Mediaboom collaborated with Foxon Park, a family-owned natural soda company, to celebrate their 90-year legacy and commitment to quality ingredients.

Company Overview


With a tradition spanning over 80 years, Foxon Park has been a stalwart in producing high-quality, natural soda. Known for their commitment to using 100% natural cane sugar and the finest ingredients, Foxon Park stands as a testament to timeless taste and quality.

Our Roles:

  • Branding
  • Package Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
Foxon Park Sodas

A New Visual Identity for an Iconic Brand

Refreshed Logo

We revitalized the Foxon Park logo to reflect a modern, bright aesthetic while paying homage to the brand’s storied history. The updated logo is designed to captivate a contemporary audience and stand out in today’s market, maintaining the essence of the brand’s original vision. The sleek design aims to attract new customers while still resonating with long-time fans who cherish the brand’s legacy.

Modern Graphics Meet Classic Sensibilities

Revamped Package Design

The package design overhaul was all about bringing a fresh face to a timeless product. We introduced vibrant, eye-catching graphics that resonate with today’s consumers while respecting the brand’s rich heritage. Each new design element was carefully chosen by our team to create a visual storytelling that encapsulates the brand’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

Website Design and Development

Foxon Park Products


Mediaboom’s collaboration with Foxon Park focused on transforming their digital landscape. Our goal was to create a website that not only tells the story of Foxon Park but also showcases its wide array of natural sodas in an engaging and accessible manner. The outcome was a streamlined, intuitive website layout that enhances user engagement and simplifies navigation. Our team created an immersive digital experience that weaves Foxon Park’s rich heritage and commitment to quality throughout the site, as well as a seamless online shopping experience, making it easier for customers to purchase their favorite sodas directly from the website.

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