Mediaboom collaborated with Villa Le Castel, a luxury villa in the French Riviera, to boost its digital presence. A targeted campaign and landing page optimization effectively attracted high-quality leads to this enchanting Cannes destination.

Company Overview


For the first time in over a century, Villa Le Castel has opened its gates, offering a unique blend of historical luxury and modern sophistication. With 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, this historic villa near Cannes seamlessly marries the charm of its original construction with contemporary elegance, setting a new standard for luxury accommodations on the French Riviera.

Paid Search Lead Generation Campaign

Villa Le Castel Paid Ads


Villa Le Castel sought to increase its visibility among potential guests looking for an exclusive and luxurious stay in the French Riviera. Our team designed a comprehensive paid search campaign targeting affluent individuals searching for luxury accommodations in Cannes. The strategy included keyword research to identify terms most relevant to Villa Le Castel’s unique offering, coupled with crafting compelling ad copy that highlights the villa’s exclusive appeal.

The campaign was supported by a meticulously optimized landing page that showcased the villa’s luxurious amenities, stunning architecture, and unique selling points. The page was designed to convert interest into action, with clear calls-to-action and breathtaking imagery of the property.

The campaign dramatically increased the visibility of Villa Le Castel, leading to a significant rise in direct inquiries and bookings. The optimized landing page ensured a high conversion rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted approach in reaching and engaging the intended audience.

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