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Real Estate Agent Web Pages – 17 Top Examples You Can’t Miss

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 86% of its members have their own websites, highlighting the importance of differentiating your real estate online presence in a competitive market. 

What exactly constitutes successful real estate agent web pages?

A real estate agent web page should include a responsive design, easy-to-use navigation, CTAs above the fold, contact information, testimonials, a search function, and property information. Quality web pages are valuable for showcasing properties, attracting potential buyers, and establishing brand credibility in the competitive real estate market.

Mediaboom has curated a list of 17 real estate professional websites and essential design best practices for you to explore.

17 Best Real Estate Agent Web Pages in 2024

1. RBC Homes

Mediaboom collaborated with RBC Homes on a pivotal project to rejuvenate their online presence. This partnership resulted in a state-of-the-art website that resonates with the core values, craftsmanship, and heritage of RBC Homes.

The website’s design skillfully balances modern aesthetics with classic touches, enhancing both the user experience and the brand’s online visibility and credibility. 

Mediaboom’s expertise in website development for homebuilders is demonstrated through significant metrics: following the redesign, RBC Homes experienced an increase in page views by over 100% and a surge in conversion rates by more than 180%.

The success of the website can be attributed to its strategic design, which establishes RBC Homes as a “coastal visionary”. This theme effectively highlights their enduring legacy, strong values, and commitment to craftsmanship, solidifying their image as leaders in the industry.

2. GFI Partners

The website designed by Mediaboom for GFI Partners clearly outlines the path to success in real estate investments with their specialized services, as evidenced by a strong track record of securing lucrative deals.

Their website effectively showcases their achievements with detailed case studies and testimonials, solidifying their credibility and authority in the field. The sophisticated design and cohesive branding of the website reflects their commitment to professionalism, providing a user-friendly interface that underscores their focus on real estate excellence.

This meticulously crafted online presence makes them a leading choice for maximizing real estate investment opportunities.

3. Carolwood Real Estate

Carolwood Real Estate responsive website featuring their luxury places

Kickstarting our real estate agent website examples list is Carolwood Real Estate.

Immediately, this site draws you in with its full-screen images of various properties.

Another attractant on the page is the mention of “Exclusive Listings” in the navigation bar.

That bar travels with you as you scroll, going from a translucent series of menu items to a comprehensive white navigation bar.

At any point, you can also click the three vertical lines on the upper right to access the menu items, proving that accessibility and UX was top-of-mind during this site design.

4. Calcagno & Hamilton

Aesthetic website of the Calcagno & Hamilton with responsive design

Serving the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara, and Montecito, California’s own Calcagno & Hamilton does an incredible job of bringing the luxury real estate experience right to your web browser.

 Like the Carolwood real estate agent web pages, C&H expertly utilizes full-screen videos of the Cali lifestyle you can experience if you buy one of its properties.

The site has a large white border around it, which lends it great design cohesiveness.

The search bar built into the navigation enables you to start your real estate search without clicking “Properties” or “Home Search.”

5. True Homes Property Group, LLC

Simple website of the True Homes Property Group, LLC highlights their homes with overlooking view of the sea

Proving that real estate lead generation doesn’t always come from larger-than-life video and image carousels, True Homes has a professional yet simplistic web page design that’s achievable for many realtors.

It still lures attention by visually displaying a preview of what life is like in its properties.

Its navigation menu is simple, with options such as “Home,” “About,” “Articles,” “Sell Your Home,” and “Contact.”

Smartly, there’s a contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

6. Keri White

Keri White responsive website featuring their homes in Los Angeles

A property salesperson’s digital presence hardly gets better than Keri White’s website.

The California-based realtor makes her presence known with footage of her touring homes interspersed between videos of sunny, large-scale Los Angeles properties.

The above-the-fold CTA, which reads “Consult Now,” is accompanied by White’s phone number in the navigation menu, which follows you as you scroll.

7. Susan Smith Realty

Responsive website of the Susan Smith Realty highlights their properties near the sea

Discover the luxurious side of Beverly Hills with Susan Smith Realty, a top realtor website that creates an enchanting browsing experience on mobile or desktop.

The large-scale visuals are there either way, but rather than a video carousel as seen on its desktop site, the mobile version has static images.

Both do an excellent job of conveying the beauty of the properties Smith has available.

The mobile site features an expandable navigation bar accessible by clicking three vertical lines. You can also call or email Smith right from the homepage.

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8. Nancy Saedi

Nancy Saedi luxury properties featuring on their website

Here’s a top example of luxury real estate agent web pages courtesy of Nancy Saedi.

 The Toronto realtor establishes trust by mentioning how she’s the top realtor in the GTA for homes sold between $2 and $35 million.

As you continue scrolling, you can learn about the award-winning broker and her accolades, such as being a member of the Million Dollar Guild.

9. Tim Allen Properties

Tim Allen Properties responsive website highlights their beach front properties

Tim Allen Properties follows in similar footsteps, building confidence in his services by mentioning how he’s a top agent in Pebble Beach and Carmel and revealing his DRE number for real estate licensee research if you wish to do so.

What stands out about this well-designed web page beyond its large-scale video carousel and clean, traveling navigation menu is the contact information.

There’s a small pop-up that requests interested parties to text the properties team.

10. Chris Cortazzo

Chris Cortazzo beach front properties featuring on their website

The layout of the Chris Cortazzo property broker website invites you to scroll as a small mouse icon appears on the video carousel of Cortazzo’s luxury Malibu properties.

As you journey through his website, you’ll discover that the navigation bar comes with you. Further, you can explore homes for sale or lease, with pricing included, and click the CTA to “Browse All Properties.”

You can also read Cortazzo’s professional bio and the history of Malibu and explore Malibu communities, all without clicking a single link.

Of course, since the navigation bar is always at hand, you can easily explore any website page more deeply.

11. Gary Gold

Gary Gold responsive website hihglights their luxury and eco-friendly properties

Uncover real estate agent web page excellence courtesy of Gary Gold, an LA-based realtor.

His website homepage shows the properties he has sold and their value as well as displaying the latest homes and properties available.

If you have a clear idea of what you want, you can search using the top navigation menu, which travels as you explore the site.

There’s a secondary navigation menu accessible by clicking three vertical lines. Gold also has his phone number above the fold to facilitate contact.

12. Ivan Sher – IS Luxury

luxury and elegant properties highlight on the IS Luxury website with responsive design

Real estate professional websites like Ivan Sher’s are excellent to emulate.

The Las Vegas realtor has three buttons for beginners to get started quickly and efficiently: “List Your Home,” “Buy a Home,” and “Commercial.”

If you want to explore the site even deeper, the IS Luxury web experience continues with a traveling navigation bar atop the page and an expandable side menu with more options, including testimonials, Sher’s bio, and neighborhood guides.

13. Jade Mills

Jade Mills responsive website featuring their luxury and elegant properties

Here’s the excellence among real estate agent web pages via Jade Mills’ site. Mills immediately established her credibility by declaring herself “The 8 Billion Dollar Woman” and a Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassador. She also has a bio on the homepage mentioning her experience and expertise in Beverly Hills real estate.

Besides that, the navigation menu at the top of the site features her phone number as a menu option, which is smart.

Another great navigation feature is the home search function, which makes it easy to search for properties by California neighborhood, from Bel Air to Pacific Palisades.

14. Stacy Gottula

Stacy Gottula responsive website design with their luxury properties and services

The luxury life is on display front and center via the video carousel that greets you when you land on Stacy Gottula’s web page, including luxury cars and glimpses of Rodeo Drive.

That upscale feel continues with the option to explore “Exclusive Listings” via the website’s navigation.

Gottula puts her association with Coldwell Banker front and center to build trust.

You can also visit her social media pages with links to her Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube above the fold.

The buttons are maroon red to match the navigation bar. She even has a phone icon in the navigation for quickly connecting.

15. Simon Polito

Luxury real estate offers by the Simon Polito with their responsive website design

Simon Polito of the Polito Group exemplifies luxury with his property broker website.

The logo of the group is a distinct gold, a color that recurs elsewhere on the page, such as the phone icon above the fold and the “Search” CTA button (besides that is an “Advanced” option for deeper searching, although that’s a black button).

Outside of that smart design feature, the Polito website also has social handles on the homepage, scrolling images of properties for sale, accessible contact information (you can email Simon right from his homepage), and clean navigation.  

16. Christophe Choo

Christophe Choo responsive website with their properties offer in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Exemplifying luxury, the realtor website for Christophe Choo features an oversized logo that greets you before you click to enter the site.

That takes you to a well-designed web page with a beautiful LA skyline in the background and simple but effective navigation represented in icons.

For example, you can search via the magnifying glass icon, call Choo via the phone icon, or email him via the envelope icon.

The two vertical lines represent the navigation, with options such as “Latest Videos,” “Home Values,” and “Community.”

17. Ivan Estrada

responsive website of Ivan Estrada with his realty services and part of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

We must include Ivan Estrada’s site when reviewing the best real estate agent web pages. He’s part of Douglas Elliman Real Estate and makes his site design largely about him and his realty services.

For instance, you can see his DRE number as part of the Estrada logo, and the homepage features a large image of Estrada himself with a CTA button to “meet Ivan.”

Another interesting feature is that when you click the navigation menu link, you can view a YouTube program called Real Estate Minutes.

There are also standard navigation options, including home listings, a blog, and contact information.

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Best Practices for High-Converting Real Estate Agent Web Pages

Have the above web pages for real estate agents inspired you? Explore these best practices as you design your site to achieve more of your marketing goals.

Create Engaging Content for Audiences

Audiences appreciate creative, informative, and engaging content, such as Ivan Estrada’s video content.

Blog content, neighborhood guides, or community updates and real estate reports where you go into detail about the home values and buying and selling rates in specific neighborhoods you serve are also beneficial.

Consistently publishing quality content is the key to gaining leverage and establishing yourself as a premier authority over your competitors.

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SEO for Your Website

Another strategy for gaining leverage for real estate agent web pages is using SEO to your advantage.

Your site should be mobile-optimized, and you should perform keyword research to ensure you target the right terms across your site.

Improve your website’s loading speed and build a backlink profile with reputable third-party sites for stronger SEO.

Mediaboom has plenty more actionable steps to take to improve your website SEO, so check them out!

Design for Usability and Mobile

Almost 93 percent of internet traffic comes from phones, so if you’re not mobile-optimized, you’re missing out on a gigantic chunk of your audience.

Beyond optimizing for the mobile experience, your web page must be made for usability. That means prioritizing easy-to-use navigation, readability, and functionality.

Testing will help you achieve a usable edition of your website.

High quality image of luxury real estate during night time

Use High-Quality Images and Virtual Tours

If you review the real estate agent web pages from the section above, you’ll notice they all share one thing in common: their use of high-quality images and videos.

In the real estate industry, there’s no better way to convey the quality of your properties for sale than by displaying them, either in video or image carousels.

Virtual tours are another high-end feature common in luxury real estate marketing.

Allowing customers to preview homes without having to take much time out of their busy schedules is convenient and accommodating.

Embed Clear Calls to Action

CTAs drive your audience to act.

The goal for real estate agent websites is usually to inspire visitors to schedule a consultation to discuss buying or selling a home.

Placing CTA buttons above and below the fold and utilizing phone and email icons in the navigation foster easier connection points between the realtor and prospective clients.

Simplify Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

A well-designed website with landing pages for each of your neighborhoods and property types provides your leads with all the information they need to decide whether to proceed further in your sales funnel.

Combine your realtor website design with advertising and marketing strategies to open your lead funnel, such as referrals, community events, social media marketing, paid ads, content marketing, and SEO.

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Display Testimonials and Social Proof

Many of the web pages for real estate agents on the list of examples above strove to build social proof immediately.

They do so by mentioning their accolades and their associations with other realty organizations.

Some realtors even shared their DRE numbers so you could research their records in more detail if you wished.

Besides those forms of social proof, positive reviews and testimonials will also inspire leads to act.

Highlight Local Expertise

Keeping a real estate agent web page local is key, as is showcasing how you know your local area well.

Recommending realty hidden gems is one such way to display your breadth of knowledge.

Compiling neighborhood guides is also beneficial, especially for potential clients who are new to the area and looking for information.

Keep Your Website Updated

Property salesperson digital presence is not a one-and-done phenomenon.

You must commit to updating your website as required, adding new listings, taking down expired ones, publishing fresh content, and mentioning your latest accomplishments and accolades.

Also, consider tweaking your website design (or revamping altogether) every two years or so.

Ariel view of large property with eco-friendly design

Design Trends in Real Estate Agent Web Pages

Staying abreast of trends in real estate professional websites will help you decide when and how to update your site.

Here are four recent trends worth paying attention to.

Immersive Experiences: 3D Virtual Tours and AR Integration

3D virtual tours are the future of the real estate industry.

As mentioned, they’re ultra-convenient for the prospective client, who doesn’t need to set aside several hours to go see a house.

They can instead take five or 10 minutes to check out the home virtually.

They also free up a realtor’s schedule, meaning they have more opportunities to show homes to interested buyers. Integrating 3D tours with AR integration makes these experiences even more lifelike.

Overlooking view of the sea and mountain from outdoor pool in real estate property during night time

AI-Powered Chatbots and Personalized Recommendations

One of the smartest ways to harness the power of AI is through chatbots.

By teaching the AI how to interact with clients and prospective clients, the chatbot can personalize its recommendations and answer questions quickly and efficiently.

This frees up your agency’s customer service reps, who will have more bandwidth to handle complex inquiries.

Voice Search Optimized for Hands-Free Navigation

Further attesting to how busy the average person is these days, voice search has become an increasingly growing trend.

Web pages for real estate agents that are voice-search-optimized use conversational keywords designed to help with SEO.

The hands-free search inquiries further promote convenience.

Content Personalization Based on User Behavior

Publishing content based on your audience’s actions creates a personalized path from lead to client.

For example, a lead interested in selling a home would receive a different set of content than a longer-term customer who’s sold through your real estate agency in the past.

FAQs about Real Estate Agent Web Pages

What makes a real estate agent’s website effective?

An effective real estate website combines responsive design, intuitive navigation, and key details like contact info and testimonials to enhance user engagement and credibility.

How important are testimonials on a real estate website?

Testimonials are crucial as they build trust and provide social proof, influencing potential clients’ decisions by showcasing past successes.

What is the best placement for CTAs on a real estate website?

CTAs should be placed ‘above the fold’ on a webpage to catch the user’s attention immediately without scrolling.

Why is a search function vital on a real estate agent’s website?

A search function enhances user experience by optimizing property searches, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

How can real estate agents improve their website’s navigation?

Streamlining navigation with clear, logical paths to information helps users find what they need quickly, improving the overall user experience.

What features should be included in a real estate agent’s web page?

Key features should include a responsive layout, effective CTAs, clear contact information, a search bar, property listings, and customer testimonials to maximize functionality and user engagement.

Do You Have More Questions?

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A great real estate agent web page plays a crucial role in increasing conversions and sales.

By leveraging the tips and strategies discussed in this guide to enhance your real estate agent digital presence, you can achieve more business objectives.

Mediaboom’s luxury marketing agency offers specialized real estate agent website design services.

We can help you build a professional, appealing site that’s ready to convert. Contact us today to learn more or get started now.

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