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How Financial Marketing Companies Can Help Grow Your Firm

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

The financial service sector is one of the most volatile and difficult domains when it comes to standing out from the rest of the competition. Therefore, you must explore your options when choosing the right agency to help your business.

What Do Financial Marketing Companies Offer?

Financial marketing companies use collective digital strategies to create customized marketing campaigns for your business. The idea is to experiment with a wide variety of ideas to retain existing customers while focusing on attracting and enticing the new audience. They use segmentation methods so you can attract clients as per their needs. This helps you target each client by addressing their individual needs. Moreover, a financial marketing company will also help build your potential consumer persona. The digital financial marketing company will also work to establish your brand’s identity that your clients or customers can identify with.

The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Marketing Company

As a business owner, you must be aware that consumers’ behavior has tilted towards the digital world. According to Big Commerce research, over 75 percent of consumers now prefer to shop online at least once a month. 

When you hire a financial marketing company, their first priority is to develop an online presence to create a long-lasting impact on your potential clients. 

Marketing companies for finance

Here are some of the aspect your financial company should consider:

  • Is your company’s website streamlined with your business goals and objectives?
  • Does the content on your website, social media pages, and other portals accurately portray what your business is all about? 
  • Does your digital image strike an emotional chord with your target audience? 
  • How is your website online ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.?

By addressing all these issues, a marketing company can help you solidify your digital presence that can help your business grow exponentially. According to KPMG statistics, 47 percent of the customers like to visit the company’s website before deciding to buy from them. 

Therefore, let us navigate through various areas where financial marketing companies can benefit your business. 

1. Comprises a team of experts

Hiring a digital marketing company gives you access to a fully equipped team of experts. These individuals have specialties in different domains of digital marketing. They use some of the best and proven financial marketing strategies to ensure higher returns on investment (ROIs) for your business. 

Typically the team of professionals within a digital marketing company includes

  • Content creators
  • Marketing and promotion experts
  • Graphic designers
  • Social media experts to build and maintain your social media portfolio
  • Communication experts etc.
Financial advisor marketing

Whether you are a small-to-midsize business or a multi-national corporation, these experts can design strategies that are proprietary to your goals and needs. Moreover, hiring marketing companies save you a lot of money as you do not have to pay a single extra penny to get your hands on the latest tools. 

For example, by hiring a marketing company’s services, you get access to their latest software, strategies, technology, and other digital marketing tools without any added expense. 

2. Industry-Specific Solutions to match Your Company’s Needs

These professionals understand the market and offer you valuable information on how to navigate the financial market’s terrains. This data and information gives you a competitive edge over other competitors in the market and highlights your brand’s strongest suits. 

Marketing companies also keep ears to the ground when it comes to knowing the on-going and upcoming trends.

They can give you valuable insight into where your target audience dwells in the digital world and what are their current requirements. 

Following these trends can help you address the questions and concerns of your potential clients. This proactive approach eventually translates to increased sales conversion rates.

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3. Proven Digital Marketing/Advertising Strategies to Drive Sales

To create a strong online presence for your brand, you need to showcase your company well. Building a strong digital marketing strategy is the first step towards your road to success. 

There are several digital marketing strategies that marketing companies can optimize as per your business infrastructure and needs. 

Let us dive a little deeper into each of these strategies and see how they can benefit your organization. 


Your company’s website is your digital window to showcase your products and services to potential consumers. Therefore, a website becomes one of the top contenders to focus on. 

Financial marketing company

They work on the following aspects to make your website stand out from the rest of the competition and the market. 

  • Creating a website design that resonates with your brand and strikes a strong emotional chord with your potential audience.
  • Creating content that showcases what your business is all about while highlighting your strengths. 
  • Making your website interactive with performable call-to-actions (CTAs) to convert visiting guests to a potential client. 

Moreover, all of the above tactics must be SEO optimized. You will learn how that helps further in this article. 

Email Marketing

Your company can use email as a way of killing two birds with one stone. You can compile contact lists with emails of existing as well as new clients. By doing so, you can now categorize your customers based on different criteria and needs. 

You can now aim for individualized email messages towards different clients, such as categorized emails, to introduce your brand, on-going promotion, sales, and feedback. This is an efficient manner to avoid spamming all your potential consumers and prevent being on their blocked-list. 

Besides, you can re-target your existing clients to stay on top of their minds. They are most likely to contact you next time they are shopping for products and services similar to yours. 

Content Creation & Marketing

Content marketing helps your business focus on searching, reaching, enticing, and communicating with new clients. Financial marketing companies use content such as video content, blogs, and newsletters to offer free value to the target audience. 

Finance marketing

Did you know that small businesses can potentially increase their lead generation by 126 percent by utilizing blogs on their website? Moreover, you can increase your sales conversion rate by 6 percent via content marketing instead of traditional marketing tactics. 


Adding video content to your marketing campaign will improve the organic traffic to your website by 157 percent. 

Creating enticing video content is one of the efficient tactics to increase your brand awareness, and marketing companies excel at using this method in the best way possible. 

51 percent of the consumers visit a company’s website just by watching the video content. It is simple mathematics; the increase in traffic to your website translates into improved lead generation chances, resulting in higher sales conversion rates. 

Social Media

More than 50 million businesses are already using Facebook to their advantage, whereas top brands enjoy the highest customer engagement rates on Instagram. Therefore, you must speak to financial marketing companies about how they can help your business make the most of social media. 

SEO Optimization

Whether it is your content, website, emails, or videos, a financial marketing company will optimize them for a higher ranking when users search for products and services similar to yours. 

SEO Optimization

Thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to help use keywords to make your content and website relevant and stand out amongst the rest. 

You can even SEO optimize your social media pages and other testimonial blogs and sites such as Yelp to highlight the best financial services your business offers. Financial marketing companies use SEO as a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in order to make your business prominent to the consumers looking for services you offer. 

4. Shorten the Sales Cycle 

Thanks to digital marketing tools, marketing teams can now use various demographics to target specific clients based on their needs. You can now approach and engage with potential clients dividing them into categories based on their age, profession, gender, location, interest, hobbies, etc. 

5. Attract Qualified Leads

By applying all of the above tactics, marketing companies can help your business establish itself as the industry leader in no time. Follow the below-mentioned steps and attract quality leads to an increase in your conversion rate. 

  • Use SEO optimized content on your website, blogs, videos, and social media
  • Use paid social media ads
  • Use email marketing to your advantage as it requires minimum effort and costs almost zero

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6. Other Type of Services They Provide

Here are some other more specific and niche services that financial marketing companies may offer to your organization.

CRM Integration/Setup

CRM integration allows your business to connect and communicate with new and existing clients and build stronger relationships. 

Marketing companies use various “Customer Relationship Management Software solutions. This does not only enable you to communicate but also streamlines and aligns your communication strategy with your overall business goals. 

Branding Via Paid Advertisement

Branding Via Paid Advertisement

You can use several paid advertisement ads to showcase your financial services to the target audience. Marketing companies are industry experts and use paid advertisements by Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks. 

The idea is to strategically place your branding, messages, and adverts on these platforms to attract, entice, and engage with potential clients without sounding too salesy. 

Stop Wasting Your Time/Money on the Wrong Things; Let the Experts Do the Work

While the marketing company works on making your business the next digital marketing success story, you can use your time and energy on other productive aspects of your organization. 

What to Consider Before Hiring

To remain relevant in your industry, you need to master the game of digital financial marketing. The best way to achieve this goal is by hiring a reliable marketing company. 

That said, hiring a marketing company does have its own set of complications and challenges. Therefore, in order to help you get started, here are some tips on aspects you must think through during your research and before signing a contract with one. 

Challenges of hiring a marketing company
  • Do proper research – You have to be due diligent and find out if the financial marketing company you are considering outline their processes and steps in writing. They must be willing to offer you a complete plan on how they plan to help your business with lead generation.
  • Check for Testimonials – Do not be shy to ask for proof of their success, case studies, and feedback from their previous satisfied clients. 
  • Pick the Financial Industry Expert – Always opt for a digital marketing company that specializes in your industry. 
  • Know Your Budget – Expensive does not guarantee the best service; therefore, always know your budget. When speaking about their fee, you must ask for an itemized fee structure. This will help you avoid any shocks and surprises pertaining to hidden charges and penalties. 
  • Ask them for a complete roadmap – Get to know your new business partners by understanding their process of reporting sales, analytical capabilities, and results. Moreover, it is always wise to determine how a marketing company will adapt to the industry’s changes dynamics and implement the new strategies in your ongoing campaigns. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a financial service providing business looking for financial marketing companies, you must pick the industry leaders at MediaBoom.

We are experts in financial marketing strategies and promise to offer you cutting-edge solutions customized to your business needs and budget. 

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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