed network that is Engineered, installed, secured and managed all by Ventus. This allows complete piece of mind for business owners, who can then focus on their bottom line and not have to worry about managing complicated networks.

Mediaboom assists Ventus Networks with their Corporate Web Design


Corporate Web Design for Ventus Networks by Mediaboom

The Importance of Network Security

After the completion of the corporate web design, Mediaboom designed a whitepaper that features insights and statistical data to educate business owners on the importance of network security within the financial industry.


Omnichannel Banking is the Future

Mediaboom also designed an infographic that was also used as an educational tool for future customers to take away from meetings and events. The infographic combines custom illustrations and statistical data to draw attention and increase readability.


Creating Positive First Impressions

When Ventus engages in new client meetings, they often start with a brief presentation to give an overview of their capabilities. Mediaboom created a professional pitch deck that does this in a way that’s not just informative but also visually exciting. The pitch deck helps to solidify a positive first impression and lasting relationship with the client.


Digital Signage amd Environmental Design

Mediaboom designed various digital and printed tradeshow materials that were displayed at shows and conferences around the country. With Mediaboom’s quick repsonse time, Ventus is able to accommodate time sensitive requests and ensure every deadline is met.


Creating Animated Video

Mediaboom’s creative team crafted an animated video for Ventus Networks, designed to demystify their complex services and present them in an engaging, easily digestible format. From initial scriptwriting to the final production, including custom animations and professional sound design, this video became a cornerstone of Ventus’ digital marketing, enhancing their online presence and accessibility.


Elevating Google Ads Performance

When Ventus Networks entrusted their existing Google Ads campaigns to our agency, Mediaboom embraced the opportunity to elevate their online advertising to new heights. Our approach went beyond mere management; we delved into consulting and optimizing these campaigns with a fresh perspective. By analyzing and refining the existing strategies, we introduced targeted improvements that significantly enhanced campaign performance. Our efforts were focused on optimizing ad content, fine-tuning target keywords, and regularly adjusting bids to ensure maximum return on investment, thereby delivering a marked increase in campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

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linkedin advertising

Transforming LinkedIn Advertising

Similarly, our involvement with Ventus Networks’ LinkedIn advertising campaigns represented a strategic shift towards enhanced performance and precision targeting. Upon taking over their LinkedIn campaigns, our team at Mediaboom provided specialized consulting services, identifying key areas for optimization. We tailored each campaign to more effectively reach and resonate with the desired professional audience, utilizing LinkedIn’s robust targeting tools to connect with industry-specific professionals and decision-makers. Through continuous monitoring and adjustments, we ensured that Ventus Networks’ presence on LinkedIn was not just visible, but impactful and aligned with their business objectives.


Press Release Creation and Distribution

Mediaboom played a key role in elevating Ventus Networks’ brand visibility through the creation and distribution of press releases. By crafting compelling narratives and targeting relevant media outlets, we ensured that each release effectively communicated Ventus’ achievements, product launches, and milestones, significantly boosting their market presence and credibility.

linkedin creative


linkedin creative

HTML Animated Ads for Enhanced Engagement

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Ventus Networks, Mediaboom developed a series of HTML animated ads. These ads were specifically crafted to capture the attention of potential clients and engage them in a dynamic way. By integrating seamless animations, we were able to highlight key aspects of Ventus’ services and solutions, making the ads not only visually appealing but also highly effective in conveying complex information succinctly.

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