Mediaboom proudly worked with Phoenix3 Holdings to create a brand identity and marketing materials that reflect their growth passion in the lifestyle and service industries.

Company Overview


Phoenix3 Holdings, with its profound expertise in healthcare, senior living, and corporate services, has a rich legacy of propelling visionary founders and disruptors to remarkable heights. Their unique approach combines substantial capital investment with strategic guidance and vast networking opportunities, fostering unparalleled growth and success.

Logo and Brand Creation

Phoenix3Holdings Logo Creation

Crafting a Symbol of Resilience

Challenge: Phoenix3 Holdings required a logo and brand identity that reflected their commitment to innovation, growth, and support of visionary leaders.

Solution: Our team at Mediaboom developed a logo that symbolizes the fiery spirit and resilience of a phoenix, representing Phoenix3’s dedication to rebirth and transformation in the industries they serve. The brand palette and design elements were chosen to convey sophistication and dynamism, aligning with their forward-thinking mission.

Website Design and Development

Elevating Digital Presence

Our team partnered with Phoenix3 Holdings to design and develop a website that not only showcases Phoenix3 Holdings’ portfolio and services but also provides an intuitive and informative user experience for potential partners and clients.

We focused on creating a sleek, user-friendly interface with easy navigation to highlight Phoenix3’s services and successes. The website integrates modern design elements with functionality, ensuring accessibility and engagement for visitors. Post-launch, the website has become a cornerstone for Phoenix3’s digital presence, attracting increased traffic and facilitating effective communication with stakeholders.

Phoenix3Holdings Website Design

Marketing Material Design

Amplifying Brand Impact

Our goal was to create marketing materials that effectively communicate Phoenix3 Holdings’ unique value proposition and expertise. Mediaboom designed a suite of marketing materials, including business cards, stationary, and digital assets, each reflecting the brand’s ethos. These materials were tailored to resonate with Phoenix3’s target audiences, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message.These marketing tools have significantly enhanced Phoenix3’s ability to connect with potential partners and articulate their strategic advantages.

marketing material design

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