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13 Digital Marketing Law Firm Trends – Beat The Competition

By: Frank DePino | October 5, 2021

The rollercoaster journey of last year is nearly over, and this year is on the horizon. Digital advertising never stops. So, if you expect your law practice to compete, start researching the trendiest legal digital marketing trends for the coming year. 

What are the most effective tactics for marketing your legal practice? Then, continue reading to find out digital marketing law firm trends to beat your competition.

What are the Top Digital Marketing Law Firm Trends? 

Marketing law firm trends for small law businesses advertise and promote legal services through the use of online technologies. Digital marketing is the superior modern method, focusing on computers, mobile devices, and numerous digital platforms. 

Here are the top 13 marketing law firm trends:

  1. High-Converting Law Firm Website
  2. Legal SEO
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Law Firm PPC 
  6. People First Marketing
  7. Give Consumers Answers with Semantic Marketing
  8. Focus on Your Brand
  9. Local Service Ads
  10. Have a Mobile Optimized, Blazing Fast Website
  11. Get Video Testimonials
  12. Optimize for Voice Search
  13. Niche Down Your Services
A website developer is studying a new architecture of a law firm website.

1. High-Converting Law Firm Website

When it comes to a site, the primary purpose for its existence is to generate revenue, for that’s why the design for transformation approach is essential. Therefore, the priority of law firm site design should be on value rather than opinions.

The true worth of a website as one of marketing law firm trends is its usage. For example:

  • “What do users desire and/or require?”
  • “Is this something simple and understandable?”
  • “Do the users understand what to do and where to click next?”

Make sure your website design includes high-quality, original photos for a powerful law company brand. With testimonials, reviews, and good social media posts, you can enhance your reputation and put prospective clients at rest when they consider hiring you.

2. Legal SEO

If you are a law practice wanting to expand your client base, organic search traffic is an important marketing area. Unfortunately, legal SEO is frequently underestimated, but it is one of the influential marketing law firm trends. 

Research suggests that you should pay greater attention to enhancing law business SEO. For example, according to the 2019 Legal Trends Report, 17 percent of legal consumers searched for a lawyer using an internet search.

There’s only the start of your journey into the world of SEO for law companies. Continue by reading and comprehending the Moz SEO Beginner’s Guide and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Create and distribute content for your website.
  • When you begin applying SEO methods, make sure your law company website is technically solid.
  • Create a presence and contacts. Take control of all of your internet profiles, particularly Google My Business.
  • Maintain your content by blogging and upgrading your website pages every month.
  • Choose at least five backlink-building initiatives and strive for at least five new links per month.
Content creators of a web agency are looking for a new way to improve their marketing strategy through content.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the top one in marketing law firm trends since it is what customers see across multiple platforms. This marketing strategy focuses on creating content that is engaging and entertaining.

Content can focus more on legal topics, helpful recommendations for various persons, and more informative postings for the legal field. In addition, the use of visually appealing photographs, animations, videos, and information materials makes it simple to solidify the articles.

It’s no surprise that many businesses use artists and digital advertisers to organize and administer social media sites. However, simply publishing data is already old-school. Therefore staying up to date with new unique content allows you to be more approachable and stimulate the interests of new clients.

4. Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the overall return on investment from email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent. One of the emerging marketing law firm trends!

Most large companies communicate with their clients via email regularly. But, e-marketing is much more than that. It is a planned strategy for connecting with existing clients and prospects via automated email programs.

A well-written sequence of emails is remarkably powerful. Emails should deliver helpful, instructional, and exciting content to the appropriate people at the right time.

5. Law Firm PPC 

Pay-per-click (PPC) outcomes can be both immediate and remarkable. PPC, often known as “paid search,” allows a legal firm to bet on keywords and pay when people click on them. 

The Google Display Network is a solid way to reach 90 percent of internet users for law firm growth in 2023. 

The Google Display Network serves adverts to target audiences while they are otherwise active online. Such as when they are browsing and preparing to buy. Google Ads for law firms can direct a possible client investigating legal services and assessing their options.

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6. People First Marketing

People, not web pages, should be your focus. People first marketing is one of the proven marketing law firm trends. 

Google has made significant investments in language modeling, and some of this technology was included in the Bert Update in 2019.

In terms of marketing, here is an example of “putting the user first”:

  • Marketing that is centered on people! In other words, be human in both how you show your business and how you communicate with your customers. People want to know that they aren’t just another faceless law firm behemoth.
  • Show an awareness of the client’s needs, challenges, and worries! For example, what are your clients going through in your particular practice area? The better you can empathize with your users’ problems or goals, the more effectively you’ll be able to generate value and assist them.
  • Create content rather than merely a clever sell. Creating value for current and future clients must influence legal marketing strategy. Daily blog content offering legal tips and techniques for customers understanding the realm of immigration law, copyright, or property law.

7. Give Consumers Answers with Semantic Marketing

There are a plethora of professional businesses and services available. Therefore Google must be pretty adept at linking individuals with the relevant search results. One primary way it will accomplish this is through the use of keyword search. 

This is how browsers evaluate all available data to identify the context, intent, and meaning to connect users with the relevant stuff.

When it comes to keyword search, here are some easy guidelines you can follow:

  • Create material that answers the questions of your target client! For example, If you want to be seen by powerful, middle-aged males looking for divorce, help in Tampa Bay. Tailor your content to the types of questions and experience this target persona is likely to search for when utilizing a search engine.
  • Write for people rather than search engines. This entails creating material that is to-the-point, short and written in simple language. This concept is one of the most innovative marketing law firm trends.

8. Focus on Your Brand

We begin with the customer and will end with remembering those clients that you are available to them regularly. We’re referring to your law firm’s brand repute!

Building a successful brand is a constant process that demands continuous attention and persistent innovation. It’s also an excellent approach to build authority in a competitive industry, inspire client trust, and withstand the unpredictable conditions expected to affect the legal industry.

Fortunately, legal firms offer a vital service to their local areas, which provides opportunities for brand exposure. Such as:

  • Lawyers working as brand ambassadors! Because of people’s opinions of the legal profession, the attorneys at your company have a reputation for authority and experience. Promote your law firm in video content, seminars, and other marketing initiatives wherever possible.
  • Engage in community events. It serves as a fantastic opportunity to get your company’s name out there. Plus, this engagement also helps in shaking hands, building relationships, and supporting vital local causes. Win-win!
A lawyer is searching some keywords of his PPC campaign on Google.

9. Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads for lawyers is one of the latest marketing law firm trends. In addition, Google has been beta-testing Local Service Ads in other areas. Such as home renovation.

Local Service Advertising differs from Google pay-per-click ads in that an LSA click does not direct a local visitor to your company’s website.

Google will guide you via a succession of screens to create an LSA account. One will enable you to select which of the practice areas listed above your firm specializes in. 

You will need the following information to finish the setup:

  • Name of the company
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Name of the owner
  • Date of establishment
  • Website
  • Your languages

10. Have a Mobile Optimized, Blazing Fast Website

Sadly, Google says that over 96 percent of users have complained about accessing websites that are not optimized for mobile use.

As a result, the best way to one-up the competition is to optimize your website for mobile phones!

Here are some tips in that regard to help you achieve mobile-first ranking more easily:

  • Make use of Google PageSpeed Insights to guarantee that your website loads correctly on mobile devices. For example, websites that load in under 5 seconds on mobile see 70 percent longer time on site.
  • Try upgrading your blog to Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to make it load faster.
  • If you want to be found on mobiles more often, consider optimizing keywords for voice search. For example, integrate long-tail keywords with the organic language you might ask Siri/Alexa into your SEO approach.

11. Get Video Testimonials

When making a buying decision, 92 percent of customers check internet reviews and video testimonials. 

Video testimonies go far beyond the written word. These testimonials prospect an authentic feel of who you offer, how you assisted, and the difference you made in the lives of previous clients. Viewers can hear it right from their peers’ mouths through a video testimonial. 

Testimonial videos allow your customers to see how other individuals feel about your items in a genuine, unscripted manner. It offers your company a voice and your brand the trust it needs among your target audience. So, definitely video testimonials lead in the brand new marketing law firm trends!

A SEO specialist of a web agency is improving his costumer's website for voice search.

12. Optimize for Voice Search

According to ComScore, over half of all mobile phone users will utilize voice search on their devices by 2020. 

When creating website content and researching legal digital marketing trends, keep the expanding trend of voice search in mind. Therefore, if you haven’t already optimized your site for voice search, this is the time to do so. 

Undoubtedly, voice search is on the rise and is outperforming everybody’s expectations. According to statistics, more than half of all Americans have used voice search, with 33 percent utilizing it every month in early 2019, up over 25% in 2018.

So, if your website isn’t set and ready for voice search, you’ll be missing out on a significant portion of SEO.

13. Niche Down Your Services

According to MoverFocus, creating a company in a niche market sometimes gives entrepreneurs the capacity to sell their products/services at higher charges.

A niche can help you boost your marketing, organize your business, and keep your life more manageable. When you market to a particular client, digital marketing becomes much faster.

Family law is an excellent example of how to limit the market. “Family law” is not a niche in and of itself. However, you can focus your efforts and be more effective by limiting your practice to uncontested divorces, net-worth, or serving only one gender.

Shortening your practice area will reduce the various clients. Ultimately, it will boost your marketing, increase your profits, and make things easier.

The entire team of lawyers is talking about the new marketing strategy proposed by their web agency.


Only fewer people are watching billboards nowadays. Instead, an increasing number of people are exploring appropriate legal information and assistance online. As a result, legal digital marketing has the potential to alter your law practice and marketing law firm trends. 

To establish a thriving legal digital marketing plan, reach out to the Hispanic community. Additionally, fully utilize social media, optimize ads, leverage directories, and SEO.

Mediaboom would be glad to discuss how we can assist you with increasing your law firm’s visibility and leads! So, schedule your free consultation with Mediaboom today at your convenience on our calendar.

By: Frank DePino

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