Mediaboom embarked on a journey with Pose Beauty to amplify their online presence and connect with skincare enthusiasts through a targeted social media campaign.

Company Overview


Located in the heart of luxury, Pose Beauty is not just a boutique studio; it's a sanctuary for those seeking personalized and meticulous skincare. Their team of skilled aestheticians goes beyond the surface, offering detailed consultations, skin analyses, and results-oriented facials tailored to each client’s unique needs. With a commitment to excellence, Pose Beauty ensures every client leaves not only with radiant skin but also with a comprehensive, custom at-home treatment plan and a memorable luxury experience.

Paid Social Campaign

Pose Beauty Paid Ads

Elevating Skincare Regimens with Precision Targeting

Despite offering unparalleled personalized skincare services, Pose Beauty sought to enhance its market reach and attract a wider audience of skincare enthusiasts. Mediaboom developed a highly targeted Paid Social Campaign, leveraging platforms where potential clients were most active. The campaign focused on showcasing Pose Beauty’s unique value proposition: personalized skincare consultations, luxurious in-studio experiences, and customized at-home treatment plans.

By utilizing engaging visuals and compelling narratives about the transformative skincare journeys of Pose Beauty’s clients, the campaign effectively communicated the brand’s dedication to personalization and results. Advanced targeting techniques ensured the message reached individuals interested in luxury skincare, leading to higher engagement rates.

The Paid Social Campaign significantly increased Pose Beauty’s online visibility and engagement, leading to a marked increase in appointment bookings and consultations. The strategic focus on personalization and luxury resonated well with the target audience, further establishing Pose Beauty as a leader in customized skincare solutions.

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